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Source:  The Daily Atlas - Mass.
Dated: 05-18-1844
     A destructive fire occurred at Canal Dover, Tuscarawas county, Ohio, on the 8th inst., which laid in ashes three large warehouses, on the bank of the canal, the Collector's office, and the forwarding store and grocery of Fertig & Torrey, consuming a large amount of goods and merchandize of all kinds, and from ten to fifteen thousand bushels of wheat.  The loss is computed at $25,000 - about $10,000 insured.
Source:  The Sun - Maryland
Dated: 07-13-1846
     Anti Slavery Lecturer Killed - An anti-slavery lecturer, named David Officer, was killed on the 5th inst., while lecturing in Shanesville, Tuscarawas county, Ohio, by David M. Mains.  The latter was drunk, and had bee put out of the meeting; he returned in a short time with a brickbat in his hand, and threw it with such violence against the head of Officer, that his skull was completely shattered.  Officer survived but a short time.
Source:  The Sun - Maryland
Dated: 08-01-1853
     The Cleveland Democrat says that Mr. Similar, of the Zoar Community, (Tuscarawas county, Ohio) is not dead, though his health is poor.
Source:  The Daily Ohio Statesman - Ohio
Dated: 02-15-1859
     On the 1st inst., Mr. Phillip Bear, a respectable citizen of Wayne township, Tuscarawas county, was so badly wounded by the breaking of a circular saw, which was driven by horse power for the purpose of sawing wood, that he died in a very short time.  When the saw broke, a part of it struck Mr. B. in the front part of the lower jaw, and, passing upward, split open the upper jaw and the bones of the face and skull so that a portion of the brain  protruded from the wound.
Source:  Milwaukee Daily Sentinel - Wisconsin
Dated: 11-17-1860
Five Persons Burned to Death on the Prairies - The Story County (Iowa) Advocate of the 1st inst. states that Daniel Swearingen, with his wife and four children, recently from Tuscarawas county, Ohio, while on their way from Nevada to their farm near Fort Dodge, were overtaken by fire on the prairie.  It says:
     "Before any measure could be taken for protection, the wagon cover was in flames.  In a moment the bedding and other inflammable material in the wagon was on fire, and before Mr. S. could make his way out of the wagon through the flames, his clothing was on fire.  Unfortunately as he fell out of the wagon, he was kicked by one of the horses, and for a time stunned beyond ability to help the others.  He revived in time to see his wife fall from the wagon, burned to death, and to drag from the flames one of his children, already dead.  His own clothing was burned entirely from his body, and he is severely burned, especially on the head, face and hands.  He is at present sightless, but hopes that his eye sight is not destroyed. -
Two of the children were literally burnt up in the wagon.  Of one, nothing could be found but the skull, and other was a charred mass, in which was no trace of humanity left."
Source:  Milwaukee Daily Sentinel - Wisconsin
Dated: 08-06-1862
     Gold has been discovered near Carol Dover, in Tuscarawas county, Ohio.  The Dover iron company had been drilling for coal for some time past, and a few days ago the sugar struck a rich vein of gold quartz, at a depth of about 275 feet from the surface.  The quartz seemed to be full of gold and several gentlemen pronounce it full as rich as the best California quartz.
Source:  Milwaukee Daily Sentinel - Wisconsin
Dated: 08-26-1863
     One Philip Chapperberger, of Tuscarawas county, Ohio, has written in inquiry into the rights of holding negroes as slaves, substantially proven and made to appear from natural facts and copious extracts from the bible.  Here is one of his texts:
"Matthew, vii. 12:  Therefore, all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them."
Here is Mr. K's exposition:
     "We do not wish negroes should free us, so under the precept, or by the precept, are not bound to free them.  It is only what we wish others should do unto us, that we are commanded to do unto them.  The precept applies only to reciprocal duties and no other."
     We wonder how this genius has so long escaped being made a D. D.
Source:  Cincinnati Daily Gazette - Ohio
Dated: 07-23-1867
     The New Philadelphia Advocate says an old man named Boyd recently died near Urichsville, Tuscarawas county, Ohio, who had had away in his house $2,150.50 in gold, about $1,510 in silver and coppers, and a considerable sum in greenbacks.
Source: The New Philadelphia Times
Dated: June 12, 1890
The commencement exercises of the New Philadelphia Union Schools will be held in the Opera House, Friday evening of this week.  The class consists of the following persons:
Florence Maze Crawford, Monford Darious Custer; Luther Edison Everett; Lillian Goodwin; Ella May Holmes; Anna M. Kaiser; Elizabeth Jane Marsh; Charles Emmett Nickles; Mary Katherine Officer; Hannah Gertrude Spence; Wilma Walter; May Myrtle Williams.
Source: The New Philadelphia Times
Dated: September 15, 1892
SHANESVILLE, SEPT. 13 - The First Annual Reunion of the old Henry Miller Family was held last Friday, in the beautiful grove owned by Levi Miller.  There were Millers and their relations from various states and different towns and cities in Ohio and this county.  The began to pour into the grounds as early as 8:00, and from that time till 10:30, wagons, buggies and vehicles of every description brought dozens of Miller relations, all intent upon having a pleasant time.
