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Source:  The Democrat & Herald
Wilmington, Ohio


1838 May 28 On the morning of May 28th, 1838, Jr. Joseph of Union Township
1838 Jul. 20 Mr. Thomas Osborn
1838 Jul. 26 Mary Catharine Pidgeon, of Scarlet fever, the daughter of William Pidgeon
1838 Aug. 9 Jacob Charlfont?
1838 Aug. 17 Mr. Daniel Kelley, age 29 years 4 mos 8 ds.
1838 Sep. 1 Catharine Blooms, daughter of William Blooms
1838 Sep. 16 On Sunday the 15th of Sept. 1838, Ann Eliza Castleman, daughter of Edward Castleman.  In her 5th year.
The Clinton Republican, Wilmington, Ohio
March 28, 1846 to and including May 30, 1867


1846 Mar. 11 Mr. Isiah Dwiggin, in Burford County, Tennessee
1846 Apr. 16 Mr. Micajah H. Moore, in Washington Township
1846 Oct. 5 Mr. John Cromwell.
1846 Oct. 28 Mr. Perry Dakin, age 48 years.
1846 Nov. 25 Mrs. Pamela Baldwin, in her 37th year, at Blanchester, Ohio.  Wife of William H. Baldwin.
1847 Jun. 27 Ambrose Jones, a resident of Green County, Ohio
1847 Aug. 6 Sylvanus Barkley
1847 Jul. 29 Mrs. Martin, wife of William Martin.
1847 Jul. 31 Zacharias Loer, age 21 years.
1847 Aug. 9 On Monday, Eli Hale, at Clarksville, Oh.
1847 Aug. 11 On Wednesday, Elizabeth Keely.
1847 Jul. 28 Joseph Parret, (Capt.), age of about 95 years, came to Ohio 30 years ago, from Virginia
1847 Oct. 11 On Monday, Mrs. Sarah Killin, age 83.
1847 Dec. Rev. James Quinn, in Highland County, Ohio, age 49 years.
1847 Dec. 1 Scobey Ackly
1847 Dec. James Collins, Esq., of New Albany.
1847 Dec. 30 Louis Lorraine
1848 Jan. 23 William D. Woods, son of Joseph & Rosanah Woods.  Age 2 years 15 days.
1848 Jan. 23 Robert S. Woods, son of Joseph & Rosannah Woods, age 4 months 1 day.
1848 Feb. 7 Nancy Jane Barkley, daughter of Amos T. Sewell, age 25 years.
1848 Feb. 9 Daniel C. Hinman, age 23 years.
1848 Feb. 9 Luella Jones, infant daughter of Alanson and Rosanah Elvert Jones.
1848 Feb. 12 Mary Cathrine Johns, of typhoid fever, daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Johns.  Age 6 years 8 months 11 days.
1848 Mar. 2 Arther Denver Johns, son of Samuel & Elizabeth Johns.  Age 10 months 9 days.
1848 Mar. 3 Dr. John P. Cowgill
1848 Mar. 13 Cary Caroline Johns, daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Johns, age 3 years 3 months 8 days.
1848 Mar. 17 Sarah Rebecca Austin, wife of Rev. David Austin.  Born Feb. 15, 1820.
1848 Apr. 7 Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of John Rybolt, and wife of E. M. Campbell
1848 Apr. Mrs. Rachel Leaming, wife of E. Y. Leaming, age 52 years, at Wilmington.
1848 May 9 Mr. Joseph Read, in Wilmington.  Age 58 years.
1848 May 9 Mr. Joseph Read, in Wilmington.  Age 58 years.
1848 May 27 Mrs. Elizabeth Austin, wife of William Austin, (Rev.) daughter of Samuel & Mary Austin.  Born in Calvert County, Maryland, on June 18, 1775.
1848 Jul. 10 Josiah Jackson
1848 Jul. 23 Edward B. Walker, son of Azil Walker.
1848 Aug. 19 Miss Martha Ann Mason, daughter of B. A. Mason, age 16 years.
1848 Sep. 15 Rebecca Walker, infant daughter of Eli & Elizabeth Walker, age 1 year 2 months.
1848 Oct. 22 Benjamin Glass, age 66 years.
1848 Oct. 22 Emily Stockdale, former resident of Hamilton County, Ohio.
1848 Nov. 4 Samuel Kelly, son of Charles & Elizabeth Kelly, age 7 years.
1848 Nov. 16 Mary Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of Harrison T. & Ann Lewis, age 3 weeks.
1848 Nov. 24 Mrs. Martha Jenkins in Wilmington, wife of E. H. Jenkins.
1848 Dec. 9 William Allen, age 83 or 84 years, born in Armagh County, Ireland, came to America in 1800.
1848 Dec. Clarisa Priscela Newland, at Cuba, daughter of Noah & Sarah Ann Newland, age 2 years 7 months.
1849 Jan. 23 Asa H. Hoge, age 45 years.
1849 Feb. 20 Mrs. Hannah Gustin, at the home of brother Issah Morris, age 67 years.
1849 Mar. 21 Jemima Hines, her age 21 years.
1849 Apr. 1 Mrs. Sarah Carroll, at the residence of her son Urich Carroll, wife of Dempsey Carroll, age 72 year.
1849 Apr. 10 John West, at Hillsboro, Ohio, age 20 years.
