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Montgomery County, Ohio

A History of the County; Its Townships, Cities, Towns, Schools,
Churches, Etc.; General and Local Statistics; Portraits of
Early Settlers and Prominent Men; History of The
Northwest Territory; History of Ohio; Map of
Montgomery County; Constitution of the
United States, Miscellaneous
Matters, Etc., Etc.
W. H. Beers & Co.

Allen, John 258 Washington Twp.
Allen, John 323 Wayne Twp.
Allen, John E. 259 Washington Twp.
Ambrose, Samuel Augustus 185 City of Dayton
Ampt, Francis 278 German Twp.
Anderson, James I. 356 Butler Twp.
Anderton, Charles H. 186 City of Dayton
Antrim, J. J. 278 German Twp.
Askins, Thomas L. 310 Jefferson Twp.
Atkinson, Alfred N. 337 Jackson Twp.
Auchenboch, Simon 280 German Twp.
Axman, Alfred E. 280 German Twp.
Axman, Charles H. L. 280 German Twp.
Baggott, William 356 Butler Twp.
Bailey, Thomas 280 German Twp.
Baird, John C. 186 City of Dayton
Baker, Jacob 396 Clay Twp.
Baker, Levi 396 Clay Twp.
Baker, Noah W. 396 Clay Twp.
Barcalow, George C. 413 Miami Twp.
Barnes, Samuel G. 397 Clay Twp.
Barney, Eliam E. 187 City of Dayton
Barrett, A. M. 357 Butler Twp.
Baskinan, David 324 Wayne Twp.
Basore, Samuel 319 Madison Twp.
Bassett, I. J. 426 Harrison Twp.
Bauman, Adolph 188 City of Dayton
Bauman, Erhard 188 City of Dayton
Baumheckel, Frank 188 City of Dayton
Beard, W. P. 280 German Twp.
Beckel, Daniel 189 City of Dayton
Becker, George W. 311 Jefferson Twp.
Becker, Henry 294 Randolph Twp.
Becker, Jacob E. 294 Randolph Twp.
Benham, Joseph P. 260 Washington Twp.
Bennert, Michael 357 Butler Twp.
Bennett, Stephen 281 German Twp.
Berk, Henry V. 294 Randolph Twp.
Best, Henry 190 City of Dayton
Best, William H. 190 City of Dayton
Bettelon, John 190 City of Dayton
Beyl, Jacob 324 Wayne Twp.
Bickham, William, Denison 191 City of Dayton
Bierce, George N. 192 City of Dayton
Bimm, Ezra 192 City of Dayton
Binkley, Jesse A. 397 Clay Twp.
Bixler, George 369 Perry Twp.
Blossom, M. S. 414 Miami Twp.
Bolinger, John 426 Harrison Twp.
Booher, Jesse F. 325 Wayne Twp.
Boone, Alonzo 295 Randolph Twp.
Boren, Wesley 193 City of Dayton
Bose, Alfred 281 German Twp.
Bowman, Benjamin 295 Randolph Twp.
Bowman, David R. 338 Jackson Twp.
Bowman, John 337 Jackson Twp.
Bowman, John W. 369 Perry Twp.
Bowman, W. A. 413 Miami Twp.
Boyer, David K. 194 City of Dayton
Boyer, Josiah E. 194 City of Dayton
Bradford, James 260 Washington Twp.
Bradford, Thomas 445 Van Buren Twp.
Brame, Daniel 427 Harrison Twp.
Breidenouer, John 446 Van Buren Twp.
Bremer, Christian F. 195 City of Dayton
Brenner, G. H. 357 Butler Twp.
Brentlinger, Andrew 357 Butler Twp.
Bridgman, Thomas 447 Van Buren Twp.
Bright, George W. 338 Jackson Twp.
Brower, J. 370 Perry Twp.
Brown, Anthony   415 Miami Twp.
Brown, Anthony C. 195 City of Dayton
Brown, J. A. 281 German Twp.
Brown, Joseph 370 Perry Twp.
Brownell, Elijah H. 196 City of Dayton
Brumbaugh, Samuel 371 Perry Twp.
