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Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Mar. 1, 1850

It gives us pain to learn that Death has ruthlessly entered the family circle of our esteemed friend, Moses PATTERSON, of Alexander, and taken hence his wife and daughter. Both died the same day and were buried in the same grave. This affliction will fall heavily, not only upon the crushed hearts of the father and husband, brothers and sisters; but will cause extreme sorrow in the midst of a wide circle of relatives and friends.

DIED on the 7th ult., at his residence in Ames Township, Mr. George WOLF, in the 79th year of his age. The funeral sermon of the deceased will be
preached at the Concord Meeting House, by the Rev. H. T. LAWSON, on the 2nd Sabbath of April next at 10 1/2 o'clock.
     Mr. WOLF was a pioneer of the West, and imigrated [sic]to the State of Ohio in 1797 -- then the North Western Territory. He lived an upright and honorable life, esteemed and respected by all who knew him, and has left a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn his loss.

DIED -- At Pomeroy, Meigs Co., O. on the 23 ult. Wm. Franklin REMINGTON,
Eldest son of Wm. H. and Elizabeth P. REMMINGTON, in the 12 year of his age.

David NORRIS, administrator at the ___ to of Aaron NORRIS vs Mary NORRIS, et al.

Notice is hereby given, to James NORRIS and John NORRIS, of the State of New York, Aaron of the State of Pensylvania [sic], and Isaac NORRIS, Henry NORRIS, Christopher NORRIS and George NORRIS whose places of residence to your petitioners are unknown, that the above named petitioner on the 11th day of September A.D. 1849 filed in the Court 'of Common Pleas of Athens co., Ohio, as the Administrator of the Estate of Aaron NORRIS, a Petition, the object of which is to have legally set off to the widow of said decedent her dower interest in a certain piece of land therein described, and to subject the balance of said land in the payment of said deceased debts; which said land is described as follows, to wit: West half of the South West Quarter of Section 4, Town 5, in Range 12, Ohio Company's Purchase, except 3 acres which decedent sold to Benjamin HUMPHREY. Which Petition will be for hearing of the next Term of said Court of Common Pleas held in and for the said county. HANNAH & SMITH

Master Commissioner's Sale
By Virtue of an order from the court of common pleas of Athens county to me directed, in a cause in chancery, wherein Daniel R. STEWART is complainant and Chester W. CADYER?? is defendant. I shall offer for sale at the door of the courthouse in Athens on the first day of the next Term of said court, between the hours prescribed by Law, Lot No. 23 in the town of Savannah in said county of Athens -- appraised at $___?
, Master Com'r February 25, 1850

Master Commissioner's Sale
By virtue of an order from the court of common pleas of Athens county, to me directed, in a cause in chancery wherein Milton COOLEY is complainant and George W. COOLEY defendant, I shall offer for sale at the door of the court house in Athens, on the first day of next Term of said court, between the hours prescribed by law, 80 acres of land, having being the West half of the N W quarter of Sec 1?, T 1?, R 15, situated in Waterloo township, Athens county aforesaid -- appraised at $500
A. B. WALKER, Master Com'r February 25, 1850

Master Commissioner's Sale
By virtue of an order from the court of common pleas of Athens county to me directed, in a cause in chancery wherein John C. _ALL? and others are complainants, and Benjamin P. HEWETT and others defendant. I shall offer for sale at the door of the court house in Athens on the first day of the next Term of said court, the following valuable real estate, situated in Alexander township to said county. to wits 71 90-100 acres being the N half of Lot No. 4, in Sec. 15, T. 8, R. 14 in the Ohio Company's Purchase -- appraised at $850. -- Also 75 77-100 acres, having Lot No. 5 in the Sec. T. and R. aforesaid, and as joining said first mentioned ___? -- appraised at $800.
A. B. WALKER, Master Com'r February 25, 1850

Master Commissioner's Sale
By virtue of an order from the court of common pleas of Athens county to me directed in a certain cause in chancery where in Patrick MURDOCK and Joel A. WALDEN, adm'rs of Antan ?ANTZ dec'd are complainants and James SWEPSTONS and Eliza SWEPSTONS are defendants I shall offer for sale at the door of the court house in Athens, on the first day of the next Term of said court, between the hours prescribed by law. In Lots Nos. 216 and 217 in McArthurstown in said county of Athens -- appraised as follows:
Lot 216 appraised at $400.
Lot 217 appraised at 50.
A. B. WALKER, Master Com'r
February 25, 1850

Master Commissioner's Sale
By virtue of an order of the court of common pleas of Athens county to me directed, in a cause in chancery wherein John ELLIOT is complainant and Henry _LO_K and others defendants, I shall offer for sale at the door of the courthouse in Athens on the first day of the next Term of said court, between the hours prescribed by law, 50 acres of land described as follows: Beginning at the N.W. bank of the Hocking river on the E. and W. line N. __? of __? No, 35, T. 5, $. 11 in the Ohio Company's Purchase; thence W. 32 1/? chains; thence S. E. 15 3/4 chains; thence S. 3 chains; thence E. 2_ _____? chains, to the bank of said river: thence up said river to the place of beginning -- appraised at $300.
A.B. WALKER, Master Com'r
February 25, 1850

Master Commissioner's Sale
By virtue of an order of the court of common pleas of Athens county to me directed. I shall offer for sale at the door of the courthouse in Athens on the first day of the next Term of said county, between the hours prescribed by law, the East half of __ Lot No. 28 in the town of Athens, in the e county of Athens aforesaid -- appraised at $1265 -- to satisfy a ____? in favor of HH__?ton & Co_dis  A.B. WALKER, Master Com'r
February 25, 1850

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Mar. 29, 1850

MARRIED -- In Nelsonville, on Tuesday evening, April 1st, by the Rev. T. L. MIXTON, Alfred H. CARNES, Esq., to Miss Sarah Ann CAROTHERS, all of the same place.