1849 Jun. 2 Mrs. Rebecca Paris, age 75 years.
1849 May 28 Mrs. Debroah Jones, age 82 years.
1849 Aug. 12 Calvin Hadley, in Warren County, Oh. age 23 years.  Springfield Friend Member, buried Springfield Cemetery, Clinton County, Ohio.
1849 Oct. 9 Valentine M. Hollingsworth, at Farmers Collage, age 21 years.
1849 Oct. 27 Isma Harris.
1849 Nov. 11 Charles W. Miars, at Knoxville, Tennessee, former resident of Clinton County, age 23 years.
1849 Dec. 2 John Ludlow Truman, son of John Truman, age 5 years.
1849 Dec. 5 Auther Dakin, at Harvesburg, Ohio, infant son of Horace & Rosie Dakin.
1850 Jan. 10 Mary Ann Welch, at the residence of her Uncle, B. Hinkson, in Wilmington, age 6 years.
1850 Jan. 18 John R. Williams.
1850 Mar. 15 Dr. William Levacy, at Cuba, Ohio of consumption.  Buried near Cuba, member of Odd Fellows.
1850 Mar. Mrs. Sarah Harlen, in Wilmington, Ohio, wife of Jabez Harlen, leaves 4 daughters.
1850 Mar. 23 Mahlon Haworth, at his residence at Todds Folk, age 75 years.  Native of State of Tennessee, member of Friends Church, leaves wife.
1850 Mar. 25 Samuel H. Hale, Jr., at the residence of his father William Hale.  Age 25 years, leaves wife and one child.
1850 Apr. 16, Mrs. Sarah Cleaver
1850 Apr. 20 In the morning, Mrs. Elizabeth Sewell wife of W. B. Sewell of Wilmington, age 33 years.  Native of the State of Maryland, member of Friends Church, and former member of M. E. Church.
1850 Apr. 21 Mary Marshall Sexton, at Rushville, Indiana.  Daughter of Marshall & Elizabeth Sexton, age 10 ms.
1850 Apr. 30 Mr. Curtis Jackson
1850 Jul. 18 Mr. John Sniff, old and respected citizen of Clinton County.
1850 Jul. 25 Mrs. Elizabeth Babb, at her son's residence, Sampson Babb.  Wife of Henry Babb, age 80 years.
1850 Jul. 30 Mrs. Elizabeth King, at the residence of her son, Dean King.  Age 81 years.
1850 Aug. 10 Ellen Rebecca Shepherd, daughter of Jacob & Amanda Shepherd.  Age 9 years.
1850 Sept. 20 On Friday morning, Teressa Finley, of consumption.  Eldest daughter of Robert P. Finley, age 17 years.
1850 Sep. 30 Sarah G. Hibben, at 8 pm, at the residence of her father, in Wilmington.
1850 Oct. 1 Cathrine J. Hinman, infant daughter of D. C. & Mary W. Hinman
1850 Oct. 12 John Trimble, Esq., at his residence in Wilmington.  Age 42 years.  Leaves wife and several children.
1850 Nov. 3 Martha Walker, at the residence of her son, Asa Walker.  Widow of William Walker.  Age. 71 years.  Friend
1850 Nov. 8 Mrs. Elizabeth Killin, in Wilmington.  Wife of James Killin, Esq., age 56 years.
1851 Apr. 30 Edith Haworth, age 54 years.  A resident of Clinton County for many years.  Wife of George D. Haworth.  Friend
1851 Jun. 25 James Benjamin Glass, infant son of Samuel R. & Mary H. Glass.
1851 Jun. 24 Mr. Thomas Darbyshire.  Age 85 years.  Long resident of Clinton County, leaves large family of children and grandchildren.
1851 Jun. 29 Alverta Strickle, infant daughter of A. E. & Caroline Strickle, age 3 years.
1851 Jun. 29 Robert Harrison, at the residence of H. D. Sayer, in Wilmington.  Age 78 years, former resident of New Burlington, Ohio, leaves wife and large family, Wesleyan.
1851 Jul. 2 Miss Mary McGreger, at her fathers, residence, Eli McGreger, in Wilmington, of consumption.
1851 Jul. 10 Mrs. Hannah H. Pennington, wife of John Pennington, and daughter of Johnson & Ruth Lacy.  Age 39 years, burial west of Wilmington.
1851 Jun. 26 John N. Holland, son of Rev. Stephen & Rebecca Holland, age 4 years.
1851 Jun. 19 Isaah M. Holland, son of Rev. Stephen & Rebecca Holland, age 6 years.
1851 Jun. 30 William Morgan, in Wilmington, son of William J. & Jane Morgan, age 4 months
1851 Sep. 2 Jessie Hunt, at his residence near Martinsville, Ohio.  Age 42 years, Friend.
1851 Oct. 5 James Christy, at his residence at 1 am, born in 1794 in the State of Kentucky.  When a few weeks old, moved with his parents across the Ohio River, where Cincinnati now stands.  1815 married Ann McDonald, who survives.
1851 Oct. 7 Lyman Wakefield, in Wilmington, age 50 years.
