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Source: Olive Branch Newspaper - Circleville, Ohio
Dated: Feb. 27, 1821

Lost pocketbook, contents $1 note on Bank of Hamilton, due bill for $10, against John Craig, account against Jacob Larick, one in favor of John Creed against Elias Bixler
Copy of subscription list to collect for Rev. Williams Jones.  Signed James M'Clelland, Tarlton, P. O. 
Estates - Mathias Fry's (pro. Oct. 25, 1820), Elizabeth Fry, admix
Source: Olive Branch Newspaper - Circleville, Ohio
Dated: May 1, 1821

Jones, James Bell, trustee; Jacob Howell, Madison twp. Pickaway Co., Benjamin Howell, Admr; Jacob Haitzman, Saltcreek twp.; Pickaway co., Phillip Shortle, admr.; Isaac Cook, boarding and tavern (formerly occupied by John B. Bentley).  Mentions - George Brown, John Ludwig, John Ely, James Renick, Daniel Hoffman, Charles Robertson, Thomas Robertson, Lucius Nebucker.  Estrays - Charles W. Selby, Walnut twp.; James Wilson, John Wilson, John Shoup, J. P.; Alexander Gillispie, Abraham Van Meter, Benjamin B. Beckett, Humphrey Beckett, J. P., Darby twp.; Isaac Miller, Andrew Reed, Theodore Mitchell, Nathan Perrill, J. P., Madison twp.; Christian Foust, Adam Zeahrung, Daniel Critz, Peter Parcels, J. P., Saltcreek Twp.; Balzer Mantle, Obadiah Thomas, Samuel Silliband, David Henderson, J. P., Darby twp.  Death infant of Capt. Thomas Haire.
Source: Olive Branch Newspaper - Circleville, Ohio
Dated: Jun. 26, 1821

Andrew Wiseman, boot and shoe apprentice runaway by Joseph JohnstonRobert Evans Tavern.  Sheriff (Francis Kinnear)'s sale - Property of - John Hoffman suit of Peter Kinder, William B. Gould and John E. Morgan suit of Amasa Delano, Daniel Dresbach and John Ludwig suit of John Hoffman, Peter Apple suit of John Leavell, Jacob Zeager suit of Lewis Evans, Jacob Zeager suit of Stephen Short, Phillip Moots suit of John McCoy, Daniel Dresbach and John Ely suit of George Deffenbach, Thomas Haire suit of John Hoffman, John Keller suit of John L. Langhorn, Andrew Briner suit of John W. Leist.  Thomas Bell, Storekeeper.  Alexander Foresman, late treasurer of congregation of Circleville, for use of William Jones.
Mentions, John B. Bentley, William Black, James Haswell, Charles Botkins, James Wilson, William Davis, James Jackson, James Crosby, George Wolfey, William Seymour, W. B. Thrall, James Renick, Robert Russell, George Brown, Robert Colwell, Job Radcliff, John Black, John Pancake, Henry Toland, William Hannaman.
Source: Olive Branch Newspaper - Circleville, Ohio
Dated: Jul. 24, 1821

Estate of John Swisher, late of Pickaway Co., Abraham Swisher, Adm'r. 
Estate of Ann Smith, Abraham Swisher, adm'r.
Estate of Ann Smith, Abraham Swisher, admr.
Brigade orders, 4th Brigade 2nd Division Ohio Militia, John T. Davenport, aide-de-camp.
Estray - Christian Mickles, Wayne Twp. app by Stephen Horsey, Isaac Bowen, Aaron Sullivan J. P.
Estray - Samuel Barnet, Walnut Twp. app. by John OHarra, Jacob Keller, Daniel Swigart, J. P.
Source: Olive Branch Newspaper - Circleville, Ohio
Dated: Jul. 31, 1821

Estate of Stephen Short, Admrs. William Miller, William Renick
Estate of Christopher East, Walnut Twp., admrs. George East, Henry East
John Hammill, bankruptcy.
Married by Rev. Mr. Leist, William H. Norris to Catherine, daughter of John Weaver.
Mentions, William King, Thomas Evans, Charles Sody, George Lowther, William Montgomery, James Jobs, Alexander Frazier, James Cherry, John Harman, Jacob Greene, John Cochran, J. P.
List of Letters unclaimed:   William Dixon, Daniel Harmer, John Kemp, John Lape, Harman Moore, Jesse M. Farland, George W. Magee, Wesley Newman, George Pontiero, William Stump, Henry Speker, Elizabeth Start, Griffin Winstead, David Gilmore, Henry Kisner, Jacob H. Lutz, Valentine Lead, Alexander M'Bride, John MItchel, John Morgan, James Owens, William Ramsey, Michael Saylor, Fanny Stall, Israel Todd.
Adam Nigh, P. M. Tarlton, O. (July 1, 1821)
(Aug. 7) William H. Norris, tinware,
Estate of Catharine Chamerlin, Washington Twp. by Michael Harmon. 
Married on the 31st, Robert K. Foresman to Jane, daughter of William Lindley, the Rev. Solomon S. Miles to Eliza Ann Gilmore. (Aug. 14) Caleb Atwater, books.
Source: Olive Branch Newspaper - Circleville, Ohio
Dated: Jan. 1, 1822

