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History of Wyandot County, Ohio
Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co.,




  DAVID ALTER, the subject of this sketch, is one of the reprehensive farmers of Jackson Township.  He was born in Allegheny County, Penn., Jan. 27, 1840.  He parents were John and Mary (McCutchen) Alter, whose history appears elsewhere in this work.  Mr. Alter took up is residence in this county in1859, and engaged in farm labor with his father until 1863, when he enlisted in the service of the United States, under the command of Col. Gallaher but was afterward transferred to the First Pennsylvania Cavalry.  He received his discharge in 1863, Dec. 29 and returned home, where he remained with his father till his marriage.  This event took place Sept.15, 1870.  Miss Catharine Zimmerman, the bride, is the daughter of Peter and Caroline (Felty) Zimmerman, whose history will also be found elsewhere recorded.  She was born Apr. 22, 1851, and is the mother of four children - Mary L., born Aug. 4, 1872; Perry L., born June 2, 1875; Bessie M., born Sept. 30, 1877, and Joseph F., born Sept. 3, 1883.  After his marriage, Mr. Alter moved to the farm which he had bought a short time prior to that event, and upon which he still resides.  The original amount, thirty-seven acres, he has since increased to seventy-four, and is thus enabled to live in comfort.  In politics, Mr. Alter is a Republican.  He was reared in the Presbyterian Church, and became a member of that church in his twenty-fifth year; his wife united shortly after their marriage, in1870, at Forest, Ohio.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page 838
  JEREMIAH M. ALTER was born in among the hills of Allegheny County, Penn., Dec. 5, 1817.  He was the son of David and Elizabeth (Mell) Alter, also natives of Pennsylvania.  Thirteen children were born to them, six of whom are still living, Nancy, John, Daniel, Jeremiah M., Elias and Sampson.  The deceased are Joseph, Jacob, Samuel, David, Henry and two others.  The grandfather of Mr. Alter was born in Switzerland, and for a period of twenty years was a member of the Legislature of that country.  Our subject, Jeremiah M. Alter, was educated in the select schools, choosing for his occupation the blacksmithing trade, when about seventeen years of age.  On Feb. 14, 1840, Mr. Alter forsook his single life, and married Miss Sophia Mell, daughter of John and Polly (Kiel) Mell, natives of Pennsylvania, and of English and German descent.  Mrs. Alter was born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Dec. 13, 1818.  Mr. and Mrs. Alter were the parents of four children.  Two of these are still living - Daniel W. and George N.  John W. and Flora E. have passed away.  George N. entered the United States service for 100 days, Eighty-second Regiment, and left a good record for that time as a soldier.  Mr. Alter continued to work at his trade till the year 1866, when he removed to Jackson Township, Wyandot County, Ohio, purchasing eighty acres of land, on which he now resides.  His farm is in good condition, and is valued at $70 per acre.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page  839
  JOHN ALTER was born in Allegheny County, Penn., in 1808.  He is the son of David and Elizabeth (Mell) Alter, the former born in 1776, the latter in 1780, both natives of Pennsylvania and of German parentage.  Mr. Alter remained with his parents till the event of his marriage, receiving the ordinary education that the common schools of his time afforded.  After the death of his mother in 1837 he remained at the home and took care of  his father, who was an invalid, till his death in 1838.  In 1839, he moved to Jackson Township, buying 100 acres of land.  His marriage to Miss Mary McCutchen occurred in January, 1835, and six children have been born to them - Eliza, Matilda, David, Nancy, John K. and Joseph.  Of these, one died in infancy.  Of these, the last named enlisted in the Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry of the United States service and died at Stoneman Hospital Aug. 23, 1864, of wounds received in the head and of disease.  Mr. Alter continued his work on the farm and in the milling business till his second marriage, which took place Nov. 14, 1850, taking for his bride Mrs. Sarah A. D. McGahan, widow of Robert McGahan.  One daughter - Sarah R., wife of John A. Stewart - was the result of this marriage.  At their marriage they each had five children.  Two of Mr. and two of Mrs. Alter's have since died; the rest are all married and settled in life.  Mr. Alter still resides on his farm, and is comfortably situated in a good home.  