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Huron County, Ohio
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History of Huron County, Ohio
Vol. I & II
By A. J. Baughman
Chicago - The S. J. Clarke Publ. Co.

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Abbey, C. W.  321 Vol. II
Adams, W. I.  42 Vol. II
Adelman, Frank W.  191 Vol. II
Anderson, Cornelius W. 171 Vol. II
Andrews, J. J. 413 Vol. I
Andrim, Lannes Lamar  41 Vol. II
Armstrong, M. V. 342 Vol. I
Arnold, D. J. C. 454 Vol. I
Arnold, Frank M. 434 Vol. II
Arthur, Robert 377 Vol. II
Ashley, Lyman 173 Vol. II
Ashton, William T. 200 Vol. II
Avery, George 318 Vol. I
Baker, George W. 372 Vol. II
Barber, George A. 482 Vol. II
Barber, William 104 Vol. II
Bargus, George 83 Vol. II
Barker, John V. 545 Vol. II
Barman, George  158 Vol. II
Barnard, Alfred 179 Vol. II
Barnard, H. C. 407 Vol. I
Barnes, Benjamin 275 Vol. II
Barnes, Joshua B.* 458 Vol. I
Barnes, Norman A. 384 Vol. I
Barnes, William 118 Vol. II
Barney, G. E. 299 Vol. I
Barre, D. M. 361 Vol. II
Bateham, C. S. 464 Vol. I
Bauer, John 264 Vol. II
Beattie, A. M. 469 Vol. I
Bechstein, E. W. 501 Vol. I
Beck, B. F. 299 Vol. II
Beckstein, Fred A. 489 Vol. I
Bedford, A. G. 159 Vol. II
Beebe, Martin 164 Vol. II
Beecher, E. P. 424 Vol. I
Beelman, E. L. 236 Vol. II
Beelman, W. J. 451 Vol. II
Bell, William R. 441 Vol. II
Benedict, David De Forest 370 Vol. I
Berry, John S. 516 Vol. II
Betschmann, Otto A. 541 Vol. II
Biglow, E. & Son 418 Vol. II
Bishop, F. W. 248 Vol. II
Biuerle, Adam 519 Vol. II
Bixby, George W. * 434 Vol. I
Blackman, A. J. 101 Vol. II
Boardman, H. R. 323 Vol. I
Boardman, J. C. 392 Vol. II
Boehler, Henry 429 Vol. I
Boehler, Otto 298 Vol. II
Boehler, William 230 Vol. II
Bores, August 92 Vol. II
Bores, Henry 518 Vol. II
Bowen, A. B. 423 Vol. I
Bowen, George 156 Vol. II
Bowersix, Benjamin 166 Vol. II
Brant, C. J. 292 Vol. II
Breit, Peter 469 Vol. II
Briggs, F. O. 362 Vol. II
Brinson, George William 524 Vol. II
Brooks, Chester B. 478 Vol. II
Brooks, Calvin C. 296 Vol. II
Brooks, Irving J. 227 Vol. II
Brooks, William D. 457 Vol. I
Brown, Charles F. 303 Vol. I
Brown, Fred 188 Vol. II
Brown, Thomas J. 27 Vol. II
Buckingham, E. V. B. 326 Vol. I
Burras, E. S. 155 Vol. II
Burras, Edgar 143 Vol. II
Burras, Frank 475 Vol. II
Campbell, Frank 424 Vol. II
Canfield, G. E. 382 Vol. I
Canfield, William A. * 336 Vol. I
Carpenter, Frank 446 Vol. II
Carpenter, H. W. 481 Vol. II
Carpenter, Irving 449 Vol. I
Carter, O. G. 439 Vol. I
Cartwright, N. S. 421 Vol. I
Catlin, G. S. 173 Vol. II
Channing, William G. 521 Vol. II
Chapin, L. M. 238 Vol. II
Chapin, W. H. 476 Vol. II
Cherry, R. M. 246 Vol. II
Childs, E. F. 485 Vol. II
Cilloughby, C. L. 525 Vol. II
Clark, Charles S. 184 Vol. II
