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History of Warren Co., Ohio
A History of the County; Its Townships, Towns, Schools, Churches,
Etc.; General and Local Statistics; Portraits of Early
Settlers and Prominent Men; History of The North-
West Territory; History of Ohio; Map of
Warren County; Constitution of the
United States, Miscellaneous
Matters, Etc., Etc. 
- Illustrated -
Publ. Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co.,



  Harlan Twp. -
GEORGE JACKSON, farmer; P. O. Level; a native of this county, born Dec. 27, 1838, and educated in the common and graded schools of this county.  His early inclination was to farm, and to that occupation he has devoted his life.  He was united in marriage to Julia A. Flesher, Dec. 26, 18160; she being a native of this county, and born Dec. 23, 1837.  Their children are Elmer and Addie; the former to soon finish a collegiate course at Lebanon Normal.  Mr. Jackson lost his wife by death, Nov. 23, 1865; he was again married the second time, Mar. 12, 1869, to Miss A. C. Hill; the following interesting family blessed this  union:  Millie, Laura, Letitia, Carrie, Mattie, James B. and Arthur.  His father was Jacob M. Jackson, born in Clarksburg, Va.; he married Miss D. Williams, of the same State.  They settled in this county at an early date, and are numbered among the pioneers of the same.
Source:  History of Warren Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co., 1882 - Page 1035
  Harlan Twp. -
WILLIAM JACKSON, farmer; P. O. Level; this worthy gentleman is a native of Frederick Co., Md., born May 11, 1824.  At about 11 years of age, he came to this county with his parents - his father, Jacob Jackson, his mother, originally Nancy Rogers, both natives of Maryland.  The subject of this sketch is naturally a farmer and enjoys the rural scenery of his adoption.  He was united in marriage, Nov. 25, 1849, to Miss Delia Sophia Scudder, a native of this State.  They have eight children - Dora J., Solon L., William H., Eunice A., Elizabeth A., Ida M., Dollie Mc. and Margaret D.  Mr. Jackson is a Democrat of the old school, and has held the office of School Director for a period of twelve years; he owns a good farm of 112 acres of choice land; and has one of the most interesting families in the township; he is a warm friend to education, having liberally educated a number of his children.  The family are musically inclined and seem to enjoy its charms.
Source:  History of Warren Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co., 1882 - Page 1035
  Hamilton Twp. -
B. F. JOHNSON, farmer, P. O. Maineville.  The subject of thsi sketch is a brother of Sheriff Jaspar Johnson, of Warren co., O., and a son of James H. Johnson, one of the pioneers of the county.  He was brought up to farm pursuits and in the common schools received his education.  Aug. 1866, he was married to Indiana M. Weidmer, of Indiana, by whom he has had 5 children - 3 living viz.: Cora, Hattie and EdithCharlotte and James F., deceased,  With the exception of two years he has lived in the county since his birth.  He is a member of the I. O. O. F. Lodge in Maineville, No. 557, of which he is an exemplary and worthy brother.  He owns 45 acres of land in Hamilton Township.
Source:  History of Warren Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co., 1882 - page 950
  Franklin Twp. -
JAMES JOHNSON, farmer; P. O. Franklin; son of Arthur and Elizabeth (Anderson) Johnson, was born in Belfast, Ireland, in 1834.  In 1854, he came to this country and settled in Franklin.  He was married to Harriet, daughter of Clayton Burns, near Belfast, Ireland, in 1834; they have four children - Maggie, James, William, and Phoebe J.  Mr. Johnson had four houses and five lots on the Springboro road, which he exchanged for his present 90 acres north of Franklin, 86 of which are under cultivation.
