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History of Adams County, Ohio
from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time
by Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers
West Union, Ohio
Published by E. B. Stivers



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[Photo of Gen. Nathaniel Massie]
Founder of Manchester in 1790, the Third Settlement in Ohio.

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Massie's Settlement at Manchester - Character of the Pioneers -
Life in the Backwoods - Early Marriages - Reminiscences.

     The present generation has but little conception of the environments of the pioneers of Adams County, and of the hardships and dangers endured by them.  When the first settlement was formed at the "Three Islands," what is now Adams County, as in fact with two exceptions, all of the present Sate of Ohio, was a vast wilderness, inhabited by tribes of hostile savages, and filled with ferocious beasts and venomous serpents.  Thee was not a white man's domicile in all the Virginia Reservation, and there was not a fort nor a single company of soldiers in all that vast region to shelter the pioneer who ventured within its limits, or to stay the course of the bands of murderous savages that roamed the forests.  For the most part the entire region was an unbroken forest, and the stately monarchs of the woods, the oak leviathans, whose lofty tops towered the heavens, formed a canopy of green that was but dimly penetrated by the summers' sun, and the creeks and streams were overhung with foliage that shut out the sunlight and cast deep shadows over the surface of the waters.  There was not a road nor a path through this wilderness except those made by the herds of buffaloes in their travels form one feeding place to another.  There were no means of travel through this vast wilderness except on foot or on horseback and these were fraught with the greatest dangers to life and limb.  With such surroundings and under such conditions was the first white settlement begun in the Virginia Reservation.

Massie's Settlement at Manchester.


Character of the Pioneers.


Life in the Backwoods.


Early Marriages.

     The first law regulating marriages in the Territory was published in the fall of 1788, at Marrietta.
     Section 1.  Provided that males of the age of fourteen, and not prohibited by the laws of God, might be joined in marriages.
     Section 2.  Provided that any of the Judges of the General Court of Common Pleas and ministers of any religious society within the district in which they resided, might solemnize marriages.
     Section 3.  Provided that before being joined in marriage, the parties should give notice of their intentions by having them proclaimed the preceding Sabbath in their congregation; or notices in writing under the hand and seal of one of the Judges before mentioned, or a Justice of the Peace of the county, and posted in some public place in the town where the parties respectively resided; or a license might be obtained from the Governor, under his hand and seal, authorizing the marriage without the publication aforesaid.
     A supplementary act was passed August 1, 1792, empowering every Justice of the Peace of solemnize marriages in their respective counties, after publication aforesaid, or upon license.
     The following list embraces all the marriages that took place in Adams County down to January 1, 1800.  The records are missing from that date down to May, 1803.  We give a partial list of the marriages for the subsequent ten years:


April 17 - James Scott and Elizabeth Kilgore, by James Scott
April 17 - Joseph Lane and Mary Hastley, by James Scott
June 5 - Thomas Harrod and Esther Templin, by James Scott
June 12 - Andrew Edgar and Nancy Brooks, by James Scott
Aug. 7 - Turner Davis and Elizabeth Vance, by John Belli
Aug. 7 - William Russell and Ruth Heneman, by John Belli
Aug. 15 - John Stockham and Francis Kahn, by Moses Baird.
Oct. 31 - James Folsom and Elizabeth Martin, by John Russell.
Oct. 31 - Jacob Strickley and Martha Cox of Mason County, Kentucky, by John Russell
Nov. 26 - Fred Baless and Nancy Erls, by Thomas Kirker
Jan. 10 - John Davis and Nancy Aikens, by Moses Baird.


Jan. 3 - David Miller and Catharine Studebaker, by Moses Baird.
Jan. 22 - Peter Bible and Isabel Morrison, by Thomas Kirker.
Jan. 22 - George Noleman and Polly Edgington, by Thomas Kirker
March 5 - Jesse Nelson and Martha Wilson, by Moses Baird.
April 4 - Thomas Foster and Jennie McGovney, by Rev. John Dunlavy
May 16 - Wilson Stout and Margaret Bennett, by John Russell.
May 16 - Isaac Stout and Ann Snodgrass, by John Russell.
June 14 - Joseph White and Elizabeth McHenry, by John Russell.
July 25 - John Smith and Nancy Dennis, by Noble Grimes
Aug. 8 - Abraham Thomas and Margaret Baker, by Rev. John Dunlavy
Aug. 20 - Elijah Shepherd and Hannah Rodgers, by John Belli
Aug. 25 - Alexander Barker and Beckey Dennis, by Noble Grimes
Sept. 12 - Abraham Shepherd and Peggy Moore, by Rev. John Dunlavy.
Sept. 17 - Jonathan Liming and Jane Liming, by Rev. John Dunlavy
Oct. 23 - Joseph Corns and Anna Truesdale, by John Belli
Dec. 20 - Alexander Burnside and Margaret Martin, by John Belli
Dec. 30 - John Jones and Jane Mitchell, by John Belli