Clark, D. H. 412 Vol. II
Clary, Daniel C. 287 Vol. II
Claus, Mathias 347 Vol. II
Claus, W. B. 290 Vol. II
Clements, William 120 Vol. II
Coan, Michael J., Rev. 510 Vol. II
Coit, A. L. 496 Vol. II
Cole, Asher M. 19 Vol. II
Cole, Levi L. * 490 Vol. I
Coleman, M. R. 409 Vol. I
Cone, Thomas 112 Vol. II
Conger, E. L. 295 Vol. II
Conger, Isabella 324 Vol. II
Cook, C. C, Capt. * 320 Vol. I
Cook, S. H. * 394 Vol. I
Cooley, C. A. 395 Vol. II
Coutant, J. H. 370 Vol. II
Cox, John Robert 512 Vol. II
Crawford, S. E. 465 Vol. II
Darling, William Franklin 331 Vol. II
Darling, William H. 94 Vol. II
Dawson, G. H. 411 Vol. II
Dellinger, John F. * 498 Vol. I
Denman, Edward 256 Vol. II
Denman, J. A. 349 Vol. I
Derby, Roswell, Sr. 416 Vol. I
Didion, John J. * 418 Vol. I
Doane, O. M. 286 Vol. I
Donaldson, H. N. 308 Vol. I
Donaldson, John H. 527 Vol. II
Doud, L. L. 36 Vol. II
Drake, H. D. 472 Vol. I
Drury, John 375 Vol. II
Easter, C. A. 196 Vol. II
Eastman, A. K. 26 Vol. II
Ellis, Martin 297 Vol. II
Elmlinger, F. J. 54 Vol. II
Erf, A. P. 312 Vol. II
Erf, Louis 208 Vol. II
Erf, William 247 Vol. II
Ernsberger, B. J. 465 Vol. I
Evans, Ed. A. 540 Vol. II
Evans, James S. 538 Vol. II
Fancher, J. A. * 140 Vol. II
Fast, M. M. 336 Vol. II
Feichtner, John 165 Vol. II
Fenton, F. G. 497 Vol. II
Ferver, W. G. 479 Vol. II
Fink, Jacob M. 514 Vol. II
Fisher, E. K. 471 Vol. I
Fisher, Joseph 462 Vol. I
Fletcher, H. F. 347 Vol. I
Foster, W. S. 396 Vol. II
Frayer, Ambrose 212 Vol. II
French, C. L. 502 Vol. I
Frey, J. D. 481 Vol. I
Fulstow, H. 478 Vol. I
Galley, Christopher G. * 312 Vol. I
Gallup, Caleb Hathaway * 5 Vol. II
Gamber, A. T. * 460 Vol. II
Gamble, William 378 Vol. II
Gannett, Frank B. * 316 Vol. II
Gardner, W. L., Grain & Mill Co. 421 Vol. II
Gates, A. A. 493 Vol. II
Gates, G. H. 73 Vol. II
Gates, George 85 Vol. II
Gates, John 463 Vol. I
Gies, F. J. 56 Vol. II
Gies, Michael 542 Vol. II
Gifford, L. J. 331 Vol. I
Gill, W. E. 383 Vol. I
Gillett, Ira M. * 344 Vol. I
Ginste, A. L. 182 Vol. II
Gleason, Joseph H. 401 Vol. II
Godfred, Charles 389 Vol. I
Godfred, H. C. 406 Vol. I
Graham, Henry T. 75 Vol. II
Graham, William 314 Vol. II
Green, Liston 473 Vol. I
Griffin, Levant W. 477 Vol. II
Grine, Louis 398 Vol. I
Groff, J. H. 85 Vol. II
Gross, Martin 446 Vol. I
Guess, F. T. 498 Vol. II
Haas, L. J. 300 Vol. I
Hackett, T. 405 Vol. II
Hagaman, Tomas 151 Vol. II
Hagman, Julius 522 Vol. II
Hakes, J. H. 103 Vol. II
Hall, B. B. 450 Vol. I
Hansen, N. T. 504 Vol. I
Hanville, A. E. 492 Vol. II
Hanville, George W. 505 Vol. II
Harland, Edward J. * 426 Vol. I
Harvey, S. L. 124 Vol. II
Hassinger, George A. 509 Vol. II
Hawley, E. N. * 283 Vol. I
Hawn, Phillip 528 Vol. II
Hearson, Frederick 506 Vol. II
Hensinger, L. P. 399 Vol. I