Bryce, Stephen Thomas 197 City of Dayton
Bull, Jonah J. 447 Van Buren Twp.
Burroughs, Charles 198 City of Dayton
Butterfield, S. A. 448 Van Buren Twp.
Buzzard, Peter 281 German Twp.
Byers, George W. 415 Miami Twp.
Campbell, James 325 Wayne Twp.
Carl, William H. 295 Randolph Twp.
Carmony, Jacob 398 Clay Twp.
Caylor, Lewis 398 Clay Twp.
Chambers, Robert Young 198 City of Dayton
Citone, Henry S. 427 Harrison Twp.
Clark, Charles Edwin 198 City of Dayton
Clark, Levi L. 282 German Twp.
Clark, Nelson 415 Miami Twp.
Clark, W. H. 427 Harrison Twp.
Clegg, Joseph 199 City of Dayton
Clemmer, George L. 427 Harrison Twp.
Coblentz, Adam 449 Van Buren Twp.
Colby, H. F., Rev. 201 City of Dayton
Coler, Elijah J. 311 Jefferson Twp.
Coler, Noah 311 Jefferson Twp.
Conover, A. S. 282 German Twp.
Conway, Edward 201 City of Dayton
Cook, Ezra 339 Jackson Twp.
Cook, HenryC. 282 German Twp.
Cook, Warren H. 399 Clay Twp.
Coover, John Q. 358 Butler Twp.
Crawford, Philip 371 Perry Twp.
Creager, C. W. 449 Van Buren Twp.
Crist, Jacob 283 German Twp.
Crook, Charles 325 Wayne Twp.
Crook, Walter 358 Butler Twp.
Crosley, Daniel 261 Washington Twp.
Crume, William E. 201 City of Dayton
Cuppy, John 326 Wayne Twp.
Curtis, Lafayette 358 Butler Twp.
Darst, Abraham 329 Wayne Twp.
Davis, David B. 438 Mad River Twp.
Davis, Gilbert 339 Jackson Twp.
Davis, Isaac 202 City of Dayton
Davis, William H. 262 Washington Twp.
Day, Solomon  202 City of Dayton
Deam, Adam 329 Wayne Twp.
Deardorf, Jacob 359 Butler Twp.
DeBray, Joseph H. 359 Butler Twp.
Deikler, William 203 City of Dayton
Denlinger, A. A. 320 Madison Twp.
Denlinger, Abraham 319 Madison Twp.
Dern, Washington 450 Van Buren Twp.
Derr, Sylvanus E. 416 Miami Twp.
Dickey, R. R. 205 City of Dayton
Dickey, Samuel A. 204 City of Dayton
Dickey, William 203 City of Dayton
Diehl, Charles 428 Harrison Twp.
Diehl, Eli 372 Perry Twp.
Diehl, Jacob 372 Perry Twp.
Diehl, John 372 Perry Twp.
Dilts, William 399 Clay Twp.
Dodson, Stephen 360 Butler Twp.
Donnellan, J. E. 283 German Twp.
Drayer, Daniel S. 339 Jackson Twp.
Dryden, John T. 416 Miami Twp.
Dryden, Joseph H. 416 Miami Twp.
Eagle, John 417 Miami Twp.
Eby, Adam 428 Harrison Twp.
Eby, C. W. 360 Butler Twp.
Eby, Ephraim 360 Butler Twp.
Eck, John H. 312 Jefferson Twp.
Eckman, Annie (Fryberger), Mrs. 438 Mad River Twp.
Edwards, Oscar F. 340 Jackson Twp.
Eickman, Frederick 439 Mad River Twp.
Eidemiller, Henry 360 Butler Twp.
Emerick, William C. 283 German Twp.
Engle, Benjamin M. 295 Randolph Twp.
Ensley, Joseph L. 428 Harrison Twp.
Ensley, Mahala 428 Harrison Twp.
Erbaugh, George 373 Perry Twp.
Erbaugh, Samuel 373 Perry Twp.
Eshelman, Christian 284 German Twp.
Evans, George B. 205 City of Dayton
Eversole, Henry C. 206 City of Dayton
Ewing, James M. 296 Randolph Twp.