1851 Oct. 31 Mrs. Mariah Lawhead, wife of C. B. Lawhead, daughter of Bebee & Margaret Truesdale.  At the residence of her father, in Wilmington.  Born Aug. 21, 1824, married Dec. 11, 1846.  M. E. Church.
1851 Nov. 1 James B. Smith, age 24 years.
1851 Dec. 9 Agnes Kelley, at her residence in Wilmington.  Born Feb. 27, 1773, in Antrim County Ireland, with her parents immigrated to this country while an infant.  Settled where then known as William Penn's, Pennsylvania.  About the middle of her life, she was left a widow with 6 children.
1851 Dec. 12 Christopher Webster, Betts, at his fathers residence in Martinsville, Ohio.  Eldest son of William & Ann Betts, age 18 years.
1852 Jan. 13 George Hartman, age 64 years, resident of county for many years.
1852 Jan. 17 Price Skinner, was perhaps the oldest resident of county, age 99 years.
1852 Jan. 13 Able Thompson, at his residence in Xenia, Ohio.  Native of Fredricks County Virginia, came to Clinton County in 1816, lived in Xenia since 1836, left relatives in Washington, Fayette, and Clinton counties.
1862 Jan. 26 Sarah Ireland, at the residence of Bodiah Stephens, her son-in-law, age 80 years.  Widow of Frances Ireland at Cowans Creek.  Born in Fredricks County Virginia, came to Ohio in 1815, husband died shortly after coming to Ohio, left with 6 small children.
1852 Mar. 3 Charles Jessup, at residence of Joseph Anson in Cuba, age 24 years.
1852 Mar. 23 at Dillon, Ill., Elizabeth Killin, daughter of R. H. & J. E. Killin, age 8 years.
1852 Apr. 2 Eva Josaphine Shepherd, at Wilmington, daughter of Jacob & Amanda Shepherd, age 10 months.
1852 Mar. 19 Josha Wright, at Sheby County, Texas.  Born in 1784 in South Carolina, came to Ohio in 1808, while in county lived in Martinsville, lived in Texas 14 years.
1852 Mar. 25 Jacob Carpenter, at residence of son-in-law, Joseph Doan, age 73 years.  Native of the State of New York, came to Clinton County in 1817, left age wife and many relatives.
1852 Jul. 13 John H. Coats, at the residence of his aunt, at Phoenxville, age 25 years.
1852 Jul. 16 Daniel Hinman, at the residence of son-in-law, Mr. Hadley.  Native of the State of New York, removed to Clinton County in 1814, with his family.  Son of D. C. Hinman, age 75 years.
1852 July Mrs. Jonathan Baldwin, daughter of John Mitchell.
1852 Jul. 22 John Mitchell, at his residence in Wilmington.  A few days after his daughter died, Mrs. Baldwin.
1852 Jul. 24 Mrs. John Mitcell (or Mitchell), wife of John Mitchell.
1952 Jul. 26 Margaret Williams, eldest daughter of Samuel & Ann Williams, age 18 years.
1852 Aug. 6 Florence Abell, at the residence of H. W. Hale.  Daughter of W. J. Abell, in Wilmington.
1852 Aug. 28 Henry Vandeburg, at his residence near Oakland, Ohio.  Age 73 years, leaves several sons & daughters.  Buried beside his companion of his youth.
1852 Sept. 14 Amanda Shepherd, wife of Jacob Shepherd, age 23 years.  In Wilmington.
1852 Sep. 16 Lucinda Glass, at her sons residence in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Native of Fluvance County Virginia, age 52, leaves 5 children.
1852 Oct. 2 Sarah Collett, wife of Jonathan Collett, age 56 years.
1852 Oct. 29 Joseph Jones, at his residence in Chillicothe, Ohio.  Born on Oct. 13, 1796, in Jefferson County, Virginia.
1852 Dec. 5 Zebuelon Sabin, at his sons residence, in Harvesburg, Ohio.  Born in Duchiss County New York on July 26, 1777, came to Ohio in 1814.
1852 Dec. 13 Aleoi E. Strickle,  near Wilmington eldest son of Benjamin S. & Mary A. Strickle, age 11 years.
1852 Jan. 21 Anna Belle Mellish, at Cincinnati, daughter of Rev. Thomas J. & Mary V. Mellish.
1853 Feb. 22 Margaret Ann Havens, wife of Robert T. Havens.
1853 Feb. 25 Carrie Penney, daughter of G. J. & Caroline Penney, age 7 years.
1853 Mar. 23 Amelia Haworth, near Kokomo, Indiana, late of Martinsville, Ohio.  Wife of James Haworth, age 50 yrs.
Source:  The Herald of Freedom, Wilimington, Ohio
Dated: Oct. 31, 1851 to and including January 5, 1855.