Also, In Carthage township, April 3d, by J. CATHER, Eaq. Mr. Washington HULL to Miss Della Ann BUCK, both of Carthage
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: May 30, 1850

Special Master Commissioner's Sale.
Wm. BLACKSTONE et. al. vs Samuel DENMAN
Athens Com. Pleas

July 9, 1850 land will be sold [unable to read the description of the land.]

Land was deeded at one time to J.W. (Silmson BILSSON) by Nial NYE by deed dated on or about the 10th of Sept. 1822. Also in the description is a deed for the same J.W. and Nial Nye dated on or about Sept 21, 1829.

Sheriff's Sale
Horace D. WHITE vs James BOILEAU
Athens Common Pleas

July ?, 1850 the following land will be sold in favor of Horace D. White and James BURLEAN. 87-100 acres of land in town ?, sections 22, and 23, range 14, Lot # 194, appraised at $216 and must sell for $144. J.L.CURRIER, Sh'ff A co June 7, 1850

Sheriff's Sale
David T. MORGAN vs Lord ? [A.] VANWEY lots 17, 19, and 21 in McArthurstown

John D. MCCORD & Hugh D. KING vs Nathan LORD and Richard VANWEY Athens Com Pleas Will sell the following land in favor of John D. McCord & Hugh D. King vs Nathan Lord and Richard Vanwey July ?, 1850 Lot No. 1 containing ? 36-100 acres and Lot No. ?? [63 or 68] in McArthurstown. Vinton Co.

Sheriff's Sale.
Athens Com Pleas
285 acres of land is be sold in July in favor of Rudolph DeSteigner vs Samuel Dawson.
Lot #80 section 22, town 10, range 14 except what is deeded to William MANSFIELD and 116 acres of land in section 2? and 22, town 10, range 14, fraction #11 which was the same land conveyed by John and Sarah MOORE to John and James PUGSLEY by deed dated a out March 10, 1831.
J.L. CURRIER, Sh'ff A co
June 7, 1850

Sheriff's Sale.
Cyrus FAY and Lincoln KILBOURNE vs David RICHMOND
Athens Com Pleas
Lot # 13 and the north end of Out Lot # 77 in town of McArthurstown, Vinton Co.
Taken in the suit of Cyrus Fay Lincoln Kilbourne vs David Richmond. J.L. CURRIER, Sh'ff A co
July 7, 1850

Cyrus FAY and Lincoln KILBOURNE vs David RICHMOND et. al.

Athens Com Pleas

In favor of Cyrus Fay and Lincoln Kilbourne vs David Richmond and Joel A. WALDEN the following will be sold in July 1850
82 11-100 acres west half of the north east quarter of section ??, town 11,
range 1?
?-100 acres north east quarter of section 20, town 11, range 17 80 acres north west quarter of section 22, town 11, range 17 6 32-100 acres on which are mills &c. Lot # 45, 46, 73, 74, 18 and 31 J. L. Currier Sh'ff A co. June 7, 1850

Sheriff's Sale.
Amos MILLER vs Ester BINGHAM et. al.
Athens Common Pleas
Amos Miller is plaintiff and Ester Bingham et. al. are defendants. The following land will be sold July 1850 Ohio University land in town 9, range 14 of the Ohio Company's Purchase, held by permanent lease by the Ohio University. Beginning at a stake set in the east line of Alvin Bingham's survey.
33 26-100 acres appraised at $1000.00 must sell for $666.67.

J. L. CURRIER Sh'ff A co.
June 7, 1850

In favor of Truitt Pendleton & Truitt
The following lots in McArthurstown, Vinton Co., Ohio will be sold #67, 14, 5, 6, 22, 23, 24, 106
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, O.
Dated: Jan. 22, 1856
INFORMATION WANTED OF Mrs. Helen CARD, who left Chauncy, Athens county, Ohio, for Cleveland, on the 8th inst., since which time nothing has been heard of her.  She is about 3 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, rather large form, and has been subject to periodical __s of insanity.  Information sent to Dr. G. W. STRONG, at the Water Cure, Cleveland, or to H. S. CARD, Conneautville, Crawford, Co., Penn., will be greatfully acknowledged.
      Columbus and Athens Co., papers please notice, Jn22* 1t?
Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Nov. 21, 1856

DIED at her residence on the 9th inst. of Athens county of consumption,
Lucinda KINCADE wife of William KINCADE 45th year, daughter of Daniel STEWART and sister of Rev. John STEWART.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Lowell Daily Citizen and News (Lowell, MA) Volume: VI Issue: 207 Page: Copy of 2
Dated: Tuesday, December 30, 1856.
     The women of Albany, Athens County, Ohio, headed by a lady sixty years old, recently marched into a tavern, kept by a man named Becker, and smashed all the bottles, jugs, tumblers, &c.  Becker has left for parts unknown.
Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Oct. 2, 1862

PRUDEN -- PHILLIPS -- By the Rev. C. H. WARREN on the 18th inst., Mr. Samuel C. Prudent and Miss Elizabeth Phillips, all of Athens county.

