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Confederate Soldiers
buried at Johnson Island Prison
of the Civil War
Sandusky, Ohio

Alexander, F. J. Lieut. Co. C 4th Alabama Battery
Anderson, B. Private   Missouri State Cavalry
Archibald, A. B. Capt. Co. D 8th Cav. C.S.A.
Armfield, M. D. Capt. Co. B 11th North Carolina Inf. C.S.A. d. Dec. 3, 1863
Arrington, J. D. Lieut. Co. H 32nd North Carolina Inf.
Ashby, J.     Kentucky (Ashby on stone - Asbury in Reg. Book.)
Backon, Mark Capt. Co. D. 60th Tennessee Inf.
Bankey, S. H. Lieut.   49th Alabama C.S.A.
Barnes, N. T. Capt. Co. E 10th Confederate Cav.
Barnett, __el Lieut. Col.   9th Battalion Louisiana Cav.
Basins, L.     46th Virginia Inf.
Baya, Francis Lieut. Co. H 2nd Florida Inf.
Bisell, Joshua Capt. Co. C 8th Florida Inf.
Blount, B. J. 2nd Lieut.  Co. H 55th North Carolina Inf. C.S.A.
Bolling, R. P. Lieut. Co. H 6th Georgia Cav.
Brigham, Jno. F. Lieut. Co. # 14th Tennessee Inf.
Campbell, James A. Col.   27th Mississippi Inf.
Cash, J. B. Lieut.   62nd North Carolina Inf.
Cassaway, J. D.      
Chormley, Samuel     Blount or Blunt County, Tennessee
Christian, D.   Co. E 128th Virginia Inf.
Cobble, Hugh Private Co. E 5th Kentucky (Cobble on stone - Cobbs in Reg. Book)
Cobeau, John J. Lieut. Co. B 10th Mississippi Inf.
Cole, Peter Private   60th Virginia Inf.
Coleman, F. C. W. Lieut.   7th Mississippi Artillary
Collier, J. W. Lieiut.   18th Kentucky Inf.
Conway, J. D. Private   19th Virginia Cav.
Cooper, F. F. Capt. Co. K 52nd Georgia Inf.
Copass, R. D. Lieut.   6th Tennessee Inf.
Coppeye, E. T. Lieut.   Tennessee Inf.
Coulter, J. Citizen   Maryvillle, Tennessee
Davis, W. W. Private   35th Mississippi Inf.
Dawson, H. B. Lieut. Co. A 17th Georgia Inf.
Day, J. W. Capt. Co. D 55th Georgia Inf.
Dean, J. Liuet. Co. H 28th Tennessee Inf.
Dotson, J. M. Lieut.   10th Tennessee Cav.
Dow, John     Pulaski, Ohio
Dungan, J. L. Private   22nd Virginia
Fox, Samuel Col.    
Frazier, Albert J.   Co. H 15th Mississippi
Gamble, Robert 2nd Lieut.  Co. C 9th Alabama Inf.
Gibson, E. Lieut.   11th Arkansas Inf.
Gillespie, G. W. Capt. Co. D 56th North Carolina - d. Sept. 9, 1863 (or 66th) age 26
Graham, S. R. 1st Lieut. Co. J 3rd Texas Cav.
Gregory, J. W. Capt.   9th Virginia Inf.
Hamilton, S. V. Capt. Co. B 2nd Choctaw Calvalry
Hanagan, John W. Col.   8th South Carolina Inf.
Handy, M. R. Citizen   Hopkins Co. Kentucky
Harden, V. P. Lieut.   5th North Carolina Inf.
Hardy, J. B. Capt. Co. I 5th Arkansas Inf.
Hardy, J. B. Capt.   15th Arkansas Inf.
Harp, B. C. Lieut. Co. I 25th Tennessee Inf.
Harvin, __ E. Lieut.   1st Ga. Inf'y (Harvin on ston - Hansen in record bk.)
Hazzard, J. B. Capt.   24th Alabama Inf.
Helton, W. S. Capt. Co. F 23rd North Carolina Inf.
Henderson, Cresswell Lieut.   Freeman's Regiment
Henken, J. M. 1st Lieut. Co. K 12th South Carlina Inf.
Henry, S. W. Capt.   19th Tennessee Cav.
Herrin, Daniel     Poindexter's Missouri Cav.
High, John Q. Lieut.   1st Arkansas Battery Inf.
Hill, J. M. Capt. Co. C Dobbins Arkansas Cav.
Hill, John W. Lieut   9th (or 19th) Virginia Inf.
Hodges, R.     Memphis, Tennessee
Holt, E. B. Lieut.   61st Alabama Inf. Lex. N.C.
Holt, John C. Lieut. Co. C 61st Tennessee Inf.
Hood, J. L. Adjt.   59th Virginia Inf.
Hudson, William J. Lieut   wnd North Carolina Inf.
Huptettlerl, J. Lieut.   1st Bat. Arkansas Inf. (or Hoftstetter)
Jackson, C. B.     Guerilla, Virginia
Jackson, John R. Capt. Co. h 38th Alabama Inf.
Jacques, J. W. Lieut. Co. F 24th Tennessee Inf.
Jetter, S. G.   Co. H 31st Alabama Inf.
Johnson, D. I. Lieut. Co. A 48th Tennessee Inf.
Johnson, J. W. Capt.   Greens Regiment Missouri S.C.S. or S. C's
Johnson, Willam Private   Poindexters' Mo. Cav.
Kean, John M. Capt.   12th Louisiana Bat. Art'y
Kellar, D. D. Private   2nd Tennessee Cav. (Kellar on stone - Keller in Record Bk.
Kelly, A. Lieut.   10th Arkansas Inf.