May 12 - Wm. Morrison and Prudence Noleman, by Rev. John Dunlavy
May 5 - Richard Woodworth and Sarah Roberson by Rev. John Moore
May 26 - William McClelland and Margaret Fink, by Israel Donalson.
June 2 - Robert Taylor and Sarah Palmer, by Mills Stephenson
April 18 - Nathan Glaze and Nacy Creswell, by Mills Stephenson
April 13 - Wilson Bayne and Patty Bayne, by Mills Stephenson
June 3 - Marcus Tolonge and Sara Bagger, by Mills Stephenson
Sept. 15 - Coleman Asberry and Amy Compton, by Nathan Ellis.
Sept. 9 - Henry Shaw and Nancy Rogers, by Joseph Newman
Oct. 6 - Peter Parker and Mary Fele by Joseph Newman
Sept. 15 - James McIntyre and Ann Roebuck, by John Baldwin
May 14 - Michael Sloop and Mary Ann Gilsever, by John Russell
Aug. 3 - William Frizel and Nancy Stolcup, by John Russell
Sept. 22 - William Coole and Sara Stout, by John Russell
Sept. 15 - George Campbell and Caty Noland, by Thos. Odell
Aug. 18 - William Taylor and Millie Key, by Jas. Parker
Aug. 30 - Daniel Kerr and Sarah Curry, by Jas. Parker
Nov. 1 - Alex. Harover and Mary Stevenson, by Nathan Ellis
Oct. 6 -John Davidson and Isabel Pence, by William Leedom.
Sept. 29 - James Hunter and Hannah Gordon, by William Leedom.
Oct. 20 - John Moore and Nancy Edwards, by Jos. Moore.
Nov. 21 - John Knots and Catharine Adams, by Rev. Thos. Odell
Oct. 9 - Nicholas Washburn and Lily Lacock, by Mills Stephenson
Oct. 20 - James King and Elizabeth Larwell, by Mills Stephenson
Dec. 15 - John Davidson and Margaret Kincaid, by Rev. John Dunlavy


Jan. 5 - Thomas Mullen and Ann Megonigle, by Phillip Lewis
Jan. 26 - William McCormick and Mary Charlton, by John Ellison
Jan. 16 - John Shelton and Sarah Middleton, by Jas. Parker
Jan. 15 - Thomas Lewis and Irene Smith, by Rev. T. W. Levimey.
Feb. 23 - James McComas and Esther Smith, by Noble Grimes
Feb. 23 - James Horn and Elizabeth Miller, by Rev. John Dunlavy
Feb. 15 - Gilbert Hiett and Polly Gunnings, by William Leedom
March 1 - John Abbott and Hannah Reynolds, by Jos. Newman
Feb. 29 - Jonathan Wamsley and Sarah Odell, by Rev. Thomas Odell
May 6 - Joseph Reynolds and Jane Abbott, by Joseph Newman
May 23 - George Fisher and Hannah Haden, by Joseph Newman
May 17 - Solomon Shoemaker and Agnes Kerr, by Paul Kerr
June 26 - Aquilla Denham and Harriet Thompson, by Hiram Currey
June 30 - George Roebuck and Ann Bealles, by Jas. Parker
May 23 - Adams Morrow and Frankie Barley, by Mills Stephenson
April 19 - Samuel Smith and Mary Peyton, by Philip Lewis
Feb. 12 - Levi Sparks and Mildred Anderson, by Noble Grimes
July 12 - Joseph Lovejoy and Priscilla Anderson, by Noble Grimes
July 12 - Stephen Clark and Rebecca Ogle, by Noble Grimes
Aug. 9 - Lewis Coleman and Elizabeth Stalcup, by John Russell
July 15 - Cornelius Cain and Elizabeth Newman, by Jas. Moore
Aug. 14 - William King and Peggy Wright, and Samuel Wright
Dec. 26 - Mathew Thompson and Mary Simral, by John Baldwin
Dec. 29 - John Copas and Betsey Grooms, by James Carson
Oct. 13 - William Dunbar and Rebecca Delaplane, by John Ellison


Feb. 4 - Isaac Edgington and Sarah Bryan, by William Leedom
Jan. 20 - John Philips and Elizabeth Cole, by Paul Kerr
Feb. 7 - James Moore and Peggy Wade, by Wm. Leedom
March 25 - William Rolland and Sally Crawford, by John Russell
March 25 - John Menas and Sally Collier, by John Russell.
May 23 - Thomas Palmer and Ruth Noleman, by William Leedom
July 4 - Philip Lewis, Jr., and Nancy Humble, by Rev. T. W. Levinney
June 27 - William Wills and Sara Shepherd, by Rev. James Gilleland.
Nov. 4 - John Baldridge and Lila Cole, by James Scott
Dec. 2 - Andrew Elliott and Martha McCreight, by Robt. Elliott