THOMPSON -- Died at his father's residence in Nelsonville, O., on Sunday, Sept. 7th, of Typhoid Fever, Henry Thompson, aged 26 years.

PATTERSON -- In Amesville, Athens county, Ohio, on the evening of the 17th of September 1862, of diphtheria. Mrs. Emma __e, wife of John Patterson, in the 31st year of her age.

Wm Gibson's Estate
Notice is hereby given that I have this day been appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of William GIBSON, late of Athens county, deceased. John BALLARD August 18, 1862
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source: Illustrated New Age (Philadelphia, PA) Page 1
Dated: Saturday, Dec. 2, 1865
In five years 1,614 couples have been married in Athens county, Ohio.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, OH) Page 1
Dated: Friday, June 5, 1868
The Athens Messenger says that Wm. Benson of Lodi township, Athens county, Ohio, was fatally kicked by a horse on the 11th inst.  He lived twenty-four hours after the blow was received.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, OH) Page: 2
Dated: Saturday, Sept. 5, 1868
     JOHN R. MARKE, a Nelsonville, Athens county, Ohio, a soldier of the war of 1812, will vote the Republican ticket for the first time at the next election.
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)
Dated: Nov. 20, 1868
     The following are names of the unfortunates who perished in the flames at the burning of the Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum: Caroline Connor, Athens county; Lizzie Herold, Athens county; Mary Murray, Wyandotte county; Bridget Brophy, Columbus; Mrs. Bradford, Athens county; Mrs. Parker, Licking county.  Three of them were young women under 25 years of age, and even in their terrible death presented a beautiful appearance.
Source: Jackson Citizen Patriot - Michigan
Dated: Oct. 4, 1871
In Athens County, Ohio, on Tuesday last, William SILVUS stabbed Lester WINES in the neck, killing him almost instantly.  They were both farmers and quarrelled about the division of some corn.
     A few days since a colored boy was
Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Feb. 22, 1872

Death of Mrs. Mary BIERCE
Front the Memphis Appeal of February ???
Died at Gill's Station, near Memphis at the residence of her son, W. W. Bierce, Mrs. Mary Bierce, aged eighty-three years.
     Mrs. Bierce was the widow of Dr. Columbus Bierce, formerly of this place, and long favorably known by our older citizens
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Feb. 29, 1872

DEATH of Nicholas Baker.
Our citizens generally were pained to learn of the decease of Nicholas BAKER, at McConnelsville, Morgan county, Ohio, on Friday night last. Mr. Baker was from this early youth, until within the past two years, a resident of Athens county. Genial in his manners, and affectionate in his disposition, he enjoyed the friendship of all who knew him. His remains were brought to this village on Monday, and lay at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Abner COOLEY, until Tuesday morning, when they were removed to the M. E. Church, where after an eloquent funeral discourse, by Rev. David H. MOORE, they were taken to the North grave yard, followed by a number of sorrowing relatives and a large concourse of his friends and neighbors in life, and deposited in their last resting place. Peace to his ashes.

DEATH of Mrs. S. Pickering
The death of the lady whose name heads this article occurred at Barnsville, Ohio, on Friday, 23d instant. Mrs. PICKERING was the mother of our fellow townsmen, Samuel, Simeon and Levi Pickering, and was known to a number of our citizens as a most estimable lady. She belonged to the Society of Friends, and like most Quakers, was a quiet, inoffensive, good woman. She was in her 87 year at the time of her death.

DEAN -- COATS -- By Rev. A. S. Gil___? at the bride's home, Feb. 21, 1872. Mr. William T. Dean and Mrs. Kate M. Coats, both of Athens county.

BALLINGER -- GILLETT -- On Monday, Feb. 2?, 1872 by William ___?, J.P., at his office in Athens, Mr. Oliver Ballinger, of Lodi, to Miss Sarah Gillett, of Canaan.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Sept. 11, 1873

Mrs. Mary E. WYATT, who reached here but recently from her home in Missouri, died on Monday morning at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Geo. T. GOULD, in this village. The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon from the Presbyterian church, the Rev. Mr. HART, of Logan, delivering the discourse.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Feb. 25, 1875

Mr. W. C. HICKMAN, of Nelsonville, lost a child on Tuesday, aged about one year.

Miss Nancy FARMER (colored), well known in Athens, was buried on Sunday afternoon. She died after suffering five weeks from that dread visitation, typhoid fever.

Three ladies of Nelsonville died in and near that town on Tuesday from
causes incident to maternity, their names were: Mrs. Richard BAUGH, Mrs. Charley BROWN and Mrs. MATHENEY.

TINKER -- Died, February 16th, 1875, at her residence in Trimple township. Athens county, Ohio, in the 68th year of her age, Almira, daughter of Resolved and Elizabeth FULLER, and wife of Charles Tinker.
     Mrs. Tinker was for many years a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, having joined under the ministry of Rev. D. RICKETTS. She had been afflicted for sometime, but was thought to be getting better, when she was suddenly taken worse, and unexpectedly to herself and the family, she passed away. A large concourse of friends and neighbors attended the funeral services at the Disciple Church, near Chauncey, and followed the remains to their last earthly resting place in the cemetery near by.