1851 Oct. 30 Anna Maria Laughead, wife of C. B. Laughead, age 28 years.  At her father's residence in Wilmington.
1852 Nov. 3 James B. Smith, at the residence of his father, age 24 years.
1852 Jan. 17 Price Skinner, at his residence in Wilmington, age 99 years.
1852 Jan. 28 Abraham Allen, at residence of his father, in Union Township, age 20 years.,
1852 Jan. 13 Abel W. Thompson, age 72 years.  Native of Fredericks County, Virginia, came to Ohio in 1816, moved to Xenia, Ohio in 1836, where he died.

Lydia Sears Jacks was born at the old Sears homestead in Fayette county, Dec. 30, 1843.  She was one of five children, two sons and three daughters, born to Pleasant and Nancy Sears, only one of whom, Isaac Sears, survives here.  She was reared in a home where God's name was honored, her parents being devoted members of the M. E. church.  The religious teachings and influence of this home led her in early life to accept Christ has her personal Saviour, and she united with the Center M. E. church.  Throughout her long life of seventy-seven years, seven months and twenty-seven days the faith taught her in childhood was her stay and comfort.
     December 30, 1863, she was united in marriage with David Henry Jacks, with whom she walked life's pathway for more than half a century.  Seven children were born to them, Louella Bowmaster, Martha King, Nancy Thursbar, Hannah Huffman, Laura Tobin and Luther and Harvey Jacks, all of whom are still living.  She is also survived by fourteen grand-children, and two great grand-children.
     Mrs. Jacks was a kindly disposed and industrious woman, devoted to her family, and a kind-hearted neighbor and friend.  Since the death of her husband Sept. 30, 1914, she has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Laura Tobin, and husband, Andrew Tobin, who have been untiring in their love, devotion and solitude for her comfort.  For the past three years her strength had been steadily waning and she with her loved ones could but realize she was nearing the end of her life's journey.
Saturday evening, Aug. 27th, 1821, as "Day was dying in the West
When Heaven was touching earth with rest,"  she lay life's burden down and entered into her eternal rest.
"A holy quiet reigns around,
A calm which life nor death destroys;
And naught disturbs that peace profound
Which her unfettered soul enjoys.
Life's labor done, as sinks the clay;
Light from its load and earth combine to say
How blest the righteous when they die."

