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Mack, Horace - History of Columbiana County, Ohio : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers.
Philadelphia: D. W. Ensign & Co., 1879, 372 pgs. )



     The Columbiana militia were first mustered in 1806, in the spring of which year the first battalion, under Maj. Lewis Kinney, gathered on the farm owned by Jonah Robinson, situated on the Georgetown road and on the west side of the west fork of Beaver Creek, where musters were held for many years.
     The first muster of the second battalion, under Maj. John Taggart, took place on the farm of Matthias Lower, in Fairfield township, where the first Supreme and Common Pleas Courts were held.
     Many who were originally officers in the militia, or were promoted to such positions afterwards, became prominent in various capacities, civil and military.  Brig-Gen. Robert Simison became Associate Judge; Lieut.-Col. Reasin Beall, Clerk of the Court, Treasurer and Recorder; Maj. Lewis Kinney, served in the State Senate from 1808 to 1813; Maj. John Taggart, who lived in Unity Township, near Palestine, became senator in 1806-7; Capt. Israel Warner was a captain in the war of 1812, and marched a company to the northern frontier; Lieut. Jacob Gilbert became captain, and Ensign Lindsey Cannon a lieutenant, in the war of 1812, as did also David GrahamLieut. Peter Musser was afterwards brigadier-general, a major in the war of 1812, and a member of the house of Representatives in 1821-22; Dr. Horace Potter, surgeon, was afterwards Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, and Maj. Thomas Rowland, the first quartermaster, - who was subsequently County Treasurer,- marched a company of volunteers to the relief of Gen. Hull in 1812, and afterwards, having received the appointment of captain in the United States infantry, enlisted a company and again marched to the relief of the frontier; Fisher A. Blocksom, clerk of the regiment, became a representative in the General Assembly in 1826, and served until 1828, and again served from 1831 to '33.  He was also senator in that body from 1847 to '51, and for several years "prosecuting attorney" of the county.
     The following item of history connected with the early operations of the county militia is introduced in the language of Mr. H. H. Gregg, as published in 1873:
     "As early as March 28, 1809, a call was made by the governor of Ohio, through Maj. Gen. Wadsworth upon Brig. Gen. Beall to take effectual measures to arm and equip, according to law, one hundred and forty-four of the militia of his brigade, and hold in readiness to march, at a moment's warning, to meet some great national emergency.  This emergency having passed, an order was issued by Maj. - Gen. Wadesworth, dated Canfield June 8, 1809, in which the troops were discharged, with the thanks of the President of the United States 'to those volunteers whose patriotism induced them to volunteer their services in defense of the liberties of their country.'  And Maj. Gen. Wadsworth cordially congratulated the detachment on the happy change in our foreign relations which has made their services unnecessary."

     Roster of Colunbiana Militia.* - The following list contains the names of all males in the county over eighteen years of age who were subject to military duty in 1806, and, as far as given, is the only correct list of the first inhabitants.  The principal object in producing the names is to show who were residents of Columbiana County at the date mentioned.
     A part of the record is lost or mutilated, as are some of the company rolls.  The regiment contained eighteen musicians and eight hundred and ten rank aand file.

Organized May 8, 1806, in Columbiana County.

Robert Simison

Reasin Beall, commander

Lewis Kinney, 1st battalion
John Taggart, 2d battalion

Adjutant, Jesse Marsh;
Surgeon, Horance Potter;
Surgeon's Mate, David Gloss;
Clerk, Fisher A. Blocksom;
Quartermaster, Thomas Rowland;
Paymaster, George Weirick;
Sergt.-Major, Richard Boyer;
Drum-Major, Jacob Musser;
Fife-Major, John Hoover



John Quinn,
Alexander Snodgrass,
Israel Warner,
John Nichols,
John Hindman,
George Frederick,
John Cannon,
Thomas Keatch,
William McLaughlin,
Benjamin Bradfield.


George, Wilson,
Charles Ramsey,
Jacob Gilbert,
Peter Musser,
John Stout,
Jacob Frederick
Peter Konkle,
Jacob Stouffer,
John Thompson,
John Booth.
Samuel Crawford,
James Dawsion,
Michael Musser,
Peter Forney,
George Macklin,
Joseph Kline,
Lindsey Cannon,
Jacob Roler,
Richard McClanon,
Garret Darland.