Estate of Michael RILEY
Notice is hereby given that I have been appointed and duly qualified as the Administrator of the estate of Michael Riley, late of Athens county, Ohio, deceased.
James ELLIOTT, Administrator, Athens, Feb. 3, 1875 -- n7-w3
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Apr. 1, 1875

BALDERSON -- Died, in Amesville, Athens county, Ohio, March 25, 1875, after an illness of sixty days, Mrs. Emily E., consort of Seth Balderson, aged thirty eight years. She was united in marriage to Mr. Balderson, August 19th, 1855, with whom she stood faithfully in the battle of life for twenty years. She decided whom she would serve when twelve years of age and united with the M.E. Church, in whose communion she closed her earthly pilgrimage. The cloud that hung over her moral sky, during most of her sickness, gave way before her death and the gushing rays of Divine Light poured in upon her soul to such an extent that she could exultingly exclaim: "O death where is they sting! O, grave where is they victory!" She has left a husband and six children to mourn their irreparable loss; but not without hope. Jos MORRIS

PHILLIPS -- Mary M. daughter of John B. and Nancy E. Phillips, was born Sept. 24th, 1870. of diphtheria.
     Mary was a bright and promising child loved every one, and was loved by all who knew her, and will be missed in the family circle. The day before she was taken sick, while at play, she sweetly and truthfully sang, "Just one more river to cross." Her sufferings were intense, yet she died very easily. Just before she passed away, she raised her eyes and little hands toward heaven and exclaimed, "Come ma," Come ma," Come ma," and sweetly fell asleep.

PHILLIPS -- One week later, March 17th, 1875, with the same disease, after three days of severe suffering, Katy, aged 9 ages, 11 months and 9 days went to join her little sister in the happy home. She was much afflicted while on earth, but has gone where afflictions are no more. Her last words were: "Do you see Mary? Look at her up there."

THOMPSON -- Died, Saturday morning, Feb. 17th, 1875, Phebe, youngest daughter of John and Hannah Thompson, age 17 years.
     The deceased joined the M. E. Church during the latter part of December, giving evidence of a change of heart, and her acceptance with Christ. Her illness was only ten days, but attended with severe pains. She bore her afflictions with christian's patience, often exclaiming, "O the blood of the Lamb!" "Thank God for this peace," &c. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. E. N. Nichols, her pastor, assisted by Elder Powell, of the F. W. Church.
Three brothers from the west, who had been summoned by telegraph, arrived just at the close of the funeral sermon, when an effecting scene was witnessed by the large congregation. Phebe was a kind hearted girl and will be missed by many friends. E. N. NICHOLS.

At 9 o'clock p.m. Monday the 29th inst., Kitson, wife of Harry Bell and daughter of Jno. Scott, of this village. She was an estimable young wife. She is the first link taken from the family circle and leaves besides her many mourning friends an infant daughter, sacred to her memory. Rev. Nichols conducted the funeral services on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: July 22, 1875

Mrs. HOLLAND, a well known Irish resident of Athens, and who has been for nearly twenty years a sufferer from cancer in the breast, died on Saturday and was buried on Sunday morning, her funeral being very largely attend.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Oct. 13, 1875

STEWART-PIERCE -- At Delaware, Ohio on Thursday, Oct 7th, 1875 by the Rev. Dr. MCCABE. Mr. D. B. Stewart of Athens, to Mrs. Mary F. Pierce, widdow [sic] of the late Dr. Pierce, of Delaware.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Oct. 28, 1875

Two very quiet and unexpected weddings recently took place here. Viz: Archy STANLEY and Miss Bec__? KERR and A. B. SWAIM and Miss Flora MOORE. The former have already settled down to quiet farm life near Albany. The latter have just returned from a tour to Cincinnati.

Mrs. Jno Q. MITCHELL sold her personal property at public sale Saturday last and started with her children Monday to join her husband at Mineaplis [sic], Minnesota.

Rev. E. N. NICHOLS has taken up his residence at Albany.

Rev. Elijah ROBINSON has lately purchased Mrs. STEWART's property in this place (price $700). We now have three resident ministers.

James COE, of Vinton county, recently purchased the property on the corner of Main and Pomeroy streets of Jos. MATTHEWS, price $1,100.

T. K. ROSSETTER has bought the small building with 12x23 feet of ground off the south-west corner of the above property and is preparing to same for a permanent meat market, price, $100.

Preston ARMSTRONG, the tanner, has rented the MITCHELL property. L. STRIGHT, of Hibbardsville, assistant tanner, is moving into the JOURDEN property.

Simeon FOUTS has purchased the HOWELL property near the new school house and has instituted repairs preparatory to taking up his residence therein.

Our new school house is done and creditable job it is to all concerned. --
The plastering by Ed. BELL of Athens, is a sample of his perfect skill with the trowel. The whole cost of the structure if $3,000.

Dr. Geo. BENA and Henry ALLEN of this village are attending medical lectures at Cincinnati. Henry BLAKE and Henry MASTERS ditto at Columbus.

Wm. C. LINDLEY has returned from his visit to Iowa, resumes his seat at the shoe bench with the satisfaction of having beaten all the Western sports he encountered in bring the shot gun to bear on the feathered tribes of the prairie.

Moses PATTERSON and wife have returned from a summer's visit with their friends in Marietta and vicinity. Who would mind being old if he could maintain the jolly, good natured unconcernedness of "Uncle Moses."

J. B. BALCH last week made nine pairs of boots and did several jobs of cobbling at W. C. Lindley's shop.

P. G. HEBARD has purchased a piano.

Jos. SMITH of Nelsonville has purchased and is remodeling the old school house in which he proposes to open a stock of general merchandise, ___ long.

Jno. J. WHALEY has just completed one of the best farm houses in Athens county. And Jno. VORHES, jr., is putting the finishing touch on one of like dimension and plan.

