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Business Directory
of Revenna
Source: Johnson's business and professional directory
Publ. Washington D. C. - Johnson Pub. Co., 1902

Adams Express Co.   210 W. Main
Allen, J. S. Meats 225 W. Main
AMERICAN PATTERN CO. Wood Patterns and Model Work Phone Main 1424 J.
42 Water, Cleveland
Andrie Bros. Billiards 209 S. Chestnut
Bach, A. J. Bowling Alley 123 S. Chestnut
Baldwin & Titz Millinery 122 W. Main
Bleadingheiser, Mrs. Jas. Bakery 250 W. Main
Beatty, J. C. & Son Gent's Furnishings 121 E. Main
Beatty, H. L. Attorney 18 Riddle Block
Beckley, C. A. Stoves 117 E. Main
Bracklow, W. J. Confectionery 212 W. Main
BROADEN, G. R. Job Printer 133 E. Main
Brooke, J. C. Machinist 110 Spruce
Bowman C. H. Barber Shop 208 Park
Buckeye Chair Co., The   446 So. Sycamore
BURDETTE, FRED E. Cafe, Meals Served at all Hours 217 South Chestnut
Byers, J. F. Machine Co., The So. Sycamore
Campbell's Private School of Business Training   116 N. Chestnut
Cannon, E. F. Boots and Shoes 111 E. Main
Carroll, John Blacksmith  
Carroll, T. L. Liquors 247 W. Main
Case, W. A. & Co., Millinery   124 E. Main
Chapman, F. P. Boots and Shoes 202 W. Main
Clewell, D. M. Dry Goods 224 W. Main
Cleveland Worsted Mills Co., The Dyeing and Finishing 225 Lake
Coats, Frank Cigars and Tobacco 230 W. Main
COIT HOUSE, F. M. Coit Prop., Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Rates by Week, 270 West Main near C. & P. Depot.
Cole, A. S. Attorney 202 W. Main
Cooper, Geo. Horseshoeing 115 N. Park
Cowles, E. M. Cigar Manufacturer 228 W. Main
Dawson, Edward Notions 248 W. Main
Delrue, James Confectionery 208 W. Main
DEWEY HOUSE, L. S. Dewey Prop., Rates $1.00 per Day, 128 No. Chestnut
Dodge & Co. Stoves 222 W. Main
Dole, J. H. Groceries 120 Main
Dussel, J. H. Attorney 105 Main
Edlman, J. Liquors 252 Main
Enterprise Furniture Hosue   131 Main
Etna House   Main and Park
Evans & Evans Osteopaths 26 Riddle Block
Farras, G. Cigars and Tobacco 902 E. Main
Finney, J. A. Dentist 127 N. Chestnut
FISHEL, J. F. Shaving Parlor 243 W. Main
Flaths Clothing 108 E. Main
Fox, N. C. Real Estate 220 W. Main
Fox, Wm. Justice of Peace 210 W. Main
Gamble, Geo. Roller Mills 408 W. Main
GARDNER, D. C. & CO. Insurance and Real Estate, First Nat. Bk. Bldg.
GARDNER, D. H. Books, Stationery, News Dealer and Watch Reparing 200 W. Main
Gast Bros. Meats 101 Meridian
Gilbert Bros. Hardware 140 Main
Goble, A. H. Barber 109 N. Chestnut
Goddard, L. J. Jeweler 218 W. Main
Gray, L. E. Barber 232 W. Main
Griffin, C. H. Dentist First Nat. Bank Bldg.
