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Newspaper Excerpts
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

Source:  Plain Dealer - Cleveland
Dated Mar. 2, 1849
NOTICE - James MOORE will take notice that his wife, Fanny MOORE, on the 6th day of January, A. D. 1849, filed her petition in the office of the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Cuyahoga county, in the State of Ohio, praying for a divorce from teh said James and assigning for cause, adultery.  Said Petition will be fore hearing at the next Term of said court.
jan 22-6w                                      F. FOOTE, Sol'r for Petitioner.

Source:  Plain Dealer - Cleveland, OH - Page 3
Dated: Apr. 21, 1888
A Wife's Complaint
A divorce case has been commenced by Annie Sheridan against Michael Sheridan.  Mrs. Sheridan asks alimony and the custody of her 6 years old boy.  She alleges habitual drunkeness and cruelty, saving that he has thrown her on the floor, choked and otherwise abused her, called her vile names and threatened to blow up the house.

Source:  Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio) - Page 3
Dated: April 30, 1892
31021 - Meyers vs. Chapman and garnishee.  On trialX
- Room 5 - Judge Noble
38776 - Horn vs. Horn.  Dismissed
37150 - Bernsdorf & Taylor vs. Hardway et al.  Submitted
39401- Smith vs. Wilson et al.  On hearing
     Judge Noble will make a call of his docket at 9:30 a.m. today in court room No. 1
42423 - Stinchcombe, Hendry & Co. va. Sagito J. Smith et al.  Equitable relief.
42424 - Arthur L. Colton vs. the Legal and Commercial Publishing company.  Dissolution of corporation, accounting relief.  John Q. Winship for plaintiff.
42425 - Florence Amelia Wilhelm vs. John Robert Wilhelm.  Divorce and restoration of maiden name.  R. S. Avery for plaintiff.
42426 - Anna B. Clark vs. John M. Wagner.  Money, Taylor & Clark for plaintiff.
42427 - George H. Lodge vs. T. W. James.  Money.  Harrison J. Ewing for plaintiff
42428 - In the matter of the Cleveland & Pittsburg Railroad company.  Appointment of trustee. Peter Zucker for plaintiff.
 - PROBATE COURT. - Judge White.
Estate of S. H. Kimball.  Exceptions to account.  Continued to May 27.
  Estate of William Waker. Exceptions to inventory.  Overruled
  Estate of Edward G. Lohiser.  Christopher Lohiser appointed administrator; bond in $300 approved.  Settlement and distribution approved.
  Edgar Reed.  Inquest of lunacy.  Committed to the asylum.
  Elise Giessen, guardian, vs. Franz Schmidt et al.  Order of appraisal approved.
  George B. Miller, executor vs. John Andrew et al.  Land sale.  Additional bond ordered.
  Minor of Michael Mueller.  Additional bond of guardian approved.
  T. H. Graham, executor.  Vs. Louisa Dwyer et al.  Sale confirmed.
  POLICE COURT. - Acting Judge J. M. Stewart
 - Intoxication - Mary Hohe, continued to April 30; Samuel Berrington, Henry Fortlage, costs; Daniel H. Prentiss, John Weuwater, $2 and costs; John Cahill, James Johnson, John Driscoll, $3 and costs;  Nellie Brown, Charles E. Adams, Stella Abrams, Emma Egan, John Hayden, $5 and costs; Hattie Fahey, costs and thirty days; Michael Conway, $25 and costs and thirty days.
 - Petit larceny - William Clark, $200 and costs and sixty days; Thomas Friechelski, $5 and costs; Frank Lagren, Agnes Lagren, costs.
 - Violating Sunday liquor law - Barney Guinly, continued to May 6; Michael O'Dea, continued to May 5
 - Keeping room for registering bets - E. L. Black, Henry Heisel, continued to April 30.
 - Fornication - Emery A. Coleman, $100 and costs and ninety days; Mary S. Liners, discharged.
 - Disorderly conduct - Minnie Seymour, George Schott, $5 and costs; Frank Pfeifer, John Kraker, discharged; Jennie McAfee, $10 and costs.