William Moore
Nathaniel Mash
Robert Leeper
Nicholas Hickman
Joshua Downer,
Michael Myers
John Curry
Martin Sitler
Samuel Martin
William Kelly,
John Ayres

Isaac Poe
James Clendennon
Richard Frederick
John Shehan
Levi Rogers
Joel Rogers
William Amens
William Willington
John Blackburn
James Crozier
John Bushong
Andrew Martin
Michael Coxon



William Fraser
Alex. Kelly
Willialm Smith
Thomas Lack
Michael Gross
Rudolph Brandeberry
John Shelton
William McCrady
Stephen Palmer,
John Nowel
Augustine Bushong


Michael Manser
John Kopelman
Frederick Sponsaler
Abraham Kaleler
John Rineman
John Nisewanger
Henry Stump
Jacob Karn
Michael Moyer
Reuben Taylor
John Beight
John Shenefield
John Muser
Henry Sheller
Jacob Musser
Conrad Moyer
Peter Summer
Abraham Crist
Michael Snyder
John Ecker
Michael Tutterhow
Philip Sipe
David Shoemaker
Joseph Muser
George Karn
Philip Oeler
George Sprengle
John Moyer
Stophel Manser
Jacob Beight
George Snewbarker
Andrew Crist
(The remainder of the roll is destroyed)


Jacob Sheeley
John Waittien
John Nidick
Peter Haek
Nicholas Forney
Samuel Neeley
Henry Augustine
Wm. Meontefer
George Welshons
James Elton
Abraham Waltin
Joshua Woods
Peter Atterholt
John Mowan
Wm. Hickman
Jacob Hale
Peter Oyster
Henry Watts
John Rabel
Abraham Shellenberger
Adam Forney
Charles Long
James Andrews
George Andrews
Richard Dildine
Nicholas Firestone
James Haugherberg
Joseph Kape
Michael Mottinger
John Dickson
Henry Nideck
Henry Kale
Peter Slusser
Peter Bernhart
Wm. Andrews
Jeremiah Wood
Tobias Wise
James Hale
Joseph Marshall
Enos Williamson
James Adamson
John Miller
John Forney
John Augustine
George Augustine
Jacob Sheets
John Sheets
George Wersler
Joseph Robeson
Jacob Hum
John Henning
Michael Fox
Wm. Heald
Michael Harshenlevy
Thomas Hanna
Joseph Woods
William AdamsBenj. Dilworth
John Johnson
Wm. JohnsonJames Clay
Peter Foutas
Wm. Chin
Adam Ream
John Crumbaugher
John Allen

John Pautions
George Miller
Henry Forney
Philip Slasser
Robert Martin
Isaac Allen
Paul Beard
Thomas Ashbaugh
John Ream
Benjamin Hanna
George Muragray
Philip Keale
Jas. Blackburn
Andrew Forney
John Foutts
Jacob Lively.


William Meek
John Woods
Boston Lowsure
Joseph Morrow
Alexander Rogers
Henry Lowsure
Jacob Shook
John Shook
Valentine Shook

Jacob Lowsure
George Lowsure
Russell Keys
John Rupert
Jacob Meyer
Robert Hartford
Absalom Moyer
H. Reem
Henry Miser
Jacob Hellem
Peter Tramp
Nicholas Firestone
Samuel Oyster
William Hevidstry
John Catt
George Catt
Martin Shalberger
William Rogers
Conrad Yarian
Jacob Mackintoffer
Mathias Yarian
John Roose
Abraham Roose
Henry Harmon
Andrw Kinter
Henry Loutzenhaser
John Mason
Abraham Bair
James Swaim
Abraham Augustine
Josiah Baughman
George Clapper
Joseph Baghdoll
Isaac Augustine
Christian Wessler
John Augustine
Thomas Bradfield
Robert Martin
Michael Franks
John Rogers
Jacob Hively
Mathias Goss
George Hively
Martin Sitler
William Ames
John Alterfor
John Meek
William Hickman
John Wendel


