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Columbiana County, Ohio
Publ. Alliance, Ohio:
The Review Polishing Col.

To all those who have ever lived and whose memories carry them back to kindred ties and friendly associations in
Hanover and surrounding community is this little volume dedicated.

The Family Meeting.

We are all here!
Father, mother, sister, brother,

All who hold each other dear.
Each place is fill'd; we're all at home;
Today, let no cold stranger come:
It is not often thus around
Our old familiar town we're found:
Bless then the meeting and the spot;
For once let be every care forgot;
Let gentle Peace assert her power,
And kind Affection rule the hour;
          We're all - all here,

          We're not all here!
Some are away - the dead ones dear,
Who throng'd with us this ancient town,
And gave the hour to guiltless mirth.
Fate, with a stern relentless hand,
Look'd in and thinn'd our little band:
Some, like a night-flash, pass'd away,
And some sank lingering day by day;
he quiet gave-yard - some lie there -
And cruel Ocean has his share:
          We're not all here.

          We're are all here*
Father, mother, sister, brother,
     You that I love with love so dear.
This may not long of us be said;
Soon must be join the gather'd dead,
And by the town we now are round,
Some other circle will be found.
Oh! then, that wisdom may we know,
Which yields a life of peace below;
So, in the world to follow this,
May each repeat, in words of bliss,
          We're all - all - here!
                               CHARLES SPRAGUE.


     From a sense of love and admiration for the little old home town wherein my eyes first oped to the light of day and the prepetuating of the history of the town, nestled as it is amid the hills of western Columbiana county, has this volume been compiled and written.
     For it we have but one apology, this, that pictures and a brief sketch of the lives of all who have in any way added to the material interest and welfare of the town could not be included therein.  Much more could have been written: much of incident and history, we know has been lost.
     To those who have in any way contributed to the work, either in well wishes or deed, we cherish the most kindly feeling and regard.
                                                                                            THE AUTHOR.



Mills 18
Churches 20
Hanover Schools 24
Railroads 27
During the Civil War Period 30
Morgan's Raid 32
Hanover Postoffice 35
Hanover Fire Company 37
Secret Societies 37
A Bit of Romance 39
The Hanover Rifles 40
George Sloan 41
Rev. Israel Archbold 42
Michael Arter 44
James Robertson, M.D. 49
Rev. George Voglesong 53
Daniel Voglesong 54
Mr. William Gore 60
Ebeneezer Hudson McCall 62
H. C. Breckenridge 62
Jesse and Emily Sinclair 65
David Arter 66
Henry and Elizabeth McCann 68
William Lockard 70
Mrs. George W. Vincent 73
Lucien L. Shoemaker 74
Thomas Baxter 76
Capt. A. R. Arter 78
T. J. Arter 80
Dr. John J. Yates 84
T. Chalkley Melbourn 86
Joseph Hudd 88
Mrs. Joseph Hudd 88
Hon. L. B. Lockard 90
Phebe Archbold Lockard 91
Rev. Joseph Carl Kreusch 94
Mrs Joseph Kreusch  
Rev. E. W. J. Lindesmith 96
John U. Levinger 98
Edwin Strohn 100
George Brown 102
Mrs. Ann Pearce 104
Theodore Arter 106
Henry Reager Ruth 110
Samuel Bye 112
John B. McCrea 116
William A. McCrea 117
Samuel H. Faloon 122
Samuel Reeder 126
Samuel M. Burson 130
Edward P. Speidel 132
Leroy Sinclair 134
John W. Voglesong 136
J. Charles Arter 142
Arthur Melvin Lockard 144
Adeline Cutter Brown Lockard 144
Elwood Miller 147
Reason Pritchard 148
Galen A. Sheets 150
Philip Voglesong 152
Albert V. Johnson 154
George Voglesong Family 156
Daniel Voglesong Family 158
Florence Cumberland 160
Harry Swearingen 164
Some Hanover People of Fifty Years Ago 165
Preachers of that day 167
Former Officials of Hanover 169
Hanover as a Business Center 172
General Merchants Grocers 172
Bakery and Restaurants 172
Meat Markets 173
Hotels 173
Livery Barns 174
Harness Shops 174
Marble Cutters 175
Jewelers 175
Tonsorial Artists 175
Furniture Dealers 176
Funeral Directors 176
Physicians 177
Dental Surgeons 178
Photographers 178
Printing and Papers 179
Telephones 180
Druggist 181
Hanover Cornet Band 181
Poem - Thoughtlessness 182
Circus and Opera 183
Boot and Shoe Dealers 184
Gunsmith 184
Blacksmiths 184
Hardware Stoves and Tinware 185
Cooper Shop 185
Secret Societies of Hanover 186
Poem - No Sects in Heaven 186


