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Monroe County, Ohio
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Source: North American - Pennsylvania
Dated: Dec. 9, 1844
     The Lecos of Miltonsburg, Monroe Co., Ohio, met to celebrate the election of Polk, and having no cannon, they fastened anvils together, so as to form a hollow, in which to put a charge of powder.  On firing this 'platonic machine,' it bursted the rings which held it together, and a piece of the iron entered the side of a young man, about 17 years of age, and killed him on the spot.
Source: Farmer's Cabinet
Dated: Apr. 30, 1846

A Courageous Woman - We have always understood that the tongue and the poker were woman's legitimate weapons, and the following fact shows she knows how to use the latter to some purpose:  The Belmont Chronicle states that a short time since, a man painted black, and otherwise disguised, attempting to rob a woman residing near Bealsville, Monroe County, Ohio.  She had sold a horse for $75, which fact the villian knew.  He demanded the whole ammount.  She gave him some bank notes, and desired that he would count them.  As he stopped to do so, she struck him over the head with a heavy poker, and then alarmed the neighborhood.  In a few minutes the man was found dead.

Source: Vermont Gazette - Vermont
Dated: May 5, 1846

Female Spirit - A man painted black, and otherwise disguised, attempted to rob a woman residing near Bealsville, Monroe Co., Ohio.  She had sold a horse for $75, which fact the villain undoubtedly had learned as he demanded the whole amount.  She gave him some bank notes and desired him to count them.  As he stooped to do so, she struck him over the head with a heavy poker, and then alarmed the neighborhood. - In a few minutes the man was found dead.

Source:  Spirit of democracy (Woodsfield, Ohio) Vol.: 11 Page: 4
Dated: July 26, 1854
RAN AWAY from me, a bound boy named Wm. Barnett. All persons are hereby notified set to harbor said boy, as I am entitled to his services; and any person that will return said Wm. Barnett, shall receive one cent for his trouble, and no thanks.  And I am determined not to be accountable for any debts of his making, while absent.
          THOMAS SMITH
July 26, 1854.
Source: Ohio Statesman
Date:  Aug. 14, 1857

A little lad named WORKMAN, was killed near Bealsville on the 28th ult., by a sled falling on him, near which he was playing.  His mother saw the accident but could afford no relief.

Source:  Spirit of democracy (Woodsfield, Ohio) Vol.: 31 Page: 4
Dated: June 16, 1874
-- MRS. JAMES R. SMITH, of this place, fell down the steps at the Barnesville station on the 13th inst., and injured one of her arms considerably.
-- MR. FINNEY, the carrier on the mail route leading South from Woodsfield, was considerably ijured on the 13th inst., by his horse running away and throwing him from his buggy.  The addicent occurred between this place and Edwina in Wayne township.
Source: Wheeling Register - Va.
Dated: Sep. 28, 1876

MINISTERIAL APPOINTMENTS - The East Ohio Methodist Conference has closed its session at Steubenville and filled the pulpits of the various churches in our neighborhood as follows:
Presiding Elder - J. M. CARR
Barnesville - E. HINGLEY
Barnesville Circuit - J. W. TOLAND
Belmont - L. H. BAKER
Bellaire - T. S. HODGSON
Bellaire Circuit - J. H. WHITE
Bridgeport - J. H. WHITE
Clamigton - A. G. ROBB
Centerville - J. L. MOORE
Fairview - J. I. WILSON
Freeport - T. T. PHILLIPS
Hendrysburg - M. J. SLUTZ
Hannibal - J. SHAW
Morristown - W. D. STARKEY
Moorefield - W. H. RIDER
St. Clairesville - B. F. BEAZELLE
Somerton - J. W. WEAVER
Woodsfield - S. CROUSE
Woodsfield Church - To be supplied
Antioch - G. A. SHEETS