In politics, he is a Republican.  He united with the Presbyterian Church of Plum Creek, when eighteen years of age, and was afterward a member of the Church of Parnassus, where he was ordained an Elder about the year 1865.  When he united with the church in Forest, he was at once inducted into the session, and is the oldest member, with one exception, in the church.  His first wife was a member of the Plum Creek Church until her death, Feb. 27, 1849.  Mrs. Alter, his present wife, was a member of the Saltsburg Presbyterian church, and united, with her husband, successively in the churches of Plum Creek, Parnassus and Forest.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page 839
  SAMUEL BAKER was born in Columbiana County May 29, 1819.  He is the son of John and Catharine (Mummery) Baker, both natives of Adams County, Penn., and of German lineage.  The children of these parents numbered ten in all, of whom but six are living - Elizabeth, Abraham, Jonas, Isaac, Samuel and Lydia.  The deceased are Sarah, William, Catharine and Moses.  At the age of fifteen Mr. Baker left school to engage in daily labor at the carpenter's trade and other work.  He was married to Miss Susannah Zimmerman, daughter of Peter and Sarah (Kennel) Zimmerman.  Mrs. Baker was born in Columbiana County, Ohio, Dec. 29, 1820.  Eight children are the fruits of this union - Peter J., Andrew J., David S., Sarah C., Simon Z., Mary F. (deceased), Henry, O. and William L.  After marriage Mr. Baker followed the occupation of weaver and carpenter till 1861, when he moved to Jackson Township, Wyandot County, Ohio, and settled upon a farm of 100 acres.  By long years of industrious toil he has succeeded in placing most of this land in a state of cultivation, and is now the possessor of a comfortable home.  In politics he is independent, believing that the safety of the Government depends most upon those principles.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page 840
  J. P. BERLIEN was born in Westmoreland County, Penn., Apr. 4, 1841.  He came to this county with his parents, Jacob and Salilna Berlien (whose history appears in another part of this work), when but four years of age.  He was educated in the common schools and has spent the greater part of his life in agricultural pursuits.  Dec. 22, 1864, he married Miss Lydia A. Roose, daughter of David and Mary (Arner) Roose, who was born in Columbiana County, Sept. 22, 1840.  They have been blessed with four children, three of whom are still living - Umphry L., born Oct. 31, 1866; Ida A., Apr. 26, 1872; John Z., Mar. 5, 1879; Myrtie E., the deceased, was born Aug. 8, 1876, and died Mar. 8, 1877.  Mr. Burlien was engaged in the late war, having enlisted in the One Hundred and Ninety-second Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Feb. 23, 1865.  He was mustered in at Camp Chase, moving from there to Virginia, thence to Winchester and the South, doing patrol duty till the close of the war, when he was honorably discharged.  Returning home, he resumed his agricultural pursuits, renting land in this county for two years, then moving to Hardin County, returning to this county in 1873, buying forty acres of land to which he has since added six acres more.  By economy and industry he has succeeded in making of this a comfortable home, and from its products a substantial living for himself and family.  Mr. Berlien is a Democrat in politics, and a member of the Christian Union Church.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page
  REUBEN BERLIEN, born in Westmoreland County, Penn., Sept. 27, 1831, is the son of Jacob and Salina (Zimmerman) Berlien.  The former is a native of the same county, born Jan. 4, 1804, the latter born Nov. 28, 1807, in Lancaster, Penn.  The death of the father occurred Dec. 9, 1863, and that of the mother May 12, 1871.  Nine children followed this union, eight still living - Henry, Reuben, Katie A., Susan, Sarah A., Jacob P. B., Peter Z. and SalomaAnna M., deceased.  Jacob P. B. enlisted in the war in the spring of 1865, One Hundred and Ninety-second Regiment, serving about seven months, when he was honorably discharged.  Peter Z. was mustered in in September, 1864, serving about eleven months in Sherman's Corps.  He was engaged in several battles, but fortunately escaped without injury, and received an honorable discharge.  Reuben Berlien, the subject of this sketch, enlisted in the One Hundred and Twenty-third Regiment Aug. 11, 1862, Company F, and was mustered into service Sept. 24.  The following day he was moved to Virginia and joined the command of Gen. Millroy.  