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Source:  Ohio Statesman
Dated: Feb. 25, 1840
We have a letter from a democrat in Hocking, that speaks of a democratic majority of 600 next fall.  Hocking is true to the core.  All the noise of changes in wind, except it may be from abolition whiggery to democracy.
Source: The Ohio Statesman - Ohio
Date: Feb. 28, 1843

(Matrimony Notice)
In Circleville, on Thursday the 23d inst., by the Rev. Mr. Roof, Mr. John Atkinson, of Logan, Hocking county, Ohio, to Miss Sarah Ellen Easterday, of the former place.
Source: Ohio Statesman
Dated: Apr. 27, 1846
HOCKING COUNTY - The work of regeneration is going on bravely in little Hocking as in every other quarter.  The Sentinel advises of deserters daily from the standard of federalism, fraud, and favoritism.  The sovereigns have heard the mandate of the bankers. - 'Come up and be taxed,' and respond, - 'After you, if you please.'
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: May 8, 1874
Case of Hydrophobia - Suicide - Silver Mines in Hocking County.
Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette
     LANCASTER, O., May 7
     One William Arnold passed through this city today, handcuffed, on the way to his home.  He was suffering from hydrophobia.
     Mr. Joseph Headley of Starr Township, Hocking County, hung himself to the bed post, Tuesday morning.
     Silver has been discovered on Queer Creek, Benton Township, Hocking County.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Oct. 8, 1877
CLOSE of the Hocking County Fair,
Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette
     LOGAN, O., Oct. 6
     The Hocking County Fair closed today.  Fully 10,000 people were in attendance.  The display of stock was better than usual; the remaining exhibits about as usual.  Tramps have been operating extensively through the country during the fair.  Several farm houses have been pilfered by them while the occupants were in attendance at the fair.
Source:  Cincinnati Commercial Tribune
Dated: Nov. 1, 1878
     JOHN E. CARMICHAEL, of Hocking County, pleaded guilty yesterday to the charge of retailing malt liquors and tobacco without payment of the special tax, and was sentenced by Judge Swing to thirty days in the Hamilton County Jail, and fined $100 and costs.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Nov. 12, 1880
Hocking County Nimrods.
Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette
     GORE, O., Nov. 11 - John and Richard Van Horn returned today from a hunting expedition in Michigan, having killed fifty-eight deer and three bears.
Source: Daily Journal and Journal and Tribune
Dated: Mar. 14, 1891
Pitiable Condition of Hocking County Coal Miners
CHICAGO, March 18 - A dispatch from Zanesville, O., says: Wark at the coal mines of Rondville, Hocking county, twenty miles southwest of this city has been suspended for several weeks.  The miners are in a destitut condition and the families of most of them are suffering for the necessaries of life.  Yesterday fifty of them proceeded in a body of McCoy and Williams' store and broke it open and carried off thirty barrels of flour and several hundred pounds of meat.  They made no attempt to conceal their identity, but said they had to steal or starve.  Active measures are being taken to enquire into the wants of the people and relieve their suffering.
Source: Repository - Ohio
Dated: May 23, 1895
Miners Forced to Leave Their Places, and Brick Plant Shut Down.

LOGAN, O., May 23. - The miners of Haydenville who returned to work over a week ago, were taken out the mines at that place Tuesday by a large body of miners from Nelsonville and surrounding mining towns and ordered to suspend work pending the settlement of the strike.  A committee of the Haydenville miners called upon John W. Jones, manager of the Hayden works, and informed him of the occurrence.  Mr. Jones requested that a committee of Nelsonville miners be sent him.  On their appearance Mr. Jones said that the company was willing, and was paying the new price demanded, and asked that inasmuch as the company was not shipping or selling coal to the trade but mining only for their works at Logan and Columbus, that the miners at that place be allowed to work, which request was refused.  This will necessitate the closing down of all their works, the effect of which will be severely felt here.
Source:  New Mexican
Dated: May 31, 1895
Cincinnati - A dispatch from Logan, Ohio, says that a mob last night took Nelson Federoff, aged 50, from the lockup at Laurelville and hanged him.  He was charged with a brutal assault upon a little girl.
Source:  Plain Dealer (Cleveland, O)
Dated: Oct. 28, 1898
Miners at Jobs, Hocking County, Have Worked Only Twenty-Two Days in Five Months.
Special to the Plain Dealer
     COLUMBUS, Oct. 27. - Labor organizations through the state are being appealed to to help out the miners of Jobs, Hocking county.  Mr. R. M. Haseltine, state mining inspector, ahs issued a card, certifying that the miners of this community have had but twenty-two days' work in five months, and are on the brink of starvation.  This is further certified to by Hon. John P. Jones, labor commissioner.
Source: The Anaconda Standard
Date: Dec. 3, 1899

W. L. Souders of Missoula came to Butte and secured a divorce from his wife, Amy E. Souders. He told the court that he was married to the defendant in Hocking County, Ohio, on April 3, 1873 and that she deserted him without cause at Frankfort, Kan., on Aug. 3, 1898. He said that so far as he knew she was still living at the latter place.
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, O)
Dated: Jan. 16, 1905
COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 15. - Local Anti-Saloon league leaders say that the league will probably accept the expressed defi? of Chairman John F. White of Hocking county and put a petition in circulation in the county for signers remonstrating against the renomination of Gov. Herrick.  Hocking county yesterday named an instructed delegation to the state convention for Herrick.  The delegates were named by the county committee.  White was quoted today as saying that the Anti-saloon people could not get ten signers to such a remonstrance,.
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, O)
Dated: Nov. 30, 1906
Unknown Person Takes Hocking County Policeman's Gun and Uses it on Him.
     NELSONVILLE, O., Nov. 20 - Joseph Robison, aged thirty-three years, night policeman t Greendale, near this city, was fatally shot by an unknown person about midnight.
     The Columbus & Hocking Coal & Iron Co., are erecting at Greendale what is claimed will be the largest brick plant in this country and to expedite the work have brought in hundreds of foreigners.  Owing to frequent brawls the company built a calaboose and appointed a day and night officer to preserve order.
     An eating house was erected at which the foreigners were boarded and every night a lunch would be left in the kitchen for Robison.  In entering the building he would pass through the dining room and would lay his pistol on the cashier's desk while he ate his lunch in the other room.  When he returned to secure his gun at midnight someone had secured it and shot him.    He has been unconscious since.
Source: Idaho Statesman
Dated: Oct. 13, 1913
Walter STROUS,
Laurelvill, Ohio; Dottie B. LaFavour, Boise.
Source: Oregonian
Dated: Sept. 29, 1913
     There is a foundling bank in Ohio, which nobody cares to own.  It is in charge of S. P. Solliday at Murray City, Hocking County, Ohio, who says he is operating it for Josephine Miller, but the latter denies ever having had any interest in it.  A contract made in April, 1913, has been discovered, whereby the bank was sold by W. A. White and G. O. French, of Canton, to Solliday and Miller for $2000, but the latter say the paper was a contract and that they were only principals.  The explanation of the unwillingness to admit ownership is that the bank owes depositors $100,000, but has assets of only $58,000 and the owner is liable for the debts.  Some Austrian depositors complained that they could not draw their money, and the Austrian Consul stirred the state bank department into activity.
Source: Aberdeen Daily News
Dated: Mar. 8, 1928
Logan, Ohio (AP) - A Laurelville resident had his automobile stolen, and fellow citizens were so incensed they made up a community purse to prosecute three youths charged with the theft.  The Youths were convicted.



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