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(Source:  History of Shelby County, Ohio and Representative Citizens.
Evansville, Ind. - A. B. C. Hitchcock - 1913 - 913 pgs)
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

(Shelby Co., Ohio, Military Index)


Co. L

     Company L, Third Infantry, Ohio National Guard, answered first call for troops for the Spanish-American war, April 26, 1898, mobilized at Camp Bushnell, Columbus, O., and was mustered into United States service, May 10, 1898.
     The Third regiment was assigned to the Fifth Army Corps and sent at once to Tampa, Fla.  The corps was ordered to prepare to embark on transports for Cuba, had excess baggage stored and some of the horses loaded, when word came that, owning to there not being sufficient transports, the Third Ohio would not be taken, greatly to the disappointment of the ambitious recruits and the relief of the mothers and sweethearts at home.  The six months' service of the regiment was spent in camp at De Sota park near Tampa at Fernandino, Fla., and Huntsville, Ala.
     The company on the first call was made up of seventy-two officers and men.  Upon the second call for troops the company was filled with recruits to the number of one hundred and nine, whose names are here recorded:


Capt. William T. Amos
1st Lieut. Henry M. Theurer
2d Lieut. Emerson V. Moore
Sergeant, 1st. Jesse C. Wilson
Q. M. Cliffe Wilson,
Q. M. Benjamin McCullough
Q. M. Jesse L. Frazier
Q. M. Frank M. Hussey
Q. M. Arthur W. Kah


Amann, Ferd
Dill, Omer
Ginn, Robert
Haines, Eayre
Hussey, Weber
Kendall, Elmer
Kraft, Louis P.
Kucky, James
Laughlin, Jesse
Orbison, James
VanDeGrift, Robert
Wikoff, Dan
Williams, Melvin T.


Kah, Harland E. Rostron, Charles


  Talbot, Asby G.  


  Sarver, William  


Ackerly, George
Apgar, William
Barber, Rolla
Beck, Henry W.
Bennett, Martin
Bower, Samuel
Brandt, Joseph
Bulle, Marion
Burton, Daniel
Bush, DeWitt S.
Carey, Jason
Cowan, Edwin
Deveney, William
Dunnavant, William
Eberle, William F.
Edgar, Fred S.
Ehrhardt, George
Elliott, Ervin
Flinn, Eayre
Foust, Oliver
Frey, Chris
Funk, Benjamin
Gilfillan, William
Given, Frederick T.
Griffen, Henry
Haines, George
Harbaugh, Charles
Havescher, Fred
Heiges, Ralph
Hoff, William
Horner, Oliver
Huffman, Albert
Humphreys, Harry
Hussey, Clem
Kiplinger, Clinton
Kress, William
Kummer, William
Lewis, George
Lewis, Harry
Leymaster, William
Longnecker, John
Luckey, Reuben
Ludwig, John
McHenry, John
McKercher, John
McVay, Frank
Miller, Harry
Montross, Bayly
Morton, George
Motsinger, Roy
Neal, Harry
Nicholson, Edward
Ockenfels, Frank
Odell, Omer
O'Neil, Daniel
Parcher, Walter
Pfaadt, Louis
Price, Marenas
Reiger, Joseph
Rhinehart, Alvin
Rhodefer, Harry
Rostron, William
Ruff, George
Sarver, Emory
Schaub, Joseph
Shannon, Stephen
Snider, Philemon
Staley, Jacob
Stang, John
Struckman, Julius
Swob, George
Toller, John
Vogler, Emer
Wagner, Albert
Weaver, Todd
Wiley, Ben.
Williams, Adolphus
Willoughby, Franklin
Wright, Freeman
Young, Adam M.
Young, John
Young, Karl F.

     These officers and men were at the time of service all residents of Shelby county.  There was much sickness due to the unsanitary condition of the camp at Tampa.  Many of Company L were in serious condition and many were sent home on sick furlough, but a remarkable feature was that there was not a death in the company during the six months' service.  The company was mustered out at Columbus in October with their flag, a beautiful silk one presented by the young ladies of Sidney, unspotted with blood and unsullied with the marks of the battlefield.  At the reception given in the armory a few evenings after their return Melvin Williams on behalf of the boys presented Lieut.-Col. W. T. Amos with a beautiful sword.


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Spanish-American War - Co. L

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