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A History of the Early Settlement of Highland County, Ohio
 by Daniel Scott, Esq. with an introduction and index. 
Collected and Reprinted by The Hillsborough Gazette at the Gazette Office

Chapter I - pg. 1  - The Destruction of Hannahstown
 - Where the Pioneers Emigrated From
 - Peter Patrick's Adventure, and the First Settlement in the State
 - 'Something of the Magnitude of the Enterprise and Dangers Incurred by the Emigrants whom Came by the Ohio
 - Graphic Description of His Labors Told by Colonel William Keys.
Chapter II  - The French Dominion, with a Short Account of the Subsequent Contests and Cessions which Finally Brought the Territory of the Northwest Under the Control of the United States
 - Simon Kenton's Capture and Escape
 - The Story of Joshua Fleethart
 - First Permanent Settlement in the State at Marietta
 - pg. 5
Chapter III  - The Heroic Age of the West
 - Captain James Trimble
 - The Battle at the Point
 - Daniel Greathouse and the Massacre at Baker's Block House
 - St. Clair's Expedition.
 - pg. 9
Chapter IV - FINISHED 7/1/2020  - Some of the Adventures of Duncan McArthur and Samuel Davis
 - The Capture and Escape of Israel Donaldson
 - Unsuccessful Attempts of Thomas Beals to Reach this County Form North Carolina
 - The Burning of James Horton and John Branson
 - Simon Kenton Pursues a Part of Shawnees Through Highland County
 - pg. 12
Chapter V  - The Battle of the East Fork.  - pg. 15
Chapter VI  - Battle of Belfast
 - Beals and Pope Make an Expedition Into the County
 - Something about Land Warrants and how They were Located
 - An Adventure of Massie when Surveying in the Virginia Military District
 - pg. 20
Chapter VII  - Hardships and Privations Suffered by the Surveyors
 - Simon Kenton Makes the First Location in Highland
 - Early Adventures About Manchester
 - The Capture of Andrew Ellison
 - Exciting Race of John Edgington
 - Wayne's Victory, and the Peace Following
 - The Last Indian Battle on the Scioto
 - William Rogers and Rev. Robert Finley.
 - pg. 25
Chapter VIII  - Habits and Customs of the Pioneers, and the Hardships and Privations They Endured
 - The Settlement at Chillicothe, and the Means Employed to Stimulate Its Rapid Growth as a Town
 - The Treaty of Greenville, by which Permanent Peace was Secured to the Northwest Territory
 - pg. 30
Chapter IX  - Organization of Adams and Ross Counties
 - First Settlement Within the Limits of Highland at Sinking Springs
 - John Wilcoxon, the Pioneer Householder
 - Early Liquor Legislation in the Territory
 - Appointment of Justices of the Peace, and Their Peculiar Ideas of the Administration of Justice.
 - Causes which Retarded the Growth of the Chillicothe Community, and Led to the Settlement of Highland County
 - pg. 34
Chapter X  - The Town of New Market Laid Off and Platted, and the First Houses Built
 - The First White Woman in what is Now Highland County.
 - pg. 40
Chapter XI - FINISHED - 7/4/2020  - Jacob and Enoch Smith Settle at the Falls of Paint
 - General McArthur Selects a Site and Lays Off the Town of Greenfield.
 - pg. 45
Chapter XII - PARTIAL - 7/2/2020  - Wishart's Tavern, and the First Postmaster at New Market
 - The Village of New Amsterdam
 - Job Wright Makes the First Settlement at Greenfield
 - The Halcyon Days - Permanent Settlers of New Market in 1800
 - A Tea Party
 - The Seat of Government Removed to Chillicothe
 - pg. 47
Chapter XIII  - First Settlers at Greenfield
 - The Poet Curry
 - Major Anthony Franklin Settles in the County
 - Nathaniel Pope and Family Start from Virginia for the Northwest Territory
 - pg. 52
Chapter XIV - PARTIAL 7/5/2020  - Hugh Evans Settles on Clear Creek
 - Plants the First Corn, Builds a "Sweat Mill," and Prospers, while Nathaniel Pope is Sowing the First Wheat, and William Pope, John Walters and Others are Hunting Bear, on Lees Creek and Rattlesnake with the Indians
 - The Finleys and Davidson Find Similar Excitement and Trials on Whiteoak.
