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Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield Co., Ohio.
by C. M. L. Wiseman
Publ. F. J. Heer Printing Co., Columbus, O.  1901

Transcribed by Sharon Wick

Page 149 - 148


     GREENFIELD ACADEMY was the most celebrated and deservedly popular institution of learning known to Fairfield County.
     It was founded by Dr. John Williams in the year 1835, and ran a successful career of eleven years, closing in the year 1846.
     Dr. Williams was one of the great scholars and educators of the time, and he drew about him and to his school many young men who had a thirst for learning, and who subsequently filled honorable positions in life.
     We give herewith the names of students who attended Greenfield Academy, alphabetically arranged and without regard to the term or years of their attendance.  There  is no measure of value for such services as Dr. John Williams rendered to the people of  his county during his useful life.

Albright, Henry
Albright, Jacob
Albright, John
Anderson, Boliver
Anderson, S. H.
Arnold, Doctor
Ashbrook, E. P., who
  is now living at
  Windsor, Illinois.
Atwater, De W. C.
Atwood, John
Beck, Geo. W.
Beery, Geo. W., who
  was a lawyer of Up-
  per Sandusky, where
  he died recently.
Beery, Simon, who
  died at Urbana,
Biddison, A.

Page 150 -

Black, Charles
Black, Henry
Black, John
Black, D. S.
Bookwalter, Rev. Isaac
Brasee, John S., an
  eminent lawyer of
  Lancaster, Ohio.
Brook, James, of
Brundidge, J. H.
Breck, Samuel.
Bush, Samuel G.
Campbell, Uas.
Carlisle, Jas. B.
Carlisle, Jefferson.
Carlisle, Basil W., was
  a prominent citizen of
  this county, filling
  with credit many im-
  portant positions.
Carlisle, Jas., died out
  in Arkansas many
  years ago.
Carnoy, Theo. W.
Cherry, John
Carnes, Wm.
Carnes, Arthur
Carpenter, Doctor
  David, of Chicago.
Carpenter, H. W.
Chaney, Oliver P.
Chaney, Hugh
Chaney, James
Claypool, Isaac
Clemens, Alfred
Clement, Jos. W.
Cole, Rev. Thos.
Collins, John A.
Collins, Jesse
Coulson, Henry
Cunningham, Jno.
Darnell, of Groveport.
Davidson, Dr. A.
Dennison, Nelson W.,
  studied law, married
  Miss Manson, mov-
  ed to Iowa, where he
Drake, Rev. Lem.
Dubble, Henry
Ewing, David
Ewing, John
Ewing, Thos., recently
  killed by an accident
  in New York City. 
  He had a distin-
  guished career, was
  Judge of the Supreme
  Court of Kansas, a
  major general, a
  member of Congress,
  and a distinguished
Finck, Elias
Finkbone, W. H.
Finnefrock, T. P.
Flattery, Jonathan
Flattery, Josiah
Freed, Abraham.  Mr.
  Freed, or Prof.
  Freed, was a farmer
  and teacher all his
  life.  He was a ripe
  scholar and a suc-
  cessful educator.
Garaghty, Edw.
Graybill, Edward, who
  some years since was
  the treasurer of Fair-
  field county.

Page 151 -

Graybill, Isaac
Graybill, Samuel G.,
  became Clerk of the
  Court for Shelby
  County, Ill.  He mar-
  ried a Carlisle.
Glasscock, Samuel.
Green, Thomas
Greiner, Christian
Greiner, Jacob
Grubb, John Q. A.
Harrison, Dixon A.
Harrison, Jonas
Havens, Joseph
Hay, Peter
Hay, Joseph
Hedges, Samuel
Huber, George
Hendershott, John
Hooker, Jared
Hooker, Richard.
Hooker, Samuel.
Homrighouse, L.
Huber, Horace.
Hutton, John
Hutton, Wm.
Hite, Geo.
Ingman, Henry
Irvin, John
Jenkins, Wm.
Kelelr, Simon P.
Kemerer, Em'l.
Kistler, Reuben.
Kerns, Isaac.
Kreider, E. C., now
  the postmaster of
  Jacksonville, Illinois.
  Langworthy, O. P.
Lewis, Ed., Chilli-
Lefever, H. C.
Lockhart, Thomas, mar-
  ried a sister of E. C.
  Kreider and moved
  to California, where
  he died.
Lyle, Aaron
McClerry, Jas.
McNeill, Dr. Robt.
McNeill, Robt.
McFarland, John
Martin, Evi
Martin, Samuel
Miller, Jas.
Miller, Joab
Miller, W. B.
Miller, John C.
Moore, Levi
Nourse, Jos. G.
Orman, Henry
Pence, David
Poorman, Daniel
Perry, Horace
Perry, O. H.
Peters, Zebulon
Peters, Newton
Palmer, D.
Peters, Wilson, of
  Marion, Ohio
Radebaugh, John
Renshaw, Jos.
Roland, Samuel
Salter, William.
Sanderson, St. C.
Sanderson, Alex.
Sanderson, Geo.
Schleich, Newton
Shaeffer, Chas. F.
Shaeffer, Fr. W.
Schaeffer, John
Schaeffer, Henry.
Schaeffer, Dr. A. H. 