 - Assault & battery - Alex McMullen, John Kyle, discharged; Edward H. Mears, $10 and costs; Mary Hohe, continued to April 30.
 - Disturbance - May Anderson, discharged; Edward H. Mears, $10 and costs.
 - Violating sidewalk ordinance - Henry Spreca, costs.
 - Receiving stolen property - Richard Hazel, discharged; Peter Mullen, continued to May 4
 - Pocket picking - Edward Heacox, bound over to Grand Jury
 - Grand larceny - Richard Turner, James C. Mason, bound over to court of common pleas.  Edward Heacox, nolle.
 - Burglary and larceny - Emil Guenther, Charles Kevern, bound over to grand jury; Albert McGovern, discharged.

Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, Ohio - Page 2
Dated: September 22, 1897
Ate Poisoned Candy and Died.
Special to the Plain Dealer
     LORAIN, Sept. 21. - About a month ago a boy gave little Charles Schleisinger a stock of candy to eat after it had been dipped into concentrated lye.  The boy was taken violently ill and died yesterday after suffering untold agony.
     A big damage suite has been filed against the Johnson company of this city by Willis Barker, acting as administrator for Alfred Griffin, who was killed while in the employ of the company.  The administrator asks damages to the amount of $10,000 for the widow and two children.

Source:  Plain Dealer- Cleveland, Ohio - Page: 8
Dated: Feb. 5, 1898
- Judges Hale, Smyser, and Caldwell.  Miscellaneous business.
- Room 1 - Judge Neff. -
Trial Docket.
- No entries
Motion Docket.
33718 - Doville vs. Van Dorn Iron Works Co. (61418) Overrulled.
- 23465 - Capener vs. Shannon, Sr. (61264)  Demurrer sustained.
- 23466 - Same vs. same.  Same
- 23539 - Skeels vs. Skeels.  Stricken off.
- 23695 - Cliff Paper Company vs. Record Publishing Company (61812)  Overrulled.
- 23756 - Cowley vs Cowley.  Granted
Room 2 - Judge Logue
- 56896 - Sackett vs. Mawby.  Judgment for plaintiff for $5.
- 58033 - Timmons Oil Company vs. Connelly, etc.  On hearing
- 58210 - West Cuyahoga County Agricultural Society vs. Nelson.  Heard and submitted.
Monday, February 7 - 56160, 59019, 59041, 59097,, 57030, 56726, 57896, 51709, 56555, 57391.
  Tuesday, February 8 - 58032, 56236, 67014, 57568, 57904, 38756, 56232, 56410, 58529, 58575.
  Wednesday, February 9 - 58530, 58722, 58759, 59105, 58861, 58929, 56308, 56798, 58969, 59017.
  Thursday, February 10 - 58757, 59018, 55914, 56118, 56503, 58807, 59112, 59128, 59257, 59259.
  Friday, February 11, 49573, 58822, 59267, 59282, 59287, 59334, 59352, 59369, 59392.
  Room 3 - Judge Stone.
56161 - Long vs. Shields et al.  On trial.
  Room 4 - Judge Dellenbaugh.
- 55619 - Koblitz & Co. vs. White et al.  Jury out.
- 52327 - Baldwin vs. Eureka Fire Insurance Company et al.  Jury out.
  Monday February 7 - 55614, 55713, 50512, 50509, 51101,61920, 52733.
  Tuesday February 8 - 54409, 54816, 55618, 55908, 56106, 56107, 56310
  Wednesday February 9 - 56320, 56330, 56331, 56411, 55426, 56516, 56522
  Thursday, February 10 - 43320, 45520, 56523, 56601, 5666, 56614, 56625
  Friday, February 11 - 56630, 56705, 56706, 56715, 56729, 56730, 56801
  Room 5 - Judge Dissette.
49286 - Dahler, guardian, vs. C. C. Raliway Company,  Disagreement.  Jury discharged.