 - pg. 57
Chapter XV  - A Settlement is made on Rocky Fork, and "Smoky Row: Is Laid Out
 - John Porter's Grist Mill
 - Pope Cuts His Wheat
 - Death of Thomas Beals
 - Elijah Kirkpatrick, Lewis Summers, George Row, Joseph Meyers, Isaac Laman and George Caley Come to New Market
 - Adam Lance, George Fender and Isaiah Roberts Join the Finleys on Whiteoak
 - The Van Meters Settle on the East Fork
 - Robert and Tary Templin Settle on Little Rocky Fork, and Simon Shoemaker, Frederick Brocher and Timothy Branson are Buried at New Market
 - Benjamin Carr, Samuel Butler, Evan Evans, Edward Wright and William Lupton Settle about Leesburg
 - Lupton Builds the First Saw Mill and James Howard the First Corn Mill in that Neighborhood
 - The Friends Erect a Meeting House, While Mrs. Ballard is the First to be Buried in the Graveyard.

 - Pg. 62.

Chapter XVI  - Michael Stroup Surprises the People of New Market, and with William Finley and Robert Boyce Cuts a Wagon Road to Mad River
 - After Suffering Many Privations, Stroup Enters Into Partnership with George Parkinson and They Make Wool Hats at $18 per Dozen
 - Arthur St. Clair, the Territorial Governor, Being Relieved by the Admission of Ohio into the Union, Returns to Pennsylvania, where he Dies in Poverty.
 - Pg. 66 
Chapter XVII - PARTIAL 7/4/2020  - John Gossett Erects a Grist Mill - Something About Lewis Gibler
 - Brushcreek Currency
 - The First Settler in Union Township
 - Thomas Dick Settles in Marshall, Establishes a School, and Founds the Presbyterian Church of That Neighborhood
 - Sinking Springs and Vicinity Receives Additional Inhabitants in the Persons of Simon Schoemaker, Jr., and his Brothers, Peter and Martin, John Hatter, John Fulk, George Suiter, James Williams, Jacob Roads, David Evans, Jacob Fisher, Abraham Boyd, Peter Stultz, Dr. John Caplinger, Capt. Wilson, Henry Countryman and Rev. Benj. Van Pelt.
 - Pg. 69 
Chapter XVIII  - William and Bigger Head and Joseph, John and Benjamin West Settle in the Neighborhood of Sinking Springs and Marshall
 - Rumors of Indian Hostilities at Chillicothe Create Great Fear and Excitement in the New Settlements
 - Graphic Account of the Killing of the Shawnee Chief, Waw-Wil-a-Way
 - Pg. 76 
 - Morgan VanMeter Locates on the East Fork, Opens a Hotel, and Lays Out a Town
 - Jonathan Berryman Appointed Postmaster at New Market
 - Aaron Watson Starts a Hotel, and John and William Campton Establish a Tannery in the Same Place
 - How the Materials for the Manufacture of Leather were Procured
 - Marriage of Michael Stroup and Polly Walker, with a Description of the Wedding Ceremony - David Ross Settles in Union Township
 - David Reece, A Carpenter, is Cordially Welcomed, and Contributes Greatly to the Conveniences of the Early Settlers
 - Joseph Eakins Locates near New Market
 - Pg. 80 
 - Edward Tiffin, the First Governor of Ohio, Enters Upon His Duties, and the First General Assembly Meets at Chillicothe
 - Ezekiel Kelly Settles on Rocky Fork and Assists in the Erection of the First House in Hillsboro - Samuel Gibson and His Remarkable Mill
 - Judge Mooney, the Pioneer School-Master
 - The Growth of Greenfield, with a Description of Some of Its Early Taverns and Other Business Enterprises
 - Edom Ratcliff, Job Haigh, George Gall and Others Locate in Different Parts of the County.
 - Pg. 84  
 - Captain James Trimble's Second Visit to Highland
 - Rev. Edward Chaney and His Missionary Work Among the Indians
 - "Splitting Rails" on the Present Site of Hillsboro
 - Struggles and Privations of the Evans and Hill Families to Effect a Permanent Settlement on Clear Creek
 - Cyrus Blount, Geo. Nichols, Joseph Knox, George Hobson, Matthew Kilgore, William Killbourn, Samuel Littler and Joseph W. Spargur Move Into the County
 - Pg. 89 
Chapter XXII  - The Legislature Creates the County of Highland and Establishes Its Boundaries
 - First Session of the Common Pleas Court, with Names of Judges and Jurymen
 - Extracts from the Records
 - The First Church in Brushcreek Township
 - James Carlisle and His Celebrated Tobacco
 - Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners, and Result of the Election in 1805
 - An Anecdote of John Gossett, Highland's First Representative in the Legislature
 - Surveying and Establishing Wagon Roads Through the County
 - The First School in Union Township.