Newton WINES has completed a new farm house and Gus MOORE is remodeling his old one.

WILKES -- LAMBORN -- on the 21st of October by the Rev. W. ADDY, at the National House, Marietta attended by a large party of friends, Mr. J. F. Wilkes, recently of Athens, to Miss Corinne Lamborn, of New England, Athens county.
     Shortly following the completion of the nuptial ceremony the happy couple started on an extended bridal tour northward returning from which, they will take up their residence in New Lexington, Ohio, where the bridegroom has made arrangements to enter into business.

BEAM -- WILL Oct. 2? 1875 at the residence of the Bride's Father Mr. J. ?. Will in Zaleski, Vinton county, Ohio, by Rev. E. ? DIXON, Pr????ing Elder of Marietta District, assisted by Rev. R. DOUGHTY, Mr. George D. REAM to Miss Clara E. Will, both of Zaleski, Ohio.

WHITE -- ROBINSON At the residence of the bride's parents, Oct. 21, 1875 by Elder N. W. MOODY, assisted by Rev. J. EWING, of Marchfield, Mr. David White of Morgan county and Miss Lillin Robinson, Athens county.

BUCKLEY -- CHEVALIER -- October 2? [could be 0 or 8], 1875 at the residence of Mr. J. SMITH, in Coolville, Ohio, by Rev. J. L. DURRANT, Mr. Francis Buckley and Miss ?ola Chevalier, both of Reedville, Meigs County, Ohio

DUNCAN -- LEARNED -- at the residence of Dr. Andrew ?. Learned, near Millfield, Oct. ??d, ???? by Job S. KING, J.P., Mr. Walter H. Duncan and Miss Sarah K. Learned.

ADAMS in Hockingport, Athens county, Ohio, October 1? [could be a 7 or 9], 1875 of Typhoid Fever, Miss ?????? Adams, aged ??.

The warm esteem in which our late venerable fellow townsman, Mr. John BROWN, was universally held by all who knew him, was attested by the very large attendance at his funeral on Thursday last; it having been one of the largest concourses that ever before turned out on a similar occasion in Athens. The obituary notice which will be found elsewhere in this issue is from the pen of President SCOTT, of the Ohio University, who preached the funeral discourse.
[I did find his obituary on page 5 however other than being able to reading the headline for it and information describing his character and etc. I am unable to read much of the article, names, dates and location, do to fading.]

A four year old son of John DALTON's was kicked by a horse on Sunday last and seriously injured. His wounds were dressed by Dr. SPARROW.

Dr. Geo. H. CARPENTER on Friday last, with his usual skill, successfully removed a tumor from the eyelid of Mrs. Dr. Joseph MOORE, of Lodi township.

Mr. Clifford FORD, a former attache of the Messenger office, is, after several years absence in the Western country, visiting friends in Athens.

Our young legal friend, Emmett TOMPKINS, Esq., has settled squarely down to biz, as is indicated by his card which appears elsewhere in this issue.

Miss Minnie, daughter of our former townsman, M. M. GREEN, Esq., was married in Columbus on Thursday last, to John G. DESHLER, jr. of that city.

Our friend, C. K. CURRIER, the fashionable tailor, should begin laying aside money for a piano for that eleven pound girl that called at his home to stay, on Thursday last.

Our recent popular fellow townsman, Capt. Chas. GRANT, removed with his family, on Tuesday, to Zanesville, where he has leased a large Merchant Flouring Mill, which will be conducted jointly under his management and that of our active and well known friend, Mr. Charles C. PICKERING, who have herein formed a partnership. It is quite safe to anticipate for this firm a high degree of business success.

David CUNNINS, who was recently crushed to death in Longstreth's mines at Nelsonville, was highly respected and esteemed by all who knew him. He served throughout the rebellion severally in the 22d, 31st regiments, O.V.I., and the Invalid corps, and was engaged in the battles of Mill Spring, Corinth, Perrysville, Stones River and at Chicamauga was severely wounded, disabling him from further active service when he was transferred to the corps last named.

We are again this week called upon to chronicle the death of yet another of the earliest pioneers of Athens county in the death on the night of the 21st inst. after a brief illness of Mrs. Gertrude HANING, the ???erable mother of Mrs. Isaac Si?????l, Mrs. John Ackley. In that we are promised a detailed obituary notice of the deceased, by a near friend, in time for next issue of the Messenger, we will only add, that Mrs. S. first settled near Athens, in the adjoining township of Alexander, in the year 1800 at which time there was but a single house, a log one, standing upon the site of the future town.
The subject of this notice was the mother of twelve children. Ten of whom survive her.

David Williams' Estate
Notice is hereby given that W.M. Poston, administrator of the estate of
David WILLIAMS, did on the 20th day of October, 1875, file in the Probate Court of Athens county, Ohio, his account for final settlement with said estate, which will be for hearing on the 11th day of November, 1875. Leonidas JEWETT, Probate Judge, Oct. 21, to Nov. 11, 1875

John N. Dean's Estate
Notice is hereby given that George W. BAKER, administrator of the estate of John N. DEAN, did on the 18th day of October, 1875 file in the Probate Court of Athens count, Ohio, his account for final settlament [sic] with said estate, which will pe [sic] for hearing on the 11th day of November, 1875. Leonidas Jewett, Probate Judge. Oct. 21 - Nov. 11, 1875

Tax Redemption.
To Whom it May Concern:
Notice is hereby given that the heirs of Wm. HAMILTON have deposited in the County Treasury the sum of $68.53 dollars being the taxes and penalty,
interest, and other costs, for the redemption of 35 acres of land in the northwest corner of lot 8, section 7 and 1?, town 8, range 14, in Athens county, Ohio sold for taxes January 17th, 187? to ?. L. KESSINGER. A.W.S. MINEAR, Aud, A.C.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: July 19 1877

Tupper's Plains in this county was first settled in 1802.