On the 12th day of June, he was taken prisoner at Winchester, but was exchanged Nov. 6, joining his regiment at Martinsburg in March, 1864.  After this his first engagement was at new Market, under the command of Gen. Siegel.  Following this came the engagements of Piedmont, Lynchburg, Linchford, Winchester, Martinsburg, Strausburg, Charleston, Halltown, Fisher's Hill and Cedar Creek.  All these battles were passed through without injury, and followed by an honorable discharge on the 12th day of June, 1865, at Columbus, Ohio.  He was married to Mary E. Zimmerman, and is happily residing, on his farm at the present time.  He is highly esteemed by his neighbors, and looks back with considerable pride and satisfaction upon his military record.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page 840
  ABRAHAM H. VANORSDALL was born Mar. 18, 1827, in Cayuga County, N. Y.  He is the son of Andrew and Catharine (Vanorsdale) Vanorsdall, natiaves of Pennsylvania and New Jersey respectively; the former born in the year 1800, and the latter born in 1803, of German lineage.  In 1846, Mr. Vanorsdall with his family, moved to Ohio, settling in Wyandot County, Mifflin Township, where he purchased eighty acres of land, upon which he resided till his death, which occurred in July, 1848.  Eight children were born to them, six of whom still survive - Abraham H., Hannah P., John A., Jonathan O., Katie and Ruby.  The deceased were Lovind and Isaac A.  Our subject received a liberal education in the common schools of his day, closing his literary pursuits at the age of nineteen years.  After this he was engaged in farm labor during the summer, and taught school in winter until his marriage, which took place in June, 1849, to Miss Ruth Snider, daughter of Daniel and Anna (Dean) Snider.  Six children were the fruits of this marriage, all of which are still living except Daniel S.  Their names are as follows:  Daniel S.; Agnes, wife of G. N. Fox; Julia M., wife of B. F. Stultz; Emma E., wife of John M. LaRowe; Curtis A. and Minnie M.  Mr. Vanorsdall purchased 240 acres of land in Wyandot County, and settled upon the same in 1863.  Since that time he has served in nearly all the offices in the township in which he resides, and also in some of the county offices.  As Township Clerk he served for a term of sixteen years; as Treasurer, ten years; as Justice of the Peace, twenty-one years; as Assessor, two years.  By appointment he was made Infirmary Director for one year, and afterward, by election six years.  In 1882, he was chosen as Commissioner, which office he still (1883) holds.  He is a member of the F. and A. M., I. O. O. F.  and Grange fraternities, and also of the Christian Union Church.  In politics he is a stanch Democrat.  He is still living on his finely cultivated farm, in the companionship of an excellent wife, and surrounded by a host of friends.
  M. H. WALTERMIRE was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, Sept. 29, 1827, and is the son of Samuel and Margaret (Clymer) Waltermire.  Having a good knowledge of the English branches, at the age of twenty-one years he obtained a livelihood by teaching school and laboring at the carpenter's trade till the year 1865, when he obtained a piece of land in Jackson Township, Wyandot County, where he has since resided.  On Jan. 26, 1854, he married Mary E. Edwards, daughter of William and Mary A. (Bell) EdwardsMrs. Waltermire was born Nov. 22, 1832, in Belmont County, Ohio.  Their marriage has been blessed by eight children - William M. born Jan. 21, 1855; Mary M., born Sept. 5, 1856 (wife of J. D. Alexander); Samuel H., born Aug. 3, 1858; Andrew J., born Aug. 30, 1860; Lemuel G., born Feb. 19, 1864; Joseph H., born Feb. 23, 1866; George W., born June 7, 1858; Emma M., born May 6, 1875.  Mr. Waltermire is the owner of 120 acres of land, all under cultivation, and provided with a comfortable residence.  He is a member of the I. O. O. F., and a sound Democrat.  As Justice of the Peace he has served fifteen years, and as Township Clerk five years.  He enjoys a pleasant home, the companionship of an excellent wife, and is well respected as a citizen.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page 850
