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Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield Co., Ohio.
by C. M. L. Wiseman
Publ. F. J. Heer Printing Co., Columbus, O.  1901

Transcribed by Sharon Wick

Pg. 280 -

     James McCleery and two brothers came from Ireland to America in 1740; they were, however, born in Scotland.  They settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
     James McCleery died, leaving two sons, James and Joseph.  James came to Fairfield County in 1814, and died in 1826.  His sons were James and William, who

Page 281 -
married in the Wells family, John and Joseph.  The latter married a daughter of an early pioneer of this county, John SheplerJoseph reared a family of beautiful daughters; with but one exception, Mrs. Perry Teal, they are all dead.  The daughters of James McCleery were; Anna, wife of John Morgan, of Greenfield; Mrs. David Rank, of Walnut township; and Maria, wife of Abraham Hedges, of Hocking.
     Joseph McCleery, son of James, came to Fairfield County in 1820, and died here.  He left a son, Joseph, who lived many years southwest of Lancaster, three miles.
     Mrs. Christian Neibling, a daughter, was born Aug. I, 1795, and died in Kansas, March, 1885, aged 89 years.
     Mrs. Balser Rutter was a daughter of Joseph McCleery.  Both daughters have many descendants in Ohio and Western states.
     Samuel Wells Tallman, the fourth son of Samuel Tallman, is a bachelor, living in the West.


     Sarah Wells married Samuel Tallman at Wellsburg, Virginia. Mar. 28, 1801.
     At the time she was boarding with her Doddridge relatives attending school, and he one of the supporters of the Episcopal church there.
     They set up housekeeping in that town, and moved thence to Fairfield County, Ohio, 1804.  She was given to extend great hospitality, and possessed of wonderful energy and fine business foresight.
     Their homestead farm was the one on which Hooker Station is now located.
     This point was a favorite camping place with Indians moving to the West.

Page 282 -

     Here too, it is said, the Governor of the State came to lift the first shovelful of earth for the Lateral Canal, and dined under the Tallman roof.
     Samuel Tallman was a man "whose word was as good as his bond," and led a most exemplary life.
     He was a carpenter and cabinetmaker, and built many of the log houses put up in Greenfield township in his day.  He died at the early age of 50 years.
     This couple were buried beside her parents, in the Wells' family burying ground, now known as Hooker's.
     None of their immediate descendants live in Fairfield County at present.
     The ancestry of Samuel Tallman is of interest.
     He and his father were born in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  His father and grandfather, William Tallman (Born in Rhode Island) moved to Virginia (Rockingham County) during the time of our national struggle for independence.  The son was a member of Armand's Corps as part of his military service.  It was in Virginia that Samuel Tallman grew to manhood.
     His grandmother was Ann Lincoln, sister of John Lincoln, great-grandfather of the late president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.  His mother, Dinah Boone, was cousin to the famous Daniel Boone.
     The Boone fathers lived on adjoining farms in Pennsylvania.  Their father, George Boone, was a Friend in faith, a friend of William Penn, and one of the earliest, permanent settlers in Berks County.
     Benjamin Tallman, father of Samuel Tallman, and Dinah Boone-Tallman his wife, settled at Canal Winchester, Ohio, where they died.

Page 283 -

     Their youngest son, John, lived and died at the same place.  The late Judge Tallman Slough was a grandson of this man.
     Their eldest sort, William, and daughters Susannah Harrison, and Amrah Scothern, lived in Pickaway County.  Phebe, daughter of William Tallman, was be the beloved wife of Richard Hooker of Turkey Run.
     Samuel Tallman preceded his family to Ohio to prepare a home for them.  His wife, Sarah, came out with her brother-in-law, William Tallman, horseback, each of them carrying a child.  They gray horse she rode belonged to her companion, and each time it scented a rattlesnake, refused to proceed until it had been killed.
     Sarah, a sister of Samuel Tallman, was ancestor of the Hintons of Highland County.
     Three of his sisters married three Harrison brothers.
     One of these sisters, Marie, did not come to Ohio, also two brothers.  One other of these sisters, Susannah, has already been named.  The third lived in Fairfield County.  Her husband, John Harrison, was killed in the War of 1812, and is buried at Fort Meigs, this stte.  Her second husband was George Tong, a widower, whom she married in 1818.  He  was a man of nobility of character, and much loved by the young.
     Two children of this marriage grew up, Margaret and George, who married Harriet Holmes.
     For this Tallman sketch we are indebted to Miss M. J. Roe of Gilbert, Ohio.




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