Ewing, John 360 Butler Twp.
Ewing, John 429 Harrison Twp.
Ewing, William G. 399 Clay Twp.
Ewry, William 450 Van Buren Twp.
Fenner, Arnold C. 207 City of Dayton
Ferguson, Hugh 400 Clay Twp.
Ferneding, Henry 207 City of Dayton
Fitzgerald, John W. 312 Jefferson Twp.
Flory, Jacob 400 Clay Twp.
Flotron, Leo 208 City of Dayton
Folkerth, Jesse 439 Mad River Twp.
Foster, Josiah 374 Perry Twp.
Frank, Adam 284 German Twp.
Frank, John L. H. 208 City of Dayton
Freeman, Charles T. 209 City of Dayton
Frybarger, Valentine 439 Mad River Twp.
Fulkerrth, Henry 296 Randolph Twp.
Gable, Henry 341 Jackson Twp.
Gaines, John W. 429 Harrison Twp.
Ganger, George 401 Clay Twp.
Garver, Jesse 329 Wayne Twp.
Gauvey, Abraham 341 Jackson Twp.
Gebhart, Elias 417 Miami Twp.
Gebhart, Josiah 210 City of Dayton
Gebhart, Richard M. 418 Miami Twp.
Gephart, Jacob A. 417 Miami Twp.
Getter, George 312 Jefferson Twp.
Getter, John N. 313 Jefferson Twp.
Gilbert, Cyrus H. 341 Jackson Twp.
Gilliam, Andrew 297 Randolph Twp.
Gilliam, William 320 Madison Twp.
Gish, Christopher 401 Clay Twp.
Glaser, Mathias 430 Harrison Twp.
Good, Solomon 402 Clay Twp.
Gradford, William, Jr. 446 Van Buren Twp.
Graves, Henry C. 210 City of Dayton
Greider, John M. 330 Wayne Twp.
Greulich, Andrew 430 Harrison Twp.
Gruenig, Albert 402 Clay Twp.
Grundy, William H. 211 City of Dayton
Gump, Charles A. 211 City of Dayton
Gunckel, Lewis B. 211 City of Dayton
Haines, Isaac 313 Jefferson Twp.
Hale, Thomas D. 213 City of Dayton
Haller, Francis 430 Harrison Twp.
Haller, Henry 430 Harrison Twp.
Hankinson, James 285 German Twp.
Harlan, Benjamin B. 285 German Twp.
Harp, Abraham 342 Jackson Twp.
Harris, Susannah 262 Washington Twp.
Harry, Jesse D. 375 Perry Twp.
Hart, Richard M. 403 Clay Twp.
Hatfield, Owen 263 Washington Twp.
Hatfield, Thomas 265 Washington Twp.
Hawkins, Samuel 297 Randolph Twp.
Hecathorn, Thomas 375 Perry Twp.
Heck, Samuel M. 343 Jackson Twp.
Heeter, David H. 376 Perry Twp.
Heisey, David E. 343 Jackson Twp.
Hepner, Jacob A. 376 Perry Twp.
Herr, Christian 297 Randolph Twp.
Herr, Mary, Mrs. 298 Randolph Twp.
Hetzel, David 418 Miami Twp.
Hetzler, Isaac 285 German Twp.
Hetzler, Michael 285 German Twp.
Hiser, John 313 Jefferson Twp.
Hoffman, Rosana 439 Mad River Twp.
Hohn, Elias 285 German Twp.
Holden, S. S. 361 Butler Twp.
Holder, N. B. 213 City of Dayton
Holmes, Thomas B. 265 Washington Twp.
Hoops, Daniel 344 Jackson Twp.
Hoover, Samuel W. 430 Harrison Twp.
Hott, James W. 214 City of Dayton
Hous, George W. 298 Randolph Twp.
House, Andrew 377 Perry Twp.
Huber, L. H. 286 German Twp.
Huffman, William   215 City of Dayton
Huffman, William P. 215 City of Dayton
Hughes, John R. 216 City of Dayton
Hull, Henry 378 Perry Twp.
