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Maple Grove Cemetery


     On the 25th day of December, 1854, the following named persons filed papers for the incorporation of a company to be called "The Maple Grove Cemetery Association," to-wit: D. J. Cory, William Taylor, Hugh Newell, Jesse Wheeler, A. H. Bigelow, Benj. Huber, J. B. Hull, Parlee Carlin, G. H. Crook, Henry Porch, Dr. W. H. Baldwin, H. P. Gage, John Ewing, F. Henderson, M. C. Whitely, Dr. D. Goucher, G. W. Galloway and J. H. Wilson.  The first election for officers was held at the office of M. C. Whiteley, on the 22d of June, 1855, at which time John Ewing, H. P. Gage and Parlee Carlin were elected Trustees, and William Taylor, Clerk.
     About twenty acres of land on the west bank of the river just outside the west corporation line, was bought of George Biggs, and laid out into lots.  A main avenue extends through the center of the grounds from east to west, and on either side of his avenue, there were two hundred and fifty-two lots laid out, making in all, five hundred and four lots, through which passed two other avenues, one on either side of the main one, and parallel with it.  The lots are laid out in rows, and are eight feet wide and twenty-four feet long.  August 3d, 1860, after many of these lots had been sold, the association proposed to the town and township, that if they would avail themselves of the provisions of a act of the Legislature, providing for the joint ownership, by Incorporated Villages and Townships, of cemeteries, and assume the amount still due upon the purchase of the lands, they would transfer the grounds to them.  This was accordingly done, and Dixon Stansberry, William Mungen and William Church, as Trustees, deeded the lands to the town of Findley and Findley Township, and the name of "Maple Grove Cemetery" was adopted.
     In 1872 the authorities purchased of Jasper Lytle, for $2,200, a tract of 22 acres adjoining their grounds on the south.  In 1865 a further addition of two hundred and eighty-six lots, was laid out in the rear of the first platting of lots.
     In 1878, under the direction of L. A. Baldwin, C. B. Hall and Henry Brown, Cemetery Trustees, a very fine and imposing Mortuary Chapel was built, at a cost of two thousand dollars.  This chapel is used for the reception and retention of bodies before burial, at the request of the friends of the deceased.  The trustees deserve much credit for the erection of so tasteful a building, in this city of the dead.
     The entire occupied part of the grounds, in profusely planted with evergreen and shade trees, whose beautiful foliage, and inviting shade, dispel much of the gloom naturally surrounding such a place.  A wide shady driveway extends the length of the grounds on both sides.  There are many very beautiful and costly monuments, marking the residing place of friends.
     The families of Jesse Wolf, W. C. Cox, Wm. Taylor and F. Henderson have very pretty vaults erected for the reception of their dead.
     The grounds are situated on the high banks of the Blanchard, and are thoroughly underdrained.  A public highway passes along the river bank, in front of and between the cemetery grounds and the river.  A beautiful iron fence is built along the entire front.  The whole is in charge of three trustees, elected by the village, but who are under the control and direction of the council of the village.  The village council and the trustees of the town meet in joint session in May of each year, and determine on the amount of money to be raised, and the rate of taxation.
     Maple Grove Cemetery is fast becoming one of the most beautiful burial places in the country.  The present Board of Trustees is L. A. Baldwin, J. R. Clark and J. L. Kenower.



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