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(Source:  History of Shelby County, Ohio and Representative Citizens.
Evansville, Ind. - A. B. C. Hitchcock - 1913 - 913 pgs)
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

(Shelby Co., Ohio, Military Index)


    The Twentieth Ohio was recruited for three months in May, 1861, and reorganized at Camp King, Kentucky, Oct., 21, 1861.  The commanding officer was Col. Charles Whittlesey, of Ohio, who was a graduate of West Point, and had won great distinction as an engineer and geologist in the Superior region.  During the winter of 1861 - 62 the regiment guarded several batteries in the rear of Covington and Newport, Ky., and at one time four companies were sent to quell and insurrection in the region of Warsaw.
     On Feb. 11, 1862, the regiment embarked on the steamers Emma Duncan and Doctor Kane for the Cumberland River.  It reached Fort Donelson on the 14th of Feb., and went under fire the next day.  It marched to the extreme right and went into a reserve position.  After the battle the regiment was ent north in charge of prisoners, and so became greatly scattered.  Soon afterward seven companies were brought together and went up the Tennessee on the expedition to Yellow Creek, on the steamer Continental, on which General Sherman had headquarters.
     On the 6th of April, while on inspection at Adamsville, the regiment heard the guns at Pittsburg Landing, and at 3 p.m. marched to the field and went into position on the right of the army.  It participated in the fight of the next day and is entitled to share in the glory of that victory.  During the engagement it was under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Force, Colonel Whittlesey being in command of a brigade.  During the advance on the Corinth the regiment remained on duty at Pittsburg Landing.  After the fall of Corinth the regiment went to Purdy, where it joined its division, marched to Bolivar, and became a part of that garrison of June 6, 1862.
     On August 30, 1862, the Rebel General Armstrong, with fifteen regiments on an expedition northward, was held in check a whole day by the Twentieth Ohio, a portion of the Seventy-eighth Ohio, and two companies of the Second Illinois Cavalry.  Late in the afternoon two companies G & K, of this regiment were captured by the cavalry charge, but not until they had repulsed two charges.  For their courage on this occasion the officers and troops were highly commended.  The regiment next assisted in driving Price from Iuka on the 20th of September.  On Nov. 28th it marched south from Lagrange in the Second Brigade of Logan's Division, and on the 4th of Dec. 3ntered Oxford, Miss.
     About this time the Seventeenth Army Corps was organized, and Logan's Division became the Third of the corps.  By slow marches the Twentieth reached Memphis on January 28 1863, and was reinforced by two hundred men.  On Feb. 22 the regiment moved down the Mississippi on the steamer Louisiana, landed at Lake Providence, and a few weeks later marched to the relief of Porter's fleet, blockaded in Steele's Bayou, and after three days in the swamps, returned to camp.
     On May 12 the Twentieth deployed in advance of the corps toward Raymond, Mississippi, and while resting with stacked arms, was fired upon from a thicket beyond a stream.  The regiment at once formed and advanced, using the opposite bank of the stream as a breastwork. A severe struggle ensued for an hour, during which the Twentieth was exposed to a cross-fire. Every man stood, firm until the Rebels were compelled to yield. The regiment lost twelve killed and fifty-two wounded. Private Canavan, of Company E, was promoted to a sergeantcy on the field for skilful management of the company after the other officers and sergeants were disabled. Captain Wilson was decorated with the Seventeenth Corps Medal of Honor for gallantry in assembling his skirmishers under the very muzzles of the enemy's guns during the first charge. Lieutenant Weatherby, of Company A, being on the extreme right of the skirmish line with his company, and being cut off from his regiment, assembled his company, and reported to the colonel of the nearest regiment-—the Eighty-first Illinois—and fought as a part of that regiment. The Eighty-first showed their appreciation of its services by giving three hearty cheers for the "Twentieth Ohio Boys." Again the regiment moved from point to point and engaged from time to time in skirmishes, until we find it in the rear of Vicksburg, where it acted as support to an assaulting party on May 21. Here it continued at work until May 29, when with a brigade it withdrew from line and went on an expedition to the Yazoo Valley. On the 4th of June it had returned and was in reserve at Vicksburg. On the 26th of June the regiment withdrew to Tiffin with the Second Brigade to watch the movements of Johnston. After the fall of Vicksburg the regiment camped at Bovina Station, but was soon ordered to join Sherman's army then besieging Jackson.