Husten, Joseph R. 440 Mad River Twp.
Hyre, John 298 Randolph Twp.
Iams, Jacob 299 Randolph Twp.
Ingram, William 286 German Twp.
John, John 403 Clay Twp.
Johns, Joseph B. 450 Van Buren Twp.
Johnson, Isom 361 Butler Twp.
Johnson, Joseph D. 362 Butler Twp.
Jordan, Alexander V. 362 Butler Twp.
Keefer, Jacob 440 Mad River Twp.
Keller, John 431 Harrison Twp.
Kelsey, Cornelia A. (Mesler) 266 Washington Twp.
Kelsey, James Milton 266 Washington Twp.
Kelsey, William Marsh 267 Washington Twp.
Kemp, David C. 440 Mad River Twp.
Kemp, John 216 City of Dayton
Kendig, Abram H. 331 Wayne Twp.
Kennedy, John 431 Harrison Twp.
Keplinger, Franklin 300 Randolph Twp.
Kern, John F. 286 German Twp.
Kiefaber, William 217 City of Dayton
Kimmel, Charles F. 217 City of Dayton
Kimmel, Lewis C. 320 Madison Twp.
Kindle, John S. 266 Washington Twp.
King, Mary 441 Mad River Twp.
Kinsey, David 345 Jackson Twp.
Knecht, Adam 217 City of Dayton
Knecht, Jacob 431 Harrison Twp.
Kneisly, John W. 441 Mad River Twp.
Kohl, John A. 451 Van Buren Twp.
Kopp, Jeremiah 301 Randolph Twp.
Kramer, William 451 Van Buren Twp.
Krebs, Joseph 218 City of Dayton
Kreidler, John Ulrich 218 City of Dayton
Kunz, George A. 432 Harrison Twp.
Kunz, Jacob, Sr. 219 City of Dayton
Kunz, Joseph 432 Harrison Twp.
Kurtz, George 432 Harrison Twp.
Kurtz, Michael 432 Harrison Twp.
Lamme, William J. 268 Washington Twp.
Landis, Abraham B. 403 Clay Twp.
Landis, David D. 301 Randolph Twp.
Landis, M. 321 Madison Twp.
Larkin, Daniel C. 219 City of Dayton
Leaman, Charles H. 220 City of Dayton
Lee,Rachel 441 Mad River Twp.
Lehman, Jesse D. 379 Perry Twp.
Leland, Lyman W. 220 City of Dayton
Lentz, Jacob F. 221 City of Dayton
Light, Joseph 221 City of Dayton
Limbert, John R. 362 Butler Twp.
Lindemuth, Samuel 286 German Twp.
Linebaugh, John H. 313 Jefferson Twp.
Long, John W. 380 Perry Twp.
Lowe, Thomas O. 222 City of Dayton
Lowes, Joseph E. 222 City of Dayton
Lyon, E. B. 223 City of Dayton
Malambre, George W. 224 City of Dayton
Marshall, Albert C. 224 City of Dayton
Marshall, Peter 452 Van Buren Twp.
McCormick, Francis J. 224 City of Dayton
McCreight, Fisher N. 418 Miami Twp.
McEwen, Horace 269 Washington Twp.
McIlhenney, John J. 225 City of Dayton
Mease, Lewis 419 Miami Twp.
Medlar, Levi P. 314 Jefferson Twp.
Mellinger, George 379 Perry Twp.
Michael, Cornelius 314 Jefferson Twp.
Michael, George P. 345 Jackson Twp.
Mikesell, Simon 380 Perry Twp.
Miller, George 315 Jefferson Twp.
Miller, Isaac 363 Butler Twp.
Miller, John C. 363 Butler Twp.
Miller, Joseph  363 Butler Twp.
Miller, Michael C. 363 Butler Twp.
Millhoff, Phillip J. 432 Harrison Twp.
Millikin, Robert 380 Perry Twp.
Mills, Charles E. 383 Perry Twp.
Mills, George M. 382 Perry Twp.
Mills, John G. 381 Perry Twp.
Mills, Joshua V. 382 Perry Twp.
Mills, Truman B. 381 Perry Twp.
