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The Firelands Pioneer Quarterly
Published by
The Firelands Historical Society
Headquarters in
The Firelands Memorial Building
Norwalk, Ohio
Published at Norwalk, Ohio
The American Publishers Company.

New Series

Volume VIII

Oct. 1895


[Page 155] -

     GILES BOALT died Oct. 18, 1894, at his residence in Norwalk, aged 71 years.  He was born by the Old State Road south east of that city and had passed his whole life in Norwalk.  He left a wife, one son, Frank, and a daughter, Louisa.  He and his brother, Stephen, were for many years famous for their tree and flower nurseries, which did not much to enrich the orchards and beautify the homes of the Firelands

[Page 155] -

    THADDEUS BUNKER was born at Nantucket Feb. 21, 1819, and died Oct. 16, 1894.  He wa for many years a prominent itizen of Huron, Ohio, where his sister, Mrs. S. P. McDonald, survives him.  His remains were interred at Tiffin by the side of his wife who was a daughter of Judge William Toll of that city.

     ROXANA ELIZABETH BOTT, born at Spafford, New York, Aug. 1, 1830, died at Townsend, Erie county, Ohio, Aug. 13, 1894.  Married to John G. Bott, May 4, 1854.  Left one daughter, Gertrude.  Was the youngest of a family of six children who came to the Firelands in 1839, of whom two survive, O. F. and I. M. Gillett, of Norwalk.

     ELISHA M. COLVER, born in Hudson, New York, in 1832, came when he was young, to the Firelands, died at his home in Sandusky, Sept. 24, 1895.  Was a prominent lawyer, city solicitor of Sandusky, and for three terms probate judge of Erie county.  In the late civil war he enlisted as first lieutenant Co. B., Third Oiho Cavalry, was soon promoted captain, and served to the end of the war, participating in many severe battles

     ALFRED CHESEBROUGH died in Detroit, October 3, 1894, and his remains were brought to Sandusky for interment.  He entered the employ of the New York Central boat line as agent at Sandusky, in 1830, and followed the extension of the line to Toledo.  In 1865 he accepted the general traffic agency of the Union Steamboat Company, making his headquarters in Detroit.  He became interested in vessel property and at the time of his death owned several large vessels.
     He was, through many years, a prominent resident and business man of Norwalk, being engaged in the mercantile business with Mr. Griswold, a brother of the late Mrs. C. L. BoaltMrs. Chesebrough was a daughter of the late Judge Ebenezer Lane, of Sandusky.  Mr. Chesebrough was a cousin of Pickett Latimer, J. M. Latimer and Mrs. E. L. Warren, of Sandusky.

     THOMAS CADELL died at his home in Monroeville, Ohio, Nov. 4, 1894, aged 80 years.   He was roadmaster for the

[Page 157] -
for the B. & O. railroad for many years and was one of the oldest railroad men in the country.

     GEORGE COOPER, born in 1818, died at Birmingham, Ohio, Aug. 3, 1894.  Was said to be the first white child born in that (Florence) township.

     LORENZO S. CHAPIN, born in Canajoharie, New York, in 1835, died at West Berlin, Ohio, in 1894.  Came there with his parents in 1840.  Was a prominent lawyer at Mattoon, Illinois, but failing in health, retired to his West Berlin farm, which in his hands was a model of successful cultivation.  He left a wife and four children.

     MIRANDA C. FARRAR, one of the Pioneers, died at Birmingham, Ohio, Aug. 16, 1894, aged 88.

     ORAN FOLLETT, died at Sandusky, Ohio, Oct. 14, 1894, in his ninety-fifth year.  Was editor of a paper at Batavia and member of the New York Legislature.  After removing to Ohio he was editor of the " Ohio State Journal," member of the State Board of Public Works, and president of the Sandusky, Dayton & Cincinnati railroad.

     SILAS DOANE, born in Granger, Alleghany county, New York, Nov. 29, 1832, died at Hartland township, Huron county, Ohio, Nov. 6, 1894.  Married Eudolpha DeWitt, Nov. 30, 1854.  Was a member of Co., H, 166 Regiment O. V. I., and served from May 2, 1864, until the close of the civil war.  Was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery at Norwalk.  Left a wife, four sons and two daughters.

     JUDITH GRIGGS died at her home in Olena, Ohio, Sept. 14, 1894, in her 86th year.  She was a U. s. Pensioner.

     ENO HOLIDAY, born in the State of New York in 1813, died at his home on Hartland Ridge, Nov. 17, 1894, aged 81 years.  He came to Ohio in 1833, and the next year settled in Hartland township, where he lived on the same farm for over sixty years.  He left three sons and one daughter.  W. G. Holiday, (Recorder of Huron Co ) J. O. Holiday, of Willis, Kansas; F. E. Holiday, of Flint, Michigan; and Mrs. Nettie Manahan, of Hartland.

[Page 158] -

     JENNIE TODD LAIRD, born at Wakeman, Ohio, July 18, 1864, died in Chicago, Illinois, July 15, 1895.  She graduated from Oberlin College in 1887, taught in Lorain for several years.  Was married to Rev. Geo. B. Laird, Aug. 24, 1892.
     Her married life was one of tireless devotion to city mission work in one of the most needy sections of Chicago  The Foreign Mission field can show few examples of greater sacrifice and more heroic devotion to duty than that manifested in this work.  Her special department in S. S. was Primary Superintendent.  Here for all of one winter she managed and taught alone from 100 to 130 children, many of them lawless, and packed so closely together that they could not sit still.
     The last service for others that she performed was the making of 229 little sweet pea bouquets Saturday night.  These were given to the S. S. children Sunday.  The sweet peas were sent from Wakeman. She was daughter of S H. Todd, a prominent citizen of Wakeman.