- 55581 - Westnal vs. Phoenix Brewing Co. - On trial
  Monday, February 7  53683, 44772, 55286, 55391, 55484, 55682, 55067.
  Tuesday, February 8 - 55595, 55968, 56168, 56300, 56387, 56390, 54796.
  Wednesday, February 9 - 56477, 56479, 56479, 56486, 56487, 56489, 56491, 56492.
  Thursday, February 10 - 55174 56500, 56577, 56598, 56674, 56689, 55694.
  Friday, February 11 - 56698, 56767, 56768, 56770, 56795, 56873, 56874.
  Room 6 - Judge Ong.
  52045 - Love vs Taylor-Boggis Foundry Co.  Heard and submitted.
  52574 - White vs. Dunning.  Death subbested.
  Monday, February 7 - 52628, 52907, 49186, 43305, 51787
  Tuesday, February 8 - 52966, 52907, 49186,,, 43305, 51787.
  Wednesday, February 9 - 47867, 47868, 47869
  Thursday, February 10 - 53469, 53663, 53814,53831, 54106.
  Friday, February 11 - 54193, 54245, 54304, 54352, 54588.
  Room 7 - Judge Lamson.
- 61293 - State vs. John Stonek,  Shooting to wound.  On trial.  
New Cases.
- 62383 - Held
- 62384 - The Williams Publishing Co. vs. J. J. Denemart.  Appeal.
- 62385 - State vs. Robert Tanney.  Burglary and larceny.
- 62286 - State vs. Octavia Barnett.  Cutting to wound.
- 62387 - Marie Hauff vs. W. R. Ogden.  Money.  Olds & Willet.
- 62888 - C. C. Morse, etc., et al. vs. Cleveland Chamber of Commerce.  Money.  Johnson & Hackney.
- 62389 - John Benda vs. Mary Benda.  Divorce, etc.  Nowak & Moore.
- 52390 - Jacob Klein vs. Max Apple.  Money.  H. L. Lilly
- 62391 - Provident L. and T. Co. vs. Moses Y. Ranson et al.  Foreclosure.  N. Williams
- 52392 - William Edwards & Co. vs. William C. Jones et al.  To subject lands, etc.  Riley & McQuigg.
- 62393 - George W. Gurney, administrator vs. Alice Selden.  Money and accounting.  A. R. Odell.
- 62394 - D. Auld, Jr., et al. vs. Interior Decorating Company et al.  Money and relief.  Smith & Blake.
  - Judge White
- Estate of Ruth D'Moore.  Additional bond ordered.
- Estate of Charlotte Squirrell.  Appraisers appointed.
- Estate of Adie Trotter.  Appraisers appointed.
- Estate of Anna K. K. Wild.  Appraisers appointed.
- Estate of Christiana Krause.  Appraisers appointed.
- Estate of Louis P. Albright.  Appraisers appointed.
- Estate of Jacob Weil.  Service by publication.
- Aikin, guardian vs. Aikin et al.  Order see journal.
- In re Catherine Thoman.  Partly heard and continued to February 15.
- Estate of Bridget McCradden.  Set for February 8.
- Harlic, administrator, vs. Kolar et al.  Sale confirmed
- In re J. T. O'Brien.  Continued to February 7.
- Seelye, guardian, vs. Seelye et al.  Appraisers appointed.
- City vs. Forest City Wire and Iron Co.  Continued to March 1.
- Assignment of G. A. Thomas.  To pay expenses.  Granted.
- Assignment of T. H. Goodsell.  To sell fixtures, etc.  Granted.  Order see journal.
POLICE COURT.  Judge Fiedler.
- Intoxication - Morris Weingarten, $25, costs, and thirty days: John Dick, Margaret Kerman, Charles Mason, James Becovar, $1 and costs.
- Robbery - Ed Miller, nolled.
- Keeping gambling room - Mike Brender, nolled.
- Petit larceny - Sam Blumenthal, $5 and costs; William Ryan, Ed Coughlin, costs; Joe Miller, discharged.
- Carrying concealed weapons - Joe Scharpella, $10 and costs.