Source: Wheeling Register
Dated: July 21, 1877
     Mrs. Dr. Wunderlich
is visiting friends at Miltonsburg, Ohio.
Source:  Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Feb. 21, 1879
Threats of Violence by Striking Coal Miners Along the Monongahela.
Two Hundred and Thirty Citizens, Sworn in as Deputy Sheriffs, Besieging the Mines.
Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.
Considerable excitement and uneasiness exists at Brownsville and other towns along the Upper Monongahela, owning to recent outbreaks and threatened violence by the striking coal miners in that vicinity.  Nearly all the coal mines have been shut down for some time, the original cause of the trouble being a reduction in the price paid for digging.
     Within a few days past, several of the mine owners have attempted to start up at reduced prices with fresh hands, but the old men become so violent that the new men are afraid to go to work.  The former employes in some instances have taken possession of the mines, and threaten dire vengeance on any one going to work.
     On Tuesday night Sheriff Work, of Washington County, assembled a posse of deputies at Beallsville, and at 10 o'clock p. m. he, with 108 men, mounted and heavily armed, marched on Brownsville arriving there at 4 o'clock Wednesday morning.  The Sheriff immediately went to work arresting coal miners, in many cases taking them out of bed, and a large number of the strikers were jailed.
     In addition to the 108 men from Beallsville, 122 from California and Greenfield were sworn in and joined the other party at Brownsville, making the entire number of Deputy Sheriffs 230.  They are camped in Brownsville and West Brownsville, and made many arrests to-day.  Brownsville is in Fayette County, and what authority Sheriff Work has is not yet known.  He telegraphed Sheriff Dean, of Fayette County, at Uniontown, yesterday, asking his help in securing the arrest of the leaders but Dean refused to give it, saying he had no authority to make the arrests.
     Gov. Hoyt has placed Company H, of the 10th Regiment, under Work's command.  They are at Washington awaiting orders.  Many of the miners have fled to the mines, where they have enough provisions to withstand quite a siege, and fears are felt that a bloody outbreak may occur at any moment.
Source: Wheeling Register
Dated: Nov. 12, 1880
     Wm. Wheeler, Esq.
, of Miltonsburg, Ohio, arrived in the city, last evening, and is the guest of his relative, Mr. Chris Leidle, of the Volksblott.
Source: Wheeling Register - Va.
Dated: Dec. 11, 1880

, of Bealsville, passed through Bellaire yesterday.

Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Aug. 31, 1882
A Minister's infatuation, Deserting His Family for the Society of a Young Girl.
BARNESVILLE, Aug. 30 - The Rev. Mr. Bedall has been in this circuit two years, acting as pastor in charge of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  He has lived in Beallsville, Monroe County, his family consisting of his wife, three children, and a servant, Rosa Arnold, aged about fifteen years.  To outsiders the relations of  the members of the Bedall family seemed pleasant, and the pastor enjoyed the confidence of his people, who intrusted him with the church collections, in addition to $400 belonging to the church recently dedicated at Ozark.  Mrs. Bedall, however, suspected undue intimacy between her husband and the Arnold girl, who was suddenly sent home to her people at Waynesboro, Pa.  This incident  gave rise to much gossip in teh little town, and many cases of suspicious actions on the part of Mr. Bedall and some of his female parishioners were recalled.  Shortly after the enforced departure of the Arnold girl Mr. Bedell announced to his wife at that must go and visit his mother who was sick.  Several days later she a letter from him, asking her to come with the children to Armstrong's Mills, a little station near Beallsville.  She had only $, but she spent seventy five cents for transpiration to the place of meeting, only to find that her husband was not there.  Her suspense was broken when she learned that he and a young girl were registered in a hotel in Wheeling, W. Va., as father and daughter.  A letter also was received from him, in which he said that he was tired of preaching, and was going into the book business.  A letter from Mrs. Bedall's sister said that Bedall and the Arnold girl passed through Mt. Union together.  Mrs. Bedall is left with three children, entirely destitute, as her husband carried off all his own as well as the church's money.
Source:  Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Sept. 30, 1882
East Ohio Conference.
Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.
NEW PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 29. - At the regular session of the East Ohio Conference this morning Rev. W. Bedall, of the Beallsville District, charged with deserting his wife and family and being on terms too intimate with the domestic, confessed his guilt and relinquished his parchments.  He was expelled from the church and ministry.  The balance of the day was given to hearing reports from the different districts.  Reports were very satisfactory.  Conference adjourned until to-morrow.
Source:  Summit County Beacon - Ohio
Dated: June 24, 1885
Tersified Telegrams
disease alleged to be identical with that lately raging at Plymouth, Pa., has broken out at Beallsville, Monroe County, O., a little town about 15 miles from Wheeling, W. Va., and great excitement exists.  One death has already occurred, Miss Rosa Arnold, a handsome and popular young lady of 18, and her sister is dying.
Source: Wheeling Register
Dated: Aug. 21, 1885
Movements of Wheelingites, and the Coming and Going of Strangers.
     Father Zageser
, of Miltonsburg, Ohio, is a guest of Mr. F. Biedenbach.
Source: Wheeling Register
Dated: July 30, 1887
Word was received that James Maure, formerly with Thornburg & Booth, died at his home at Miltonsburg, O., yesterday.
Source: Wheeling Register
Dated: July 7, 1889
POINTS ON PEOPLE - Movements of Citizens and the Coming and Going of Strangers.
     Mr. J. H. Egger
and family are spending a few days at Miltonsburg, Ohio.
Source: Wheeling Register
Dated: Sept. 1, 1889
POINTS ON PEOPLE - Movements of Citizens and the Coming and Going of Strangers.
     Miss Lucinda Menkel, of Miltonsburg, O., is visiting relatives here.
Source: Wheeling Register
Dated: Jul. 2, 1895
Daily Chronicle of the Movements of Individuals
     Misses Elmer Meyer and Sarah Habig, of the South Side, are visiting friends in Miltonsburg, O.
Source: Wheeling Register
Dated: Dec. 7, 1895
     Woodsfield, O.,
December 6 - Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Buchanan and little daughter spent Sunday with his parents at Beallsville.
     Mr. W. L. Motz, of Lewisville, is here studying law with his brother, L. E. Motz.
     Rev. Muller
and daughter, of Miltonsbug, were in town Thursday shopping.
     John Daugherty came home Thursday from Pueblo, Col., where he has been since spring with his brother, learning the baker's trade.
     Mr. C. L. Mellott made a business trip to Bellaire yesterday.
     Mr. J. M. Burkhard, who has been quite sick, is able to be up and around his room.
     Miss Setta Lynch is on the sick list this week.
     Mr. Harvey Rouse, of Dennison, O., spent Thanksgiving with his parents on Hope Ridge.
     Taylor Baker has returned to East Liverpool after spending Thanksgiving at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Baker.
     Miss Amanda Kirk
spent the first of the week at Wheeling.
     Thomas Welsh and Frank Armstrong, of Armstrong's Mills, spent Thanksgiving with Woodfield friends.
     Miss Minnie Steel, of Miltonsburg, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ed Menkel, of this place.
     Mrs. E. H. Menkel
and Mrs. Louis Helbling are on the sick list.
     Mr. Will Morris, of the Central Ohio Paper Co. of Columbus, was in town Wednesday and Thursday calling on customers.
     Mr. Hugh Crawford, of Antioch, spent Wednesday and Thursday at Woodfield.
     Mrs. P. O. Lemley, of Beallsville, and Mrs. Cyrus Ward, of Clarington, are guests of Sheriff Keyser and wife.

