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Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield County, Ohio

by C(harles) M. L. Wiseman, Author of "Centennial Lancaster.
F. J. Heer Printing Co., Columbus, O.

By C. F. Kagy
Pg. 410 - 415

     WITH the coming of the Youngs to this neighborhood, begins the history of Rushcreek township, which really began in the year 1799, when the Ashbaughs found their way up from the Ohio to this locality, having come here from Pennsylvania.
     The Youngs are of Irish descent, David Young, the great-grandfather of H. W. Young, having been born in County Cork, Ireland, in the year 1753, and emigrated to Virginia about 1770 and settled soon after in the State of Maryland, near Hagerstown, at which place Edward Young, the pioneer of this township, was born.
     Shortly after this time the family moved to Juniata County, Pa., where the family grew to manhood, and in 1799, Edward Young, four sisters and two half brothers left their home in the Keystone State to try their fortunes in the then far West.
     Edward Young, after looking around for a suitable location, decided to take up the land now owned by Mrs. Mary Young and her sons, just east of Bremen, at whose place the reunion of the Young family was held recently.  Here he built his cabin and here his ax was laid at the root of the forest tree, his sisters making their home with him and keeping house for him until the spring, Apr. 2, 1802, when he married Miss Rachel Miller, who had come here with her parents, arriving on New Year's day, 1800.  To this union

Page 411 -
were born eleven children, eight sons and three daughters.
     (1)  Asa died in infancy.
     (2)  David married Susan Beery, and resided for a short time in this township, and about 1860 moved to Putnam County, where most of their descendants now reside.
     (3)  John married Elizabeth Edward of Seneca County, Ohio, where they lived and died.  Their three grand-children are (1), Mrs. Jane Cridelbaugh who lives near Springfield, Ohio; (2), Rachel Hawkins of Council Grove, Kansas, and (3), Mary _____, who lives in Tiffin, Ohio.
     (4)  Margaret Young married Jacob Moyer and resided for a few years in Rushcreek.  From there they moved to Walnut, near New Salem, and from there to near Colfax, on the land now owned by their sons, Thomas and John Moyer.  Their children are (1) Edward Moyer, who married Miss Rebecca Davis and resided in Missouri, where his children now live.  After the death of his first wife, he remarried and now resides in Columbus, Ohio.  (2) Thomas Moyer married Catharine Jackson.  They have three children - (1) John, who is managing his father's farm; (2), Lizzie, who married a Mr. Eversole, a prominent grain merchant of ____ Illinois; (3) Jennie is a highly accomplished young lady, having completed a course in a college of fine arts in both Cincinnati and Chicago.  (3) John Moyer married Jane Collins.  Their children are, first, Sadie, who married Prof. Chatterton, who died about five years ago at Lancaster, leaving a wife and two little girls, Bessie Belle and Lucile.  The other daughter of John is Miss Belle, who is living with her parents;

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(4) Margaret Moyer married George Cruit and resides one mile west of Lancaster.  They have three children, all living at home at present.  (5)  Laura Moyer married Rev. John Beery of the M. E. Church.  They have seven children and reside at present in the State of Nebraska.  (6)  Mary Moyer married Capt. J. B. Eversole ; she is now a widow and lives with her five children at Olney, Ill.  (7)  Lydia Moyer married James Stewart.  They reside at Corea, Iowa.  They have five children.  Her first husband was Isaac Beery.  (5) James Young married Nancy Lehman, both of whom and all their children are now deceased.  (6)  William Young married Lydia Blosser and resided most of their lives on the little farm now owned by the Funk brothers, just east of Bremen.  Their children are ( i )  Mary, who is now Mrs. Jerry Moyer.  Her children are (i)  J. W., who married Miss Melinda Shane and have one daughter, Ethel.  (2)  Llewellyn, who married James Paxton.  (3)  Myrtle who married Joshua Blosser (now deceased).  She has one daughter, Inez.  (4)  Inez who lives with her parents.  (2)  John B. Young, who enlisted in Company E, Forty-sixth O. V. I., and died from exposure received at the battle of Shilo.  (3)  Thompson, who married Laura Hannum of Indiana.  They are both dead and left four children, who now reside at Marion, Indiana.  (4) Matilda married George Kuhn and lives at present at Fostoria, Ohio.  They have seven children.  (5)  Kate married Mason King and resides in this township.  They have seven children, namely: Court, Tony, Belle, Karl, Frank _____ and _____.  (6)  James, who left here about eighteen years ago and located in Pennsylvania where he married.  They have three children.

