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1860 Mortality List

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US Federal Mortality Schedule 1860 Brown County, Ohio, 

Name of Every Person who died during the year ending 6-1-1860

Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month Person Died Profession, Occupation or Trade

Disease or Cause of Death

Number of Days Ill
Aberdeen Huntington Township, Enumerated by B. F. Johnson 
Marvin, Nanny Bell 5m F       Oh Nov   Unknown 6d
Paul, Flora L. 3m F       Oh Mar   Inflammation of the bowels 5d
Gates, Allen 72 M     Wd Md Apr School teacher General debility 28d
Lauell, Darcus 29 F     Md Oh May   Conjective chills 8d
Means, Edgar 4 M       Ky Jan   Flux 5d
Campbell, James M. 11 M       Oh Feb   Brain fever 5d
Cook, Nancy J. 8 F       Ky Nov   Putrid sore throat 9d
Cook, George H. 3 M       Oh Nov   Putrid sore throat 2d
Harrison, Elizabeth 2 F       Oh Aug   Flux 14d
Bowen, Rhoda 5m F       Oh June   Not known 12d
Herbert, Ugene 1 M       Va Feb   Inflammation of the lung 3d
Hardin, Francis B. 3 F       Ky Oct   Putrid sore throat 9d
Taylor, Henry M. 6 M       Oh Oct   Putrid sore throat 14d
Taylor, John W. 2 M       Oh Oct   Not known 30d
Fitzpatrick, Joana 3 F       Oh Sept   Putrid Sore Throat 12d
Cotton, James 3 M       Oh May   Not known 8d
Reed, Hanson 1 M       Oh July   Not known 2d
Canady, Walter 4 M       Oh Apr   Not known 150d
Canady, Sarah B. 4m F       Oh June   Not known 14d
Wilson, Mary 2 F       Oh Aug   Putrid Sore Throat 13d
Wilson, Eliza J. 5 F       Oh Feb   Putrid Sore Throat 6d
Wood, Ellen M. 1 F       Oh June   Lung Fever 14d
Payne, Sarah A. 23 F       Oh Oct   Lung Fever 180d
Byrd Township Enumerated by John P. Bicher
Foy or Fox, James 60 M     Md England July Weaver Apoplexy 21d
Kirkpatrick, Martha 27 F       Oh Aug   Typhoid Fever 10d
Carson, Maria A/ 4 F       Oh Apr   Congestion of Lungs 5d
Carr, Betsy 45 F       Oh Nov   Unknown 2w
Austin, Catherine 58 F     Md Oh Oct   Typhoid Fever 3w
McClanahan, Mary C. 29 F     Md Ky Nov   Consumption 1y
Thompson, Easter L. 1 F       Oh Aug   Lung Disease 3w
Kirkpatrick, Julian 7 F       Oh Oct   Scarlet Fever 10d
Kirkpatrick, Nancy Ann 25 F     Md Oh July   Typhoid Fever 4w
Clark Township Enumerated by John E. Jones
Hampton, Nancy 55 F     Md Oh Apr   Blank 5d
Hampton, Liddie L. 2m F       Oh Apr   Croup 2d
Day, Florella 1 F       In Jan   Congestion of Lungs 3d
Moore, Mary 2 F       Oh Mar   Congestion of Lungs 1d
Griffith, John A. 40 M     Md Oh Mar Cooper Consumption 7d
Rich, Lorin C. 3 M       Oh May   Congestion of Lungs 22d
Thompson, Wm. A. 2 M       Oh Dec   From Scald 4d
Staten, Amanda 7m F       Oh May   Inflammation of Brain 28
Eagle Township, Enumerated by John P. Bicher
Essick, Matilda 2 F B     Oh Apr   Sore throat 3m
Cumberland, John N. 21 M B     Oh May Laborer Consumption 3m
Woodson, Wilson 39 M B   Md Va May Laborer Consumption 4m
Johnson, Edward 17 M B     Oh Mar Laborer Consumption 2m
Hudson, Charity A. 16 F B     Oh July Servant Consumption 3m
Butler, Lydia 72 F     Md Va Dec   Old age 3m
Martin, Mary E. 26 F     Md Ky Dec   Consumption 3w
Shaw, Sarah 74 F     Wd Ma July   Flux 1w
Marquis, George W. 7m M       Oh May   Croup 2d
Martin, Nancy E/ 26 F     Md Ky Dec   Consumption 1y
Evans, John 19 M       In July Farmhand Consumption 6m
Long, Lewis 3m M       Il Sept   Inflammation of lungs 24w
Cumberland, Martin 23 M B     Oh Mar Laborer ?  
Winkle, Jacob 64 M     Md Va Nov Farmer Consumption 6m
Kier, James 44 M     Md Oh Jan Farmer Consumption 3m
Sams, Lafayette 6 M       Oh Dec   Croup 3d
Earl, Rebecca 70 F     Wd Oh Nov   Old age 10d
Hamilton, Susan 42 F     Md Oh Feb   Congestion of Lungs 6w
Fenton, Jesse 61 M     Md Ky Feb Farmer Heart Complaint Suddenly
Fenton, Laura 1 F       Oh Nov   Lung Fever 2w
Alexander, Francis 66 M       Va Aug Farmer Consumption 2y
Lamb, William J. 4 M       Oh June   Scarlet Fever 4d
McClanahan, Buxton 28 M     Md Oh June Merchant Consumption 3m
Anderson, Ann A. 2 F       Oh Jan   Burned 1d
Vorhees, Antonette 8m F       Oh Jan   Lung Fever 10d
Franklin Township, enumerated by John P. Bicher
Stewart, Robert M. 14 M       Oh June   Whooping Cough 15w_?
Carberry, Lydia J/ 1 F       Oh Dec   Unknown 1y
Kross, Catherine 3m F       Oh Mar   Fitts 3d
Parker, Elizabeth 67 F       Va Sept   Old age 3m
Myers, Mahilda I. 7m F       Oh May   Unknown 7m
Ferdinand, Eliza 6 F       Oh May   Scarlet Fever 3d


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