     LUCY MORSE MAHANAN was born March 17, 1817, in Venice, New York and died at her home in Norwalk, Ohio, Sept. 29, 1894.  In June, 1843, she was married to George W. Manahan, and came with him to the Firelands.  After six years in Monroeville and Norwalk, he purchased a farm in Hartland, on which they lived until 1871.  Then they returned to Norwalk where he died and she survived him four years.  Her father, Isaac Morse, was a near relative of Rev. Jedediah Morse, the great geographer; of Prof. F. B Morse, famous in the American telegraph enterprise; of Sidney E. Morse, author of the Modern Geography; and of Lieutenant General Winfield Scott.  She left two sons and three daughters surviving her, E. W. Manahan and Mrs. F. G. Robinson, of Moss Point, Mississippi; Dr. M. W. Manahan, of Atlanta, Georgia; Mrs. G. W. Robinson, of East Orange, New Jersey; and Mrs. C. F. Stewart, of Norwalk, Ohio.  She was well worthy of her noble descent

     JOHN MAHAN was born in Galway, Ireland, in 1814, lived for nearly sixty years on or about the Firelands, and died

[Page 159] -

Sept. 13, 1894, at the home of his daughter in Norwalk, Mrs. G. T. Whitney.  He left two sons, P. H. and Thomas Mahan surviving him.

     SAMUEL McCAGUE, born in Summit county, Ohio, May 3, 1820, was married to Susan Donley and settled on his farm in Hartland township, in 1852.  He died Nov. 18, 1894.  His sister, Jane Bishop, of Bedford, Ohio, and his brother Thoams J. McCague, of Bronson, survive him.

     LUCY CLARK McCONNELL, born in Berlin, Erie county, September 12, 1846, and died at her residence in Peru township, Aug. 27, 1894.  She was married to Harry McConnell, Apr. 5, 1866.  She was president of the James Mann Relief Corps for several terms and treasurer of Peru Grange from its organization to her death, which adopted tributary resolutions in praise of her many excellent qualities.  She left her husband and one daughter surviving her

     JAMES OTIS, born at Berlin, Ohio, Apr. 1, 1818.  Died at Chicago, Illinois, Sept. 14, 1895.  Was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the Firelands district.  Removed to Chicago in 1863 in moderate circumstances, but by real estate investments became a millionaire.  When he went there he cut the timber for his new house on Wabash avenue, from his Berlin farm, loaded on a schooner at Huron, and then taken by water to Chicago.  His three brothers, Lucius B., Frederick, and Joseph E. Otis, were with him there in business. . In 1845 he married Margaretta Adams at Huron, Ohio.  His sons, Philo A. and Walter J. Otis survive him.
     Mr. Otis founded the Calvary Presbyterian church, and was prominent, after the fire, in the First Presbyterian church and Presbyterian Theological seminary in Chicago.

     IRENE PHILLIPS, born in New York city, May 26, 1815, died Sept. 29, 1894.  Came to the Firelands in 1834, lived in Townsend, Berlin, Milan and Norwalk.  Married to Rufus S. Benedict in 1866, who died in May, 1893, since which time she lived with her step-daughter, Mrs. Judson Perrin.

[Page 160] -

     ANSON D. SKELLENGER, M. D., born in Geneva, New York, June 23, 1823, died at his home in New London, Ohio, June 27, 1895.  He was for many years an active member and worthy officer of the Firelands Historical Society, of which he was elected Vice President in 1874.  An excellent historical address was delivered by him before the Society at its Fall Meeting, 1869, which was published in Vol. 10, page 16, of THE FIRELANDS PIONEER.  He contributed other valuable articles from his pen to the collections of the Society.

     ABEL SMITH, born in Lanesboro, Massachusetts, Oct. 24, 1812; died in Greenfield, Huron county, Ohio, Sept. 12, 1894.  He came to Greenfield when twelve years old and lived there until his death.  He married Jerusha Brooks, whom he survived about twelve years.  They had ten children, seven of whom are living.  He was famous among the early settlers for his remarkable physical strength, activity and endurance, and to this were added his generosity as a neighbor and his upright character as a citizen.

     HENRY T. SHERWOOD, born in Gloustershire, England, in 1807, died at his home in Norwalk, Nov. 3, 1894.  He lived on the Firelands over sixty years, in Milan, Townsend and Norwalk.  He was married in the city of Boston, 1833, and survived his wife two years.

     AURELIA SNAVLEY died in Norwalk, Ohio, Oct. 9, 1894, aged 83 years of which 65 years were lived there.  She was mother of Frank M. Snavely, the well known railway passenger agent, and bore an exemplary character proved by her many good works.

     ESTHER WAKEMAN, born in Fairfield county, Connecticut, Oct. 19, 1813, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. J. Pryor, in Wakeman, Ohio, Oct. 17, 1894.  She married W. H. Wakeman in 1833, when she came with him to reside on the Firelands.


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