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History of Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Combination atlas map of Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Strasburg, Ohio: Gordon Print.,
359 pgs. L. H. Everts


UHRS and ANNA BARBARA AFFOLTER, of a large connection of that name much noted for size and stature, lived in Leuzigen, Canton Bern, Switzerland.  They were the parents of Stephen, Benedick, Andrew, John, Uhrs and Elizabeth.  The father, burn in 1765, lived until 1850.  He served in the Swiss army through the French Revolution.  Benedick, being seven feet in height and was chosen a body guard for the King of Holland and died as a soldier in South Africa.  All the other children were married and raised large families.  John Affolter, born in 1800, was married in 1832 to Elizabeth Affolter, born in 1800, was married in 1832 to Elizabeth Affolter, a distant cousin, who was born in 1810.  Their children were John, Samuel and Frederick, twins, Elizabeth, Mary, Jacob, Gottlieb, Albert, Margaret, Alexander, and Rosanna.  John Affolter and his family, except John Jr., who died in 1854, came to Canal Dover Dec. 31, 1855.  Andrew Affolter, with his wife and six children, came on the same ship and settled in Canton.  John Affolter, Sr., died Nov. 6, 1868, and Elizabeth, his wife, died July 1, 1876, both in Warwick Township.  They farmed until the Civil War.  Then the four elder brothers volunteered for the defense of their adopted country.  Frederick enlisted in the First Missouri Infantry, and later in the One Hundred and Sixty-First Ohio.  Samuel served three years in the Forty-Seventh Illinois, receiving severe wound at Fort Donelson.  Jacob served one year in the Fifty-First Ohio and then three years in Battery H, Fifth United States Artillery.  Gottlieb, born Sept. 19, 1843, enlsited in Company I, One hundred and Seventh Ohio, which was in the Eleventh Army Corps until after the Battle of Gettysburg when the First Division was transferred in August, 1863, to the Tenth Corps to share in the siege of Charleston.  That stern, fierce siege forms a story seldom equalled and never excelled in war.  In February, 1864, the One hundred and seventh Ohio, was ordered to Jacksonville, Florida, whence many raids were made to hinder concentration against Sherman's March upon Atlanta.  That service involved many long marches and much hard skirmishing.  To aid Sherman's famous "March to the Sea," the One hundred and Seventh Ohio was ordered back to South Carolina to cut the Charleston and Savannah Railroad at Pocotaligo.  At a point of attack when the regiment could neither advance nor retreat without great loss, the troops rested all day with nothing to eat or drink.  Out of great sympathy one of the cooks, tall, slim and brave, came up with two kettles of coffee.  Just as he came to the line, a shell struck his head and exploding drove a piece of his skull into the breast of another soldier who was also killed.  On May 2, 1863, at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Gottlieb Affolter was shot through the right lung and a few minutes later a piece of shell made a severe wound on his right hip.  He was left for dead on a part of the field that fell to the enemy who sent the more lightly wounded southward but stretched Gottlieb in a row with the fatally wounded who were gathered up under a flag under a flag of truce on May  17 and taken to Camble Hospital at Washington City, where he recovered and joined the regiment three months later.  On January 5, 1865, he was captured near Vellucia, Florida, and taken to the infamous Andersonville Prison.  On April 2, 1868, Gottlieb Affolter married Miss Mary Anna Waltz, who was born April 29, 1850.  Her father, Daniel Waltz, born Feb. 12, 1810 in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, came to New Philadelphia in 1840, where in 1849 he was married to Miss Sabina L. Cassler, who was born in 1831, near Nazareth, Pennsylvania, whence her parents, Jacob and Nancy Ann Michler Cassler, came in 1838 to Warwick Township.  Daniel Waltz died May 8, 1892, and Sabina died in 1887.  Gottlieb and Mary Affolter are the parents of Minnie Leunetta, born Nov. 23, 1869; Emma Elizabeth, born Oct. 25, 1871, and married Feb. 25, 1897, to Charles Clyde Wallace and has four children, Margaret L., born June 6, 1899, George E., born Aug. 24, 1900, Mildred E., born Feb. 20, 1902, and Mary B., born Nov. 27, 1903; Mary Catherine, born Nov. 11, 1873, and married to Daniel Austin Simmons, Oct. 3, 1895, and has three children.  Walter O., born Sept. 19, 1896, Bessie Clara, born Oct. 17, 1904, Clifford Leroy, born Feb. 17, 1907; Daniel Webster, mentioned below; Sarah Sabina, born Apr. 21, 1877, and married to Robert T. Benner, Jr., elsewhere mentioned; Harry Franklin born Jan. 1, 1879; Maude Grace, born Oct. 3, 1881, and married to Jesse T. Whitman June 23, 1901, and has three children, Marie  Augusta, born Apr. 10, 1902, Alemeda E., born Aug. 26, 1903, and Mary A., born Oct. 26, 1905; Roy Frederick, born Sept. 9, 1884; Elmer Evan, born May 20, 1888; Della May, born Jul. 18, 1889; Homer Ronald, born July 20, 1891; and Beulah Augusta, born Apr. 25, 1893.  Daniel Webster Affolter was born Sept. 15, 1875, on Goshen Hill where his parents were then living.  He and his brothers and sisters have had the public schooling of Warwick Township.  On Oct. 6, 1897, he married Miss Anna Baird, a daughter of Thomas H. and Elizabeth Everhart Baird, who were married Aug. 29, 1857.  Thomas H. Baird was born in Harrison County July 2, 1814, followed the business of a druggist and died at Philipsburg Feb. 7, 1883.  Elizabeth Baird died Nov. 29, 1904, in her seventy-sixth year.  Daniel W. and Anna Affolter have two children: Leo A., born June 24, 1898, and Silva M., born July 16, 1907.  The family has had fine success in general gardening and in greenhouse culture.