     In January, 1864, two-thirds of the men re-enlisted, and on the 8th of February the regiment crossed Big Black and joined the Meridian expedition. Arriving at Meridian, the regiment assisted in destroying railroads and then marched to Chunkey Creek. The regiment afterward went north on furlough, and after thirty days rendezvoused at Camp Dennison on the 1st of May, and proceeded to Cairo, and from there by steamer to Clifton, Tenn. From here it marched, via Pulaski, Huntsville, Decatur, and Rome, to Acworth, where it joined General Sherman on the 9th of June after a march of two hundred and fifty miles. After some skirmishes, the regiment appeared before the Rebel works at Atlanta on the 20th of July. The regiment took position in the advanced line on the 21st, and on the next day firing was heard to its rear. It formed in the works, the Rebels advanced, and the men leaped the parapet and faced the enemy. The Rebels pressed around the regiment and bullets came from front, flank, and rear. The Twentieth delivered their fire wherever the strength of the Rebels appeared until cartridges became scarce, when portions of Companies A, F, and D risked life and obtained, in the face of the enemy, five cases of ammunition. Even this was insufficient, and the ammunition of the wounded and dead was distributed, and charges made to capture Rebels for the sake of their cartridges. The batteries in Atlanta threw shell upon the rear of the brigade, the enemy redoubled the fire in front, and placing a captured gun within fifty paces of the flank of the Twentieth, raked the regiment with canister. Orders came to retire, and the men withdrew to form a new line, firing their last cartridge as they withdrew. In the new line the Twentieth was placed in reserve except a detachment of one hundred men who were posted in the works on Force's Hill, and fought desperately until the close of the battle. In this engagement the Twentieth lost forty-four men killed, fifty-six wounded, and fifty-four missing. Many instances of personal daring were mentioned, among which were Lieutenant Nutt, of Company F; Skillen, of Company G; Privates Crabbe and Casey of Company C; Elder, of Company G; and Speker and Stevenson of Company F, especially distinguished themselves.
     The regiment changed about until the 24th of August, when it received orders to march as guard to the supply trains of the Army of' the Tennessee. Four days later it joined its brigade at Fairburn and assisted in destroying railroads. It went into battle at Jonesboro' on the 31st, and as "refused flank" was exposed to a heavy artillery fire. It then went to Lovejoy's Station, but a few days later went into camp near Atlanta. On the 5th of October it engaged in the pursuit of Hood and at Galesburg turned back, and on November 5th again went into camp near Atlanta. It left Atlanta with Sherman's army November 15 for Savannah, participated in the destruction of Millan, Ga., and reaching Savannah, went into position on the right of the Seventeenth Corps. On. December 19th it .was detached and sent to Ogeechee, where it engaged in building wharves for the landing of supplies. The work was ended by the surrender of Savannah and the regiment rejoined the brigade December 24th in camp at the outskirts of the city.
     On January 5, 1865, the regiment embarked on the steamer Fanny and proceeded to Beaufort, S. C, crossed Port Royal Ferry, and advanced until the enemy was found entrenched beyond a rice swamp. The Twentieth deployed as skirmishers, charged the enemy's works in splendid style, and the regimental colors were soon waving from the parapet. At dark the troops encamped before the fortifications of Pocotaligo, and on the morn­ing of the 13th of January the regiment was assigned camping ground beyond the railroad station of Pocotaligo, and remained there until the 30th, when it joined the Carolina campaign. The head of the column struck the enemy on February 3d near the north Edisto bridge at Orangeburg, and two companies of the Twentieth were deployed as skirmishers. Soon the regiment advanced at double quick and drove the enemy back to their fortifica­tions, from which they opened fire. The regiment deployed as skirmishers, advanced through an ice cold and waist-deep swamp, opened fire on the enemy and held the position until relieved m the evening. The next day the river was crossed and the railroad destroyed. Reached Columbia the night of its destruction, and the next morning marched through its smoking ruins and destroyed the railroad as far as Winnsboro'. On the 24th was left in rear of the whole army to guard the pontoon train, and after a hard march entered Cheraw March 3d and Bennettsville on the 6th. On the 20th of March Bentonville was reached, and on the 24th the regiment entered Goldsboro. Two weeks later the regiment pushed to Raleigh, and on the 15th of April moved toward Johnston's army. It became known that Johnston had asked terms of surrender, the men went into ecstasies of joy, and even stood on their heads in the mud as they contemplated the final scene of the war. Leaving Raleigh on the 1st of May the regiment marched via Richmond to Washington, participated in the grand review, May 24th, was sent to Louisville, Ky., and on the 18th of July returned to Columbus and was mustered out of the service.
     The whole history of this regiment is creditable to the men, to the officers, and to the nation.


