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Source:  Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, OH) Page: 5
Dated: Aug. 4, 1869

     Recently, in St. Mary's, Wesley Wahrman stabbed Joseph Blake, wounding him so that he afterward died.  There was an old grudge between the parties.  Warhman claims the act was done in self-defense.  Both were intoxicated at the time of the stabbing.
Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: July 2, 1874
An Enquirer special states that Francis TIERVAN and E. J. THORN, of Springfield, Ohio, were yesterday held to bail at Wapakaneta, Ohio, to answer a charge of forgery.  It is said that forged paper to amount of $100,000 has been negotiated among farmers by these two men.  Their plan was to get some farmer who could not read to sign what purported to be a contract for the agency of a patent plow between the farmer and R. R. Fenner & Co., but which was really a personal note.
Source:  Montgomery Advertiser
Dated: Jan. 12, 1913
     Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. KAY entertained at their home in Pinehurst on Thursday night from 8 to 10 in honor of their niece, Miss Lucila NICOLS of Wapakoneta, Ohio.  The guest list included several hundred of the society people of this city and all the fraternaty men of the University.  Those assisting in receiving were Mrs. LeBOURD, Mrs. Shaler HOUSER, Mrs. W. B. SAFFOLD, Miss Ruth BROWNELL, Miss Mary JONES, Miss Eleanor BLAIR, Mrs. Linka FRIEDMAN, Mrs. Walter GULLEY, Mrs. Audrey BOYLES, Mrs. Battle SEARCY, Mrs. Alston PITTS, Mrs. Bernard HARWOOD, Mrs. Davis, Miss Emily LEACH, Miss Daphne CUNNINGHAM, Miss Lucile DeVERE.  Assisting in serving were Mrs. F. D. LOZEY, Mrs. F. G. BLAIR, Mrs. J. W. SHOOK, Miss Madge BLAIR, Miss Alice LONGSHORE, Miss Anna Taylor DONOHO,,,, Miss Jean McCORVEY, Miss Julia NUZZUM, Miss Mary Bacon DUNCAN.  Mrs. KAY received in a gown of white charmeuse, with which she wore beautiful cameos.  Miss NICHOLS wore white charmeuse and carried an arm bouquet of white carnations.  Among the honored guests of the evening were the seniors of D. K. E. Fraternity of the University, of which fraternity Mr. KAY is a member.
     The Kettledrum was entertained on Thursday afternoon by Mrs. A. S. Van de GRAAFF at her home on Greensboro avenue, the subject for the afternoon being the "New Year."  A musical program was rendered by Mrs. L. O. DAWSON, Mrs. Katie L. PRITCHETT and Miss Lucile DeVERE.  The following officers were elected for the ensuing year; President, Mrs. Ellen PETER-BRYCE; first vice-president, Mrs. T. C. McCORVEY; second vice-president, Mrs. R. C. McCALLA, secretary, Mrs. George DENNY.  At the conclusion of the business refreshments were served.  The following visitors were present:  Mrs. T. T. QUARLES, Mrs. Claude HOWARD, Mrs. Carroll MANN, Mrs. HEFLIN, Mrs. STEWART, Mrs. Lester SNOW, Mrs. McCORMICK, Miss Mamie BROWN.
The Tuesday Evening Card Club was entertained by Mr. and Mrs. T. W. CHRISTIAN at their home in Northport.  Auction bridge was played at nine tables and the prizes were a puff box for the ladies and a silver drinking cup for the gentlemen.  After the games an elaborate hot supper was enjoyed.  Assisting the hostess in receiving and serving were Misses Mamie DONOHO, Emmie DONOHO, Anna TAYLOR DONOHO, Mrs. Emil SHIRLEY, Mrs. George CHRISTIAN.
     Mrs. Walter SANDERS
entertained at her home on Tuesday afternoon at royal auction in honor of Mrs. Claude HOWARD and Miss Emily Gay ABBOTT.  The highest score was made by Miss Jane AUSTIN, who was presented with a cloisonne veil pin and the guests of honor were given friendship circles in gold.  After the games of refreshments were served by Misses Violet JONES and Lois MURRAY.  The guest list included Misses Mary Emily FITTS, Miss Annales FITTS, Mrs. W. H. ALSTON, Mrs. Carroll MANN, Mrs. C. N. MAXWELL, Jr., Mrs. H. B. FOSTER, Mrs. Irving DUGINS, Mrs. Bert STORY, Mrs. Lester SNOW, Mrs. Fred STICKNEY, Mrs. Brittin TURNER, Mrs. W. A. COLLIER, Miss Alta BARNES, Miss Lelia JAMISON, Miss Jennie MAXWELL, Miss Lucia VanHOOSE, Miss Jane AUSTIN, Miss Nell CRIBBS.
     Miss Guena GRIMES
has returned from a visit to friends in Talladaga Springs.
     Miss PALFREY will leave tomorrow for her home in Franklin, La, after a visit of some weeks  with her sisters, the Misses GORGAS on the University campus.
     Mrs. Perrin QUARLES, of Charlotte, North Carolina, is in the city visiting her sister, Mrs. T. T. QUARLES on Queen City avenue.
     Mrs. Katie Lou PRITCHETT has returned from a visit to relatives in Greensboro.




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