(Source:  Page 102 - ALSO includes Photos of Thomas & Elizabeth Baird - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Affolter & Family; Residence and greenhouses of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Affolter, Warwick Twp.; Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Affolter, Warwick Township; Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Affolter and Family.)
JOHN ANDREAS was an early pioneer to Tuscarawas County.  He was born in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, in the year 1789, and settled in Uhrichsville about the year 1817.  In 1824 he became the second husband of Mrs. Godfrey Haga, whose maiden name was Catherine Uhrich, already noticed.  This union resulted in the birth of four children, Silvester W., Hannah, John and Catherine.  Mr. Andreas died December 26, 1857.  He was a boot and shoe maker by trade, though he also carried on a farm.
     Mrs. Andreas died January 27, 1871, in her eighty-first year.  The daughter of the pioneer settler of Uhrichsville, she was emphatically a pioneer woman, thorough and heroic.  She was reared in the Moravian Church, but upon the organization of the Presbyterian Church in Uhrichsville she joined the same, on account of the inconveniences of attending the Moravian services.  She was the mother of eight children, the grandmother of thirty-eight, and great-grandmother of forty-seven.  Of the children of Mr. Andreas, John died in infancy.  Hannah was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, October 2, 1828; married William Jeffers, of Harrison County, Ohio, April 15, 1852.  Their children were Sylvester A., born March 9, 1853; died December 16, 1862.  Catherine J., born October  7, 1854.  Rebecca born May e, 1857; married William Tweed, February 26, 1874; Emily E., born September 4, 1859; Ida May, born March 1, 1868.  Mr. Jeffers was born in Carroll County, Ohio, May 28, 1825.  When a young man he taught school some, and also learned the carpenter's trade.  For some years past he has been engaged in the grocery business in the vicinity of Edgefield, and also in superintending the working of S. W. Andreas's coal mine.  He is a man of excellent business tact, of correct habits, and a thorough gentleman.
     Catherine married for her first husband Levi Myers, January 21, 1848, by whom she had one daughter, Emily E., born July 12, 1849, died in August, 1849.  Mr. Myers died March 29, 1849.
     Her second marriage was to Mr. William Ely, of Harrison County, Ohio, on June 10, 1852.  Family record: - John A., born January 15, 1854, died May 14, 1864; Silvester W., born May 16, 1856; Willie M., born March 9, 1862, died May 1, 1869; Flora C., born July 12, 1865, died April 22, 1869; George L., born February 3, 1867, died May 3, 1869; Emerson K., born May 6, 1871, did August 21, 1871.  Also two unnamed children who died in infancy.
     Silvester W. Andreas, oldest child of John Andreas by his marriage to Catherine Uhrich (widow Haga), was born on the farm upon which he now resides, near Uhrichsville, November 24, 1825.  His boyhood was passed "in grubbing in the soil," as he terms it.  He was married on February 15, 1846, to Miss Emily Banister of Uhrichsville, by whom he had three daughters, Mary Ellen, born November 14, 1846, married October 20, 1864, to John Bruner; Hannah M., born July 18, 1849, married January 21, 1870 to Henry Kinghorn; Amelia C., born December 14, 1853, married Oscar Caves, May 25, 1871.
     On the 3d of August, 1863, Mrs. Andreas was instantly killed in her house by a stroke of lightning during a storm.
     On January 25, 1866, Mr. Andreas married Miss Mary Biteler, daughter of Frederick Biteler, of Uhrichsville.  She was born February 3, 1844.  Mr. Andreas's chief business has been that of farming and coal operations.  He is an enterprising and esteemed citizen of his community.


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