June 23 - Isaac Edgington and Margaret Palmer, by James Scott.
June 20 - James Wilson and Sally Horn, by Robt. Dobbins, V. D. M.
June 26 - John Grooms and Deborah Sutterfield, by James Moore
July 17 - Isaac Aerl and Rebecca Collier, by P. Lewis, Jr.
July 21 - David Murphy and Catharine Williams, by P. Lweis, Jr.
June 25 - Hugh Montgomery and Polly Secrist, by Robt. Elliott
June 25 - Jesse Stout and Sara Morrison, by John Russell.
June 19 - John Ailes and Rebeca Vires, by John Russell
July 10 - John Bilyue and Grace Dunbar, by James Moore
Oct. 11 - John Sellman and Nelly Parmer, by Wm. Leedom
Aug. 7 - Philip Bourman and Mary Dragoo, by Jas. Parker
Aug. 8 - Hezekiah Bellie and Sarah Stephenson, by John Russell
Oct. 24 - John Hamilton and Isabella Smith, by Wm. Lee
Dec. 11 - Reuben Pennywitt and Mary Lucas by Wm. Williamson, V. D. M.


Dec. 25 - George Washington Green Harroll and Sarah Askren, by Mills Stephenson
Aug. 3 - Robel Butler and Comfort Pettijohn, by Mills Stephenson.


Oct. 9 - Henry McGarah and Sarah Young, by James Moore.
May 27 - Dr. Joseph Keith and Sarah Beasley (relict Major John Beasley), by Rev. Wm. Williamson
Oct. 22 - John West and Barbara Platter, by Curliss Cannon.
Dec. 11 - Samuel Laremore and Catherine McGate, by Jas. Moore.


Jan. 14 - Hamilton Dunbar and Delilah Sparks, by James Scott.
Jan. 1 - William McClanahan and Nancy Paull, by Adam Kirkpatrick
Feb. 18 - Samuel Finley and Polly Glasgow, by James Scott
Dec. 9 - Thomas Lockhart and Marry Grimes, by P. Lewis, Jr.
Nov. 10 - Davis Reynolds and Milley Dunn, by John Lindsey.


March 10 - Jesse Grimes and Polly Meggitt (McGate), by John Ellison.
Feb. 28 - Moses Lockhart and Sarah Aldred, by John Russell.
March 23 - Cornelius Washburn and Susanna Dunn, by John Lindsey.
April 6 - John Mannon and Sarah Washburn, by John Lindsey
June 8 - James Wikoff and Rachel Ellis, by Rev. Robt. Dobbins.
June 8 - William Russell and Nancy Wood, by Rev. Abbott Goddard
Aug. 17 - James Collier and Sarah Eyler, by Job Dinning
Sept. 14 - Thomas Hayslip and Isabel Paul, by Wm. Williamson, V. D. M.
Sept. 13 - Robt. Glasgo and Rosanna Finley, by John W. Campbell.
Sept. 25 - Enos Johnson and Sally Sparks, by John W. Campbell.
Nov. 2 - Samuel Finley and Milley Sparks, by John W. Campbell.
Oct. 24 - Horace L. Palmer and "the amiable Miss Margeretia Campbell of Kentucky," by Mills Stephenson, J. P.
Dec. 11 - "The Honorable John Ewing to the amiable Mrs. Hannah Cutler, both of the county of Adams," by William Laycock, J. P.


March 2 - Mark Pennwitt and Nancy Naylor, by Wm. Williamson, V. D. M.
March 14 - Thomas Dawson and Druzilla Palmer, by James Parker
March 14 - Damascus Brooks and Priscilla Palmer, by James Parker
April 3 - Angus McCoy and Agnes Horn, by Rev. James Gilliland
April 26 - Thomas McGovney and Jenny Graham, by Samuel Young.
June 28 - Stout Pettit and Martha McDermott, by Jos. Westbrook.


Jan. 14 - John Dixon and Polly Middleswart, by Mills Stephenson
Aug. 8 - Jacob Edgington and Mary Anne Dobbins, by Rev. Robt. Dobbons.


March 26 - Joseph McKee to Peggy Eakins, by Joseph Westbrook.


Feb. 11 - Zachariah Grooms to Fanny Shanks, by Job Dinning.

* James Parker certified that "Archibald Ousler" was married on the 8th day of April 1806.


Diseases of the Pioneers.


Medicinal Herbs and Roots.


Whiskey and Tobacco


Floods in the Ohio.


Great Gatherings of the People.


The Squirrel Plague.


Flocks of Pigeons.

     In the early history of the county and as recently as 1865, great flocks of wild pigeons came into the county in the seasons when there was much mast.  These would fly in such numbers as to darken the sky overhead, and in lighting in the timber would crash the branches and limbs like the force of the hurricane.

The Regulators.

     After the Civil War, a class of "refugees" came into the eastern portion of Adams County and the western border of Scioto and committed many petty crimes.  Some of them were accused of horse stealing.  A number of prominent citizen formed a kind of league, known as the "Regulators" who punished and drove out the most offensive of the "refugees."  The "Regulators" held annual public re-unions for years.

A Glen on Beasley.


The Redbud and the Redbird.










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