Grohe, Carl W. Planing Mill 111 Oak
Grundel, W. T. Cigar Manufacturer 210 W. Main
Hanselman & Dorishill Attorneys 210 W. Main
Hart, W. T. Drugs 123 E. Main
Hawkins Bros. Clothiers 195 E. Main
Heimes, G. P. Harness 115 N. Chestnut
Pitz, Joe Meats 117 N. Chestnut
Hentz, P. Groceries 822 W. Bowery
Hickey, Chas. Barber 255 W. Main
Horr, G. L. & Son Cheese 139 E. Main
Hubbell Bros. Groceries 109 E. Main
Hudson, H. F. Creamery Supplies Aetna Block
Husber, A. Horseshoeing Hickory Alley, rear Opera
Ingell, G. D. Attorney Second National Bank
Jenkins, Thos. Horseshoeing corner Chestnut and Spruce
Jone, F. W. Insurance 12 Riddle Block
Kenward, F. G. Meats 112 N. Chestnut
Kummer, A. Liquors Main and Park
Lyon, W. A. Drugs 106 E. Main
Marks, W. H. Harness Mfg. 135 E. Main
Mather Furniture and Crockery Co.   115 E. Main
Maxson, E. W. Attorney Second Nat. Bank Bldg.
McBride, M. C. Physician 220 W. Main
McConney, W. T. Drugs 206 W. Main
McGraw & Eckler Stationery 109 E. Main
Merrell, F. P. Blacksmith 684 So. Prospect
Mishler, M. B. Mfrs. of Terra Cotta Goods 635 Prospect
Moore, W. R. Barber 242 1/2 W. Main
Morgan, E. E. Coal 424 W. Main
Myers, C. C. Livery 214 Park Ave.
Nichols, J. H. Attorney 202 W. Main
Park, F. C. Jeweler 104 E. Main
Parr, Thomas Tobacco 246 W. Main
Parsons, A. H., Mrs. Millinery 125 E. Main
Pearl Steam Laundry   Prospect & Spruce
Phelps, M. W. Attorney 206 W. Main
Phillips, E. J. Insurance 132 E. Main
Pits, T. C. Meats 245 W. Main
Poe, Wm. Wholesale Cheese 106 N. Park
Porter, John Dry Goods 236 W. Main
Portage County Building & Loan Association, The   130 E. Main
Portage Hosue   120 Spruce
RAVENNA DEMOCRAT, D. S. Fisher Editor and Prop. 133 E. Main
Riddle Coach & Hearce Co.   147 E. Main
Reimold, S. M. Dry Goods 113 E. Main
REPUBLICAN PUBLISHING CO., LTD., THE Publishers and Job Printers Both Phones
116-118 N. Chestnut
ROBERTS, E.M. Insurance, Life, Fire and Accident 110 E. Main
Ryan John Milk 231 S. Chestnut
Sanford, R. M. Roofing 110 N. Park
Santrio, D. Cafe 257 W. Main
Sapp, J. F. Livery and Boarding Stable 111 N. Meridian
Schultz, H. Roofing 120 Sycamore
Schweitzer, Louis Liquors 221 S. Chestnut
Second National Bank   101 E. Main
Seibel, A. M. Barber 213 S. Chestnut
Severance, E. P. Bakery 136 Main
Siddall, E. T. Saloon 240 W. Main
Siddall, I. T. Attorney 105 Main
Solar Carbon Works, The   126 Lake
Smith, F. J. Tailor 212 W. Main
Smith, J. S. Groceries 238 W. Main
Smith & Stranahan Grocers 114 Main
Stanford, C. J. Funeral Director 120 N. Chestnut
Stoerkel & Siddall Liquors 261 Main Street
Stevens, R. W. Notions 218 W. Main
Strocker & Slaughter Stone Contractors 226 W. Main
Talcott, E. W. Photographer 220 W. Main
Taylor, E. R. Grocers 234 W. Main
Thorp, M. E. Implements 408 W. Main
Towns, W. F. Roots and Shoes 244 W. Main
Van Werter, J. Builders' Supplies 413 W. Main
Waller, C. M. Hardware 103 E. Main
Wait, E. H. Livery 123 N. Chestnut
Walter, F. Liquors 269 W. Main
Walker, J. S. Liquors 241 W. Main
Watkins, C. E. Meats 211 S. Chestnut
White, W. W. Physician 128 Main
Williams, A. C. Mfrs. of Hardware & Toys 267 Hazen
Wright & Russell Painters 204 Prospect
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