     A permanent organization was soon effected and the following officers were elected:  H. J. Miller, president; Allen Richardson, vice president; E. A. Richardson, secretary; Homer Baker, corresponding secretary; Henry Baker, treasurer.
     After the election, all joined in a song that made the woods ring with melody.  It was followed by prayer by Rev. G. W. Dunlap.  The ladies then announced dinner.
     At the first table were seated 102 persons, and spread before them were all the delicacies of the season, together with pastry, cakes and refreshments of liquid form.  The table was decorated especially for the occasion, and the guests did the fare full justice.  Owing to the large number attending the reunion, it was necessary for each one to retire as he had finished and allow another hungry Miller to take his place at the board.
    Conversation and family reminisces filled the time after dinner, and many were the incidents and experiences related by the elder members of this numerous family.
     At half-past one o'clock, the assembly was called to order and all sang an appropriate song.  Father Jesse Winklepleck was then introduced to the gathering reviewing the history of the Old Miller Family and relating many amusing stories of his early life.
     His address was followed by a song, and then E. A. Richardson was called upon, and made an interesting and appropriate speech.
     Congratulating the Millers and friends on their successful reunion, and hoping to meet them at their next reunion, which will be held in the same grove on the first Thursday in September, 1893.
     Music was the next thing on the program, after which Rev. G. W. Dunlap sppoke very briefly and appreciatively, ending by hoping that they would all meet each other in an everlasting reunion in heaven.
     Music again, and then all betook themseles to the supper table, feasting upon the many good things yet remaining.
     About 4 o'clock the crowd began to leave for their respective homes.  Many having quite a distance to go.  All felt that they had spent one of the most pleasant and delightful days of their lives, and firmly resolved to attend the next reunion in 1893.
     The following is a list of those present, with the exception of a few names not possible to ascertain at this time: 
H. J. Miller & wife Noah Mast & wife Levi Bieder & wife
Z. T. Baltzley Edward Baltzly Jacob Kaufman & wife
Leonard Heider & wife Allen Richardson & wife E. A. Richardson & wife
H. Richardson & wife Mrs. Catherine Richardson Thomas Richards & wife
Austin Richardson John Warnes Mrs. Susan Lower
Mrs. Ed. Babbage & daughter Florence Mrs. Barbara Dietz D. W. Yoder & wife & daughter Ella
Miss Gusta Heider Mrs. Lydia Fisher Moses Hostetler & wife
Jesse Winklepleck & wife Jacob Sliffe & wife Cornelius Neff & wife
Abner Miller & wife Isaac Miller & wife Stephen Loader & wife
Henry Ream & wife Robert Schenauer & wife Miss Mollie Meese
Gust Goeler & wife Mrs. William Haskins Joseph Stantz
Levi Miller Mr. & Mrs. Callahan & Miss Nettie Callahan John Huber & wife
Elmer Wilhelm John Yoder Aaron Yoder & wife
Jemima Yoder Amanda Yoder Katie Yoder
Hiram Yoder Mrs. Johns Charles Smiley & wife
Eli Miller & wife Isaiah Harris & wife George Dietz & wife
Mrs. Miller & wife 1T Showalter & wife Miss Mary Kohr
Isaac Helmrich & wife Frank Bear & wife & daughter Rev. G. W. Dunlay
Miss Mary Miller L. C. Zollars & wife Jonas Beachy & wife
H. H. Miller & wife H. H. Baker & wife Henry Baker & wife
Mrs. F. D. Sliffe & daughter Vernie B. R. Hartman Mrs. Ella Meese & daughter
Alf Baltzley & wife Pearl & Earl Yoder Charles Dunlay
Edward Ream Edward Sliffe John Winklepleck
Mrs. Lydia Baltzly Mrs. Alvin Pierce Cornelius Winklepleck
F. J. Crites & wife William Miller & wife Daniel Allison
Barbara Richardson A. T. Miller & daughter, Erma Mr. Troyer & wife
A. N. Mast Harvey Richardson & wife Jacob Mast & wife
R. J. Hostetler & wife John S. Yoder & wife William Hostetler & wife
Misses Lizzie Ream, Florence Baltzly, Ella & Maggie Sliffe Uriah Gerber Miss Glusta Heider
Michael Dietz & wife Henry Tinsmon & wife Jacob Neff
Mose Miller & wife Miss Garver Mrs. Henry Teis & daughter
William Froelich & Mrs. Lawbaugh    

The total number present was 264 adults and 82 children whose names do not appear on the list.

Source:  Aberdeen Daily News - South Dakota
Dated: 12-01-1916
Samuel M. Ralston,
governor of Indiana, born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, fifty-nine years ago today.
Source:  Duluth News Tribune - Minnesota
Dated: 09-20-1921
Manuel Herrick
, representative in congress of the Eighth Oklahoma district, born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, 45 years ago today.
Source:  The Duluth News Tribune - Minnesota
Dated: 03-08-1922
     1782 - Massacre of the Moravian Indians
in Tuscarawas county, Ohio
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