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Source: Morning News - Cincinnati
Dated: June 11, 1847
MARRIED:  In Mystic, on the 7th inst. by Rev. Mr. Cook, Mr. Alexander F. Young, to Miss Mary Mason.
Source:  Cincinnati Daily Enquirer - Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio
Dated: Dec. 24, 1869

     HIETT - HEATH -
At Lafayette, Ind., Dec. 21, Samuel R. Hiett to Miss Mary E. Heath, all of that city.
     FRAMBERS - ALTMAN - At Felicity, Ohio, Dec. 5, F. J. Frambers to Miss Minnie A. Altman.
     BRYAN - MOLEN -
At Felicity, O., Dec. 9, Chant K. Bryan to Miss Cora F. Molen.
 At Goshen, O., Dec. 2, Hiram Terwilligen to Miss Mary Blevin.
Near Millersburg, Ky., Dec. 2, John M. Jameson to Miss Talutha Whaley, both of Bourbon Co., Ky.
On Thursday, Dec. 7, John Lalla, proprietor of the Magnolia Saloon, Cynthiana, Ky., eloped with the daughter of H. C. Nevill, confectioner of same place.
Dec. 7, in Waterford, Knox Co., O., Joseph Allen Levering to Mattie A. Shaler.
In Morrow County, O., Dec. 9, Barton T. Masters to Miss Amanda Herrod, both of that county.
     WARD - SAUM -
At Wooster, Ohio, Dec. 16, John Ward to Miss Sarah E. Saum.
- At Wooster, Ohio, Dec. 16, Irwin Stonebraker to Miss Sophronia T. Hamlton, all of that place.
At Wooster, Ohio, Dec. 16, Francis F. Shellman, of Medina County, to Miss Catherine A. Isanberger, of Wayne Co., O.
- At East Union Township Dec. 15, Warren Munn, of Nebraska City, to Miss Rachel Cling.
At Lafayette, Ind., Dec. 21, D. H. Flynn to Miss Clara A. Snyder, all of that place.
In Richland, near Lexington, Ky., Dec. 16, George W. Darnell to Miss Margaret, daughter of Hon. William B. Kinkead.
In Bourbon County, Ky., Dec. 15, Joseph E. Hedges to Miss Allie B. Bedford.
In Dayton, Dec. 22, Charles Cornell to Miss Mary M. Hartsock.
- On the 16th of December, Mr. Noble Sutherfield, of Pike Co., to Miss Priscilla Shoemaker, of Highland Co., Ohio.
     JACOBS - GERARD - In Glendale, Ohio, on Wednesday, Dec. 22, by the Rev. Samuel Scott, Charles R. Jacobs and Elizabeth A. Gerard.
     ROWE - MOODY - In Newport, Ky., Dec. 22, by Rev. Granville Moody, D. D., Mr. Orlando J. Rowe, of Binghamton, New York, to Miss Lizzie H. Moody, second daughter of the officiating clergyman.
     WAGNER - ALFRED - In Madison, Ind., Dec. 19, by Rev. W. T. Saunders, Mr. Erin B. Wagner to Miss Laura A. Alfred.
     JOHNSON - SLOO - In New Orleans, Dec. 16, by the Rev. Mr. Adams, Dr. J. B. Johnson to Miss Cita Sloo.
     HOUSTON - SCHOYER - On Dec. 21, by the Rev. Thomas H. Hanna,  A. D. Houston, of Lowellville, Ohio, to Miss Nellie Schoyer, of Alleghany City.
     GRUBBS - GRIFFITH -  Near Bardstown, Ky., Dec. 17, Mr. T. R. Grubbs, of Washington Courthouse, Ohio, to Mrs. Mollie E. Griffith of Kentucky.
     HEDGES - BEDFORD - At Paris, Ky., Dec. 15th, Mr. Joseph Hedges to Miss Sallie R. Bedford.
     SMITH - HALL - Near Paris, Ky., Mr. John S. Smith to Miss Annie Hall.
     SETTEN - OWEN - In Bourbon County, Ky., Dec. 17th, Mr. Brice Setten to Miss Sarah J. Owen.
     FARRU - ARMSTRONG - Dec. 8th, in Woodford County, Ky., Mr. Aaron Farru to Miss Lydia Armstrong.