William Armstrong
Henry Campbell
Daniel Kirkendall
William Jones
George Carney
Thomas Cross
Joshua Chaney
James Eakins,
James McLaughlin
Thomas Enos
William Crawford
William Crawfrord
Mathew Roseburg
John Saint
Jesse Williams
John Beekly
William Shehan
William George
William Paul
JOnathan Shaw
Alexander Bowers
John Hewitt
Joseph Gasley
John White
Isaac Omerman
Andrw Armstrong
David Bowers
Robert Huston
Gilbert Wright
John McKee
Peter Chance
Cornelilus Shehan
James Davidson
Mathew Cannon
Robert Hill
Jacob Demas
John Robinson
James Shaw
Abner Miller
Aaron Brooks
Alexander Crawford
John Spray
Josiah Hariman
Josiah Crawford
William Foutts
James McKee
Edward Crawford
Thomas Roseburg
William Wagner
David Ritchie
Adam Simlen
Alexander Wright
Levi Jennings
Peter Cleekner
Robert Jackman
George Eakin
Benjamin Huston
Thomas George
Silas Young
Stephen Reader
Samuel Smith
Elijah Lyons
Robert McKee
Samuel Brisby
William Eakins


John Watkins
Joel Halloway
James Callihan
Jacob Mellinger, Sr.
John Lawrence
George Baitze
Nathan Gaskill
Mathias Wringle
John Robison
Thomas Webb
Henry Roller
Mathew Collins
Israel Gaskill
Thomas Shinn
Aaron Holloway
John Briggs
Philip Mead
John McConnel
Michael Dour
John Teeters
Jacob Krouse
Peter Stephan
Henry Gilbert
William Batershell
Henry Shray
Henry Davis
John Schooly
John Icenhour
Benjamin Cattergood
Henry Zimmerman
Harmon Brown
Simon Dixon
David Hardman
John Weikert
John Bain
William Pigeon
John Snyder
Conrad Zimmerman
Christopher Hively
John Grant
Isaac Test
James Shue
Jonathan Evans
Joseph Zimmerman
Jacob Roler
Jacob Smith
Jacob Melinger
Charles Fitzpatrick
Hugh Stuart
Henry Atherholt
John Foulk
John Hoffman
Daniel Wringle
John Heffice
Zaccheus Test
Ebenezer Haines
William Callihan
Denis Dristle
Mellchor Mellinger
George Hoak
Thomas Ball
David Coy
George Dishey
Jonathan Haines
Michael Halman
Jacob Cook
John Hively
Samuel Hoffman
Peter Zimmerman
Joseph Congenhour
Christian Meace
Peter Baker
Henry Stauffer
John Crozier
Joseph Geiger
Jacob Burke
William Taylor
James Battershell
Joseph Wurrel
Jesse Cope
John Firestone
Elias Adgate
Benedict Mellinger
David McCannon
William Rose
Joshua Bowman
John Antrim
Joseph Wright
Thomas Cook
James Webb
George Yarnall
Caleb Cope
John Beeson
Christopher Caseman
Joseph Moore
William Altman
John McCarron
Brice Blake
Nathan Ball
James CArllen
Henry Rose
John Baitz
John Cannon
Peter Miller
Philip Reave
Henry Coy
Amos Sillavan
William Ogle
Patrick Kelly
Christian Bowman
James Wilson
R. Moore
David Schofield


Thomas Green
Jeptha Baker
John Watson
Francis Cross
George Mottinger
John Willets
Andrw Poe
Abraham Grim
James Beer
Stephen Brady
John Fife
John Hoover
Daniel Calder
Robert McAllister
William McCready
Joseph Richardson
Jeremiah McLaughlin
John McLaughlin
Ephraim Holloway
John Arthur
Godfrey Stonehill
James Price
Levy Blakelidge
James Golding
Thomas King
Henry Grim
John Seften
C. Van Worlen
Aaron Pearce
Robert McClannon
Daniel Longanecker
Jas. Slater
Robert Davis
Mordecai Moore
Nathan Brown
Peter Kinney
Martin Mason
Patrick McKaig
Michael Switzer
David Ehrhart
David Carnes
William Fife
George Wierick
Gideon Baker
Abraham Ryle
Samuel Holland
Josiah Ritchey
James Broddy
James Darland
Samuel Pollock
Andrew Armstrong
Jonathan  Van Syac
Jacob Worman
Philip Fox
William Shaen
John Brown
Moses Bean
Thomas Janison
Peter Wells
Joseph McLaughlin
Joseph Watson
George Miller
Henry Hamilton
Eldrekin Potter
Joseph Moore
Cornelius Darland
Ezekiel Moore
William Morgan
Henry Brinker
John Edwards
Silas Myers
Peter Cresinger
Richard Guthrie
Caspar Langle
Moses Jeffries
Stephen Van Syac
Henry Baughman
William Harrison
Christian Walters
Michael Fanty
John King
Uriah White
John Eaton
Joseph McConnel
James Fife
Jacob Slater
John McAllister
James McAllister
Daniel Harbaugh
Jacob Young
Barnard Brandeberry
Peter Grim
Daniel Grim
John Votaw
Robert Blacklidge
Jacob Bowman
Isaac Randolph
William Teegarden
David Fife
William Guthrie
Brice Fisher
Robert Burton
Holland Green
David Wilson
George Duck
Lewis Pearce
John Thompson
John Campbell
George Punches
Joseph Burson
John Totton
Charles Mason
George Willets
Michael Powell
Jacob Brandeberry
Isaac Smalley
Mtthew Brown
John L. Dilford
Philip Brandeberry