Minnich, Thomas B. 331 Wayne Twp.
Mitchell, Patterson 225 City of Dayton
Mitchell, T. Coke 226 City of Dayton
Mittendorf, W. 226 City of Dayton
Moosbrugger, Otto 227 City of Dayton
Moses, Henry C. 286 German Twp.
Moses, Isaac 419 Miami Twp.
Mundhenk, Charles 384 Perry Twp.
Mundhenk, Daniel 383 Perry Twp.
Mundhenk, Frederick 383 Perry Twp.
Mundhenk, Henry 404 Clay Twp.
Mundhenk, John 384 Perry Twp.
Mundhenk, L. William 385 Perry Twp.
Munger, James H. 270 Washington Twp.
Musselman, Christian 346 Jackson Twp.
Myers, Jacob 386 Perry Twp.
Neder, George 227 City of Dayton
Neff, Abraham 386 Perry Twp.
Neff, Jacob 332 Wayne Twp.
Neff, Lewis 433 Harrison Twp.
Neibel, William 419 Miami Twp.
Newcom, Edward 452 Van Buren Twp.
Nicholas, A. C. 433 Harrison Twp.
Nicholas, Absalom 315 Jefferson Twp.
Nine, John P. 364 Butler Twp.
Niswonger, Samuel 404 Clay Twp.
Niswonger, Susanna, Mrs. 404 Clay Twp.
Nixon, Andrew C. 227 City of Dayton
Nolan, Michael P. 228 City of Dayton
Nushawg, Benjamin Franklinn 346 Jackson Twp.
Nutt, John 272 Washington Twp.
Nutt, Joseph 270 Washington Twp.
Nye, Joseph 433 Harrison Twp.
Odlin, J. Hunter 229 City of Dayton
Ohmer, Nichlas 441 Mad River Twp.
Olinger, Jesse P. 405 Clay Twp.
Ortman, Rickey, Mrs. 405 Clay Twp.
Pansing, Frederick 406 Clay Twp.
Parrott, Charles 230 City of Dayton
Patton, M. V. 364 Butler Twp.
Patty, James 364 Butler Twp.
Pauly, Furman K. 301 Randolph Twp.
Payne, Edwin D. 230 City of Dayton
Pease, Alfred 420 Miami Twp.
Pease, David W. 421 Miami Twp.
Pease, Gamaliel 421 Miami Twp.
Pease, George 420 Miami Twp.
Pease, Oliver W. 421 Miami Twp.
Pegram, Nathaniel 406 Clay Twp.
Peters, Joseph 231 City of Dayton
Phelps, Winslow S. 231 City of Dayton
Phillips, Charles A. 232 City of Dayton
Phillips, Warren W. 232 City of Dayton
Powell, John 233 City of Dayton
Printz, John N. 347 Jackson Twp.
Pritz, Adam 234 City of Dayton
Prugh, Abraham 273 Washington Twp.
Prugh, Peter C. 287 German Twp.
Pulse, Jacob 347 Jackson Twp.
Purcell, George W. 302 Randolph Twp.
Puterbaugh, George 434 Harrison Twp.
Puterbaugh, Jacob 434 Harrison Twp.
Rankin, Perry N. 364 Butler Twp.
Rasor, Henry 407 Clay Twp.
Rasor, Mary 302 Randolph Twp.
Recher, Henry 315 Jefferson Twp.
Recher, John 434 Harrison Twp.
Redder, Henry 434 Harrison Twp.
Reed, Michael N. 407 Clay Twp.
Reed, Samuel 287 German Twp.
Reeve, John C. 235 City of Dayton
Rench, David C. 442 Mad River Twp.
Rhoads, Noah 387 Perry Twp.
Rhoads, Peter 388 Perry Twp.
Rice, Fleming 453 Van Buren Twp.
Richmond, Jacob 236 City of Dayton
Ridenour, James A. 316 Jefferson Twp.
Rider, George 435 Harrison Twp.
Rider, John D. 434 Harrison Twp.
Rinehart, Daniel 303 Randolph Twp.
Roades, Philip 348 Jackson Twp.