Herner, Philip 216 Vol. II
Hershiser, F. C. * 438 Vol. II
Hester, J. K. 135 Vol. II
Heyman, C. A. 363 Vol. II
Heyman, Calvin Carl * 304 Vol. I
Heyman, Charles J. * 410 Vol. I
Heyman, C. W. 422 Vol. I
Heyman, Charles 123 Vol. II
Heyman, Daniel * 136 Vol. II
Heyman, Henry 461 Vol. I
Heyman, Isaac 479 Vol. I
Heyman, J. P. 458 Vol. II
Heyman, L. P. 303 Vol. II
Heyman, W. C. 433 Vol. I
Hildreth, T. F. 232 Vol. II
Himberger, William 357 Vol. I
Hinkley, Joseph I. * 486 Vol. II
Hoener, G. A. 453 Vol. II
Hohler, Joseph 224 Vol. II
Holtz, George W. 508 Vol. II
Holtz, John Wesley 539 Vol. II
Hopkins, Charles W. 484 Vol. II
Hopkins, William W. 515 Vol. II
Horn, A. P. 288 Vol. II
Houle, J. G. 327 Vol. I
Houle, W. H. 339 Vol. I
Huffman, W. F. 503 Vol. II
Hurst, M. J. 392 Vol. I
Hurst, N. G. 332 Vol. I
Hyde, Joseph * 482 Vol. I
Hyde, M. H. 291 Vol. I
Hyde, S. B. 485 Vol. I
Jackson, Caleb F. 30 Vol. II
Jarrett, Fred 530 Vol. II
Jennings, B. E. 64 Vol. II
Jennings, Ezra S. 511 Vol. II
Jennings, Gregory 261 Vol. II
Johnson, Milo F. 35 Vol. II
Joiner, Ozias (Portrait only)    
Joiner, W. E. 214 Vol. II
Keefer, W. B. 308 Vol. II
Kellogg, T. P.  375 Vol. I
Ketchum, W. W. 402 Vol. II
Kiefer, W. H.  277 Vol. II
King, S. H. 381 Vol. II
Knapp, William A.  * 60 Vol. II
Kotz, Jacob 417 Vol. II
Laible, F. G. * 160 Vol. II
Lanning, F. H. 408 Vol. I
Latham, Claude L. 340 Vol. II
Lawler, John 315 Vol. II
Lawrence, C. B. 441 Vol. I
Lawrence, Josiah 356 Vol. II
Lawrence, Thomas 377 Vol. I
Leak, Thomas 289 Vol. II
Lee, John A. 405 Vol. I
Lee, Nuland W. 406 Vol. I
Lehman, Balsor 325 Vol. I
Leis, Adam S. 456 Vol. I
Liedorff, S. B., 267 Vol. II
Limbird, J. P. 77 Vol. II
Linder, Henry 499 Vol. II
Litzkey, O. C. 29 Vol. II
Lofland, Howard 513 Vol. II
Loretz, Peter 351 Vol. I
Lovell, Martha M. 382 Vol. II
Lowther, Hamilton A. 12 Vol. II
Lutman, Henry 520 Vol. II
Lutz, W. H. 404 Vol. II
Mahl, Daniel 491 Vol. II
Mains, G. H. 317 Vol. I
Manahan, C. W. 254 Vol. II
March, Robert 381 Vol. I
Marsh, Harry H. * 22 Vol. II
Marsh, Willard E. 22 Vol. II
Marsh. H. H. 22 Vol. II
Maynard, A. D. 353 Vol. II
Maynard, W. O. 99 Vol. II
Mayne, J. F. 109 Vol. II
McCague, W. B. 455 Vol. I
McClaflin, William B. 534 Vol. II
McClave, Charles 467 Vol. II
McCullow, C. A. 76 Vol. II
McCullow, C. A. 67 Vol. II
McCullow, W. B. 278 Vol. II
McDonald, Hugh A. * 466 Vol. I
McFarland, Emaline 339 Vol. II
McIntyre, Major A. * 442 Vol. I
McKesson, Isaac 204 Vol. II
McMann, J. J. 436 Vol. II
McPerson, W. H., Jr. 157 Vol. II
McPherson, Anna J., Mrs. 43 Vol. II
McPherson, Gardiner 456 Vol. I
McPherson, W. H., Jr. 157 Vol. II
McPherson, W. H., Sr. 215 Vol. II
Mead, Calvert A. 74 Vol. II
Mead, Jerome L. 134 Vol. II
Mead, Jonathan Trumbull 393 Vol. II
Miller, Abel C. 116 Vol. II