     Miss Minnie Steel
, of Miltonsburg, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ed Menkel, of this place.
Source: Wheeling Register
Dated. Jan 3, 1897
Cause Two Serious Fires in Monroe County, Ohio
Special to the Register
     WOODFIELD, O., January 2 - At Edwina, this county, this morning a small child of Samuel MOFFAT set its clothing on the while standing before an open grate and was fatally burned.
     At the same place this evening, Mrs. Asbury SMITH left her children along for a few minutes while she went to a neighbor's.  The children placed the lamp in the window, setting the curtains on fire.  The lamp exploded and burned the house.  The children escaped but not till badly burned trying to put out the blaze they had started.
Source: Duluth News - Tribune - Minnesota
Dated: Aug. 22, 1897

Special Indian Land Agent Brings His Successor, George A. KEEPERS.
     James H. KINNANE, United States special agent for allotment of land in severalty to Indians, under the general allotment act, has been removed by President McKINLEY, and George A. KEEPERS of Bealsville, Ohio, appointed in his stead.  The latter arrived here yesterday morning.  Mr. KINNANE will remain here about a week, inducting the new special agent in the work, which is important and intricate.
     "I shall in about a week," said Mr. KINNANE, "return to my home in Kalamazoo, Mich., and resume the practice of law, which I left when coming into this service.
     "I, of course, have no complaint to make.  My appointment was a presidential one, and not classified in the civil service, and as it was one of the best places in what was known as the field service, it was natural that there would be candidates seeking it under the new administration.  I was, as you see, holding a commission from a Democratic president during the pleasure of a Republican president - hence the natural result.  I was and am a gold Democrat, and, like many of those in my state, I voted for Mr. McKinley for president last fall."
     Mr. KINNANE, it is said, has made an excellent and capable official, and his removal is due solely to political reasons and the natural pressure for place.  He has, during his stay of a year and a half here, earned the respect of all that have known him, and will leave many friends in Duluth.  His removal was not asked for by Judge MORRIS or any of the Minnesota delegation.  The appointment of his successor was in the nature of a personal appointment by the president.

Source: Montgomery Advertiser
Dated: Nov. 5, 1916
S. B. Luley, mayor of Miltonsburg, Ohio, is claimed to be the oldest mayor in the United States.  He is now past 85 years of age and serving his third term.
Source: Wyoming State Tribune - Cheyenne State Leader
Dated: July 19, 1917
     Simon B. Luley, 85, is preparing to become a candidate for his nineteenth term as mayor of Miltonsburg, Ohio.
Source: Dallas Morning News
Dated: Jan. 17, 1918

     Little Rock, Ark., Jan. 16 - Deaths of six privates were reported at the base hospital at Camp Pike today as follows:
     Warren TULLISTON, Louisiana, Mo.; Claud EARL, Nashville, Ill.; Kenson SCHRIVER, Bealsville, Ohio; Herbert FRANKLIN, Clio Mich.; Martin URDAHL, Dahlen, N. D. and Ira SOLENBRGER, Underwood, N. D.

Source: Aberdeen American - South Dakota
Dated: May 9, 1921

TOKIO - Bishop Merriman Culbert HARRIS is dead at Aoyma college, a Methodist Episcopalian college here.  He was elected bishop of Japan and Korea in May, 1901, retired in 1916 and was appointed Bishop emeritus.  He was born at Bealsville, Ohio, March 1884.

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