Name Rank Remarks
Alderman, J. W. Chaplain  
Dwight, Henry O. 1st lieutenant & adjutant  
Force, Manning F. colonel April, 1862; promoted to brigadier-general
Fricker, Henry P. surgeon  
Fry, John C. colonel January, 1864; resigned 1864
Guthrie, James W. assistant surgeon  
Knapp, James Chaplain  
Nutt, William A. sergeant-major  
Skillen, John W. 1st lieutenant & quartermaster  
Varner, Hiram H. quartermaster sergeant  
Weatherby, Peter major  
Whittlesey, Charles colonel August, 1861 - April, 1862
Wilson, Harrison colonel June, 1865; mustered out with regiment
Wilson, Harrison lieutenant-colonel  
Wilson, Henry V. commissary-sergeant  


Name Rank Remarks
Allen, Jacob H.   Sept. 21, 1864
Bains, George W. private Aug. 18, 1861 - Jul. 24, 1862
Burch, Perry private Aug. 18, 1861 - May 5, 1862, at Shiloh, Tenn.
Cannon, Charles B.   Sept. 1862 - Sept. 1863
Cannon, William B.   Sept. 21, 1864
Cargill, David   Aug. 1864
Colby, Reuben M. 1st lieutenant Jan. 5, 1862
Coleman, Arnold S.   Oct. 22, 1863, Vicksburg
Coleman, John M. private Feb. 16, 1863
Conckright, Jacob R.   Dec. 19, 1861
Coy, Isaac H. sergeant Oct. 25, 1862
Dickerson, Samuel W. corporal  
Edwards, Andrew J. captain resigned April 14, 1863
Elefrits, William B.   Apr. 13, 1862, Shiloh
Fry, John C. major August 18, 1861; discharged April 19, 1863
Hall, John D.   Aug. 25, 1862
Hall, John D.   Sept. 21, 1864
Halterman, Allen   Sept. 21, 1864
Herschell, William H.   Sept. 21, 1864
Horn, James F.   Aug. 29, 1862, Bolivar
Joslin, Clay R.   Jul. 15, 1862
Langstaff, John W.   Jul. 25, 1862, Grand Junction
Longacre, William   Apr. 17, 1862, Shiloh
McVay, Joseph   Mar. 16, 1862
Miller, Peter   Dec. 26,1862, Lagrange, Tenn.
Morris, John   Sept. 21, 1864
Neal, Russell B. 1st lieutenant Jan. 5, 1862 - Jan. 5, 1865
Neil, Adam   Jul. 5, 1862, Columbus, O
O'Bryan, Isaiah   May 7, 1862, Shiloh
O'Bryan, William   Oct. 25, 1862, Bolivar
Packer, William F.   Sept. 21, 1864
Shann, George W.   Jun. 27, 1863, Vicksburg
Sisco, David   Sept. 21, 1864
Skillen, William A. sergeant  
Smith, Aaron   May 6, 1862, Shiloh
Staley, George W.   Sep. 9, 1862, Bolivar
Stipp, William R.   Dec. 21, 1861, C. King, Ky.
Sullivan, John C. musician Jul. 14, 1862
Thompson, Mark   Apr. 8, 1862, Shiloh
Toland, Robert M.   Sept. 21, 1864
Vannater, John H.   Apr. 8, 1862, Shiloh
Wale, Thomas M.   Apr. 4, 1862, Crump's Landing
Woodfuff, William   Apr. 12, 1862, Shiloh
Young, Philip W.   Sept. 21, 1864
Young, Silas D.   Sept. 21, 1864
Young, Stephen M.   Mar. 11, 1862, Atlanta, Ga.
Zirby, George W.   Sept. 21, 1864