Page 152 -

Shisler, Reuben.
Schisler, Emanuel.
Schisler, Abraham.
Staley, J. J.
Sites, Geo. L.
Smith, Amos.
Sprague, N. H.
Stage, Napoleon
Stanbury, of Greenfield.
Sweitzer, John.
Strunk, Gabriel.
Talbot, Edward.
Talbot, Benjamin.
Tallmadge, Jas., son of
  Darius Tallmadge,
  and brother of T. W.
  Talmadge, of Wash-
  ington.  He went first
  to Califnoria, thence
  to South America,
  where he died.
Tallman, Douglas
Tallman, brother of
Tong, H. B.
Trowbridge, Reese
Van Meter, Ezra.
Van Pearse, John
Wagenhals, Dr. Philip
  M., a once distin-
  guished physician of
  Lancaster.  He died
  in Columbus. O.
Weakley, Otho
Weaver, Samuel
Weaver, Solomon
White, Thomas
Whithurst, M. C.
Wickizer, John, stud-
  ied law with H. H.
  Hunter, and moved
  to city of Blooming-
  ton, Illinois, where
  he became Mayor.
Williams, Alfred, now
  a clerk in State De-
  partment, Washing-
  ton, D. C.  The only
  son of Dr. John Wil-
  liams.  He was at one
  time prosecuting at-
  torney of this county.
  He married Miss Hof-
  fler, niece of H. H.
Williams, Willis
Williams, James
Williamson, Levi
Wilson, Ambrose
Wright, Silas H., late
  Judge of the Common
  Pleas Court of Fair-
  field County.
Williams, E. C.
Wright, Wm.
Wygum, Geo. J.
Zink, and
Zimmerman, supposed
  to be of Lancaster


Rev. Gast and Mc-
Nigh, Elias, was a
  merchant of Lancas-
  ter a few years; he
  then studied law and
  moved to Ironton,
Scott, Rev. Wm.

Page 153 -

Glick, Elias
Wilson, Thos. A.
Hamilton, Geo.
Hunter, James.
Flattery, Lucas.
Coleman, Michael.
Courtright, Cyrus.
Sharrk, Wm.
Finkbone, Henry.
Beall, Rev. Isaac.
Pugh, Jas.
Lewis, E. E.
Forgay, Jas.
Collins, Enoch.
Tomlinson, Aaron
Oren, Jesse
Peters, Jas. W.
Iles, Jacob
Flattery, Wm. S.
Graham, Benj. R.
Huntwork, Jacob
Twigg, John F.
Ford, John T.
Griffith, Jos.
Nisley, A.
Fling, Geo.
Jones, David.
Culp, Lewis.
McNeill, Corbin.
Meyers, Lewis.
Meason, Isaac.
Foster, F. A., Jr.
Hardy, Thos. E.
Pratt, F. H.
Havens, Jos. M.
Schneider, John.
Kerns, Abner.
Griffith, David.
Griffith, James
Berry, Samuel S.
Koontz, S. C.
Beach, Thos.
Reedy, Conrad.
Cox, John.
Ricketts, Jesse.
Julian, L. F.
Benton, O.
Buchanan, Wilson
Crawford, of Crawford
  county, O.
Nigh, Jared
Stripe, Jacob
Solliday, John; he stud-
  ied medicine and en-
  listed in the Union
  army; died near Sa-
  vannah, Ga.
Albright, Geo.
Hoshor, W.
Runner, F. A.
Harmon, John.
Young, Wm.
Peters, Henry W.
Paul, Truman E.
Meason, Elijah.
Seeds, James.
Poorman, Henry H.
Snively, Wm. J.
Collins, Philemon.
Fairchild, Wm. W.
Connell, Col. John M.
  studied law and lived
  most of his life in
  Lancaster; he was the
  first Colonel of the
  17th Ohio, Union
  army; he was also a
  member of the Ohio
  State Senate.
Shaw, Virgil E.
Gierhart, Melvin.
Ebright, Enoch

Page 154 -

Peters, Sam G.
Black, Wm. H.
Benadum, Aaron
Allen, Theodore.
Carr, Richard.
Newkir, Michael.
Havens, Isaac B.
Walters, Jacob M.
Rutherford, C. W.
Schneider, Henry
Welsheimer, Phil.
Reber, Henry, of Pickaway.
Henderson, David.
Miller, Jonathan.
Daugherty, Wm.
Baughman, Oliver.
Tallman, Lafayette.
Rockey, Esq. Ll.

     The little red brick school house, known  as Greenfield Academy, was torn down a few years since and a frame dwelling erected in its place.  The old building was about five miles distant from Lancaster, on the Carroll pike, and just a few yards this side of the Presbyterian church in Greenfield township.  Of the boys whose names have been recorded, but few remain.  Death has claimed the large majority of them.  Dr. David Carpenter, Dr. H. W. Carpenter, Judge Brasee, Oliver P. Chaney, E. C. Kreider, are well known me.  E. P. Ashbrook, now more than four score, is living in Illinois.  Isaac Claypool is also one of the living, as is L. L. Rockey, of Liberty.  David Pence and Samuel H. Anderson are well known farmers of Pleasant township.
     There is a tradition that James G. Blaine attended Greenfield Academy, but it is a mistake.  Mr. Blaine, while on the car in full view of the old brick academy, said to the writer, "I did not attend the school of Dr. Williams, I was only a visitor in Lancaster in 1840"



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