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History of Fayette County, Ohio & State of Ohio

By R. S. Dills -
Publ. Odell & Meyer Publishers, Dayton, Ohio



Perry Twp. -
J. B. TEMPLETON.  This gentleman is a native of Perry Township; was born Feb. 28, 1833, and is the son of Robert R. Templeton.  He served in the 168th O. N. G. in the rebellion, and, with his regiment, was captured at Cynthiana, Kentucky, and paroled, after which he was kept on duty in Cincinnati.
     Oct. 8, 1856, he married Catharine Lucas, whose father, Ezra Lucas, was born in Marietta, Ohio, Apr. 16, 1789.  It is thought that Mr. Lucas was the first white child born in Ohio.  He was a lineal descendant of the Puritans of Plymouth.  His parents came to Marietta in 1788 with the fist immigrants, and remained two years, then went to Washington County, Pa., on account of the depredations of the Indians.  Ezra Lucas came thence to Ohio, probably in 1810, and was married to Isabel McKinzey, Apr. 2, 1811, and settled in Ross County.  To them were born twelve children, of whom Mrs. Templeton is the youngest.  Mr. Lucas died in Sept., 1861.
     Mr. Templeton, as well as his wife, is a member of the Presbyterian Church at Greenfield, of which he has been a deacon eight or ten years, and has recently been elected elder.
     He has three hundred and nine  acres of excellent land, well improved.  His family consists of six children:  Melva J., Albertus L., Annie I., John C., Robert E., and Katie E.
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History of Fayette County, Ohio & State of Ohio - By R. S. Dills - Publ. Odell & Meyer Publishers, Dayton, Ohio - 1881 - Page 821
Perry Twp. -
ROBERT R. TEMPLETON, the subject of this sketch, was born May 14, 1894, in Washington County, Pa., and came with his parents to Ross County, Ohio, in 1812, settling near the site of the town of Kingston.  He was married to Miss Jane, daughter of John Beaty, of New Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio, on the 23d of November, 1820.  Mrs. Templeton died in 1872.  Mr. T. is the father of eight children, Mary Ann, Eliza J., Agnes T., David W., Margaret, John B., Robert A., and J. Carnthers.  Of these Mary Ann and Margaret are dead.  Mr. Templeton came to Perry Township, (then a part of Wayne and Green) in April, 1822.  He here lived on a farm ten miles south of Washington and three miles east of Martinsburg, until the death of his wife, when he sold his home farm and has lived with his son John on the farm adjoined to the one he sold, until recently.  His son Carnther's wife dying, the father, sympathizing with his son in his great loss, and wishing to minister to him in his affliction, went to reside with the stricken one.
     Mr. Templeton has been an elder in the Presbyterian Church at Greenfield for over forty years.  In early life he was a Whig; in later years a Republican.  He is decidedly anti-secret society in his sentiment, and on the subject of temperance and the use of tobacco, he gives forth no uncertain sound.
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History of Fayette County, Ohio & State of Ohio - By R. S. Dills - Publ. Odell & Meyer Publishers, Dayton, Ohio - 1881 - Page 820
Jefferson Twp. -
EMILY W. (PARMER) TERRELL, Jeffersonville, is a daughter of William and Margaret (Whitsite) Parmer who came to this county from Kentucky in 1814.  Mr. Parmer was a native of Virginia, and died Dec. 31, 1865, aged seventy-five years.  Mrs. Parmer is a native of Kentucky, and died Mar. 13, 1863, aged sixty-four years.  They were members of the Universalist Church.
     Our subject was born (January, 1815) in this county, where, on the 2d of January, 1834, she was married to Gilbert Terrell.  He was engage in the mercantile business in Jeffersonville for several years, after which he retired from active life.  He was born Oct. 1, 1808, and died Aug. 18, 1874; having been a hale and hearty man all his life, up to the time of his death.  Mr. and Mrs. Terrell were worthy and consistent members of the Universalist Church, in which she still holds membership, strong in the faith.  She has a farm of ninety-six acres, one-half mile west of Jeffersonville, and one of one hundred and thirty-five acres two and one-half miles west of town.
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History of Fayette County, Ohio & State of Ohio - By R. S. Dills - Publ. Odell & Meyer Publishers, Dayton, Ohio - 1881 - Page  704
Marion Twp. -
ADEN SAWYER THOMPSON, farmer, and dealer in live stock, is a son of Thomas Thompson, and was born in this township, Sept. 8, 1839, where he was reared, and has since lived.  Obtained the rudiments of a common school education, and spent two years at the Ohio Wesleyan University.  Taught school nearly two years, and has since farmed and dealt in stock.  He was married, in 1863, to Emma, daughter of James Alexander, who came to Paint Township in about 1821.  They had two children: Walter and Charles, the former deceased.  Mrs. Thompson was an exemplary member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and departed this life in 1873.  In 1877, he married Nollie Yates, a member of the Christian Church.  She was taken ill soon after marriage, and passed away in April, 1878.
     Mr. Thompson is a member of Bloomingburg Lodge No. 449, F. & A. M., and Ely Commandery, Knights Templar, of Washington.  He is a Democrat, and has held the office of township trustee, lieutenant of state militia, and land appraiser.  He owns one hundred and eighty-two acres of land, on the Waterloo pike, six miles from Washington, and farms to grain and stock.
* Source: 
History of Fayette County, Ohio & State of Ohio - By R. S. Dills - Publ. Odell & Meyer Publishers, Dayton, Ohio - 1881 - Page 911
Marion Twp. -