Killem, W. E. Lieut. Co. H 45th Virginia Inf.
King, J. U. D. Capt. Co. K 9th Georgia Inf.
Land, J. L. Lieut. Co. A 24th Georgia Cav.
Lane, P. W. Lieut.   23rd Arkansas Inf.
Lash, J. A. Major   4th Florida Inf.
Lawshe, James Lieut.  Co. C 18th Mississippi Cav. (James on stone - Joseph in reg. book)
Lewis, E. W. Capt. Co. C 9th Bn. Louisiana Cav. C.S.A. d. Dec. 3, 1863
Lewis, T. J. Capt. Co. G 3rd Virginia Inf.
Lisk, R. H. Citizen    
Lock, B. F. Lieut. Co. E 4th Arkansas Cav.
Long, J. C. Lieut. Co. I 62nd North Carolina Inf.
Love, R. G. 1st Lieut. Co. K 1st Mississippi Artilery
Mackin, Peter Lieut. Co. I 16th Mississippi Inf.
Matlock, Charles H. Col.   4th Mississippi
McBride, J. A. Lieut. Co. H 60th Tennessee Inf.
McELroy, John F. Lieut. Co. F 24th Georgia Inf.
McKay, D. H. Lieut. Co. D 46th Alabama Inf.
McRae, J. M. Lieut. Co. E 67th Georgia Inf.
McWhister, Lord W. Capt. Co. H 3rd Mississippi Inf.
Michael, M. H. Lieut.   59th Virginia Inf.
Middlebrooks, J. Capt.   40th Georgia Inf.
Miller, J. 3rd Lieut.   Williams Arkansas Cav.
Moore, E. H.      
Moore, J. W. Lieut. Co. B 25th Alabama Inf.
Moore, S. T.  2nd Lieut.  Co. F Kings S. R. Ala. Inf.
Morris, C. B. Lieut. Co. 9th Alabama Inf.
Morrison, E. Private   8th Alabama Inf.
Nash, C. B. Lieut. Co. H 6th Louisiana Inf. (30th Missouri)
Nichols, P. Capt. Co. B 11th Battery North Carolina Inf.
Nickell, John J. Surgeon   wnd Kentucky Regiment Mounted Rifles
Noland, J. P. Lieut.   English's Mississippi Battalion
Norton, W. P. Lieut. Co. D 22nd North Carolina Inf.
Norwood, W. S. Lieut. Co. E 6th South Carolina Inf.
Norwood, W. T. Lieut.   South Carolina Inf. - d. Jun. 11, 1861 ae 30 yrs.
Nullins, ___ W.  Lieut.   1st Mississippi Inf.
Orr, E. M. Lieut.   62nd North Carolina Inf.
Peden, _. P. 2nd Lieut.    Hamilton's Battery
Peel, M. C. Capt.   8th Arkansas Inf.
Peel, William Lieut. Co. G 11th Mississippi
Phillips, W. E. 2nd Lieut.    4th Alabama Cav.
Pitt, A. G. 2nd Lieut.  Co. K 20th Tennessee Inf.
Porter, W. J. Capt. Co. D 61st Alabama Inf. Lexington, N.C.
Puckett, E. N. Lieut. Co. N 12th Arkansas Inf.
Rabenan, P. J. Capt.   5th Alabama Inf. - Lousiana Inf. C.S.A.
Raidy, W. C. Co. C.   11th Kentucky Cav.
Raines, Tobias 1st Lieut. Co. C 46th Virginia Inf. Militia C.S.A. born. 1820 died 1862
Randall, Willis Lieut. Co. C 52nd North Carolina Inf.
Reeves, J.   Co. J 1st Georgia Cav.
Ruffin, Thomas Lieut. Co. D 4th North Carolina Cav.
Scott, D. L. 2nd Lieut.  Co. I 3rd Missouri Cav.
Scruggs, J. E. Colonel   85th Virginia
Shuler (Schuler), J. C. Capt. Co. H 5th Florida Inf.
Sicon, J. T. Lieut.   53rd Virginia Inf. - 63rd - 23rd Arkansas
Skidmore, W. T. Lieut. Co. D 4th Alabama Cav.
Starns, B. B. Lieut.  Co. B 9th Alabama Cav.
Stephens, W. A. Lieut. Co. K 46th Alabama Inf.
Stephenson, H. D. Capt.   15th Arkansas Inf.
Sullins, S. P. Capt.   1st Alabama Inf.
Swift, W. N. Lieut.   34th Georgia Inf.
Swink, G. W. Lieut. Co. K 8th Virginia Inf.
Threadgill, J. E. Lieut. Co. H 12th Arkansas Inf.
Tuggle, E. M. Capt. Co. H 35th Georgia Inf.
Upchurch, A. E. Capt.   55th North Carolina Inf.  
Vann, J. P. Capt. Co. E Bells Regiment Arkansas Inf.
Veasy, W. W. Lieut.   10th Kentucky Cav. (Veasey on Tombstone - Veasy in record bk)
Watson, W. E. Adjt.   1st Tennessee Inf.
Webb, ___ E. Capt.   1st Alabama Cavalry
Webb, James E. Capt.   8th Arkansas  
Weeks, R. K. C. 2nd Lieut.  Co. F 4th Alabama Inf.
Welch, John Lieut. Co. B 40th Virginia Inf.
Wilkinson, H. Lieut. Co. B 8th Virginia Inf.
Williams, J. N. Capt.   6th Mississippi Inf.
Williams, L. B. Lieut.   63rd North Carolina Inf.
Wood, J. B. Lieut. Co. B 10th South Carolina Cav.
Wynn, W. W. Capt. Co. C 64th Virginia Inf.

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