     We desire to thank our neighbors and friends for their many kindnesses during the sickness and death of our dear mother, for the beautiful floral offerings and all other expressions of sympathy, and to the singers for their message of consolation in song.           --- The Children
(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)

Source:  Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, OH) Page: 5
Dated: Aug. 4, 1869
In Wayne township, Clinton county, July 24th, Mrs. James Morgan, about fifty years old, fell down in her yard and died in a half an hour of heart disease.
     D. P. Chance, son of Esquire David Chance, formerly of Sabina, Clinton county, about eighteen years of age, was drowned on the 27th of June last, while bathing in a stream near Redfield, Dallas county, Iowa.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Aug. 4, 1869
     In Wayne township, Clinton county, July 24th, Mrs. James Morgan, about fifty years old, fell down in her yard and died in a half an hour of heart disease.

     D. P. Chance, son of Esquire David Chance, formerly of Sabina, Clinton county, about eighteen years of age, was drowned on the 27th of June last, while bathing in a stream near Redfield, Dallas county, Iowa.

Mrs. Hannah Jacks
, the subject of this obituary, was born in Clinton county, Ohio, on the 26th day of July, 1820 and departed this life June 10th, 1903 at the age of 83. She was the daughter of Joseph and Katherine Doan and fourth child in a family of seven children. She was a sister of the late Timothy Doan, the benevolent hearted Christian gentleman so well known in this community in which he lived.
     In 1835, she was married to Isaac Jacks. To them were born 13 children, five boys and eight girls; all of whom lived to full manhood and womanhood, except two girls who died in infancy.
She leaves behind five boys, the youngest of whom is 46 and oldest 68, and two girls, the youngest being 48 and the oldest 54.
     At the time of her death she had 40 grandchildren and 43 great grandchildren living.
     In 1861, during revival held by Revs. Stephenson and Middleton at the old log meeting house in Jasper township, Fayette County, now known as Center M.E. Church, she was happily converted, embracing the faith of Christ and was baptized.
     She lived a faithful and consistent Christian until her death. Her works of charity and benevolence were many so that it may be said of her “This woman was full of good works which she did. She was full of good works as a tree is full of fruit. Many are full of words, who are empty and barren of good works. She was a great doer. She didn’t talk great things, she lived them.”
     Among other good works she was remarkable for her skill and tact in midwifery. In that vocation, she was called far and near and was a great blessing to all whom she attended, always receiving the approbation of the physician in attendance.
     She was not of those who had any estate wherewith to give in charity, yet she was able to do in charity, working with her hands and walking with her feet for the benefit of the poor. What her hands found to do in the live of her work and calling, she did with all her might and persevered in.
     The weather was never too cold or hot or stormy for her when her services were demanded.
     A monument to her memory by her grave is immaterial. She has built in this world by her work a monument by which she will be remembered and succeeding generations may be laught to remember; not where she died, but where she lived.
     On Friday, June 12, 1903, at 9 o’clock a.m., the children, relatives, and friends of the deceased assembled at her late residence and followed her remains to the Center M.E. Church, where funeral services were held, Rev. McNulty officiating.
     His text was Mark 14:8 “She hath done what she could,” from which having a good subject, he preached an able sermon, well worded and well timed.
     From the church the body was taken to the Sabina cemetery, followed by a large concourse of people where with proper ceremony it was quietly and reverently laid away to await the resurrection day.
     Her loss is greatly lamented by all who knew her, but they need not weep for her, she is taken from among them to occupy the place prepared for her, for Christ says “If I go away, I will prepare a place for you. In my father’s house are many mansions.” and Paul says “A house not made with hands eternal in the heavens”. She rests from her labors and her works follow her. Now she is gone, but we can think what she did while she was with us. She hath done what she could.
(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)