Miller, Charles L. 406 Vol. II
Miller, Harvey N. 175 Vol. II
Miller, William 454 Vol. II
Missler, Andrew 371 Vol. II
Missler, J. A. 107 Vol. II
Missler, Joseph 119 Vol. II
Mitchell, E. B. 65 Vol. II
Mitchell, F. P. 243 Vol. II
Morse, D. J. 327 Vol. II
Muller, Fred 140 Vol. II
Mushett, Edward 211 Vol. II
Nelson, Mary 486 Vol. I
Nicolls, George A. 40 Vol. II
Nims, David B. * 288 Vol. I
Noble, S. O. 346 Vol. II
Norman, John * 328 Vol. I
Opperman, Fred 470 Vol. I
Owen, C. C. 398 Vol. II
Palm, B. F. 166 Vol. II
Palmer, E. G. 55 Vol. II
Palmer, H. D. 337 Vol. II
Palmer, R. B. 280 Vol. II
Palmer, Seeley Burdette * 78 Vol. II
Park, J. C. 340 Vol. I
Park, Rebecca 262 Vol. II
Parker, George W. 544 Vol. II
Parker, R. C. 466 Vol. II
Parmelee, C. E. 271 Vol. II
Parrott, John 108 Vol. II
Parsons, C. W. 494 Vol. I
Paul, C. A. 368 Vol. II
Peck, Henry T. * 378 Vol. I
Peirce, A. W. 189 Vol. II
Perry, Thayer K. 504 Vol. II
Pierce, F. D. 344 Vol. II
Pierce, W. H. 58 Vol. II
Post, Joseph H. 369 Vol. II
Pratt, John L. * 360 Vol. I
Prentiss, A. S. 115 Vol. II
Price, M. C. 219 Vol. II
Prosser, George E. 442 Vol. II
Purcell, Sebastian 360 Vol. II
Quinn, P. J. 57 Vol. II
Ransom, J. C. 393 Vol. I
Reddle, William 459 Vol. II
Reed, H. E. 426 Vol. II
Reeves, M. E. 447 Vol. II
Reynolds, O. P. 359 Vol. I
Reynolds, R. H. & B. R. 251 Vol. II
Reynolds, W. F. 471 Vol. II
Riddle, P. J. 388 Vol. II
Ringlein, John 480 Vol. II
Ritz, G. W. 427 Vol. II
Robinson, Isaac H. * 500 Vol. II
Robinson, Napoleon * 472 Vol. II
Rose, W. A. 435 Vol. II
Ross, E. W. 391 Vol. II
Roth, Peter 302 Vol. I
Rowell, B. D. 448 Vol. I
Rowland, Elmer E. 402 Vol. I
Rowland, S. W. 198 Vol. II
Rowley, A. E. 508 Vol. I
Ruffing, A. A. 408 Vol. II
Ruggles, William S. 300 Vol. II
Rumbaugh, D. W. * 16 Vol. II
Rummell, S. J. 320 Vol. II
Runyan, G. W. 348 Vol. I
Russell, Charles A. 401 Vol. I
Russell, F. H. 133 Vol. II
Russell, Julia J. 505 Vol. I
Ryerso, P. V. 93 Vol. II
Sackett, E. D. 400 Vol. I
Sanders, A. D. 430 Vol. I
Sattig, W. H. 391 Vol. I
Schaffeld, J. A. 319 Vol. I
Scheid, August 207 Vol. II
Scheid, C. A. 14 Vol. II
Scheid, J. J. 147 Vol. II
Scheid, W. C. 448 Vol. II
Schick, Louie 28 Vol. II
Schild, G. P. 447 Vol. I
Schlageter, Frank 487 Vol. I
Schnurr, Sebastian 176 Vol. II
Schreiner, Jacob 311 Vol. II
Scott, Francis E. 464 Vol. II
Seel, Fred 110 Vol. II
Seeley, J. E. 507 Vol. I
Seibel, George G. 529 Vol. II
Severance, Warren 245 Vol. II
Seymour, F. B. 367 Vol. I
Shedd, Daniel E. * 386 Vol. I
Shepherd, Theodore D. 100 Vol. II
Sherman, G. W. * 96 Vol. II
Sherman, Samuel C. 127 Vol. II
Sherman, Samuel * 152 Vol. II
Silliman, E. G. 148 Vol. II
Silliman, E. P. 506 Vol. I
Silliman, H. B. 323 Vol. II
Silsby, W. T. 348 Vol. II
Simmons, A. L. * 88 Vol. II