Name Rank Remarks
Knapp, James Chaplain  
OWen, E. N. Adjutant  
Sharp, Robert N.   Oct. 15, 1863
Skillen, W. A.   promoted to 1st Lieutenant, Aug. 1864.
Smith, John F.   Oct. 15, 1863
Wilson, John K.   as Hospital Steward


Baldwin, David Private died Mar. 21, 1863, Jackson, Tenn.
Baldwin, Elias Private died May 27, 1862, Paducah, Ky
Campbell, William R. Private died Oct. 15, 1862, Sidney, O.
Cannon, Nehemiah B.   died Feb. 24, 1863, Bul Run
Goble, Thomas J.   died Apr. 25, 1862, Pittsburg Landing
Gump, Levi   died Aug. 16, 1863, Vicksburg
Hall, Francis M.   died Jan. 26, 1863, Lagrange
Hall, Harlam P.   killed Apr. 7, 1862, at Shiloh
Harshberger, Jonas   died May 12, 1863, wounds in action
Huffman, Amos   died Jul. 2, 1862, Sidney, O.
Munch, Henry D.   died May 5, 1862, C. Dennison
Ogle, Benjamin F.   died Aug. 5, 1862, Paducah
Pencil, George   died Apr. 18, 1862, St. Louis
Schench, Henry   died Mar. 23, 1862, Savannah
Schenck, Joseph S.   died Mar. 23, 1862, Savannah
Staley, Henry S.   died June 15, 1862, Paducah
Thrush, Martin L.   killed in action May 12, 1863
Walter, William   died May 9, 1862, Shiloh
Wilkinson, John S. Sergeant died May 31, 1862, Shiloh

Veterans of Company B mustered out with Regiment July 18, 1865 - ok


Name Rank Remarks
Bain, George W.    
Bryan, Henry T.    
Carey, Isaac    
Cox, Andrew Sergeant  
Davis, Henry H.    
Davis, William    
Elifrits, William    
Fleming, James A. Sergeant  
Gerard, John W.   Jan. 1, 1864
Gerard, Joseph S.    
Goble, William H.    
Gregg, Arthur C.    
Grimes, Chancey 1st Lieutenant  
Gump, Isaac    
Hall, Homer L.    
Layman, Christopher Sergeant  
Martin, William G.    
McColly, William C.    
Pence, Levi    
Persinger, Newton R. Captain  
Plunkard, Thomas    
Rea, Jonathan    
Robinson, Clarence    
Rosell, Samuel    
Sharp, George H. Sergeant  
Smith, John    
Smith, S. W.    
Stephens, John M.    
Taylor, Jacob    
Taylor, James E.    
Wick, Thomas    
Wicks, Simon Musician  
Wilson, Henry V. Commissary sergeant Jul., 1865


Name Rank
Colby, Reuben M. 1st Lieutenant
Eichers, Daniel Private
Euckley, Isaiah Private
Greer, Benjamin A. F. Captain
Grimes, Chancey 1st Sergeant
Halterman, Jesse F.  
Hamlet, Samuel  
Hubner, William  
John, Lewis  
McVay, Thomas  
Ruppert, Henry  
Snyder, George  
Urivmmer, Peter  


Bailey, Perry killed July 22, 1864, Atlantic
Baker, David Clinton died Jun. 2, 1863
Borum, William H. died in prison, Andersonville
Coleman, James H. died March 17, 1865, Grafton, W. Va.
Crawford, Gabriel K. killed in action July 22, 1864, Atlanta, Ga.
Johnson, John killed Apr. 8, 1865, Pocotaligo, S. C.
McAlexander, John B. killed July 22, 1864, Atlantic
Rinehart, John died Mar. 24, 1864, Vicksburg
Rush, George W. died Mar. 14, 1864, Vicksburg
Watts, Harvey died Apr. 17, 1865, hospital
Wilson, John W. died Mar. 14, 1864, Vicksburg.
Wright, Sylvester died Apr. 18,1865, hospital

Company F. Twentieth O. V. I. enlisted in Sept. and Oct. 1861.