     “So live that when thy summons comes to join that innumerable throng which moves to that mysterious realm, that thou mayst be sustained by an unfaltering trust, and approach they grave like one who wraps the drapery of his covers about him and lies down to pleasant dreams.”
     Such was the life lived and the departure from this world of Ella Adams, daughter of Eli and Nancy Jacks.  She was born in Sabina, O, Sept. 4, 1862 and departed this life February 9, 1902, aged 39 years, 5 month, and 5 days.
     During her girl life and young womanhood she was the light of the family.  Her ever joyous disposition shed a halo of gladness about her and she was ever the solace and comforter of an afflicted mother.
     On February 13, 1884, she was happily united in marriage to Henry Adams.  To this union were born five children, two of which in infancy preceded her to the spirit world.
     On March 3, 1890, under the ministration of Rev. S. S. Fleming, she was happily converted to God, and from thence lived a worthy, consistent, Christian life.
     At the institution of the camp of Royal Neighbors in Sabina, she was one of its charter members.  The emblems of the order, faith, modesty, courage, unselfishness, and endurance were compatible with her nature and were faithfully practiced.  Her love for the order and its members was ardent, and sadly will she be missed in the council of the camp.
     Just previous to her departure, she called her relatives around her and bade each an affectionate farewell, assuring them of her bright prospect of heaven and desiring all to so live as to meet her there.
     She leaves father, mother, husband, children, sister, and brother to mourn the loss of a dutious daughter, as affectionate wife, a doting mother and a loving and obliging sister, and the community a valued neighbor.
     The funeral was held in the M.P. Church, Wednesday forenoon, sermon by Rev. W.J. Elliott, and burial services in charge of the Royal Neighbors.  Interment in the Sabina cemetery.

(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)

Apr. 11, 1927

   Succumbing to asthma of the heart, with which he had been ailing for several months, D. H. Adams, 68, well known Sabina produce dealer, died at his home on Railroad Street in that village Monday morning at 8 o'clock.
     He is survived by the widow, Mrs. Rilla Huffman Adams; and three children by a former marriage: Mrs. Ralph Huffman, of near Jasper, Mrs. John Huffman, of near Sabina, and Elby Adams, of Sabina.
     Although funeral arrangements had not been completed Monday, it was said burial will be made in the Sabina Cemetery.
(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)
See Obituary

May 4, 1927
(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)

Mrs. Eliza Jacks died late Tuesday

Mrs. Eliza Jacks, 91, widow of Harvey Jacks, died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. John Black, three miles west of Wilmington on the Harveysburg Pike Tuesday evening at 7 o’clock, following six weeks illness with the infirmities of advanced age.  She had made her home with Mrs. Black the last seven years, coming there from Bowersville.
     She is survived by four children, H.H. Jacks, of
Jamestown; Albert Jacks of Bowersville; Miss Elizabeth Jacks, of Washington C.H.; and Mrs. Black.
     Funeral services will be held from the Black residence Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock, in charge of Rev.  -O. Collins of Spring Valley, a former pastor, and burial will be made in the Sabina

(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)

Mrs. Anna C. Jacks Claimed by Death

     Mrs. Anna Carter Jacks, 90, widow of Albert Jacks, died of a heart ailment Sunday at 11 a.m at the Greene Nursing Home.  She had been in failing health for two years.
     The daughter of George and Elizabeth Haines Carter, she was born July 19, 1863, in Wilson
Township, Clinton County, and was a birthright member of the Grassy Run Friends Church.  She was married September 13, 1888, to Mr. Jacks, who preceded her in death in 1940.
     Mrs. Jacks in the last of her family and is only survived by nieces and nephews.  She had spent most of her life in Bowersville and vicinity.
     Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the Marsh funeral home and interment will be in Sabina cemetery.
     Friends may call at the funeral home after 2 p.m Tuesday.

