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List of
Pensioners on the Roll
January 1, 1883
giving The name of each Pensioner, The cause for which Pensioned,
The Post-Office Address,  The Rate of Pension Per Month,
and the Date of Original Allowance,
as called for by Senate Resolution of Dec. 8, 1882.
Vol. III.
Publ:  Washington:
Government Printing Office

     COSHOCTON COUNTY - For Lafayette, Coshocton County, read Lafayette, Madison County, (One name, page 60)
|     DARKE COUNTY - For New Reigle, read New Reagle, Seneca County.  (One name, page 78)
     FRANKLIN COUNTY - for New Trenton, Franklin County, read New Trenton, Jefferson County.  (One name, page 103)
     GREEN COUNTY - For Grand Junction, Greene County, Ohio, read Grand Junction, Greene County, Iowa. (Two names, page 114.)
     JEFFERSON COUNTY  - For Louisville, Jefferson County, Ohio, read Louisville, Jefferson county, Kentucky.  (Three names, page 170.)  For Oskaloosa, Jefferson county, Ohio, read Oskaloosa, Jefferson County, Kansas (One name, page 170.)
     MAHONING COUNTY - For New Lebanon, Mahoning County, read New Lebanon, Montgomery County
     MONTGOMERY COUNTY - For Independence, Montgomery County, read Independence, Cuyahoga County.  (One name, page 233.)  'For Red Oak, Montgomery County, read Red Oak, Brown County (One name, page 256)
     MORROW COUNTY - For Mt. Eaton, Morrow County, read Mt. Eaton, Wayne county.  One name, page 260.)  For Sardis, Morrow County, read Sardis, Monroe County.  (One name, page 269)
     NOBLE COUNTY - Folr Penrock, Noble County, read Renrock, Noble County.  (One name, page 269)
     TRUMBULL COUNTY. - For Talmadge, Trumbull County, read Tallmadge, Summit County.  (One name, page 328.)
     UNION COUNTY - For Moscow, Union County, read Moscow, Johnson County.  (Six names, page 616.)


PLEASE NOTE:  Some of the copies of pages for these records are cut off.  I apologize for that and will try to find the originals to correct the problem.  Thank you,   Sharon Wick.

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No. of certificate Name of Pensioner Post-office
Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of Original
15,314 Jack, Deborah Beasley's Fork widow 1812 $8.00  
23,061 Cooper, Nancy do do 8.00  
90,160 Bradford, Elijah do shell w. r. leg 8.00  
11,546 Lawrence, Christiana Bentonville widow 1812 8.00  
167, 691 Stephens, geo. L. do dis. heart, chr. rheum 18.00  
52,588 Thompson, Thos do w. l. hand 600  
63,490 Shelton, Lewis eo loss r. eye, inj. face & results 8.00  
27,968 Stephens, Elizabeth do widow 1812 8.00  
140,058 Bryan, Delia do do 8.00  
100,920 Moore, Joseph N. do w. 4. thigh 16.00  
178,506 Richmond, Amos do dis. kidneys, scurvy 6.00  
113,709 Lewis, James M. do paraplegia 8.00  
169,631 Bryan, John do chr. diarr., dis. lungs 6.00  
36,687 Roush, Purnell do dis. lungs 24.00  
97,153 McNut, John H. do w. r. lung 12.00  
200,117 Edgington, Lindsey L. do inj. back, dis. kidneys 10.00  
188,294 Edgington, Mary Ann do widow 8.00  
69,852 Pointer, Susan A. do dep. mother 8.00  
74,475 Maxwell, Sarah A. do widow 8.00  
127,672 Bowman, Ephraim do dis. lungs 12.00  
221,501 Adamson, Joseph W. do chr. diarr., & dis. of abd. vis 6.00  
210,374 Stark, Asa Blue Creek chr. diarr. & debility 2.00  
89,931 Knapp, Ebenezer T. do w. l. hip 8.00  
59,243 Hazelbaker, Andrew J. do loss r. leg 18.00  
25,755 Altman, Margaret do widow 1812 8.00  
25,564 Thompson, Tamma do do 8.00  
141,539 Lewis, Geo. W. do dis. eyes 8.00  
175,374 Martin, Horace H. do g. s. w. r knee, varicose veins 8.00  
168,469 Lewis, Philip J. do dis. heart 4.00  

Rodgers, Samuel J.

do w. r. thigh 3.00  
49,804 McManis, Greenleaf N. do w. r. arm 18.00  
206,942 Fields, Wm. H. do dis. eyes 6.00  
142,666 Gwynn, Thos. M. do w. l. arm 3.00  
12,8992 McGin, Mary do widow 8.00  
174,173 Newman, Jas. K. P. do dis. lungs 4.00  
175,452 Colvin, Francis do chr. diarr., inj. to abdomen 16.00  
152,617 Miranda, Katharine J. do widow 8.00  
155,158 Shelton, Darius Bradyville dis. lungs & heart 10.00  
188,004 Scott, John W. do dis. throat, lungs, & heart 6.00  
184,289 Scott, Moses A. do dis. of abd. vis., inj. to abd. 8.00  
186,910 Shelton, Wm. J. do g. s. w. l. shr. 4.00  
217,004 Smith, Saml. W. do chr. rheum. & dis. abd. vis. 4.00  
131,614 Scott, John A. do pulmonary consump 8.00  
9,419 Boone, Margaret do widow 1812 8.00  
1,791 Beam, Isabella do widow 8.00  
218,603 Mitchell, Joseph do dis. lungs, liver, & rheum 4.00  
218,603 Mitchell, Joseph do dis. lungs, liver, & rheum 4.00  
95,002 Greenlee, Wm. M. do w. l. leg 6.00  
190,844 Lowe, Thos. D. do chr. diarr., dis. liver & lungs 6.00  
149,237 Everton, Thos. E. do chr. diarr., dis. heart 12.00  
166,926 Campbell, louisa do widow 8.00  
166,705 Truitt, John K do minors of 19.00  
16,481 Smiley, Sarah do widow 8.00  
90,626 Campbell, Andrew J. do w. l. hand 12.00  
195,232 Palmer, Harrison do dis. lungs & heart 6.00  
152,599 Dryden, John do dis. lungs, spine, & heart 8.00  
119,221 Shelton, Benj. do chr. diar. & dis. of abd. vis 10.00  
108, 720 Shoemate, Thos. do wd. l. hand 4.00  
176,294 Miller, Wm. H. Buck run frost bite feet 2.00  
68,008 Vandeman, Amelia do dep. mother 8.00  
43,133 Cler, Thos. A. do g. s. w. l. hand 4.00  



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