Source:  History of Warren Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co., 1882 - page 807
  Clear Creek Twp. -
NAPOLEON JOHNSON, plasterer, Springboro; born in Dinwiddie Co., Va., Apr. 16, 1820; is a son of Embra and Polly Johnson natives of Virginia.  The grandfather was Thomas Johnson also believed to be a native of Virginia, and lived and died there under the bonds of slavery.  The maternal grandparents were Stephen and Judy Mathus, he a native of Spain and she of the Cherokee tribe of Indians.  They both lived and died as slaves of Virginia Embra, the father, was born in slavery about 1780-82, and under the institution grew to manhood; was married and became the father of ten children.  Four sons and four daughters grew to maturity; two of these were sold and taken South, and nothing has since been known of them; three of them died in Virginia; and two, the last known of them, lived in Virginia; Robert, and Mary, who married Nelson BranchMrs. Johnson died in 1842.  Mr. Johnson died in 1842.  Mr. Johnson lived in Virginia the last known of him, which was at the close of the war of the rebellion.  He, like Moses of old, was favored to live to see "the promised land" of freedom, and further was permitted to go in and possess it; after a long life of bondage, he saw the "the shining light" of freedom, and knew and realized the favors which were thus vouchsafed to his children and children's children with all of its glorious privileges.  Napoleon our subject, was raised and kept in slavery till 1847, when his master, James Epps, emancipated him with thirty nine others - all he had - and gave them the full 'liberties of a free land, which, by nature, was their right from birth.  In 1847, Mr. Johnson came to Jefferson Co., Ohio, where he remained till November, 1848, when he came to Springboro, Warren Co.  On Feb. 14, 1849, he married Mrs. Celia Anderson, daughter of Humphrey and Lucy Bobson, natives of Virginia.  Mrs. Bobson came to Ohio and died in Springboro in 1857.  Mr. Johnson and wife have had three children, one now living - Maria, who married Abraham Wheeler; had one child, Benjamin.  Mr. Johnson served one year in the war of the rebellion; enlisted in Co. G, 16th U. S. C. V. I., on Jan. 19, 1865, and was discharged January, 1866.  With this exception, he has been a resident of Springboro since his first location in 1848, a period of thirty three years; is a reliable and respected citizen and is held in high esteem by all who know him.
Source:  History of Warren Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co., 1882 - page 909
  Union Twp. -
ALBER T. JONES, carpenter, South Lebanon, was born in Massachusetts in the year 1829; he is a son of Benjamin Jones, a native of the same State.  The early life of our subject was passed on the farm, and he received only a limited education in the district schools.  At that age of 16, he began learning his trade, by working on cotton machinery, to which particular work he gave his attention and time for two years after which, on account of failing health, he went at house building, which he followed while he remained in his native State.  In 1860, he located in Hamilton Co., Ohio, in which he resided two years.  In 1861, he was married to Minerva Thompson, of the same county.  In 1862, he located in Warren Co., since which time carpentering has been his principal business.  Being a master workman, and one of the best in the county, he receives a liberal share of the work in his line.  To Mr. and Mrs. Jones three sons have been born, viz.: George W., Alvin M. and Edson M.  He owns a good property in the village of South Lebanon, which makes him a comfortable and pleasant home.
Source:  History of Warren Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co., 1882 - page 1057
  Harlan Twp. -
THOMAS J. JONES, farmer; P. O. Pleasant Plain; was born in Harlan Township, Warren Co., Ohio, Apr. 23, 1858.  His father, Thomas Jones, was born in Virginia, Sept. 4, 1815, and on the 11th of March, 1844, married Martha Sears, who died Nov. 20, 1878.  They were the parents of eleven children, of whom Thomas, our subject, who was the youngest, was raised on the farm with his father until he married and commenced life for himself.  He attended the district schools of his township and devoted his spare time to the work on the farm.  On Feb. 9, 1879, he married Miss Lucy M. Gibbs, a daughter of Henry and Lucy (Clark) Gibbs, natives of England, who emigrated to this county from near London, England, in the fall of 1857.  By this union one child was born, viz.:  Henry L., born Jan. 27, 1880.  Mr. Jones, though a young man, is of an industrious disposition and steady habits, and promises to soon place himself upon the substantial worldly footing.
Source:  History of Warren Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co., 1882 - Page 1035



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