Johnson, A. V. frontispiece
Henry McDaniel 29
Gen. John A. Morgan 32
A. E. Melbourn 35
Mr. and Mrs. George Sloan 41
Rev. Israel Archbold 43
Mrs. Rev. Israel Archbold 43
Michael Arter 45
Lydia Arter 45
Dr. James Robertson 46
Mrs. James Robertson 47
Lucretia Robertson Seymour 48
Flora Robertson Brown 48
Rev. George Voglesong 52
Mrs. Rev. George Voglesong 52
Daniel and Catherine Voglesong 55..
Prof. Israel P. Hole 58
Mary Miller Hole 59
Prof. William and Ann Gore 61
Ebenezer Hudson McCall 63
Prof. J. C. Breckinridge 63
Prof. A. M. Stevenson 64
Jesse Sinclair 65
Mrs. Jesse Sinclair 65
David Arter 67
Charlotte Laffer Arter 67
Henry McCann 69
Mrs. Henry McCann 69
William Lockard 70
Mrs. William Lockard 70
Louie Lockard Vincent 73
Lucien Shoemaker 75
Mrs. Lucien Shoemaker 75
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baxter 77
A. R. Arter 79
T. J. Arter 81
Mrs. T. J. Arter 81
Edwin Dutton 82
Mrs. Edwin Dutton 83
Dr. John Yates 85
Mrs. John Yates 85
T. C. Melbourn, Wife, Daughter and Granddaughter 87
Joseph Hudd 89
Mrs. Joseph Hudd 89
Lorenzo B. Lockard 92
Phebe Archbold Lockard 93
Rev. Joseph Kreusch 95
Mrs. Joseph Kreusch 95
Rev. E. W. J. Lindesmith 97
John U. Levinger 99
Mrs. John U. Levinger 99
Edwin Stroh 101
George Brown 103
Mrs. George Brown 103
Mrs. Ann Pearce 105
Theodore Arter 107
Mrs. Theodore Arter 107
Mrs. Mary Catherine Hickman 108
Rufus Ruth 109
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reager Ruth 111
Samuel Bye 113
Mrs. Samuel Bye 113
Hugh McCrea 116


Billy McCrea - 14 years old 118
John B. McCrea 116
William A. McCrea 117
John Baxter 120
Emmett Baxter 121
Samuel H. and Ella Merrick Faloon 123
James Sloan 124
Mrs. James Sloan 125
Samuel Reeder 127
Mrs. Samuel Reeder 127
Joseph Ray 128
Mrs. Joseph Ray 128
Samuel Burson 131
E. P. Speidel 133
Leroy Sinclair 135
Mrs. Leroy Sinclair 135
John W. Voglesong 137
Mrs. John W. Voglesong 137
50th Marriage Anniversary of Anne Eliza Lockard & Anson Henry Russell 138
James Townsend Russell 139
Mrs. Margaret Lockard - Cox 140
Mrs. Mary Ruth Frost 141
J. Charley Arter 143
Arthur Melvin Lockard 145
Mrs. Arthur M. Lockard 145
Marsh Family 146
Elwood Miller 147
Reason Pritchard 149
Mrs. Reason Pritchard 149
Galen A. Sheets 151
Philip Voglesong 153
Mrs. Philip Voglesong 153
A. V. Johnson 155
George Voglesong Family 157
Daniel Voglesong Family 159
Florence Wright Cumberland 161
Laura Halderman and Mr. and Mrs. Winders 162
Rachel Bolen 163
Harry Swearingen 164
John Dustin Archbold 114
Charles Wesley Archbold 115
J. B. McCrea 116


Canal Boat "Mary Ann" 12
Canal Street 14
The Town Pump 16
Old Presbyterian Church 20
New Prebyterian Church 21
M. E. Church 22
Disciple Church 23
Old School House 24
New School House 26
Old Bus 28
Arter Warehouse 31
Old Outdoor Bake Oven 34
Hanover Fire Department 36
Sandy Spring Meeting House 38
George Voglesong's Old House 51
Home of Daniel Voglesong 56
Plymouth Street 57
Lockard's Old Home 72
Salem and Hanover Hack 167
Horse and Buggy 177




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