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Knox County, Ohio
History & Genealogy

From the 1896 "Atlas of Knox County",
Published by E. R. Caldwell,
(Contributed by Sheryl McClure)


Allen, N., Ex-Sheriff
Austin, John, Butcher
Andrews, A. L., Tinner, Roofing, Spouting, and Tinwear.
Bell, J. G.
Bennett, George S., Livery and Feed Stable, Gambier St.
Biddle, Henry, Corner Main and Vine
Burkhart, Mrs. Sarah, Dress Maker
Blocher, H. C. & E. N., House Furnishing Goods, Furniture, Carpets, Draperies, Silverware, etc.
Barrett, J. T.
Brunner, John, County Surveyor
Back, J. & Son, Furniture and Undertaking
Back, J. W., Gambier St.
Allen & Trimble, Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Corner High and Mulberry Sts.
Bishops, Go to Bishops Grocery, where prices are ten to twenty per cent less, 201 W. High St.
Welsh, W. M., Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. Rms. 5 and 6 Banning Block
Ball, Walter L., Attorney-at-Law
Beach, C. V., Clinton Township Trustee
Butcher, Nathan, City Fireman
Brown, E. E., Deputy Sheriff
Bates, J. A.
Bartlett, H. C., Barber
Barker, Joseph, Barber
Bishop, Clark, Expressman
Bowden, Henry, Dealer in Ice
Bash, S. G., White Line, Transfer and Moving Done Promptly
O'Brien, M., 28 R. R. St.
Critchfield, B. M. Probate Judge
Coe, James W.
Curtis, Henry L., Dealer in Real Estate
Cunningham, E. E., Secretary Home Loan Association
Colville, C. T., Attorney-at-Law
Colville, R. W., M.D., No. 7 E. High St.
Clark, H. C., Moulder
Craft & Taugher, Dealers in Drugs, Druggists' Sundries, Stationery and Fine Cigars, East side Square
Collins, A. C., Hay Merchant
Cooper & Moore, Attorneys-at-Law
Dowds, S. G., Treasurer of Knox County
Dean, John G.
Davidson, G. A., Propr. Of Davidson Cafe
Dotter, Frank, Bakery, W. Gambier St.
D'arcy, F. J., Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dalrymple & Armstrong, Dealers in Hard and Soft Coal, Carriages, Surreys and Road Wagons
Davis, John H., Star Laundry
Drake, Levi W., Saloon, Curtis House
Dickson, J. F., Extra Fireman
Dettra, John P., Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, No. 33, Public Square
Eggleton, Dr. B., Practicing Medicine in Blandensburg, corner W. Chestnut and West Sts.
Ewing, David F., Attorney-at-Law
Fredrick, T. P., 109 E. Chestnut St.
Fowler, R. H., Carpenter, Contractor and Builder, Planing Mill and Shop, W. Vine St.
Gotshall, S. R., Attorney-at-Law. Especial attention to collections
Graff, Smith W., Druggist
Green, H. A., Salesman
Goins, Roberts H., Engineer
Grisbaugh, A. P., Constable, Ankeneytown
Hogue, W. R., Propr. Riley House
Hill, E. B., Dealer in Coal, Feed, Oil, Etc. Officer and years 505 W. High St.
Harper, Hon. L., Mt. Vernon Banner
Hildreth, Frank, Saloon
Harrington & Son
Harding, T., Dealer in all kinds of Coal, West Gambier St.
Isreal, S. H., Saving Bank
Jones, G. A., Retired
Jones, F. W., Railroad Contractor
Johnson, J. W.
Jupiter, W. F.
Kelly, John J., W. Gambier
Koons, Wm. M., Attorney-at-Law
Krunkel, B. F., West End Meat Market. All kinds of Fresh Meats
Kellam, W. A., School Teacher
Larimore, F. C., Physician and Surgeon
Levering, Frank O., Attorney-at-Law, Rms. 1 & 3 Banning Block
Miller, Harry
Miller, Charles F.
Murphy, George T.
Murphy, M. M.
Mt. Vernon Electric R. R. Co., Cooper Block
Mendenhall, E. I., Loan and Real Estate Agents, Rm. No. 4, Stauffer Block
Mitchell, Charles A. 107 E. Front St.
MacFadden, Wm.
Miller, E. S., Salesman
Men's Christian League
Matticks, L. S., R. R. Engineer, 20 S. German St.
Matheny, Harvey, Carpenter, 307 W. Chestnut St.
Maeker, W. A., Hotel Clerk, St. James
Miller, Wm. N., Public Square
McKee, Bert R. H., Undertaker
McFadden, L.
Neal, George D., Mt. Vernon Paint Work
Sapp, Dwight, Ex Recorder of Knox County
Stephens, A., Manufacturer of Carriages, Buggies and Spring Wagons, W. Vine St.
Tathwell, W. A., Dealer in Coal Oil and Gasoline
Thompson, J. D., Retired
Thompson, R. C., Hotel Clerk, Rowley House
Thayer, Walter, Barber, No. 11 W. High St.
Thayer, George, Barber, No. 11 W. High St.
Trimble, E.
Tulloss, C. R., Farmer and Stock Raiser
Tier, Frank M., Carpenter, Contractor and Builder
Sipe, A. R., Merchant Tailor
Stanton, Charles R., Gambier
Severns, A. J.
Stone, D. C.
Shepherd, Edward, Dealer in Second-hand Furniture, Stoves, Etc., Corner High and Mulberry Sts.
Sapp, C. S.
Sapp, W. S.
Scott, Baldwin B., M.D., 402 N. Main St.
Sperry, Wilmot, Dealer in Real Estate
Sanderson & McCreary, Dealers in Pine Lumber, Roofing Slats, Shingles, Flooring, etc.
Pickard, Fred G., City Fireman
Parrott, Wm. L., Farmer and Horse Dealer
Quidor, Catharine A., 407 E. Burgess
Rees, Harry, Druggist
Reed, L. B., Attorney, Newark
Rice, Channing, County Commissioner
Ross, A. J.
Rogers, Julius, Propr. Of the Riverside Gardens. All kinds of Home-Grown Vegetables in their season
Russell, J. E., Physician and Surgeon
Rowley & Son, General Jobbing Ship and Manufacturer of Tin and all kinds of Metal Work
Spees, S. D., M.D.
Staunton, F. W., Barber
Snow, C. G., Plumber
Sellers, C. M., Pension Agent
Styers, W. W., Salesman
Smith, George B., Sanitary Police
Vincent, Judson, Treasurer, Knox County
Worley, John, State Commissioner
Wineland, A., Barber, Public Square
Welch, Wm., in Peterman's Insurance Agency
Wright, Guy A., Insurance Agent, Real Estate
Patterson, James, Lumber and Coal. Est. 1862. Oldest Lumber Firm in Knox County