 - Pg. 94 
Chapter XXIII  - Detailing the Massacre of the Jolly Family, the Capture of William Jolly, and His Thrilling Adventures Among the Indians, with the Efforts of His Relatives to Rescue Him.  - Pg. 103 
Chapter XXIV  - Proceedings of the County Commissioners, and Extracts from Court Records
 - Origin of the Names of Water-Courses in the County
 - Additional Settlements in the Neighborhood of Greenfield
 - Moses Patterson Erects a Mill Near Hillsboro
 - Roush, Arnett and Wilkin Move Into the County.
 - Pg. 108 
Chapter XXV - PARTIAL 7/4/2020  - Incidents and Anecdotes of the Early New Market Settlement
 - Col. William Keys and the Hardships which He and His Family Endured in Their Journey to Highland
 - The Stafford, Caley and Creek Families Move In and Settle in Different Localities
 - Court Records, Closing Up the Year 1806
 - Pg. 112 
Chapter XXVI - PARTIAL 7/5/2020  - The Subject of the Removal of the County Seat is Agitated, and the Citizens of New Market Make a Desperate Effort to Retain in Their Village the Seat of Justice
 - John Carlisle's Mercantile Venture on Clear Creek
 - Laying Out and Establishing New Roads
 - Rewards Offered for Wolf and Panther Scalps
 - John Smith Starts a Store in New Market, and Afterwards Removes to Hillsboro
 - James Fitzpatrick Settles Near Hillsboro
 - Peter Cartwright and James Quinn, Early Methodist Ministers, and Their Labors
 - Matthew Creed and His Milling Enterprise - A Turkey Run.
 - Pg. 119 
Chapter XXVII  - Frederick Fawley, Jeremiah Smith, Matthew Creed, Jo. Hart, Mark Easter, Abraham Clevenger and Jesse and William Lucas Move Into the County
 - A Queer Marriage Fee
 - Accessions to the Settlements Near Leesburg and Fall Creek, Composed of the Wrights, Morrows and Pattons
 - Court Records and Election Results
 - Early Township Officers
 - Jacob Hiestand
 - Jacob Hiestand Locates Near Sinking Springs
 - The Rogers Settlement Near Greenfield
 - Early Presbyterian History
 - Pg. 128 
Chapter XXVIII  - Common Pleas Court Records
 - Establishment of a Permanent Seat of Justice for Highland County
 - Names of Male Inhabitants Over Twenty-One Years of Age.
 - Pg. 136
Chapter, XXIX  - Last Sessions of the Courts at New Market
 - A Description of the Manner in which Houses and Barns were Built
 - Meager Church and School Privileges
 - The Ravages of Squirrels, Wolves, Foxes, &c.
 - Further Court Records, and Proceedings of the County Commissioners
 - Opening of New Roads
 - William C. Scott's Miraculous Escape from Indians
 - Pg. 147
Chapter XXX  - Description of an Early School House
 - A Famous Deer Lick
 - Rev. James Quinn, an Itinerant Minister
 - The Commissioners Meet at the New County Seat
 - How Jo. Hart Bribed a Jury with Roast Venison
 - Pg. 155
Chapter XXXI  - The VanMeter Family - Incidents Connected with the Settlement of Dodson Township - The First Distillery in the County
 - A Bushel of Corn for a Gallon of Whisky
 - The Growth of Hillsboro
 - The Boundaries of Paint Township
 - First Marriage in Hillsboro
 - Horrible Death of Andrew Edgar from the Bite of a Rattlesnake.
 - Pg. 161
Chapter XXXII  - The Township of Richland
 - Description of a General Master
 - Election Returns for the Year 1808
 - The Whipping Post, and the Part it Took in the Administration of Justice in Highland County
 - Pg. 170
Chapter XXXIII - FINISHED 7/1/2020  - Erection of the Court House
 - Commissioners' Proceedings
 - Patterson's Mill
 - A Horse-thief and His Punishment
 - The College Township Road
 - Organization of Union Township
 - Election Returns for 1809
 - Pg. 177
Chapter XXXIV - PARTIAL 7/4/2020  - The Whisky Road, and a Description of the Manner in Which It was Made
 - New Settlers About Sugartree Ridge
 - Contracts Given for the Erection of a Jail
 - A Good Bear Story
 - The First Case of Imprisonment for Debt in Highland County
 - Concord Township Laid Off and Named
 - Pg. 184
INDEX  - Name and Subject index.  - Not necessarily biographies.  

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