Elder Wiggins, pastor at Dexter chapel, recently preached his farewell sermon there.

Mr. John Ohlinger died at his residence in Chester township, on Sunday of last week.

Abner Bickel, of Rutland, has a son, only ten years of age, that weights one hundred pounds.

Mrs. Jenkins of Letart, recently seriously poisoned herself with drinking water from a brass kettle.

Mrs. Asahel Skinner, of Rutland was lately taken to the insane Asylum at Athens for medical treatment.

Mrs. Weigard of Letart was last week thrown from a horse without, however, receiving serious injury.

Mrs. John Woodard, age 80, of Rutland died on the 7th inst. Her husband who services her is a pensioner of the war of 1812.

J. F. Stevens's fine new building in Rutland which he had recently moved, was lately struck by lightning the members of the family narrowly escaping injury.

At the Catholic Picnic, Pomeroy, on the Fourth a young man named Peter Goeit was shot in the ankle by another young man named Phillip Snyder. The shooting was accidental.

Meigs county has now over a dozen more insane people in the Asylums of the State than it is entitled to according the proportion of inhabitants, and still, says the Telegraph, there is more to follow.

On Monday of last week Robert Higginbothan was terribly cut in the arm with a bowie knife in the hands of Charley Carlile during a quarrel over a game of cards in a Middleport saloon. Carlile and his brother Lee were afterwards arrested in the Virginia side and are in jail.

The Meigs County Democratic convention was held at Pomeroy on Saturday and nominated the following ticket: For Representative, James M. Evans; Auditor, J.P. Stewart; Sheriff, J. Middeswart; Prosecuting Attorney, Martin Harris; Commissioner, J. F. Davis; Coroner, J. R. Winget; Infirmary Director, Jacob S. E. Age??.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source: Columbus Daily Enquirer - Georgia
Dated: Dec. 5, 1877
Fires at Athens, Ohio.
CINCINNATI, Dec. 4 - Eight of the principal business houses and two dwellings, at Athens, Ohio, were burned last night.  Loss $60,000 - $80,000.
     The county bride over the Scotia river near Chillicothe, Ohio, was burned yesterday.  Loss $50,000 to $60,000
Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Jan. 16, 1879

Alex. Steele, of Salem township, was lately found lying in his barn, suffering from an apoleptic fit.

Mr. Roman Darst, for a long time the miller of the Pomeroy Flour Company died one day last week.

Mr. James W. Allen, of Lebanon township, and Miss Julia O. Cooper of Pomeroy, were recently married.

Mr. John Gorsuch 1st, an old citizen of the Pomeroy Precinct, who lived in the vicinity of the County Infirmary, died on Tuesday of last week, of lung fever.

The 20th birthday of Miss Emma Day, of Orange, was recently made the occasion of a large social gathering at her home and an enjoyable time.

Reuben Walburn a middle aged resident of Salem township, died recently, from the effects of a cancer, from which he has been suffering for about twenty-five years.

Stephen Va____ ____ whose home is near Mt. Gilead, and who escaped from the Columbus Insane Asylum about a year ago and has been supposed dead, has been discovered at Pomeroy.

W. Hart, aged 22, of Bedford township, has had his left hand amputated as the result of an injury by the premature explosion of a toy cannon while he was engaged in loading it on New Year's Eve.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, OH) Page 4
Dated: Wednesday, April 23, 1879
     The resignation of Dr. Clarke and the resolutions of the Athens County Democratic Central Committee concede the whole case against the management of the Asylum for the Insane at Athens.  There never was a time in the history of Ohio when the State institutions were in such a demoralized and disgraceful condition as they are at present, and the Democrats have scarcely had control of them a year.
Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Dec, 25, 1879

MINX -- FLEMING -- In Amesville, at the residence of Daniel Fleming, by Rev. L. N. WOODRUFF, Dec. 18th, Mr. Lou A. Minx, of Lincoln Center, Kansas, to Miss Julia A. Fleming, of Amesville.

FLEMING - LINSCOTT -- At the residence of the bride's father, George S. Linscott, in Ames township, Dec. 17th, 1879, by Geo. Ed. HENRY, J.P., Mr. John F. Fleming, third son of David Fleming, to Miss Flora A. Linscott
     Thus have been united two of the wealthiest families of Ames. The wedding presents were not numerous but considered of articles of general utility and durability, and although the ring of some were not clear on account of their mufflers, yet they had the clink of the genuine material.

JONES -- JOHNSON -- At the residence of Mrs. Nancy J. WEETHEE on Wednesday
evening, December, 17th, 1879 by Prof. J. P. Weethee, Mr. E. J. Jones to Miss Lucy Johnson.


JENNINGS -- on Tuesday morning, December 16th, at her late home in Columbus, Mrs. Carrie F., wife of Mr. W. H. Jennings, chief engineer of the C. & H.V.R.R.
     The deceased, who some years since resided during a brief period in Athens, was distinguished by the possession of many affiable qualities that endeared her to a large circle of warm friends.

We deeply regret to announce that our venerable townslady, Mrs. M. C. LYON, sustained a paralytic stroke of considerable severity on Sunday afternoon last, and from the effects of which she has since, under the skillful treatment of her physician, Mr. H. M. LASH, materially improved.    