Armstong, Dashes, Manufacturer of Press Brick, Tile of all sizes.
Brokaw, Henry, Retired
Devraux, F. N., Dealer in and Manufacturer of the Finest Granite and Marble Tomb Stones
Beach, Wm., Soldier
Barnes, G. W., Undertaker and Dealer in all kinds of Coal
Bishop, C. H., Fire and Life Insurance Agent, Dealer in Real Estate and Notary.
Bowers, C. L., Dealer in Agricultural Implements, Wagons, and all kinds of Farming Implements
Cook, E. B., Owner and Propr. Of the Park Hotel
Daily, E. F., of Daily Brothers, Contractors and Builders
Burt, E. A. & W. E., Practical Designers and Painters, Paper Hangers
Bricker, Demas, Justice of the Peace Hilliar Township.
Haiden, J. K., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser
Harmer & Co., Dealers in Fresh and Salted Meats
Hall, J. E., Livery, Sale and Feed Stable
Orsborn, George W., Dealer and Manufacturer of all kinds of Hard Lumber
Shaffer, W. H., Livery, Sale and Feed Stable
Messmore, J. B., Dealer in Fresh and Salted Meats, Fresh Fish, etc.
Rinehard, Preston H., Dealer in all grades of Fresh Meats. East Main
Phillips, Dr. W. O., Physician and Surgeon
Granstaff, George W., Farmer
Overturf, John, Wagon and Buggy Manufacturer
McCracken, J. C., Editor and Propr. Of Centerburg Gazette

Lewis, Robert C. M., Physician and Surgeon, Office, West Main St.
Wilson, J. B., Surgeon Dentist. Teeth extracted by the painless process.
Hicks, J. H., Farmer and Trustee of Hilliar Township.
Landrum & Co., Manufacturer of all sizes and grades of Tile—to suit all farms.
Turner, J., Horse Shoeing and all kinds of Blacksmithing to order
Willis, W. D., Painter


