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MAY 2021

Hi There....
Hope all is well with everyone.
Nothing really changed except I added lots of new data.
My hubby and I both both got our Covid Vaccinations as of Mar. 30th.
So happy that is done.  Hoping everyone will get their shots and wear masks and social distance.
The sooner we comply, the sooner we will be back to normal.

I am starting out this month working on Belmont County, Ohio
Unless I get suggestions, I will be working on counties in the order I last worked on them.

Had a BIG disappointment lately.
I found my long lost great great grandmother's name in a death index in Cook County, Illinois.
It had to be her as the name was the same and so was the death date.
I waited and waited for a reply from the court house there and it took longer than usual because of Covid 19.
I finally got a reply.  A certified document that it cannot be found.
If anyone reads this, is there possibly another way I can check for it?

I am working on family names for Ohio on Facebook, ie. Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, etc. Ohio Genealogy.
Lots of work!
Click on the UPDATES to see what I have been up to.


I am Sharon Wick, retired and researching my family tree.
While I am doing it, I am putting things on this website to help anyone that is researching theirs as well.
Lots of work here.
I hope you all get good  use out of this work I am doing. 
I am sorry I didn't update this page in March as Life is so hectic with the Covid-19 going on.
I have been ordering all groceries on line to be delivered to the house, going to the drive up windows for medications and banking.
Using disinfectant wipes like they are going out of style and WEARING a MASK every time I live the house in the car.
I hope everyone is wearing masks as they not only keep you from breathing in the covid droplets, they also keep you from spreading it in case you don't know you have it which is entirely possible.
If you don't care about yourself, please care about everyone else.
Enough said about that.

In the meantime, have to take care of family matters.   My 103 year old mother is still doing pretty well, although very forgetful.  She turned 103 in October and is hanging in there with both hands. :
She is amazing however, she is slowing down.  Losing her words and can't walk without danger of falling.
Jim and I cannot leave her alone.  One or the other of us has to stay with her as her ALZ is progressing but she is still doing pretty well.
Jim is doing fine too.  Since the Covid thing, I can't have health care aids in the house anymore.  I have to do all the lifting myself.  My back has a pinched nerve that causes severe pain if I bend the wrong way.  It is from lifting mom and it compresses my spine and pinches a nerve in the hip area.
I will get thru it.
Just trying to find time to work on the website.   With mom's Alzheimers it is kind of like having a child again.
It is a blessing to still have her here, though.
I will get thru it (hopefully) :-)
If you need something transcribed, please contact me and I will do my best to get it to you.

I just found out that both of my former helpers on this website have passed away this year.
Linda Dietz passed away in June, 2020
She worked hard on Allen County, Ohio
Nancy Boyd Hanna passed away in October 2020.
She worked on Preble County, Ohio
They were hard workers but eventually decided they could no longer help>
I had no idea they had bad health issues.
May they both Rest in Peace in God's loving arms.
My prayers go out to their families.

Check my UPDATES pages.
or Click on the Newsletters for past updates in a more user friendly list.
I will start the new newsletter today as I haven't done it for a while.
~ Sharon Wick ~

My Research

I enjoy what I do and I enjoy helping people make their genealogy discoveries.
I myself finally found my great grandmother McPheron / Adkins' death certificate and her house! 
In August I finally found my Grandmother Adkin's 2nd husband's short biography.  Her name was spelled wrong in it but it is too late to have the editor change it as it is out of copyright.
I also found a lot of my dad's family.  It has been a good month for my research.
Wow!!!!  What an exciting find.
My mother's father passed away in the influenza epidemic in 1918 and with that was kind of a falling apart of that part of the family.
Thanks to my distant cousin, Paula, I have copies of wonderful portraits of my great grandmother and grandfather McPheron.
My cousin, Paula passed away in a motorcycle accident, May She Rest in Peace.
It just shows that you should never wait to ask someone for information as you just never know if God is going to take them from you.
You don't get another chance.
Again, I do know one thing, and that is... If you have a suspected source, pounce on it because from what I have seen in my own family tree, most of my sources have passed on to the Great Beyond.
Had I procrastinated, I wouldn't be as far as I am in my own research.
I still have several "Brick Walls" to conquer.
One is my Love branch.  The farthest back I have found them is in Lawrence Co., Indiana.
Another is my Earp branch.  The farthest I can find my great great grandmother Milly Earp is in 1853 when she married my great great grandfather.  Simon P. Earp assumed guardianship over her so she could get married and his son, Frank and his wife, Mary Earp signed the marriage license.
Simon lived in Shelby Co., Illinois.
I found her with her new husband in Linn County, Missouri in 1860.
And I also know she was remarried to her 2nd husband, George Leonard in Moultrie Co., Illinois.
and family lore says that she died in St. Joseph, Missouri
Milly Earp was also living in Macon Co., Illinois after her 1st husband died of disease in the Civil War.

I am also researching the Dunn Family along with all the offshoots like wives and anyone that has something special going on.
It includes surnames like Heustis, Gooding, Drake, Dunham, Freeland, Torrence, Slater, Sowers, Bowers and many other names.

This is what Ohio Genealogy Express is all about.
I am not in this for the money.  This is My Contribution to Humanity.

Frank Becerra
(aka Francisco V. Becerra)

1914 - 2008

On November 24th, 2008 my father passed away.
May he rest in peace.

Paul Becerra
4/15/1940 - 1/22/2010

On January 22nd, 2010 my brother passed away.
May he rest in peace.



Jeffrey Wick, Jr.
Passed from this life on October 13th, 2015
He is our grandson.

May he rest in peace.


Passed away August 25th, 2017
Kitty has gone to Kitty Heaven.   She fought a hard fight with her Feline Lymphoma and she lost.   She was about 15 years old or so as we adopted her after she reached full size.
Kitty loves to go outside and didn't come in last night.  Jim found her in the morning and she was already gone.  I hope she didn't suffer
She will be dearly missed.