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Perry County, Ohio
History & Genealogy

History of Perry County
by Clement L. Martzolff - Published by Ward & Weiland, New Lexington, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio - Press of Fred J. Heer - 1902


Meridian Monuments 1
Drainage 1
Water Shed 3
Elevations Above Sea Level 4
Buckeye Lake 4
Geological Divisions of the county 5
Drift Region 6
Lake Ohio 8
Pre-Glacial Drainage 8
Terrace 10
Rocks of Perry County as to Structure 11
Vertical Section of Rocks of Perry County 16
Vertical Section of Sub-strata at New Lexington Depot 16
Vertical Section of Rocks at McCunevlle 18
Generalized Section of Perry County Strata 19
Limestones 21
Fossils from the Maxville Limestone 22
Iron Ores 25
Coals 27
Buried Channels 29
Clays 30
Petroleum and Gas 30
Saltlicks 32
Lidey's Rocks 33
High Rocks 33
Bear Dens 33
Why Rush Creek Bottom is Flat 34
The Mastodon 35
Birds of Perry County 35
Animals 39
Forests 40
Big Sassafras 41
Pre-Historic Race 41
Children of the Forest 49
  a. Buffalo Trails 50
  b. Monongahela Trail 51
  c. Flint Ridge Trail 52
  d. Scioto Beaver Trail 53
  f. Moxahala Trail 53
  g. The Last Conflict 54
  h. The White Man's Foot 57
  i.  The Last of His Race 58
  j.  Treaty of Fort Stanwix 58
Under the Banner of St. George 58
Under the Lilies of France 50
In the Province of Quebec 62
Bourtetorst County 63
In the County of Illinois 63
First White Man in Perry County 64
Land Surveys 65
Scioto Land Scheme 68
Zane's Trace 70
Regugee Tract 77
The Heroes of the Forest 78
The Evolution of Perry County 82
Village Settlements 84
Organization of the Townships 93
Section Sixteen 96
Churches 98
  a. Lutheran and Reformed 99
  b. Presbyterians 100
  c. Dunkers 101
  d. Baptists 101
  e. Methodists 102
  f.  Bible Christians 103
  g. Disciples 103
  h. United Brethren 103
  i. Mennonites 104
  j. Catholics 104
Schools 107
  a. Madison Academy 112
  b. St. Aloysius' Academy 113
Mills 113
Oil Works 114
The Old Salt Kettle 115
McCuneville Salt Works 115
Tobacco Houses 116
Lime Kilns 117
An Old Time Pottery 118
Blast Furnaces 119
Coal Wells 122
Oil Wells 123
The Inventor of the Revolver 124
Perry County in War 125
Perry County in Congress 129
The Removal of the County Seat 130
Public Buildings 133
Underground Railroad 135
Morgan's Raid 136
Population of Perry County 141
Constitutional Conventions 141
Col. James Taylor 142
Stephen Benton Elkins 144
The Knight of the Pen 146
  a. Biography of MacGahan, by Judge M. W. Wolfe 150
  b. Funeral and Burial of MacGahan 159
  c. The Article that Caused the Russo-Turko War 163
  d. Poem by Col. Taylor 170
Jeremiah M. Rusk 173
William Alexander Taylor 175
James M. Comley 178
Gen. Philip H. Sheridan 181
  a. Sheridan's Ride 184
Rev. Father Zahm 189
Dr. Isaac Crook 188
The Oldest Woman in Perry County 191
Perry County's First Historian 192
Poem, "Beauty of Our Hills" 195


Portrait of Author Frontispiece
Lidey's Rock opposite 32
The Big Sassafras opposite 32
The Stone Fort opposite 42
The Wilson Mound opposite 44
The Roberts Mound opposite 44
Earth Works, North of Glenford opposite 46
Flint Implements.  One-fourth Size opposite 48
Hematite Objects, One-third Size opposite 48
Ceremonials, Gorgets, Banners, Stones, etc. opposite 50
Pipes Attached to Antlers of Deer opposite 52
An Indian Grist Mill opposite 52
A Scene of the Moxahala opposite 54
Where Ebenezer Zane is Buried opposite 76
A Scene in New Lexington in 1873 opposite 86
Peter Overmeyer opposite 78
Old Lutheran Cemetery at Somerset opposite 98
An Old Time Meeting House opposite 98
Bishop Fenwick Discovering a Catholic Family opposite 104
The New Home in the Woods of Perry Co. opposite 76
Church at Chapel Hill opposite 106
Old Stone Church opposite 106
Madison Academy opposite 112
Old Salt Kettle opposite 112
McCuneville Salt Works opposite 114
Old Tobacco House opposite 114
Remains of a Maxville Lime Kiln opposite 116
An Old Time Pottery opposite 116
A Ghost of Departed Industry - Baird Furnace opposite 118
A Model Coal Mine - Congo opposite 118
Coal Tipple at Congo opposite 86
Power House at Congo opposite 112
In the Corning Oil Field opposite 122
Monument to 31st O. V. I. New Lexington opposite 124
Old Court House at Somerset opposite 134
Old Court House at New Lexington opposite 136
Old Temple of Justice - The New Court House opposite 136
Old Perry County Infirmary opposite 138
A Station on the Underground opposite 138
Stephen B. Elkins opposite 144
The Knight of the Pen opposite 146
Birthplace of MacGahan opposite 158
The Resting Place of Bulbaria's Libertor opposite 158
A Grubber opposite 174
Jeremiah Rusk opposite 172
Where Uncle Jerry Rusk was Born opposite 174
Col. W. A. Taylor opposite 178
Gen. James M. Comley opposite 180
The Hero of Cedar Creek opposite 182
Early Home of General Sheridan opposite 186
Priest and Scientist - Father Zahm opposite 186
Catherine Cavinee opposite 190
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