- Assault and battery - William Stephen, $25, costs, adn thirty days; Owene Grealis, discharged; X. C. Scott, continued to Feb. 11; Ed Dalton, Joe Kessler, continued to February 5; James Dugan, polled.
- Violating Sunday liquor law - Andrew Kleinhans, continued to March 17.
- Vagrancy - James O'Brien, $25, costs, and thirty days.
Judgment Against the Late Co. I.
In the court of Justice Hitchens yesterday, Babcock, Hurd & Co., wholesale grocers, were given judgment in the sum of $160 against thirty persons who, at one time, comprised Company I, Ohio National Gard, which was mustered out of service.  The grocery company alleged that during the summer of 1892, when Company I was in camp, its members purchased groceries from the firm amounting to $160, which bill it was averred, was never paid.

Source:  Plain Dealer- Cleveland, Ohio
Dated: Mar. 24, 1899
     Judges Hale, Marvin and Caldwell
Consultation.  Decisions at 1:30 p.m. Friday.
Room 1 - Judge DISSETTE
65563 - National Surety Co. vs. SMITH.  Receiver appointed.
65739 - ZIPP vs. NEUBRAND.  Receiver to deliver property.
65763 - ADAMS  vs. Society for Savings.  New parties made.
66060 - SAMPLINER vs. SAELTZER.  Cognovlt judgment for $1,236.08.
66246 - STRAUSS et al. vs. LANDER, treasurer.  Order see journal.
61547 - GILCHRIST vs. KROEBLE.  Revived as to executors of A. KROEBLE.
64980 - READER vs. READER. Garnishee to pay money to plaintiff.
66407 - WAGER vs. unknown heir of J. CANFIELD.  Order of publication granted.
Motions, etc., granted:
25038 - BENTON, MYERS & CO. vs. BUTLER-SHORT Co. (59247)
25306 - MOONEY vs. McREYNOLDS (65357)
25439 - FULLAGER vs. NEVILLE  (65737)
25652 - QUIGLEY vs. QUIBLEY (65686)
25653 - GRAF vs. Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co. (66082)
25654 - BLODT vs. QUITLEY (63971)
25661 - SWEDA vs. LENGA (59048)
25665 - ADLER vs. WEINKE (65306)
25670 - SCHOEN, receiver. vs. Clevland Chamber of Commerce (62456)
25676 - MORSE vs. same (62388)
256i72 - MACKENZIE vs. DOWNIE (61109)
25673 - STRAUBE vs. STRAUBE (65345)
25684 - BENNETT vs. MASON (65481)
25692 - MILLER vs. BUCKHAM  Coal Co. (63593)
25693 - WANKOWSKI vs. C. C. C/ & St. L. Railway Co.
MOTIONS, etc. overruled:
25643 - PINNEY, guardian, vs. GOLDSMITH (65091)
25663 - BRANBENEC vs. BRANBENEC (63917)
25671 - BENNETT vs. MASON (65481)
Room 2 - Judge STRIMPLE
63570 - DOOLY vs. DOOLY.  Decree for plaintiff.
62870 - State ex rel. CERVENKA, vs. BARTUNEK.  Order see journal
65015 - BEAN vs. GILLARD.  Motion for new trial overruled.
62044 - LOWE vs. ALLEN, administrator.  Same.
Room 4 - Judge NEFF.
63675 - KOBLITZ vs. MCcONAGHY.  Verdict for plaintiff for $77.94 and special findins.
Room 5 - Judge STONE.
62119 - GARLAND vs. HATTER, Jury out.
65397 - PERKINS vs. PERKINS.  Decree for plaintiff
Room 6 - Judge DELLENBAUGH.
63101 - VOLLKOPF vs. VOLLKOPF.  Decree for plaintiff
64101 - KLIMA vs. KLIMA, Same
64067 - HOFFMAN vs. HOFFMAN.  On hearing
63625 - HART vs. HART.  Partly heard.
64110 - BAUM vs BAUM.  Same
Room 7 - Judge LOGUE.