     WITHERSPOON - VILEY - On the 8th inst., Mr. Lester Witherspoon, of Anderson County, Ky., to Miss Martinet Viley, daughter of Warren Viley, of Woodford.
     RITCHEY - WITZ - On the 23d inst., at the residence of the bride, Burlington, Kentucky, by the Rev. J. Kirtley, Mr. W. H. Ritchey to Mrs. Mary E. Witz.
     DODSON - ELSTNER - On the 22d of December, by the Rev. Wm. A. Snively, Rector of Christ's Church, Mr. R. M. Dodson and Mary A., daughter of the late John Elstner.  All of this city.
     RENO - LIKINS - On the 15th of December, Mr. Volday W. Reno, of Adams County, to Miss Amy R. Likins, of Highland County, Ohio.
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Source: Cincinnati Daily Enquirer - Ohio
Dated: June 6, 1870
- In Bloomfield, Ohio, May 23, Martin Mansfield to Miss Emma L. Parkinson.
- May 25, J. E. Lowry of Pine Grove, Ohio to Miss Ada McClelland, of Jefferson County.
- THOMPSON - TAYLOR - In Woodford County, Ky., June 1, W. G. Thompson to Miss Emma Taylor.
In Lawrenceburg, Ky., June 2, James P. Morton to Miss Theresa Hill, of Anderson county.
- SMITH - RHODERICK - In Springfield, Ohio, May 25, Geo. c. Smith, of Frederick, Md., to Miss Olive E. Rhoderick.
Near Centreville, Ohio, May 30, Simon Dolan, of Zanesville, to Miss Caroline Van Heyde.
- In Circleville, O., June 1, Mr. Martin Hummel to Miss Alice B. McDonnel.
- SEECHRIST - PORTER - In Piqua, Ohio, May 29, Mr. Jacob Sechrist to Miss Lizzie W. Porter.
- VANSANT - MAUL - In Richmond, Indiana, May 27, Mr. R. R. Vansant to Miss Jennie Maul.
- COFFIN - ELMER - In Centreville, Indiana, May 27, Mr. Alph Coffin to Miss Belle Elmer.
- MOORE - KEESLING - In Middletown, Kentucky, May 29, Mr. John W. Moore to Miss Nancy E. Keesling.
In New Castle, Kentucky, June 1, Dr. S. G. Smith, of Lisbon, Illinois, to Miss Sallie M. Rogers.
In Lancaster, Ohio, May 26, Mr. John J. Schiekman to Miss Sarah Soliday, of Pleasant Township.
- PUGH - MIESSE - In Fairfield County, Ohio, May 27, Mr. Wm B. Edwards to Miss Martha A. Chaney.
In Anderson County, Kentucky, May 25, Mr. John Burr to Miss Susan C. Crusters.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette - Ohio
Date: July 23, 1874
COOPER - GRINDLE - On the 22d inst. in the parlor of the Bible Chapel, 184 Longworth st., by N. Summerbell, D. D., Mr. B. F. Cooper and Miss Susan Grindle.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Sept. 7, 1877
On Wednesday evening, September 5, at the home of the bride, No. 73 Betts street, by Elder WILLIAM P. STRATTON, Mr. WILLIAM CUTLER and Miss AMELIA F. SMITH, all of Cincinnati.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette - Ohio
Dated: May 6, 1878
At the Church of Presentation, Walnut Hills, Thursday evening, May 22, by the Rev. J. J. Kennedy, Frank W. Farrell to Miss Maggie McHUGH, of Louisville.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Sept. 24, 1878
A Quiet Wedding
     A beautiful and impressive wedding was that yesterday afternoon in the Quaker form at the Friends Meeting House, corner of Eighth and Mound streets, the parties to which were Mr. Charles F. Hopkins, a worthy young business man, to Miss Georgina Dymond, one of three estimable young sisters residing on Laurel street.  While there was o pretension or show, the meeting house was filled with some of the best families of Cincinnati.  There was no music, nor any flowers, nor full dress, yet the ceremony was one of the most solemn and impressive known to any form.  It was essentially a religious ceremony - neither a social nor civil one.  And its solemn, religious character added to its beauty.  A number of he elder ladies of the society occupied a row of seats on the platform facing the congregation, and Mr. Murray Shipley soon afterward took a seat in the same row.  Then the ushers, Dr. Wm. Judkins and Mr. S. T. Griffiths, entered, followed by the bride and groom, all of whom took seats on the front row of forms.  After a few moments of silent prayer Mr. Murray Shipley read some selections relating to marriage, mainly from St. Paul's epistle to the Ephesians, and afterward read the beautiful story of Rebecca's marriage to Isaac, from the 24th chapter of Genesis.  He supplemented it with some remarks upon the lessons of the Scriptural selections, and then offered a brief prayer invoking the Divine blessing upon the candidates.  