Daniel B. Hayes'
estate, Thomas Evans, admr.
Law office, James Pierce
Died in Delaware, O. Dr. Samuel Moulton, formerly of Castleton, Vermont.
Aaron Sullivan, tax collector and John Ludwig, asst. Bankrupt. Eli Jester.
Estate of Giles S. Town, William Marquis, admr.
Estray Lawrence Shirley, Jackson Twp., John Williams, David Marsh, Jonathan Heath, J. P.
List of letters unclaimed in Circleville, P. O., George Wolfley, P.M.
Caleb Atwater, George Alkire, Sam. Arnel, William Allison, George Aumiller, Jno. Barr, John Brown, Humphrey Becket, Martha Baker, John Boggs, Horatio Bailey, William Black, A. F. Camp, Wollery Coonrad, Jr., Thomas Cunningham, William Crosley, Jacob Cramer, Mary Cook, Irila Decker, Marion H. Devan?, Ebenezer Davis, Joseph Davis, Andrew Dukes. John Evans, Andrew Enswork, David Evans, Jacob Foster, William Foresman, John Galbreath, Caty Grove, Horsey H. Groves, Willis Gant, Benjamin Gibson, William Gouger, James Gardner, William Houghland, David Holdeman, Joseph M. Hayes, Abraham Haldeman, John Heath, Jabes, Hedges, Thomas Haire, Paul Ike, William Irwin, Sarah Johnson, Peter Leist, John Lowry, Fergis Moore, Valentine Mutchler, Adam Meets, Douglas Moore, John E. Morgan, S. M. M'Cormick, Jr., George Morgan, Francis Neff, Archibald, Owens, William Owens, James Parcels, Barnet Preble, John Pancake, Thomas Robinson, Joseph Reed, John Ruggles, William Rout, Samuel Rout, Samuel Smith, William Rock, Aaron Sullivan, Thoams Timmons, Sam'l. Thomas, William Wiley, Benedict, Wrench, Robert Wolverton, Elizabeth Webb, Sam'l. Wilson.
Source: Olive Branch Newspaper - Circleville, Ohio
Dated: Jan. 8, 1822

Dead Mrs. Elizabeth Justice, wife of Basil Justice, aged 20 yrs.
Married in Amanda Twp., Fairfield Co. on 27th by Rev. Jones, Major John Shoup to Nancy Smurr.
John Chipman's estate Wayne Twp., wife of Susannah, Admx.
Dr. Gain Robinson's estate, Aaron Sullivan, admr.
Mentions - Charles Cook, James Simerman, Robert M'Affee, John M'Court, Joseph Olds, Courtney Tanner, Isaac Alkire, John Martin, Isaac Bradley, James Gunn.  John Stonecrock, John Rush, Henry M'Kinney of Monroe Twp.
Source: Olive Branch Newspaper - Circleville, Ohio
Dated: Jan. 15, 1822

Mentions - John T. Davenport, Phinehas Code, Hugh Miller, William G. Cantrall, Sam'l. Watt, Charlie Cook, James Simmerman, James Moore, John Hamilton, John M. Hood.
Source: Olive Branch Newspaper - Circleville, Ohio
Dated: Jan. 22, 1822

Bankruptcy - James Wilson, Andrew Huston, clerk.
Estray - Peter Miller, John Enochs, Samuel Haravey, John Cox, Pickaway Twp.
Courtney Tanner, Isaac Alkire, John Martin, David Henderson, J. P., Deercreek-Darby Twp.
Estate of Conrad Kinney, Jacob Kinney, Leah Kinney, admrs., Deercreek Twp.
Married Scioto Twp. on 14th, Elias Pratt, Bloomfield, to Elizabeth Widner
Delinquent tax list - 1822  - Francis Ayres, William Bell, Thomas M. Bailey, Isham, Browder, Lawrence Butter, John Blackwell, Henry Brush, Isaac Beeson, Sam'l. Bruckman, Nicholas Baldwin, George D. Blackie, John Beck, Cornelius Baldwin, Hance Baker, Sam'l. Beaver, George Carrington, Joseph Conway, George Clark, Warren Cash, John Campbell, Thomas Carneal, Conrad Carr heirs,,,, John Craiger, Amasa Delano, Ephraim Doolittle, James Denny, Dan'l. Duwall, George Dawson, James Davis, John Dark, Francis Dade, George Emory, Jacob Eckehene, Joseph Evans, Patrick Finney, Henry Fox heirs, Nathaniel Fox Jr., Benjamin Forsythe heirs, Samuel Findley, John Gibson, Alex. Gibson, R. Gal
Source:  Butte Weekly Miner
Dated: Feb. 10, 1898
Fatal Criminal Practice May Result in a Lynching.
Chillicothe, Ohio, Feb. 6. - Excitement prevails at Laurelville, a village in Pickaway, over the alleged murder yesterday of Bessie NEFF, the daughter of a farmer residing at Adelphi and the probability of the alleged murder being lynched before morning.  Late last night the coroner rendered a verdict that the girl's death was the result of some drug administered by Dr. Samson, a local physician, for the purpose of performing a criminal operation.
     As soon as the verdict was announced a mob of about 300 men surrounded Samson's house for the purpose of lynching him, but the constable, with an armed guard, finally succeeding in driving the mob back and placing Samson in the jail at Laurelville.  People have been coming into Laurelville all day.  A large crowd is hanging about the jail and it is feared tat another attempt to lynch him is to be made before morning.  The funeral of the girl took place today.


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