Miscellaneous business.
66310 - Thomas DUGAN vs. E. F. SAELTZER. Cognovit.
66311 - H. C. THOMAS vs. Belle THOMAS, Divorce.  H. G. POWELL.
Judge Bloch
     Assignment of C. TILLES.  Allowance of exempt property.  Granted
     Assignment of Cleveland Cycle Supply Co. Sale confirmed.
     Same.  Sale of desperate claims ordered.
952 - FALKNER vs. W. & S. Life Insurance Co. Settled.
914 - THOMSON vs. SCHMOLDT.  On hearing.
898 - SOPHARICK vs. WETRICK.  Judgment for plaintiff for $22.63.
899 - DEHAN vs. GAFFNEY. Same for $105.84.
Estate of Ruth DeMOORE.  Executor to file account.
     Estate of G. A. ORWIG.  Appraisers appointed.
     Estate of A. T. SMITH.  Distribution approved.
     Estate of T. CHURCHWARD. Executor accepts trust.
     Estate of S. A. JEWETT.  Administrator appointed.
     Estate of Emille KROH.  Bond approved.
     Estate of Mary QUINLAN.  Administrator appointed.
     Estate of J. CASE.  Administrator appointed.
     Estate of J. G. KOENIG.  Settlement vacated.
     Estate of Phoebe ARMITAGE.  Administrator appointed.
     Estate of Mary MURPHY.  Administrator appointed.
     Estate of M. GIBBONS.  Administrator appointed
     Estate of Caroline EBELER  Administrator appointed.
     Estate of Ella J. REYNOLDS.  Administrator appointed.
     In re G. BALLEN.  Adjuged insane.
     FAHEY, guardian vs. FAHEY.  Sale ordered.
     HERR, administrator, vs. HERR.  Order see journal
Intoxication - Charles BURNS, Mathew BINDA, Andrew KELLEY, $1 and costs; Frank KWASNICKA, $25, costs and thirty days; J. H. STONER, costs; George PLUNKETT, $2 and costs.
     Receiving stolen property - Joseph SHOUHT, nolled.
     Violating junk ordinance - Joseph SHOELPT, nolled.
Assault and battery - James GERITY, March 31; Philip SCHEIBER, discharged; William NICHOLS, $15 and costs; Fred REKETTKO, $50, costs and thirty days.
     Petit larceney - Joseph STRONG, discharged.
     Attempting to pass counterfeit money - Earnest GREEN, turned over to United States authorities.
     Suspicious person - Thomas RYAN, $50, costs and thirty days.
     Attachment - Francis STRACH, March 24.
     Refusing to obey a subpena - Francis STRACH, March 24.
Real Estate Transfers.
F. DROEGE to E. MUELLER, trustee, 40 feet on Lorain Street........................... $1.00
Barbara VEOROVKA, et al. to J. BAZIL, 35 feet on Malmsbury street ........... 450.00
Same to F. PASEK, 35 feet on MAlmsbury street................................................. 450.00
E. O. IRISH to Margaret O. WARREN, lot 81 Crawford et a. 392......................1.00
Fannie M. CHAPMAN et al. to L. Priebe, 51 feet on Empress st. (quitclaim)  ......1.00
M. H. MILLER to same, same (quitclaim)...............................................................1.00
Same to J. FALLER, 68 feet on Queen street (quitclaim)..........................................1.00
M. H. MILLER to same, same (quitclaim)................................................................1.00
Same to F. FEIKOWSKI, 50 feet on Barber avenue (quitclaim)................................1.00
M. H. MILLER to same, same (quitclaim)...............................................................1.00
Sarah J. QUINTRELL to Emma W. FREESE, 34 feet on Cedar avenue........ 4000.00
J. H. INGRAHAM, executor, to F. O. FAULHABER, 40 feet on Birch street
    and 80 feet on Dare street............................................................................... 8,000.00
Laura A. HUDSON to P. O. DORMAN, 42 feet on Arlington street...............3,000.00
F. COGSWELL to Gertrude FOSTER, part lots 159 and 160 Crawford
    et al 384 (quitclaim).......................................................................................          1.00
Rhoda M. OWEN, to Sabrina DUBROY, 33 feet on Hershell street............... 1,300.00
P. SCHAFER to M. GUTENTAG, 30 feet on Mayflower street......................    825.00
C. ROBINSON to Marie STEVERDING, 10 feet on Superior street............  2,500.00
J. E. FAWCETT to Sarah FAWCETT, 30 feet on Waterloo street and