Arbogast, Allen Sergeant discharged Oct. 2, 1864
Arbogast, John Private discharged Mar. 29, 1862
Betts, Isaac   discharged Aug. 1, 1862
Blakely, John E.   discharged Oct. 2, 1864
Blakely, William S. Private discharged Oct. 2, 1864
Clemcey, William hospital steward Sept. 1863
Clickner, George   discharged Jan. 10, 1862
Coy, William H.   died Dec. 29, 1861, Camp King, Ky.
Crotenteler, William   died Mar. 26, 1862, Steamer City of Memphis
Cypners, George W. corporal  
Davis, Eli   discharged May 1, 1862
Eddy, George E.    
Edwards, William   died Feb. 19, 1863, Memphis
Elijah C. Coleman   discharged Aug. 25, 1862
Ellsworth, Lemuel   died Mar. 18, 1862, Pittsburg Landing
Hall, Philip   died May 7, 1862, Shiloh
Hearman, William   died Jan. 20, 1863, Lagrange
Hefferman, William O.   died Feb. 13, 1862, Cincinnati
Hole, Martin   died May 17, 1863
Hughes, Levi   discharged at Vicksburg
Hume, Daivd R. Private Aug. 1862 - May 1862
Hume, David R. 1st Lieutenant May 16, 1862
Hume, James Corporal discharged Apr. 12, 1862
Johns, Seth   1861 - Oct. 1864
Johnson, Robert R.   discharged Sept. 1862
Jordan, George   discharged Jan. 1863
Kennedy, David   discharged May, 1862
Kershaw, John   discharged Feb. 1863
Lattimer, James   discharged Mar., 1862
Leapley, Daniel   discharged Mar., 1862
Leapley, Thomas C.   discharged Aug. 1862
Lenox, Abra   Mar. 1863
McCullough, Benjamin Sergeant discharged May 15, 1862
McDowell, William   discharged Mar., 1862
McMannanny, Samuel Sergeant discharged Oct. 25, 1862
McNannama, George S.   Jan. 1863
Minnear, Thomas   died Nov. 21, 1862, Shelby Co., Ohio
Moore, John   Aug. 1862
Morris, Josiah Corporal discharged Oct. 2, 1864
Neal, Henry W.    
Neal, Hugh B. corporal Sept. 1861 - June 1864
Nutt, E. E.   discharged to receive promotion June, 1863
Nutt, Wm. A.   discharged with regiment in 1865 as sergeant major
Ogden, William   discahrged Mar. 29, 1862
Olden, George   died Apr. 1, 1862, Shelby Co., Ohio
Orwiler, Hiram   enlisted Oct., 1862; discharged Jan. 1863
Perringer, Newton R. qtr master-sergeant promoted
Richie, David Corporal discharged Aug. 1, 1862
Robbins, David Sergeant discharged Oct. 10, 1864
Russell, Joshua  Private  
Russell, Joshua W.   discharged July, 1862
Russell, Nathan L.   died May 13, 1862, Steamer Tycoon
Scisco, William   Sep. 1862 - May 1865
Skillen, John W. Sergeant promoted
Smeltzer, Thoams   discharged Jan. 1863
Smeltzer, Thomas   Nov. 1862
Smith, Daniel    
Smith, Daniel   discharged Aug. 1862
Smith, Thomas   died May 21, 1862, Shelby Co.
Smith, William    
Smith, William   discharged May 1862
Speker, Andrew    
Speker, Andrew   discharged Oct. 1864
Stipp, John C. Corporal discharged Oct. 2, 1864
Swander, William J.   served nine months
Updegraff, William W. Captain resigned Feb. 1863
Vandever, John W.   died Mar. 25, 1863, Berry's Landing
Vanote, Daniel   died Feb. 22, 1863, Memphis
Winks, Amos    
Winks, Amos   discharged July, 1862
Woodmancy, Reuben 1st Lieutenant Nov. 1, 1864


Name Rank Remarks
Allinger, G. C. first sergeant discharged February, 1865
Beezley, Paul sergeant January, 1865
Buchanan, Thomas corporal October, 1864
Dye, Willis H. corporal January, 1864
Hathaway, John T. corporal July, 1865
Neal, John T. corporal July, 1865
Nutt, Edmund E. captain discharged July, 1865
Reynolds, Silas A. first lieutenant discharged January, 1865
Speker, Peter W. corporal captured July, 1864-May, 1865
Stevenson, Charles corporal October, 1864
Williams, James sergeant January, 1864
Wright, William sergeant April, 1865

Mustered out with Company, July 18, 1865.