  HEZEKIAH YOUNG.  In Crawford County, Ohio, Mar. 11, 1844, this gentleman first appeared on the scenes of life.  He is the son of Surrena (Sinn) and George Young, the former born in Pennsylvania, in 1810, the father in Virginia, in 1806, and dying in the years 1877 and 1848 respectively, being of German Ancestry.  Eight children blessed this union, five of whom are still living, as follows:  Peter S., Jeremiah, Delilah, Hezekiah and MartinFannie, Isaac and Maria are numbered among the dead.  Mr. Young was a soldier in the Mexican war, and i that capacity rendered able service in the cause of his country.  The subject of this sketch was educated in the common schools of his day, emigrating to Missouri at the age of fifteen, but returning to Crawford County, Ohio, after an absence of six months, and working on the farm as a hand till the spring of 1864, at which time he entered the United States service.  He was enlisted in the One Hundred and Forty-fourth Regiment, and, after three months' skirmishing in the Shenandoah Valley, was honorably discharged.  Returning home, he labored on the farm till his marriage, which took place Sept. 27, 1866, to Miss Malinda Baum, daughter of Jackson and Jane (Stokely) Baum, who was born May 8, 1847.  As a result of this marriage eight children were born to them, all of whom are still living.  The names of these are as follows:  George W., Mary M., Ruie S., James W., Hezekiah, Gustus F., Harley L. and Myrtie J.  After marriage he still engaged in farming and saw milling till the year 1877, when he purchased 107 acres of land in Wayandot County, sixty of which are in good state of cultivation.  Mr. Young is Independent in politics, is a member of the G. A. F., and highly respected as a citizen.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page 850
  PETER ZIMMERMAN.  On May 15, 1811, in Columbiana County, Ohio, the subject of this sketch first saw the light of this world.  He is the son of Peter and Sarah (Connel) Zimmerman, the former born Apr. 15, 1776; the latter was born in Northampton County, Penn., both of German extraction.  Our subject received a moderate English education in the common school, closing his work in that direction to engage in the more rugged pursuits of farm labor.  On Jan. 14, 1841, he was united in marriage with Miss Caroline Felty daughter of John G. and Barbara (Hemmerly) Felty.  Her father was born in Wittenburg, Germany, in 1789.  Her mother was born in Wittenburg, Germany, in1792.  To them were born seven children, but three of whom are now living, viz:  Catharine G., Caroline and Frederica.  The deceased are Christina E., John C., Jacob and John.  After his marriage Mr. Zimmerman moved to Wyandot County, Ohio, locating in Jackson Township.  Here he entered 160 acres of land, making the entry in 1835, when but little more than a dozen families were living in the township, it being then in its wildest condition, with the Indian roaming at will over its uninhabited plains.  Of this land he has placed about 130 acres in an enviable sate of improvement, and by incessant toil has built for himself a comfortable home.  In politics, Mr. Zimmerman is a firm Democrat, having cast his first vote for the venerable "Hickory" Jackson.  He is a member of the Lutheran Church, and is the happy father of twelve children, ten of whom are still living, named as follows:  John F., born Dec. 23, 1841; Simon P., Feb. 9, 1844; Henry K., Nov. 3, 1845; Juda, Mar. 30, 1849; Catharine, Apr. 22, 1851; Christina, May 11, 1853; David W., born Aug. 11, 1855; Susana, Apr. 18, 1860, Conrad T., Feb. 23, 1862; Perry C., Nov. 22, 1865.  The deceased are Sarah, born Aug. 18, 1847, died Oct. 6, 1848; Caroline, born Dec. 1, 1857, died Mar. 1, 1865.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page
  SIMON ZIMMERMAN was born in Columbiana County, Ohio, Aug. 12, 1823.  He is the son of Peter and Sarah (Kemne) Zimmerman.  His father was born in Virginia, May 15, 1776, and died Sept. 15, 1861.  His mother was born in Maryland, May 26, 1781, and died Jan. 18, 1834.  Mr. Zimmerman obtained his education in the common schools, and at the age of eighteen turned his entire attention to farming.  On Sept. 7, 1854, he married Miss Mary A. Dubbs, daughter of John and Anna (Woolfrom) Dubbs, born Jan. 29, 1837, in Columbiana County, Ohio.  They are the parents of three children - George L. born June 11, 1855; Ida Ann, born May 26, 1858; John O., born Jan. 30, 1869.  Mr. Zimmerman emigrated to Wyandot County, Jackson Township, in 1863, buying 160 acres of land, to which he afterward added forty more.  Although overgrown with timber, Mr. Zimmerman has made his farm tillable, and now lives in the enjoyment of worldly plenty, surrounded by many warm friends.  He is a Democrat in politics, a member of the Lutheran Church and of the I. O.O. F.  He has served nine years as Township Trustee.
Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page 851

Source:  History of Wyandot County, Ohio - Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884 ~ Page 851



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