    parcel adjoining..............................................................................................     500.00
D. B. DUFF to same, 30 feet on Waterloo street...........................................      225.00
F. HOOKWAY to Harriet E. STONE, 30 feet on Republic street (quitclaim).. 1,200.00
J. H. JONES to E. SANDALS, 30 feet on Margaret place................................... 600.00
City  to Mary J. BRADFORD, et al, part original lots 87 and 70 (quitclaim) .......     1.00
Caroline R. MASON to J. R. CUNNINGHAM, 55 feet on Windsor street...3,500.00
J. F. WENGER to Amanda M. FOWLER, 4 feet on Hector street................     50.00
Amanda M. FOWLER et al. to J. F. WENGER, 2 feet on Fowler street ......      50.00

Source:  Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Page 7
Dated: Feb. 12, 1903
Harry Ruthbard, Caught in Chicago, Says He is Implicated in Latty Affair.
     The police now have the confession of Harry Ruthbard, one of the men arrested in Chicago for the robbery of H. T. Latty last December.  This was one of the boldest robberies in local police records and detectives have worked hard on the case since last December.  Numerous suspicious characters have been arrested for the robbery, but all to no purpose until Ruthbard was caught by the Chicago police on Tuesday.
     Ruthbard told the Chicago officers that another man was implicated, but refused to divlulge the name.  Detective McMillan was sent after Ruthbard and will bring the prisoner back to Cleveland on Thursday.
Judge Threatened to Send Women to Workhouse.
The family quarrels of two neighbors were told in police court yesterday morning before Judge Fiedler.  The case was that of Mary O'Malley of No. 40 Division street, who was arrested on a warrant for assault and battery sworn out by her neighbor, Mrs. Matilda Masterson.  The testimony of hte witnesses caused much laughter in the court room.
     A witness who did not seem to be on any side said that he saw the two women fighting about a week ago.  "They closed in and then it looked more like a wrestling match than a fight," he said.
     Mrs. O'Malley declared that Mrs. Masterson hit her first, striking her over the head with a dish pan.  Judge Fiedler discharged Mrs. O'Malley, but said that he would notify the eight precinct and if another report of trouble of any sort from either side came in he would have both the women arrested and that he would send them to the workhouse.

Source:  Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Page 7
Dated: Dec. 23, 1904
Decree Granted on Grounds of Cruelty and Neglect.
     Judge Ford
yesterday granted Mrs. Ella B. Latty a divorce from Henry T. Latty.  The defendant is a member of the Kirk-Latty Manufacturing Co. and both parties are well known in Cleveland.  The decree was allowed on the grounds of cruelty and neglect.
     Mrs. Latty told Judge Ford on the witness stand that her husband had stayed away from home for days at a time.  He refused to take her any place and his whole attitude toward her was one of coldness and disdain, she said.

Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Page: 19
Dated: June 22, 1949
Quoted at His Trial as Intending to Kill
COLUMBUS, O. June 21 - (AP) -
A witness in the first-degree murder trial of Clay Patterson today said the 27 year old Ironton man to Columbus with the intention of slaying his estranged wife.
     Detective John Todhunter testified before the all-woman jury.  He said he had questioned Patterson shortly after his wife, Elizabeth Patterson, 21, was shot to death in a market district tavern.  Todhunter said.
     "I asked him (Patterson) if it was his intention of coming to Columbus and killing his wife and he told me it was - that because of the life she was living she was better off dead, and he intended to take her back to Ironton with him or kill her."
     Mrs. Patterson was slain Jan. 14.

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