Unknown Clinton County Newspaper
July 31, 1934
(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)

 Rites Held for
Leotis Huffman

Funeral Services Conducted at Blanchester

     Funeral services for Leotis Huffman, 44, formerly of Westboro, who died in Gallipolis Sunday, were held Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the Eichelberger Funeral Home with Rev. H.L. Leasure in charge.  Interment was  in the Westboro Cemetery.
     Mr. Huffman is survived by his widow, Mrs. Elva Huffman, of Newtown; his daughter, Mrs. Lois Stotler, of Newtown;  his mother, Mrs. Esther Huffman; one brother, V.C. Huffman, of Wilmington; and three sisters, Mrs. Ethel Bright, of Blanchester; Mrs. Cora Stewart of Wilmington; and Mrs. Stella Garner, of Columbus.

April 8, 1940
(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)

Albert Jacks is Claimed by Death

Funeral will be conducted Wednesday Afternoon

     Albert Jacks, 79, of Bowersville, died at Orchard Springs Sanitarium, Sunday, at 6 p.m., after an illness of three weeks.
     The son of Harvey and Eliza Jacks,  he was born near Bowersville, March 21, 1861.
     In addition to the widow, Mrs. Anna Jacks, he is survived by a brother, Harrison Jacks, of  Jamestown, and two sisters, Miss Elizabeth Jacks and Mrs. Mary Black, Wilmington.
     The body will remain at the residence until Wednesday at 11 a.m. when it will be removed to the funeral home.
     Funeral Services for
Albert Jacks, who died Sunday, were conducted at the Littleton Funeral Home, Sabina, Wednesday afternoon.
     Rev. C.A. Arthur offered prayer and delivered the sermon and Mrs. H. L. Leasure read the scripture.
     Pallbearers were A.D. Black, Leonard Pidgeon, Claude Jacks, Dr. Asa Carter,  George ----, and Walter Berry.
     Interment was in the Sabina
August 24, 1953

Unknown Clinton County Newspaper
September 4, 1940
(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)

David Henry Adams Succombs Tuesday

Funeral will be held Thursday Afternoon

     David Henry Adams, eight months old son of Elby and Amy Caudle Adams, died of complications at the home of his parents in Sabina, Tuesday at 12:30 pm. 
     In addition to the parents, three sisters, Hazel, Harriette, and Dora all at home, and a half-brother, Carl, survive.

Funeral services for
David Henry Adams,
eight-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Elby Adams, who died Tuesday, were held at the Littleton Funeral Home, Sabina, Thursday afternoon, in charge of Rev. J.L. McWilliams
     Mrs. H. H. Griffith prepared and read the memoir.   Interment was in the Sabina Cemetery.


Unknown Clinton Co., Newspaper
Tuesday, May 29, 1962
(Contributed by Lori Hellmund from family records)

Darrell Huffman Dies;
Services to be Friday

     Darrell Harkley Huffman, 22, passed away Tuesday at 1:25 pm at the Wright Patterson AF Hospital in Dayton.  His local residence was Route 3, Sabina, at the Lamb Rd.
     He was born June 8, 1939 at the residence and spent most of his life there. He was the son of David and Dorothy Alice Stewart Huffman.  Darrell graduated from the Sabina High School with the class of 1957 and attended Wilmington College.  He taught school at Edenton, near Blanchester.
     While in the U.S. Air Force, he contracted Hodgkins Disease and has been in failing health about a year and a half.
     In addition to his parents, he is survived by a sister, Dorothy Ann, at home;
     Paternal grandmother, Mrs. John Huffman, Route 4, Wilmington, and maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan Stewart, Sabina, Route 3.
     He was a member of the Sabina Church of Christ, Ohio Education Association, the National Education Association, and The National Congress of Parents and Teachers.  
      Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Friday at the Sabina Church of Christ, with Rev. Jack Fawley officiating.
     Friends may call at the Littleton Funeral Home anytime after 2 pm today to 10:00 a.m. Friday and from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Friday at the church.
     Burial will be in Milledgeville Cemetery.



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