Simmons, L. E. 295 Vol. I
Simon, Blasius 192 Vol. II
Sinclair, Alexander 142 Vol. II
Sith, D. C. 352 Vol. I
Skilton, Amanda J. 13 Vol. II
Slater, Richard T. 543 Vol. II
Sly, S. M. 87 Vol. II
Smedley, E. A. 272 Vol. II
Smith, Ambrose B. 480 Vol. I
Smith, David C. * 353 Vol. I
Smith, E. W. 322 Vol. II
Smith, Fred H. 125 Vol. II
Smith, Jacob F. 470 Vol. II
Smith, Jay E. 445 Vol. II
Smith, John D. 141 Vol. II
Snook, L. 438 Vol. I
Snyder, H. W. 497 Vol. I
Snyder, J. E. 495 Vol. II
Snyder, W. H. 195 Vol. II
Snyder, W. T. 488 Vol. I
Sprague, J. H. 149 Vol. II
Stacey, Charles 373 Vol. I
Stahl, H. C. 68 Vol. II
Stentz, Annie M., Mrs. 44 Vol. II
Stevens, Arthur E. 452 Vol. II
Stimson, Susanna 307 Vol. I
Stin, William 453 Vol. I
Stockmaster, Joseph B. 531 Vol. II
Stoll, George 293 Vol. I
Stone, F. P. 67 Vol. II
Stone, Philo * 474 Vol. I
Stotts, C. E. 380 Vol. II
Stotts, Elmer A. 526 Vol. II
Stower, C. A. 414 Vol. I
Strutton, J. A. 111 Vol. II
Suhr, Charles 455 Vol. II
Sutton, Charles A. * 128 Vol. II
Sutton, E. A. 167 Vol. II
Sweet, Joseph, Mrs. 310 Vol. I
Sykes, Otis 355 Vol. I
Templer, C. E.] 433 Vol. II
Thomas, G. T. 284 Vol. I
Thompson, C. C. 368 Vol. I
Titus, G. F. 341 Vol. I
Todd, Seth H. 532 Vol. II
Townsend, E. E. 365 Vol. I
Travis, Hyatt 306 Vol. II
Trembley, W. H. 132 Vol. II
Tucker, C. E. 415 Vol. I
Twaddle, Dorr 66 Vol. II
Underhill, Arthur 229 Vol. II
Underwood, O. O. 279 Vol. II
Vail, A. S. 315 Vol. I
Vail, L. A. 284 Vol. II
Van Aken, Nelson 507 Vol. II
Van Liew, William O. 523 Vol. II
Vaughn, John M. 536 Vol. II
Venus, C. P. 237 Vol. II
Viall, A. B. 350 Vol. I
Von Seggern, Harmon 431 Vol. II
Walsworth, J. T. 163 Vol. II
Walter, F. J. 385 Vol. I
Ward, C. E. 319 Vol. II
Washburn, D. S. 240 Vol. II
Washburn, J. P. 457 Vol. II
Washburn, Jay 428 Vol. II
Watts, H. G. 139 Vol. II
Weedman, C. B. 431 Vol. I
Weeks, F. E. 364 Vol. II
Wheaton, Charles H. 305 Vol. II
Wheeler, J. A. 443 Vol. II
Wheeler, J. E. 415 Vol. II
White, Daniel 489 Vol. II
White, Henry K. 287 Vol. I
White, Jonathan S. 180 Vol. II
Whiteman, John * 296 Vol. I
Whitney, Calvin 332 Vol. II
Wickham, B. B. 293 Vol. I
Wickham, Charles P. 8 Vol. II
Wickham, L. W. 344 Vol. II
Wilhelm, Peter 437 Vol. I
Williams, A. C. 390 Vol. I
Willoughby, Charles L. 525 Vol. II
Wood, Almon B. 270 Vol. II
Wood, Benjamin Bourdette 493 Vol. I
Wood, Franklin C. 329 Vol. II
Wood, Gilbert M. 414 Vol. II
Woodruff, Lewis 352 Vol. II
Woodward, D. O. 496 Vol. I
Woodworth, Edwin C. * 168 Vol. II
Wyant, I. L. 311 Vol. I
Young, D. H. 354 Vol. II
Young, D. J. 407 Vol. II
Young, Ed L. 15 Vol. II
Young, Noah 334 Vol. I
Young, S. M. 423 Vol. II
Zehner, Charles 263 Vol. II
Zimmerman, Lawrence 432 Vol. II

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