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Source: Tucson Daily citizen - Arizona
Dated: Feb. 4, 1902
    AKRON, Ohio, Feb. 4. - Mrs. Ronena E. Gaddell, a handsome woman of 40 was brought from Marietta this evening by Sheriff F. G. Kelley to answer an indictment returned at the last session of the grand jury charging her with bigamy.  The specific charge against Mrs. Gaddell is that she married Lewis Ford in Akron in 1894 without the formality of having first obtained a divorce from James Gaddell at Marietta, to whom she was married two eyars earlier.  It is alleged, however, that Mrs. Gaddell had a husband living at the time she married Gaddell one James Perdue, of Akron and that she has still four other husband in different parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. 
     The woman was indicted here under the aliases Perdue, Merrill, Ford and Smith, but he name of the sixth alleged husband is not known.
     Mrs. Gaddell's first matrimonial venture is said to have been with the man Merrill at South Marietta, about 1883, and her second was not until about 1889.  She is the mother of six children, and so far as Deputy Sheriff Ralph Hamlin, who has been working on the case, can ascertain, no two of them have the same father, Mrs. Gaddell is also under indictment on a criminal charge in Marietta.  She takes her arrest coolly and told Sheriff Kelley that she has obtained a divorce from every man she had married, and expected to prove it.  The records, it is said, do not bear out her assertion, Judge Kohler fixed her bond at $500.
Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, Ohio
Dated: June 28, 1918
287 Cross street, driver for the Burkhardt Brewing Co., fell from his wagon tonight and sustained a severe scalp wound.  He was taken to People's hospital.
Jury Visits Murder Scene.
     The jury which is try Paul CHIVARO on the charge of murdering Patrolman GTethin RICHARDS was completed this afternoon at 2 in Judge E. D. FRITCH's court.  Immediately after the jurors were sworn, they were taken to view the scene of the murder and to inspect the locality in which the tragedy was enacted.
     The jurors are Andrew J. HARRIS, Copely; Willis P. FENN, Tallmade; F. Glenn ANDERSON, Akron; A. W. HAWKINS, Akron; Georger A. LAUDENRON, Akron; Edward T. GILLEN, Akron; John HADFIELD, Akron; Ike REEDER, Akron; Charles T. GOTTSHELL, Akron; Arthur J. BECKER, Akron; W. M. HERR, Akron, and ALfred P. WALKER, Akron.
     It required the issuing of a fifth venire to obtain the jurors.  Most of the veniremen dismissed today were excused on the grounds that they were opposed to capital punishment or that they had formed an opinion in the case.
Draft Numbers Announced.
The six holders of the first draft number drawn from the great bowl in Washington today in Summit county are: Harry A. AMMAN, 62 Glenwood avenue, Board No. 1; Wallic S. YINGLING, 804 Corley street, Board No. 2; P. S. BIERINGER, 291 Orchard avenue, Board No. 3; John MINOR, 682 Bowery street, Board No. 4; Louis FARINA, 287 East avenu7e, Board 5; Joe EMAR, Barberton, Board No. 6.
     Holders of the second number, which was the fifth drawn, because the second, third and fourth number are H. CARSON, 4311 Carmichael street, Baord No. 2; A. A. COURTNEY, Cuyahoga Falls, Board No. 6; John W. Hartz, 115 Lake street, Board 4; C. A. Lamson, 366 Buckeye street, Board 3; Genk K. LIM, 237 Wooster avenue, Board No. 5 and J. F. MALLISON, 675 Broadway, Board No. 1.
     The first registrant of 21 to file his questionaire with the Summit county board is Ira BAZTER, 1005 N. 5th street, Barberton.  HE claims no exemption and will be classified as 1-A.
Prisoner Makes Escape.
Playing upon the sympathies of his jailors after his wife had fainted in the lobby of the jail.  Morris KEITH of Barberton induced Deputy Sheriff Scotty ENGERSON to take him to the prosecutor's office in an attempt to give bond to obtain his release from jail.
     He was unable to obtain sureties and when being taken back to jail he broke away from the officer and escaped.  The police are hunting for him.
     Mrs. KEITH, was sent to the City hospital after she fainted at the jail.  Her condition is not serious.
I. O. O. F. to Honor Two.
Two Akron men, Col. George S. Whitney and Lieut. Col. William H. GOSTLIN of Canton Akron, I. O. O. F., will receive the Grand Decoration of Chivalry at the Grand Encampment of Ohio Odd Fellows and the Department Council of Patriarchs Militant I. O. O. F. at Mansfield July 8 and 9.
     Canton Akron No. 2, the largest canton in the world, 330 strong, will go to Mansfield to take part in the parade July 9.  Plans are under way now to take a large delegation of Summit county Odd Fellows to the encampment for the two days session.
Boy Blast Victim Sues.
     The loss of two fingers and a thumb in the explosion of a dynamite cap with which he was playing, resulted in the filing of a suit in common pleas court today by Ernest SEELEY, i, against John P. McCAUSLAND.  James T. McCAUSLAND and Hugh McCAUSLAND for $15,000.
Widow Sues for $5,000.
Suite against the state industrial commission for $5,000 for the death of the husband was begun today by Clara M. FRIDINGER.  She claims her husband died from an injury received when he pounded his finger while working as a blacksmith for a firm carrying state insurance.
Two Burned in Explosion.
     J. S. SCHUMAKER, 111 Brodahely court, and A. R. BRANDT, 381 S. Forge street, were severely burned about the face and eyes this afternoon by an explosion of chemicals at the Amazon Tire & Rubber Co. plant.  They were taken to City hospital.
83 Indictments Returned.
     Nineteen cases were ignored and eighty-three true bills were returned by the special grand jury which reported to Judge FRITCH today.
     Eurbis MALDONADO, was indicted on a charge of murder in the first degree for killing of Pat O'CONNELL, of Barberton.  Three indictments for second degree murder were returned, twenty-six for grand larceny, three for highway robbery, five for carrying concealed weapons and five for forgery.  Ten secret indictments were returned.
Drowns in Turkeyfoot Lake.
, 28, of 318 W. Exchange street, was drowned in Turkeyfoot lake late last night when a boat in which he was attempting to cross from one landing to another became filled with water.  J. J. MILLARD, 33, of 85 W. State street, and D. C. BROWN, 28, or 443 W. Market streets, and D. C. BROWN, 28, of 443 W. Market street, who were with him struggled in the water for an hour before they were rescued.  They are in People's hospital where they will recover.
     ZIMMERMAN's body was recovered.  His widow survives.
     The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert O'DELL, who were drowned in Summit lake last night, were taken to Portsmouth tonight for burial.
Slayer Sent to Reformatory.
     William LOWE
, N. O. T. conductor, was sentenced to the Mansfield reformatory today for manslaughter for the killing of a passenger on the Grant street line last winter.
     Harry FLEISHER, found guilty of pocket picking, was sentenced to a term in the Ohio state Penitentiary by Judge C. C. BENNER today.
Source: Montgomery Advertiser - Alabama
Date: July 19, 1919
Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Lloyd have returned from a delightful trip to Canada and Niagara Falls. Before returning home they visited their daughter Mrs. Charles Carroll in Akron, Ohio.
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