J. C. TODD, former, is a son of John Todd, who was born in the State of Delaware, and removed to this state, settling in Ross County, where he lived several years, then removed to this township, on land now owned by Smith Chaffin. Prior to his removal to this state, he married Ann Morris, who bore him five children: Mevinie, Sarah, J. C, Elizabeth, and Luraina; the two last are deceased.  He is deceased, but his wife still lives near Jeffersonville, and is now Mrs. William Chaffin.
     Our subject was born Aug. 28, 1843, in Ross County, and removed to this county, when quite small, with his parents, where he has lived to this day, with the exception of seven years, when he resided in Van Wert County.  He was married, July 29, 1866, to Martha E., daughter of Otho Lyons.  Their union has been blessed by one boy.  Smith J., living at home.  He and his wife are active members of the Otterbein Methodist Episcopal Church, and devout Christians.  He is a member, in good standing, of New Holland Lodge No. 392, F. & A. M., and is now holding the office of senior deacon.  During the late war, he was out (in 1862) as a private in Company F, 90th O. V. L; was promoted to sergeant, and remained till the close of the war, participating in the battles of Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, and in all the engagements during the last summer campaign.  He was a brave and patriotic soldier, and escaped without injury.  Is a Republican, and has held the office of township trustee two years, and is at present pike superintendent of Marion Township.  He occupies one hundred and twenty-five acres on the George McCrea tract, and raises both grain and stock.
* Source: 
History of Fayette County, Ohio & State of Ohio - By R. S. Dills - Publ. Odell & Meyer Publishers, Dayton, Ohio - 1881 - Page 912
Perry Twp. -
ALFRED TODHUNTER, farmer and stock raiser, with born on the farm which he now occupies, one and a half miles southeast of Martinsburg, on the 22d of July, 1819.  On the 28th of May, 1846, he married Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. John King.  To them have been born five children:  John T., Sarah P., Robert, and James are married, and reside in this township; and Rachel lives with her parents.
     Mr. and Mrs. Todhunter are consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  He belongs to the Odd-fellows, having regularly passed all the chairs in a creditable manner.
     Though they commenced life poor, by industry and economy they have amassed a competence, and own one hundred and twenty acres of good land, well improved, and beautifully located.  In addition to this, they have one hundred and thirty-eight acres near Martinsburg, on which his sons live, and one hundred acres in Kansas.  Being out of debt, Mr. Todhunter is contented and happy.
     Mr. Todhunter's father, Richard Todhunter, a native of Virginia, came to Ohio probably in 1810, and died in 1867, ninety years old.  His mother survived her husband a few years.
* Source: 
History of Fayette County, Ohio & State of Ohio - By R. S. Dills - Publ. Odell & Meyer Publishers, Dayton, Ohio - 1881 - Page 823
Perry Twp. -
LEVI TRACYWornel, Solomon, and William Tracy, sons of John Tracy, of the State of Maryland, came to Ohio about the year 1805, and settled first in Jefferson County, and each took a part in the war of 1812.  John, the father, resided thirty miles from Baltimore, and it is said of him that he rolled into the city the first hogshead of tobacco ever offered to the market.
     Wornel, the father of our subject, married his first wife, Lemmons, in Maryland.  She died in that state, leaving three children, Sallie, John, and Tempy.  After coming to Ohio he married a Babb, by whom he had nine children, Rebecca, Jasper, William, Levi, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph, Nancy, and Mary.  The Tracys  were of Scotch descent; the Babbs were from Switzerland.
     Our subject was born near New Martinsburg, Fayette County, Ohio, May 4, 1811.  His education was of the pioneer kind, and was obtained in light doses, in attending the old-fashioned log school house.  More attention was given to clearing up the farm than storing the mind with knowledge.  He was married May 17, 1832, to Catherine Smith, daughter of Peter Smith, native of Kentucky.  She died Sept. 16, 1864, having borne eight children: Harriet, Martha, Lydia, Wesley, Asbury, Maria, Miranda, and Lawson.
     Mr. Tracy
married his present wife, Jan. 23, 1866.  She was Mrs. Lydia Branch nee Brown, daughter of Lemuel G. and Anna (Trowbridge) Brown.  The Browns were among the early settlers of Marietta, Ohio.  She was born May 19, 1826.  By her first marriage she had five children: Henry, Charles, Lemuel E., John, and Lucy.  Two daughters have been the fruits of her marriage to Mr. Tracy.
Our subject located where he now lives in the year 1832, having partially cleared the tract some years previous.  He is thoroughly versed in the usages and customs of the early days, and never tires in reciting the thrilling incidents of his backwoods experience.  At his first marriage, he began the erection of a house in which to move, and, without assistance, had it ready for occupation in thirty days.  He was converted and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, Feb. 25, 1846, and has ever since been found in his place, bearing a large share of the burdens of the Cochran society, in which he held, for many years, the position of leader.  He has lived to see the wilderness of his boyhood blossom and bear rich fruit as the results of honest toil on the part of the hardy pioneer and his successor.
* Source: 
History of Fayette County, Ohio & State of Ohio - By R. S. Dills - Publ. Odell & Meyer Publishers, Dayton, Ohio - 1881 - Page 821


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