Ammons, Cornelius King, Michael
Bahr, August Lewis, F. S.
Baker, Squire J. Malahan, John
Barbee, John Mapes, Abraham
Barbee, Joshua, private McDowell, William
Biggert, John McGinnis, Robert N., corporal
Blocker, William McManamy, James
Boyer, George W. Moore, John W., Aug. 1861
Bright, John Mumford, William
Cain, A. L. Musgrove, William
Churchill, Samuel Reels, Jeremiah
Clackner, George Shaw, Shepherd
Coons, James Scisco, William
Cost, Jacob Speker, George
Curtis, Aza B. Speker, Peter W. was in Andersonville and other prisons, 1865
Elliott, Joseph Speker, Wm., sergeant
Evans, Thomas Stevenson, Samuel
Fisk, John W. Wade, John W.
Fulton, William, prisoner of war Whires, John W.
Galimore, Lewis Wical, John, Oct., 1862-Jun. 1865
Garrett, Jonas Williams, William H.
Gilkison, Henry Willis, William
Green, Joseph, private, Sept. 1864 Woods, George
Hageman, Maxwell P. G. Wright, Charles C.
Johnson, R. R. Wright, Daniel
Johnson, Robert Wright, Thomas
Kelly, Timothy

Died and Killed in battle

Davenport, Cornelius died at Marrietta, Ga., Sept. 29, 1864
Elliott, Matthias died at Marrietta, Ga., Sept. 29, 1864
Elliott, Robert killed in action, Atlanta, Ga.
Hine, Albert killed in action, Atlanta, Ga., July 22, 1864
Shaw, John killed at Savannah, Dec. 13, 1864

Company K, Twentieth O. V. I.

Name Rank Remarks
Bull, John F.   July, 1862.
Clousing, Henry   July, 1863
Elger, E. P.   July, 1862
Furrown, Jesse M.   Sept., 1862
Gottchell, Jacob S.   July, 1862
Hale, Seneca 2d Lieut. Nov. 1861; resigned Feb., 1863
Hurt, William   Jan., 1862 - Sept., 1862
Kaga, Abraham captain wounded and discharged Jan., 1864
Kiggins, William   Jan., 1862 - July, 1862
Knox, John C.   Dec., 1861 - July, 1862
Laughlin, Joseph S. sergeant Jan., 1862 - May, 1863
Mason, Lewis V.   Mar., 1862 - Oct., 1862
Neal, William D. captain killed June 26, 1864, Kenesaw Mountain
Owen, Warret   Jan., 1861
Rinehart, D. B. 1st Lieut. Jan. 1882; resigned Jan. 1863
Snow, Benjamin   Jan., 1861 - Sept., 1863
Swander, William   Jan., 1861 - July, 1863
Thomas, F. M.   Jan., 1861 - July, 1862
Thompson, Reuben   Jna., 1861 - Nov., 1862
Waddle, William L. 1st Lieut. promoted to captain
Watson, James W.   Jan., 1861 - July, 1863
Wilkers, Joseph E. corporal Jan., 1862 - Oct. 1862

Died and killed in battle.

Name Remarks
Baggart, Oliver P. wounded July 13, 1863, Memphis
Babcock, Jesse killed May 23, 1863, Vicksburg
Baker, David C. died June 2, 1863, Nashville
Baldwin, Thomas died Feb. 13, 1863, Memphis
Beeson, Columbus died Mar., 28, Jefferson, Mo.
Bryan, Samuel died May 20, 1862, Shiloh
Dalton, James died Oct. 18, 1862, Shiloh
Davis, Jasper N. died June 15, 1863, at home
Deweese, Perry died Mar. 9, 1863, Memphis
Day, Jesse died Oct. 18, 1862, Bolivar
Gallimore, E. S. died June 18, 1862, Camp Dennison
Hardesty, Henry died June 30, 1863, on transport
Hawkins, Freeman died Apr. 24, 1862, Shiloh
Knox, James A. died May 16, 1863, Raymond, Miss
Lambert, Ozias died Feb. 5, 1862, Cincinnati
Lenox, Abraham died Mar. 12, 1863, St. Louis
Manning, Elias died Apr. 29, 1863, Lagrange
Sturm, William Henry drowned in 1862
Sturgeon, Moses died June 29, 1863, Vicksburg
Wagnog, John died June 21, 1862, Grand Juncition
Watson, Andrew J. died July 5, 1863, Vicksburg

Mustered out with Regiment July 18, 1865.