Robertson, John S. 236 City of Dayton
Rodeheffer, Joseph 349 Jackson Twp.
Rogers, William M. 303 Randolph Twp.
Rohrer, Christian 289 German Twp.
Rohrer, David 289 German Twp.
Rohrer, Elizabeth 288 German Twp.
Rohrer, Jacob 455 Miscellaneous
Rouzer, John 237 City of Dayton
Rumbarger, Eli 349 Jackson Twp.
Rumbarger, John 348 Jackson Twp.
Runck, John, Jr. 237 City of Dayton
Russell, Brooky B. 274 Washington Twp.
Rutledge, Mark 237 City of Dayton
Ryder, David 365 Butler Twp.
Sacksteder, John S. 435 Harrison Twp.
Sacksteder, Peter 435 Harrison Twp.
Sanford, William R. 407 Clay Twp.
Sayler, John 408 Clay Twp.
Sayre, Alexander C. 453 Van Buren Twp.
Schaeffer, Caroline, Mrs. 443 Mad River Twp.
Schantz, Adam 238 City of Dayton
Schiml, Michael 238 City of Dayton
Schoen, John 239 City of Dayton
Schuberth, Henry C. 422 Miami Twp.
Schutte, Frederick 239 City of Dayton
Schwind, Colestin 239 City of Dayton
Shank, Joseph W. 289 German Twp.
Shank, Samuel 350 Jackson Twp.
Shaw, David 304 Randolph Twp.
Shellabarger, Samuel 304 Randolph Twp.
Sheperd, Henry L. 240 City of Dayton
Shuey, William John 240 City of Dayton
Shultz, Emanuel, Hon. 422 Miami Twp.
Siebenthaler, John 435 Harrison Twp.
Simonds, Alvan A. 241 City of Dayton
Sloan, Robert 332 Wayne Twp.
Smith, Emor E. 305 Randolph Twp.
Smith, James R. S. 409 Clay Twp.
Smith, Lewis R. 408 Clay Twp.
Smith, Samuel 305 Randolph Twp.
Smith, Webster S. 304 Randolph Twp.
Smock, George M. 290 German Twp.
Snepp, John T. 317 Jefferson Twp.
Snepp, Samuel 317 Jefferson Twp.
Snyder, William H. 454 Van Buren Twp.
Sollenberger, John W. 241 City of Dayton
Sollenberger, John W. 306 Randolph Twp.
Spitler, Harvey B. 350 Jackson Twp.
Staley, Charles H. 436 Harrison Twp.
Stansell, Isaac 274 Washington Twp.
Staver, Benjamin M. 351 Jackson Twp.
Staver, Daniel B. 290 German Twp.
Staver, Henry 351 Jackson Twp.
Steck, Noah H. 409 Clay Twp.
Steel, William 443 Mad River Twp.
Steele, James 241 City of Dayton
Steele, John 243 City of Dayton
Steele, Robert W. 244 City of Dayton
Stettler, Philip 321 Madison Twp.
Stickle, Jacob 245 City of Dayton
Stiver, Samuel 290 German Twp.
Stockslager, Daniel A. 352 Jackson Twp.
Stoddard, Henry 245 City of Dayton
Stoker, Abraham 306 Randolph Twp.
Stoner, E. M., Mrs. 444 Mad River Twp.
Stouffer, Henry 409 Clay Twp.
Stout, Henry W. 246 City of Dayton
Strader, Simon P. 409 Clay Twp.
Strasburg, Samuel 335 Wayne Twp.
Stuck, Peter 436 Harrison Twp.
Stupp, Paul 318 Jefferson Twp.
Sunderland, James 365 Butler Twp.
Sunderland, Richard 365 Butler Twp.
Swadener, Samuel 454 Van Buren Twp.
Swartzel, Abraham F. 353 Jackson Twp.
Swartzel, J. M. 291 German Twp.
Swihart, Stephen 388 Perry Twp.
Tate, Daniel 307 Randolph Twp.
Taylor, Lewis 275 Washington Twp.
Temple, John 247 City of Dayton
Tenney, Peter 366 Butler Twp.