George Brown
Frederick Zepernick
Samuel Milbourn
Nathan Heald, Jr.
John Underwood
John Stokesberry
Job Rossel
Nathan Hale
John Meeks
Levy Antram
Nathan McClun
John Edgars
Joseph Bradfield
Peter Milbourn
Latham Morrison
William Allman
Thomas Amens
Nicholas Herrick
George Grate
Frederick Way
John Preston
Stephen Morlan
John Blackford
John Edmenson
Peter Cortney
John James, Jr.
Joseph Williams
John Campbell
Daniel Garned
Smith Bell
Caleb Cogill
Joseph Hemphrist
Ebenezer Allman
Samuel Richardson
Joseph Morlan
Alexander Rogers
Robert Morris
Peter Rich
John Hutton
David Capheda
James Feasel
Jonathan Morris
Lewis Meliday
John Wilson
James Cogill
Huston Midleton
David Hutson
Robert McClish
Andrew Wisely
Jason Morlan, Jr.
David Morris
Isaac James
John Siddal
Jesse McConnal
James Ferrall
John Woods
John Fillis
William Hatcher
John Grate
William Feazel
Charles Fulks
Aaron Ashfield
John Fisher
Amos Preston
Thomas Cogill
Joseph Stratton
John Hilles
David Shook
Thomas Garwood
Wiliam Johnson
Stephen Ogden
Abraham Johnson
Machlin Haines
Richard Fillis
Jacob Welker
Thomas James
James E. Colwell
William Peulsten
Matthias Stark
William Harrison
Isaiah Morris
David Hole
William Alert
Nicholas Hiles
William Brown
Israel Reader
Samuel Rick
John Glass
Jacob McClish
Barnard Feazel
Robert Rogers
Benjamin Reeves
John Welliham
Henry Freet
Richard Beeson
Francis Briggs
James Siddal
William Siddal
Jonah Moreland
Amos Harvey
Joseph Carmalds
George Remer
John Cope
Enos Woods
Samuel Walliham
John Altdoerffer
Jacob Purgy
Thomas Armstrong
Alexander Huston

     Wellsville Militia and Cavalry. - Wellsville boasted, in the days of 1844, a crack militia company, known as the Wellsville Light Artillery, Capt. Henry Cope.  The command numbered fifty-one men, carried a twelve-pound Napoleon gun, and paraded in a showy uniform consisting of red coats, white pants, and stiff hat with brilliant plume.  They are said to have made a very imposing appearance when out in the full pomp of display, and during the company's eight years' existence, from 1844 to 1852, their red coats and white pants glistened in public at general musters, Fourth of July celebrations, parades, and on other occasions.
     Before the days of the artillery and contemporaneous with it, Judge J. A. Riddle commanded a cavalry company attached to the State militia, with headquarters at Wellsville.  In 1858, Capt. Henry Cope organized the Wellsville Guards, with A. H. Battin as first lieutenant; James T. Smith,  second lieutenant; and J. H. H. Hunter third lieutenant.  Upon the breaking out of the war of the Rebellion in 1861, the entire command, with one exception, with one exception, enlisted in the service, and went out under the three months' call in Company K, Third Regiment Ohio Volunteers.


MORE TO COME from: History of Columbiana County, Ohio 1879 - Page 57.


* Contributed by H. W. Brown, Esq., New Lisbon.


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