A coal miner named Louis WISE was almost instantly killed by falling slate
at Longstreth's mines at Nelsonville, about 11 o'clock on Tuesday. He leaves a wife and one child in destitute circumstances.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source:  Athens Messenger - Athens, O.
Date: Nov. 18, 1880


Newport Twp. Aaron EDGELL, Esq. was dangerously ill.

J. A. DAVID of Harmar in jail at Marietta indicted for voting twice.

A squash or pumpkin raised by Henry BAKER, of Belpre measured 5 feet 9 inches in circumference and weighted 103 lbs.

Florence HALE, of Harmar doing well after being burned last week. She is
expect to recover.

Hit by a train and killed instantly, Thomas M. MCKEEN, fireman, formerly of Wade but lately of Pittsburgh.

Superintendent of Marietta Baptist Sabbath School, Mr. Luther DANA was given a reclining chair by scholars of that school.

Marietta criminal court convicted Jas. BOYCE of forgery.

Wilson CINGDON was on trail for manslaughter.

Farley MAINS was sent to jail for stealing ten sheep owned by C. C. EMMONS, Wesley township.

Found dead in his bed in Fairfield, Iowa was Henry BOWEN, of Waterford township. A past student of Marietta College who had moved to Iowa.

Former residents of Beverly, Mr. David S. HURLBURT now of Hazlehurst, married Miss Dlla [sic] E. dau. of Thomas E. RICHARDS now of Zanesville.

To celebrate his 96th birthday Tuesday, Sampson COLE, Esq. of Washington Co. drove from his home about 1 1/2 miles from the city for dinner with his daughter, Mrs. J. W. STANLEY.

Employees of Elston's saw-mill, SEVERANCE and RHODES, had an altercation
where SEVERANCE was knocked senseless with a cart-hook and received a terrible wound. Once coming to he pummeled RHODES. Both men were so injured they were confined to their beds at the time of the writing of this paper.

Wilson CONGDON was found guilty of assault and battary [sic] for killing Wm. BUSH by hitting him on the head about a month ago. Continued until January The FARLEY murder trail and the case of CLAUS indicted for manslaughter in the BUSH case.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source: Argus and Patriot (Montpelier, VT) Volume: XXXI Issue: 52 Page 2
Dated: Nov. 30, 1881
Ed Maxwell was taken out of court room while the court was in session in Pepin county, Wisconsin, by a mob and hanged to a tree in the court house yard.  A negro named Davis, was forcibly taken from a jail in Athens, Ohio and carried to a bridge spanning the river, where he was told if he confessed to the charge of "felonious assault" on an old woman they would let him go free.  He admitted that he was guilty, and was flung from the bridge, the mob taking the precaution to first put a rope around his neck.  The county of Pepin gave Garfield nine hundred and thirty-nine votes, and Hancock two hundred and ninety-six; the county of Athens gave Garfield three thousand six hundred and forty-five votes, and Hancock two thousand two hundred and thirty-four.  How would Republicans like to have these two lynchings, one probably of an innocent man, charged to the body of Republicans in the Republican states of Wisconsin and Ohio? - Union, Manchester, N. H.
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Page 5
Dated: Thursday, Oct. 6, 1887
Arrest of a Woman in Athens County on a Charge of Murder.
     A Quarrel Between an Ill Mated Couple Results in the Death of the Husband - Another Failure at Bellevue - Nonpartisan W. O. T. U. in Convention at Elyria - Death of Hon. George P. Metcalf at Elyria - Other news from Neighboring Towns.
     NELSONVILLE, O., Oct. 5. - [Special] - On Sunday, Sep. 25, E. P. Meeks, a well-to-do farmer at Boyles Crossing, died under very suspicious circumstances.  Neighbors hinted that he was a victim of foul play and public feeling at last demanded an investigation.  Coroner Shrader began to look into the matter.  An inquest was held yesterday and today at which sufficient testimony was given to warrant the arrest of Mrs. Meeks, the wife of the dead man, and she is now in jail in this city charged with the murder of her husband.  It was brought out that the couple quarreled frequently, and the day before his death Meeks became engaged in an altercation with his wife and was struck by a heavy cane on the head which, with a severe blow on the temple, caused his death.  His body was taken to Middleport for interment, Mrs. Meeks accompanying the remains.  Officers went to Middleport and arrested the woman.  It is common talk that she has been criminally intimate with a young man in this place and that he is an accomplice in the crime.  The investigation is still progressing.  Mrs. Meeks denies her guilt, but the evidence is damaging and she will be held to court.
Source:  Democratic Northwest, Napoleon, OH - Vol. 40 Page 9
Dated: Aug. 18, 1892
Mrs. John Booher.
     The wife of John Booher, died Sunday afternoon at 8 o'clock.  She had been ill for many months with cancer of the stomach which affliction was the cause of her death.
     The funeral was held at the Methodist Church in the presence of a large number of friends Tuesday morning, Rev. Bellmer officiating.  The remains were interred in Forest Hill Cemetery.
     Mr. Booker was born in Athens county, in 1845, making her 47 years of age at her death.  She was married to her bereaved husband in 1863.  To them were given six children, three of whom are still living.
Source:  Oregonian
May 15, 1909