Name Rank Remarks
Baker, S. J.    
Balmer, John    
Barber, David W.    
Bird, John H.    
Blakely, George private  
Blakely, John M. private  
Bogus, E. L.    
Bolenbaugh, Irwin M.    
Brewer, Henry    
Clement, John W.    
Colby, R. M. captain mustered out with company
Croner, John B.   Jan., 1862
Crusey, Jacob    
Davis, Oliver P.   Oct., 1862
Deal, George    
Demler, Gotleib corporal  
Dickensheets, Daniel C.    
Dickensheets, Henry F.    
Dickerson, William T.    
Dorsey, George W. sergeant  
Duncan, Thomas    
Elzroth, William    
Emmitt, Samuel    
Fidler, James    
Fosnight, Ira   Oct., 1862
Glasford, William    
Golden, William    
Graham, Samuel M.    
Haig, William    
Haines, Daniel P.    
Hammell, William    
Hardesty, Lucas    
Harrison, John W.    
Harrison, William H.    
Hedges, Josiah M.    
Henry, William    
Hines, William J.    
Jackson, John A. corporal  
Kibbons, William H.    
Kiser, E. H.    
Kiser, Elisha H.    
Kiser, Labarr J.    
Kiser, Orrin    
Kiser, Thomas C.    
Krabah, John A.    
LeFever, Henry C.    
Line, Martin    
Manning, Daniel H.    
Manning, William P. 1st sergeant  
Mapes, Abraham    
Marshall, Hugh corporal  
Martin, Benjamin F.    
Martin, James W.    
Martin, John M.    
McBain, John    
McCabe, Samuel H.    
Messenger, William A.    
Mitchell, John E.    
Niswanger, Jonathan   Aug., 1862
Nogle, William H.    
Peer, James A. June, 1863  
Princehouse, William H.    
Quillan, George W.    
Reddick, Seth T.    
Redinbo, George W. corporal  
Ruppart, John H.    
Rupport, William P.    
Russell, Samuel    
Shaw, Calvin F.   Aug., 1862
Shue, Henry    
Smalley, Geo. W. corporal missing in action
Smeltzer, Reuben    
Smeltzer, Robert    
Smith, James H.    
Smith, Jonathan    
Souder, Henry J.    
Staley, Henry H.    
Stewart, Luther sergeant  
Thomas, Toney    
Troutwine, Frederick    
Tuley, Thomas    
Tunks, Philip   Dec., 1863
Waltz, Henry    
Waltz, Jacob    
Weaver, William    
Whitmer, Benjamin F. corporal  
Williams, Levi    
Wilson, Andrew sergeant  
Wilson, Richard M. sergeant  
Wright, Nelson    

Died and killed in battle.

Airgood, William died Oct. 24, 1864, Rome, Ga.
Dodds, William S. wounded and died Oct. 10, 1864, Rome, Ga.
Gleason, Thomas wounded July 27, 1864, Atlanta, Ga.
Jelly, Christopher killed July 22, 1864, Atlanta, Ga
Kessler, John E. killed July 22, 1864, Atlanta, Ga.
Moore, James killed July 22, 1864, Atlanta, Ga.
Neal, William D. killed at Kenesaw Mountain, June 26, 1864
Umphery, John July 22, 1864, Atlanta, Ga.
Willis, Andrew died from wounds, June 28, 1864, Rome, Ga.

Company I, Twentieth O. V. I.

Ailes, T. G.   Dec., 1861; killed at Peachtree Creek, July 22, 1864
Dodds, Benjamin D.   Dec., 1861; killed in 1864
Manning, John   Aug., 1862
Pierce, John   Dec., 1861; died Feb., 1862.
Schenck, George W. Private Company H, Apr., 1861 - Aug., 1861
Snodgrass, John T. Private Company H, Apr., 1861 - Aug., 1861
Sparling, John S.   Dec., 1861 - June, 1865


Shelby County, Ohio Military
Company I, 15th Regiment O. V. I.
Company I, 20th O. V. I.
50th O. V. I.
99th O. V. I.
118th O. V. I.
Battery M - 1st Ohio Light Artillery
Neal Post
Monumental Building
Tablet Roster - At Rest
Spanish-American War - Co. L

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