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Abbott, C. F. Residence 9 Wise Ave.  
Abel, Herbert A. Residence Columbia Ave.  
Aberle, Miss Mary Residence 233 W. Fourt St.  
Ackerman, Albert C. Residence 37 Penn Ave.  
Ackerman, Albert W. Residence 219 Wayne St.  
Ackerman, Charles F. Residence 75 Sturges Ave.  
Ackerman, C. L. Residence 13 Vennum Ave.  
Ackerman, Fred C. Residence 101 Lexington Ave.  
Ackerman, Harry L. Residence N. Diamond Ford Flats
Ackerman, Howard D. Residence 302 W. Fifth St.  
Ackerman, J. C. Residence 57 E. Sixth St.  
Ackerman, Leander Residence 132 N. Walnut St.  
Ackerman, Mrs. O. L. Residence 240 Marion Ave.  
Ackerman, Peter Residence 207 S. Mulberry St.  
Ackerman & Underwood "The Bank" 73 N. Main St.  
Ackerman, W. K. Grocer 20 S. Main St.  
Ackerman, W. K. Residence 138 S. Main St.  
Ackerman, Mrs. Wm. Residence 294 W. Third St.  
Acme Cafe The Saloon 7 E. Third St.  
Adams, D. F. Residence 20 High St.  
Adams, Elmer Residene 163 Harker St.  
Adams, Express Co. Office 6 E. Third St.  
Adams, Earnest Res. 429 Louise Ave.  
Adams Express Company Freight Depot Union Station  
Adams, George Residence 83 Johns Ave.  
Adams, Jos. F. Residence 120 Harker St.  
Adams, S. M. Residence 60 Buckingham St.  
Adams, Wm . A. Residence 90 Harker St.  
Aderman, Emil Residence 116 Lida St.  
Ahlheim, Edw. Residence 132 S. Franklin Ave.  
Ahlheim, Mrs. George Residence Boughton Ave.  
Ailer, W. H. Printing Co. 202 S. Mulberry St.  
Albee, Olive Residence 268 N. Main St.  
Albrecht-Lapman Clothing Co., The Cor. 4th & Main Sts.  
Albrecht, Geo. Residence   Ausdale
Albrecht, Henry Residence 92 Diamond St.  
Albrecht, James S. Residence 21 Williams St.  
Alderson, E. M. Residence 148 Wood St.  
Alexander, Fred Residence 74 S. Foster St.  
Alexander, G. P. Residence 37 Blymyer Ave.  
Alger, Frank Residence Sycamore & 4th Sts.  
Allen, Aubrey Residence 383 N. Mulberry St.  
Allen, Mrs. E. D. Residence 28 1/2 W. Fourth St.  
Allen, Mrs. S. P. Residence 18 Lida St.  
Allerding, C. N. Residence 170 W. Second St.  
Almy, Albert Residence 16 Boughton Ave.  
Almy, Howard Residence 144 W. First St.  
Alphi Pi Fraternity, The   Fourth & Main Sts.  
Althouse, Miss Minnie Residence 106 Blanche St.  
Althouse, Wm. Residence Stewart & Summit Ave.  
Alvord, Grant Residence Stewart & Summit Av.  
Alvord, H. M. Residence 67 N. Adams St.  
American Cigar Co. Cigar Mfrs. Fifth & Adams Sts.  
Ammeter, Edw. Residence 153 S. Franklin Ave.  
Amsbaugh, Mrs. H. B. Residence Rear 167 E. Fourth St.  
Amsbaugh, Mrs. W. C. Residence Fourth & Diamond Sts.  
Anderson, C. T. Residence 426 W. Third St.  
Anderson, D. S. Residence 217 S. Main St.  
Anderson, J. C. Residence 143 Hedges St.  
Anderson, James Residence Helen Ave.  
Anderson, James L. Residence 198 Harker St.  
Anderson, Mrs. Martha J. Residence 106 Park Ave. W.  
Anderson, Russell D. Residence 138 E. First St.  
Andre, Marcellus Turkish Bath & Treatment Rooms 78 1/2 N. Main St.  
Andre, Marcellus Residence 116 Dawson Ave.  
Andregg, Mrs. J. Residence 50 Cedar St.  
Andregg, Louis Residence 237 Newman St.  
Andrew, Samuel W. Residence 336 W. Fifth St.  
Andrews, A. H. Residence 181 W. Fifth St.  
Andrews, C. A. Residence Wolf Ave.  
Andrews, J. H. Residence 34 Rowland Ave.  
Angle, John E. Grocer 8 S. Park St.  
Angle, John E. Residence 66 Vennum Ave.  
Anliker, Albert Residence Park Ave E. & Junction St.  
Anstett, Miss Lillian Residence 65 S. Diamond St.  
Antrican, Albert Residence 295 E. Third St.  
Antrican, W. E. Plumbing & Gas Fitting 21 N. Main St.  
Antrican, W. E. Residence 65 Dale Ave.  
Aplin, Edgar Residence 587 Dale Ave.  
Apple, Christ Residence 151 Daisy St.  
Appleman, C. D. Junk Dealer 57 E. Fifth St.  
Appleman, C. D. Residence Bowman & Harker St.  
Appleman, Chas. Residence 440 Bowman St.  
Appleman, J. C. Residence 13 Williams Ave.  
Appleman, W. A. Residence 17 Johns Ave.  
Arbaugh, D. J. Residence 213 E. First Ave.  
Arcade Market Rink Bldg. W. Fourth St.  
Arehart, J. W. Residence 109 E. Fourth St.  
Armstrong, E. Residence Spring Mill Road  
Armstrong, H. M. Residence 24 Buckingham St.  
Armstrong & Co., W. A. Contractor & Builder 151 W. Third St.  
Arnett, Mrs. Florence Residence 19 E. Third St.  
Arnold, Miss Frances Residence 270 Park Ave. E.  
Arnold, R. H. Residence 27 Baldwin Ave.  
Arnold, Wm. Saloon 151 N. Main St.  
Arras, J. A. & Co. Hide House Wayne St.  
Arris Theatre, The W. Georgion Prop. 5 N. Main  
Arthur, C. S. Residence 73 N. Franklin Ave.  
Arting, Charles L. Residence 264 Park Ave. West  
Artz, H. M. Residence 146 W. Third St.  
Ashbrook, C. S. Druggist Cor. Main & Fourth Sts.  
Ashman, Jacob Residence 184 W. Fourth St.  
Asquith, J. P. Residence 176 N. Mulberry St.  
Atcheson, William R. Residence 482 W. Fourth St.  
Au, Harry Residence   E. Mansfield
Au & Hecht Grocers 139 N. Main St.  
Auer, Curtis Residence 17 Williams Ave.  
Aultman-Taylor Machinery Co. Office 343 N. Main St.  
Aultman-Taylor Machinery Co., The Diamond St. Pl't. (Diamond St.)  
Aungst, Fred Residence 371 Mulberry St.  
Aungst, H. C. Residence 179 E. Fourth St.  
Aungst, J. J. Residence 51 S. Diamond St.  
Aungst, Miss Mamie Residence W. Third College Place
Austin, John A. Residence 158 Harker St.  
Austin, Thomas F. Residence 39 Buckingham St.  
Averill, Dr. Walker Residence 252 Park Ave. W.  
Averill, R. G. Residence 252 Park Ave. W.  
Avery, Mrs. R. L. Residence 136 Park Ave. West  
Ayers, J. C. Residence 235 Marion Ave.  



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