SERVED IN OHIO REGIMENT.  J. S. CLARK, of Forest Grove, Was Veteran of Civil War.
FOREST GROVE, Or., May 14 - (Special) - The funeral of the late James Stephen CLARK, who died here Wednesday morning, was conducted yesterday by 'Rev. Cephas CLAPP, a friend of the decedent.  Mr. CLARK was well known in this section of the county, where for many years he ran a creamery until the advent of the milk condensing plant to this city.
     He was born in Athens County, Ohio, January, 1840.  His father died when he was 12 years old, and he had to assist his mother in the rearing of a large family.  He enlisted in the Union Army, July 31, 1861, in the 36th Ohio Infantry, and served three years.  He was married in 1865 to Miss Ellen KNIGHT, and moved to Kansas in 1866.  Ten years later he came to Oregon and engaged in farming in various sections of the Willametta Valley, coming to Forest Grove in 1889.
     He was a member of the Order of Knights of Pythias.  He leaves a widow, one son, William A. Clark of Portland and Mrs. Mayne ABBOTT, both of this city.  He has two brothers Alva CLARK, of Erie, Kan. and Harvey CLARK, of Athens County, Ohio; also two sisters residing in Ohio.

Source:  Plain Dealer - Cleveland, Ohio - Page 8
Dated: Dec. 22, 1918
Soldiers From Athens County March Into Brussels With Albert.
(Special to Plain Dealer)
ATHENS, Dec. 21. - Two hundred Athens county machine gunners of the Thirty-seventh division, led by Capt. R. R. Johnson of this city, led the great force of allied troops who escorted King Albert of Belgium into Brussels Saturday, Nov. 23, according to letters just received here.
     This Athens county unit was formerly part of the old Seventh Ohio Regiment.  It had ended its fighting in Belgium and was selected from all the machine gun units of the Thirty-seventh division for special honor.
     Three infantry units of the Thirty-seventh division also took part in the escort.
Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, Ohio
Dated: June 22, 1920
GOING STRONG AT 100 - Ohio Centenarian Travels 40 Miles Through Mud on Horseback:
(Special to The Plain Dealer)
ATHENS, June 21 - George Wallace, 100 years old last April, returned this evening to his home in Meigs county after a visit with relatives here.
     He made the round trip of forty miles over mud roads on horse back.  Wallace, who was rejected for service in the Civil War because of por health, came to Athens for a political meeting
     He helped to elect William Henry Harrison, president in 1841, taking part in the famous "log cabin" campaign.
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Page 2
Dated: Sunday, September 18, 1921
Patriotic Societies Plan Memorial in Athens County for Indian Fighters.
(Plain Dealer Special)
     ATHENS, O., Sept. 17. - Historical and patriotic societies of Athens county have started a movement to mark the site of the drawing up of the first declaration of independence in Ohio, and perhaps one of the earliest in the history of North America.
    It is the site of Fort Gower, at the mouth of the Hocking river, Athens county, where the little village of Hockingport rests on a bluff overlooking the Ohio river.
     On Oct. 5, 1774, nearly two years before the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed at Philadelphia, a similar document was drawn up at Fort Gower.  Its authors were officers of the army of Lord Dunmore sent by King George III to conquer the Indians of the Pickaway plains above Chillicothe.
     Athens county historians have put in claims for a bronze tablet or monument to be erected at Hockingport to mark this spot.  A Dunmore tail road on the Washington-Cincinnati highway will, perhaps, be another memorial to be sought.
     George Washington as a young man on an exploring trip, camped on the site of Fort Gower, and to this day the land across the Ohio river from Hockingport is known as Washington Bottom.
     Lord Dunmore, then governor of Virginia, in 1774 brought an army of men down the Ohio to the mouth of the Hocking river in his campaign against the Indians.  Here he built a fort.
     While his men were camped there, messengers arrived from the east with the news of the sitting of the first continental congress at Philadelphia.  Overcome with joy at the prospect of separating from Great Britain, the officers of the army of Lord Dunmore drew up a paper declaring that while they were loyal to King George III, American liberty was dearest to them.
     When early settlers came to Athens county they found the camping ground of Lord Dunmore's army and articles such as hatchets, bullets, gun barrels and an old sword were plowed up within this space.,
     In the museum of Ohio university here are to be found many of these relics.
Source: Montgomery Advertiser - Georgia
Dated: Dec. 24, 1923
The Children Dead And Third Fatally Burned in Ohio Town.
GALLIPOLIS, OHIO Dec. 23 - Two children of James Cheman are dead and another is not expected to live as a result of a fire which they started  by playing with matches and which destroyed the Cheman home, in the mining village of Albany, Athens county, last night.
     Creman, hoseman of the Albany volunteer fire department, answered alarm of fire with other volunteer members.  He collapsed when he found it was his home and that his children had perished.
Source: Oregonian - Oregon
Dated: Nov. 3, 1964
Funeral of Mrs. Lillian Foley, 87, a long-time resident of the Rose City-Hollywood district, will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at St. Michael's and All Angels Episcopal Church.  She died Sunday at teh local convalescent home.
     Mrs. FOLEY was bon Aug. 23, 1877 in Wayne County, Ohio and was married March 22, 1899 in Medora, N. D. to the late Edgar S. FOLEY.
     The family moved to Portland in 1910 where they were one of the early residents of Rose City Park area.
     Survivors include a son Ridgway K. FOLEY of Portland; two sisters, Mrs. Sevia SMITH and Mrs. Slyvia ROACH, both of Ohio; and two grand-children.
     J. P. FINLEY and Son will arrange the funeral.
     The family suggests that any remembrance be in the form of contributions to the Benjamin D. Dagwell Memorial Fund.



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