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Atlas of Cuyahoga County - Ohio
The sheet also has a Property Map of the Village of Rocky River
Atlas Page 135



Village of Rocky River
Rockport Twp -
Cuyahoga County
Section 23


- Lewis Nicholson & Co, Proprietors of Lake Erie Nursery, grow every variety of Fruit & Ornamental Trees, Grapevines, Shrubs, Evergreens, etc. In their Greenhouses are kept a complete stock of Flowering & Hothouse Plants. Flowers furnished for Parties, Weddings, etc, at all times. - East Rockport.
- Wm. Size, Proprietor of Sherman House. A fine Hall for the accommodation of Balls, Parties, etc, in connection with the house.
- John French, Builder, PO East Rockport.
- C.W. Ranney, Fruit Grower. Every variety of small Fruit in abundance during the season. East Rockport.
- Wm. Maile, Prop. Of Brick klin & Drain Tile Works, keeps constantly on hand every size of Tile at bottom prices, East Rockport
- J. C. Hall, Grower of Fruit, East Rockport.
- G. F. Krauss, Rocky River, Propr. of Restaurant; also, extensive grounds & buildings in connection for Picnics, Excursions, etc, corner Elm & Detroit Streets.
- M. C. Hall, Grower of Fruit & Vegetables; also, Plants for sale in season, every variety; East Rockport.
- Benno Martinetz, Propr. of Greenhouse. All kinds of Cut Flowers, Wreaths, etc made up to order in the best manner, at low rates. Detroit Street, West Cleveland.
- J. A. Parsons, Contractor & Builder, East Rockport.
- Frederick Wright offers for sale a number of choice Lots in what was known as the Granger Townplot, Rocky River.
- P. S. Clampitt, Painting & Graining, East Rockport.
- Gideon T. Pease, Township Trustee.
- G. A. Bebe, Propr. of Rocky River Nursery, grows & has for sale every variety of Fruit & Ornamental Trees, Grapevines, Evergreens, Hedge Plants, Roses, & Flowering Shrubs, East Rockport.
- Beech Grove, the most romantic Picnic ground, at Rocky River, close to the Lake. Dining Hall, Confectionery, Bowling Alley, Shooting Gallery, Bath-houses, Flying Swings, etc in connection. John N. Knoll, Proprietor.
- Wiliams Brother, Proprs. of the Rocky River Boat House. Steam Yacht, Sail & Row Boats to let. Picnics, Fishing Parties, etc supplied at all times.
- O. P. Stafford, Dealer in Flour, Feed, Groceries, Provisions, & Notions generally, Rocky River.
- D. Webb, Butcher, runs a wagon. Meat delivered to any part of town free of charge. Also, Fruit & Vegetable Dealer. East Rockport.
- Frederick Minut, Proprietor of Hotel, one mile south of Lorain Street, Plank Road. Large Hall on second floor, fitted especially for accommodation of Balls, Parties, Concerts, etc
- Joseph Z. Filliere offers his Farm for sale, consisting of 39 acres of choice land, located on LS & MS Railroad, six miles from City. Fair buildings, Timber, Orchard, small Fruits, Vineyard, & living Water. For terms, apply on premises.
- J. W. Williams, Stock Dealer; also, furnishes milk to Hotels & Families.
- Peter Smidt, Propr. of Grocery & Dealer in Flour, Feed & general Groceries; also a fine Hall in connection for Balls, Parties, etc, one mile south of Lindale on CCC & I Railroad.
- John Gahan, Township Trustee.
- Andrew Kyle, Postmaster & Justice of the Peace, Rockport.
- Henry Beach, Grower of Fruit & Vegetables, East Rockport.
- George F. Mulhern, Superintendent of Rocky River Railroad; Office at Murch House.
- A. T. Jordon, Grower of Vegetables of every variety, Rockport.
- C. R. Jordon, Milk Dealer, Pure milk at wholesale, Rockport.
- H. A. Mastick, Postal Clerk of LS & MS Railroad, PO Rockport.
- D. W. Hogan, Agent of Singer Sewing Machine; PO Rockport.
- J. A. Potter, Bricklayer & Plaster, Rockport.
- W. E. Eggleston offers his Farm for sale, consisting of 60 acres; desirably located in Rockport, on Coe Ridge; two good dwellings houses, with suitable barns, sheds, & outbuildings, living soft water in abundance, a good orchard of choice fruit, 30 acres of fine garden land. Will sell in while or part at favorable terms. For particulars apply on the premises.
- J. W. & F. J. Spencer, Proprs. of Brick & Drain Tile Works. Every size of Tile on hand at rates to suit the times.
- Andrew Worshing, Propr. of Steam Sawmill. Lumber for sale of all kinds. Custom sawing done to order.
- D. Dardinger, Proprietor of Summer Boarding House at Tisdale Point. Boat Landing & extensive grounds in connection for the accommodation of Picnics, Excursions, etc. Rocky River.
- John Gsanger, Farmer & Stock Dealer.
- H. Dreyer, Veterinary Surgeon, treats Horses & stock generally at reasonable rates, Rockport.
- G. W Andrews, Contractor & Bridge Builder.
- F. H. Wager, Dealer in Real Estate & small Fruit Grower, East Rockport.
- A. N. Clark, Real Estate Dealer & Breeder of fine blooded Horses.
- Smith Woodbury, Fruit & Vegetable Grower, East Rockport.
- J. F. Kirkland, MD, LL D.
Atlas of Cuyahoga County - Ohio - 1874


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