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Monroe County, Ohio
History & Genealogy


Aaron Cemetery
Antioch Cemetery
Asbery Chapel Cemetery
Barber Cemetery
Beardmore Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery
Block Cemetery
Bracken Ridge Cemetery
Brister Cemetery
Brownsville Methodist Cemetery
Buchanan Cemetery
Bush Cemetery
Cain Cemetery
Calais Cemetery
Captina Church of Christ Cemetery ****
Case Cemetery
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Chapel Hill Methodist Cemetery
Clarington Cemetery
Conners Ridge Cemetery ****
Cooper Cemetery
County Home Cemetery
Creighton Ridge Cemetery
Danford Cemetery
Dougherty Cemetery
Drum Cemetery
East Sunsbury Cemetery
Eggar Cemetery
Emma Grove Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery
Fletcher Cemetery
Free Burial Ground
Friendship Cemetery
Fuchs Cemetery
German Cemetery
Gillespie Cemetery
Goudy Cemetery
Grandview Cemetery
Graysville Cemetery ***
Greenbrier Cemetery
Grove Cemetery
Hannash Cemetery
Harmon Cemetery
Hartline Cemetery
Hartshorn Ridge Cemetery
Haythorn Cemetery
Henthorn Cemetery
Hershey Cemetery
Hines Chapel Cemetery
Hope Ridge Cemetery
Hopewell Cemetery
Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Cem
Jericho Methodist Cemetery
Jerusalem Cemetery
Kirkbride Cemetery ****
Knowlton Cemetery
Kraft Cemetery
Laings Presbyterian Cemetery
Lamping Cemetery
Leiblig Cemetery
Lentz Cemetery
Lewisville German Lutheran Cemetery
Liberty Cemetery
Locust Grove Cemetery
Low Gap Cemetery
Mann Cemetery
Masterton Cemetery
McGrary Cemetery
McIntire Cemetery
McVay Cemetery
Mehrley Cemetery
Merl Ridge Cemetery
Middle Church German Lutheran Cemetery
Miltonsburg Cemetery
Moffett Methodist Cemetery
Monahan Cemetery
Moose Ridge Cemetery #1 ***
Moose Ridge Cemetery #2 ***
Mount Carrick Cemetery
Mount Hope Cemetery
Mount Moriah Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery
Mount Sinai Methodist Cemetery
Mount Union Cemetery
Mount Vernon Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
Mount Zion Methodist Cemetery
Neptune Cemetery
New Hannibal Cemetery
Norris Cemetery
Oaklawn Cemetery
Old Case Cemetery
Old Otts Cemetery
Ollum Cemetery
Ozark Cemetery
Parker Cemetery
Pioneer Cemetery
Plainview Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Pontius Cemetery
Potts Cemetery ****
Quaker Cemetery
Rinard Mills Cemetery
Rings Mills Cemetery
Ruble Cemetery
Rutter Cemetery
Saint James Cemetery
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery ****
Saint Johns Methodist Cemetery
Saint Johns Roman Catholic Cemetery
Saint Pauls Evangelical Cemetery
Saint Sylvester Roman Catholic Cemetery
Salem Cemetery
Salem Cemetery
Sardis Cemetery
Schell Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Sloan Cemetery
Sloan Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Southerland Methodist Cemetery
Stafford Cemetery
Swazey Methodist Cemetery
Sykes Cemetery
Unity Baptist Cemetery
Valley Cemetery
West Union Cemetery ****
Wilson Cemetery
Wise Cemetery
Witten Cemetery
Zesiger Cemetery
Zion Methodist Cemetery


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