Thomas, Frederick 291 German Twp.
Thomas, Joseph 276 Washington Twp.
Thomas, Tamar, Mrs. 410 Clay Twp.
Thompson, Elihu 247 City of Dayton
Thompson, John H. 423 Miami Twp.
Thompson, Walter J. 307 Randolph Twp.
Thorne, Isaac N. 249 City of Dayton
Tobey, H. A. 249 City of Dayton
Tobias, Amos B. 307 Randolph Twp.
Tower, Charles F. 249 City of Dayton
Treon, John 423 Miami Twp.
Trout, Michael 291 German Twp.
Troxell, Abraham 318 Jefferson Twp.
Turner, Hamilton M. 308 Randolph Twp.
Turner, James 250 City of Dayton
Turner, John W. 436 Harrison Twp.
Turner, William 424 Miami Twp.
Turney, John J. 410 Clay Twp.
Ullery, Stephen 322 Madison Twp.
Umbenhauer, Samuel M. 424 Miami Twp.
Vance, John 437 Harrison Twp.
Vaniman, John 322 Madison Twp.
Venus, Harvey 353 Jackson Twp.
Voge, Christian 389 Perry Twp.
Wagoman, Samuel 412 Clay Twp.
Walteres, Jefferson A. 250 City of Dayton
Wampler, Moses 438 Harrison Twp.
Wampler, Samuel 438 Harrison Twp.
Warner, E. F. 308 Randolph Twp.
Warvel, George W. 389 Perry Twp.
Waymire, Daniel W. 367 Butler Twp.
Waymire, Harrison 366 Butler Twp.
Waymire, Henry 366 Butler Twp.
Weaver, David 389 Perry Twp.
Weaver, George W. 425 Miami Twp.
Weaver, Henry C. 309 Randolph Twp.
Weaver, Lewis A. 354 Jackson Twp.
Weaver, Peter S. 390 Perry Twp.
Weaver, Sarah, Mrs. 323 Madison Twp.
Weaver, W. A. 354 Jackson Twp.
Weaver, Warren A. 391 Perry Twp.
Webber, Lewis H. 251 City of Dayton
Webster, J. T. 252 City of Dayton
Weinreich, Isaac 444 Mad River Twp.
Weisenborn, Christopher C. 367 Butler Twp.
Weller, John 276 Washington Twp.
Weller, Samuel 277 Washington Twp.
Weller, William 277 Washington Twp.
Wells, Samuel 367 Butler Twp.
Wells, William 368 Butler Twp.
West, William A. 309 Randolph Twp.
Westerman, DeLaFayette 368 Butler Twp.
Wetz, William 292 German Twp.
Wieland, George 355 Jackson Twp.
Wild, J. H. 252 City of Dayton
Williamson, Eason B. 412 Clay Twp.
Wilson, J. Clinton 445 Mad River Twp.
Winger, John 368 Butler Twp.
Winters, David 252 City of Dayton
Winters, Valentine 253 City of Dayton
Wogaman, Martin 355 Jackson Twp.
Wogamon, David W. 391 Perry Twp.
Wogamon, Eli 392 Perry Twp.
Wolf, W. W. 255 City of Dayton
Wombold, Abraham 393 Perry Twp.
Wood, Jonathan P. 356 Jackson Twp.
Woodman, John 454 Van Buren Twp.
Worman, David 413 Clay Twp.
Wright, Joseph R. 393 Perry Twp.
Wyatt, Hiram 255 City of Dayton
Wyrick, William 394 Perry Twp.
Wysong, Tilman 395 Perry Twp.
Yike, Daniel 455 Van Buren Twp.
Young, Clinton H. 292 German Twp.
Young, E. S. 256 City of Dayton
Zearing, Levi 292 German Twp.
Zedeker, Jacob E. 336 Wayne Twp.
Zehler, Maximin 256 City of Dayton
Zehring, John 292 German Twp.
Zeigler, William 445 Mad River Twp.
Zeller, Abia 258 City of Dayton
Zimmer, Jacob 425 Miami Twp.
Zimmerman, John A. 426 Miami Twp.




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