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     (7) Enos Young married Mary Brandt and resided on the old homestead until his death, which occurred about fifteen years ago.  Their children are (i)  Edward, a prosperous young farmer, who married Carrie Alexander and now resides on a part of the old homestead.  (2)  Wilbur, who is still single from choice and is living with his widowed mother, managing the farm.
     (8)  Thomas Young married Catherine Moyer.  To this union were born four children, (1)  Jacob, who married Josie Irvin, of Warren, Ind.  Their three children are: (1)  Rose, who married Samuel Kennedy, a banker of Warren, Ind.  (2)  Blanche, who married William Bond, and (3)  Ernest, who is single and resides at home.  (2) Henry W., the second son of Thomas Young, married Matilda King.  They have
a pretty country home two miles north of Bremen, where Mr. Young is extensively engaged in the raising of small fruit and many varieties of garden seeds.  Mr. Young's record as a citizen, soldier and public servant is an enviable one and worthy of emulation.  Their children now living are: (1) Rev. E. E. Young of Germantown, Ohio, a graduate of Heidelberg college at Tiffin, and now a successful young minister of the gospel.  His wife was Miss Anna Shock, of Tiffin, Ohio.  (2) Charles Young, a successful tiller of the soil, married Miss Guyton; they have one son, Cecil, and live near Avion, Ohio.  (3)  Arthur O. Young, also a farmer, married Miss Lillie Kagay, and at present are making arrangements to move near Millersport, where they will look after the farm of Mrs. Helser, of Thornville.  (4)  Miss Blanche Young and (5)  Walter Young, both of whom are still residing with their parents.

Page 414 -

     (3) John M. Young, a third son of Thomas Young, married Hanna Hite, and are residing with their children at Butler, Ind.  (4) William E. Young, the fourth son of Thomas Young, married Clarissa NeeleyMr. Young runs a blacksmith shop at his country home.  They have one son, James, who is living at home, two and one-half miles east of Bremen, and assists his father in the shop and on the farm.
     (9) Elizabeth Young married William Black, and resided on their farm two miles west of Bremen, where Mr. Black died twelve years ago.  Their children are (i) John Black, who married Miss Laura Musser.  They have seven children, one son and six daughters, the two oldest, Abbie and Leefe, being married.  The former married Mr. Hoskinson and live in Newark, and the latter married Mr. Stover and live in Hebron.  The other children are Belle, Blanche, Maude, Edna and Harry, all of whom live with their parents in Hebron.  (2) James Black married Miss Groff Mr. Black was accidentally killed on the C. & M. V. R. R. a few years ago, leaving a widow and eight children.  Lizzie, the oldest, married Mr. Will Huston of West Rushville.  They have one child.  The other children are Gertrude, Rebecca, Clara, who makes her home with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs John Stuart; Bessie, Nellie, Leila and Orland.  (3) The other daughter of William Black was Miss Mary who died about a year ago, since which time the widowed mother has made her home with her son, John, at Hebron.
     (10) Mary Young married George Groff, brother of William Groff of this place.  She is now a widow and lives at Pleasant Plains, Ind., with her daughter, Mrs. Wildermuth and family.

Page 415 -
     (11) Edward Young married Amanda Kindler and now lives at Warren, Ind., where he is a successful practicing physician.  They have two children who now live with them.
     It is unlikely that any other family of this neighborhood has a better military record than the Young familyEdward Young's brothers served in the war of 1812 and during the Civil War eight grandsons of Edward Young went to the front to help put down the rebellion.  They were Elias, Hezekiah, J. B., T. E., J. G., J. M., and H. W. Young, and Edward MoyerJ. B. died from exposure received at the battle of Shiloh.  H. W. Young fell wounded at the battle of Chickamauga.  Edward Moyer spent about fifteen months in southern prisons.
     John Miller, John Ashbaugh and Joseph Ashbaugh cleared a patch of ground, planted corn and potatoes, and built a cabin in the spring of 1799 on what is now known as the Weaver farm.  They then returned to Pennsylvania for their families.  They were the first settlers of Rush Creek township, and the first to make an improvement.  See "Ashbaugh family."



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