The prayer was followed by a minute or two of profound silence, when the candidates arose, and each clasping the others right hand, pledged solemnly, with God's assistance, the one to prove a faithful husband and the other a faithful wife until their life's end.  The certificate of their pledge was then signed by the bride and groom, witnessed by the ushers, and read to the congregation by Dr. Taylor.  A brief and impressive address was made to the bride and groom, and congregation, by Mrs. Harriet Steer, and octogenarian, and Mr. Shipley asked for the Divine benediction upon the marriage.  The wedded pair then drove to the residence of the bride's family, and will commence housekeeping in sensible, matter of fact style today.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Sept. 15, 1879
TILGHMAN - COLLORD - At the residence of the bride's parents, at Red Bank, Tuesday evening, September 9, by the Rev. J. A. Storey, Mr. Charles R. Tilghman to Miss Carrie B. Collord. May happiness attend them.
(Submitted by Sharon Wick)
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Sept. 15, 1879
- By the Rev. Mr. Kinsolving on the 11th inst., Dr. L. S. McMurtry to Mary E. Ball, daughter of the late Geo. W. Ball.
(Submitted by Sharon Wick)
MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: Peter Kneipp to Caroline Kling
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette - Ohio
Dated: November 3, 1881
At the Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York, on Tuesday, October 25, 1881, by the Right Rev. Bishop Starkey, of New Jersey, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Howland, and the Rev. Mr. Morgan, of the Church of the Heavenly Rest, and the Rev. Dr. S. H. Weston,  of St. John's, Edith Elizabeth Todd, eldest daughter of Andrew J. Todd, Esq., to the Rev. Frank Landon Humphreys, youngest son of Dr. F. Humphreys, all of New York.
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A Wedding of Great Interest to Musical Circles.
     The marriage of MR. Adolph Hartdegen and Miss Annie Burt Norton was celebrated at the residence of her father, Dr. Norton, on West Fourth street, last evening at 5 o'clock in the presence of a small company of friends and the immediate relatives, teh Rev. Mr. C. W. Wendte officiating.  Cincinnati's rosebud prima donna was a very lily of a bride.  She wore an exquisite toilet of white silk, with draperies of airy tulle, and a profusion of pale half brown rosebuds.  There were no bridesmaids, but Miss Emma Buchannan, a dear friend of the bride, assisted to remove her glove when the emblem of the eternity of love, the marriage ring, was slipped over her finger.
     Congratulations and godspeeds of more than ordinary earnestness were offered the wedded pair.  If complete sympathy of interests and tastes, and an affection which has stood the test of years, give promise of happiness in the estate commended of St. Paul, then Mr. and Mrs. Hartdegen may hope for bliss beyond compare, but it can not surpass the good wishes that follow them to their new home.
     There were present at the ceremony Maj. and Mrs. A. S. Burt and Mrs. Sibley, of Chicago; Mrs. Halley, of Binghamton; Mrs. Heiskell, of Wheeling, W. Va.; Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gano, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kehler, Mr. and Mrs. Bowen, Miss Stanwood.  Mrs. Buchannan, Miss Buchannan, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Judge Burnet, Dr. McKenzie, and Dr. Forchheimer.
An elegant little collation was served at 6 o'clock, under Keppler's direction, and the happy pair left an hour or two later on their honeymoon trip, the end of which is to be New York City, where they will in future reside.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Special Dspatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.
SHELBYVILLE, IND., Nov. 2 - Miss Alice Thompson, daughter of Mr. Alfred Thompson, residing near Cynthiana, this county, was married this afternoon to a Mr. Billman of Sullivan, this county.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. S. J. Tomlinson at the residence of Mr. Thompson, and was a worthy event of that neighborhood.



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