Bearnes, Jay, Farmer
Barker, W. M., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Centerburg
Dustin, J. R., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Centerburg
Dustin, Mrs. P. N., Farmer
Davidson, Jessie, Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Centerburg
Devean, F. N., Farmer, Centerburg
Gilbert, M. C., School Teacher
Gearhart, Ira, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Centerburg
Harvey, John H., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Centerburg
Headington, W. H., lives at Headington Corners— Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser
Mathews, Joseph B., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Centerburg
Messmore, H., Farmer, Centerburg
Montgomery, Mary E., Farmer and Grain Raiser, Centerburg
Mortley, F., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Centerburg
Mooney, George W., Farmer and Grain Raiser, Centerburg
McGuire, John, General Stock and Grain Raiser, Centerburg
Osburn, James M., is one of the early settlers of Hilliar Township. His father moved and settled in this township in 1814, when Indians roamed the forest and wild game was plentiful. James M. Osburn was born seventy-six years ago, now being the oldest man born in this township.
Patrick, Mrs. A. R., Farmer, Centerburg
Pelter, W. B., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Centerburg
Riley, W. A., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Trustee of Hilliar Township, Centerburg
Riley, G., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Centerburg
Stradley, Orville
Sutton, J. S., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Trustee of Hilliar Township, Centerburg
Selby, Burr A., Farmer and Grain Raiser, Centerburg
Selby, Mrs. Alice, Centerburg
Trimmer, Jacob, is the son of Andrew Trimmer, West of Rich Hill. Jacob was born in 1842, on the old home place. His father was one of the early pioneers of this township. He came here in 1820 or 1821 and was one of Hilliar Township's best citizens until the time of his death. Jacob lives on the old farm, and is an industrious and thrifty Farmer.
Tanner, Charles M., Stock and Grain Raiser, Hilliar Township 
Webb, William, Farmer
Yauger, Charles, Farmer, Centerburg


Boner, Josiah, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Boyd, H. H., General Farmer, Fredericktown
Bauerman, A. H., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Fredericktown
Cox, J. T., Farmer and Grain Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Durbin, H. P., one of the old reliable Farmers of Morris Township, Mt. Vernon
Durbin, J. M., Stock Raiser and Dealer
Darling, N. R., Farmer and Stock Raiser
Dunn, George, Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Fredericktown
Harris, William, Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Hines, Philip, Farmer and Raiser of Thoroughbred Clyde Horses. His Stallion weighs 2,000 lbs. And is one of the finest thoroughbred Stallions in Ohio.
Leonard, T. L., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Fredericktown
Leonard, J. C., General Farmer and Stock Raiser, Fredericktown
McGibeny, James, General Farmer, Stock of all kinds, Mt. Vernon
Merrin, J. A., Agent for the Johnson Harvester Company, Fredericktown
McDermutt, C. G., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Phillips, Wm. Q., Farmer and Gardener, one of the finest gardeners in the county. Fowler farm on Fredericktown Road.
Patterson, A. L., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Knox, C., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Fredericktown
Rinehart, David, Farmer, Fredericktown
Sharp, W. L., Market Gardener, Fredericktown and Mt. Vernon Road, two miles NW of Mt. Vernon. Raises all kinds of vegetables and best of early plants for sale in season.
Sharp, T. J.
Skeen, Orvill, Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Loree, Logan, Grain and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Walker, Uriah, Farmer and Grain Raiser, two miles north of Mt. Vernon


Anderson, T. M., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Bell, R. G., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Bangs P. O.
Brown, W. H., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Brown, T. J., Farmer and Grain Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Bryan, William, Farmer, farm of 200 acres, Mt. Liberty
Bradfield, Wm. V., Farmer, Raiser and Dealer in choice Turkeys Etc., Mt. Liberty
Bartlett, Carlos E., Draughtsman, Designer and School Teacher, Danville
Cochran, J. S., Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Cotton, F. E., Farmer and Stock Raiser
Carey, W. L., Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Coe, W. O., Blacksmith and Farmer, Mt. Liberty
Hawkins, Charles O., Farmer and Stock Dealer, Mt. Liberty
Hawkins, Isaac, Farmer and Raiser of Fine Stock
Hawlins, W. D., Farmer, Mt. Liberty
Hyatt, William, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Hyatt, George W., dealer in all kinds of Stock, Mt. Vernon
Halsey, J. W., Farmer and Stock Dealer, Mt. Liberty
Hays, Ural M., Farmer and Stock Dealer, Mt. Liberty
Gearhart, C. M., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Liberty
Jackson, C. C., County Recorder, Mt. Vernon
Jackson, D. S., Farmer, Sparta
Jackson, John, Farmer and Grain Raiser, Mt. Liberty
Jackson, E., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Mt. Liberty
Jackson, John, Stock Raiser and Dealer, Mt. Liberty
Jenkins, J. T., Stock Raiser and Farmer
Keller, John H., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Mt. Liberty
Knox, L. W., Dealer and Manufacturer of all styles and grades of Harness
McKinley, J. L., Supt. Of County Infirmary, Bangs P.O.
Milt, H. C., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Ogg, E. W., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Parker, Wm. C., Farmer and Veterinary Surgeon. Treats all kinds of diseases pertaining to animals. Three miles west of Mt. Vernon, on Sparta Road
Spearman, Charles, Farmer and Grain Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Smith. G. L., Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Speelman, L. W., Dealer in General Merchandise, Bangs
Smith, W. H., Farmer and Dealer in all kinds of Stock, Bangs.
Tims, A. W., Farmer and Grain Raiser, Mt. Liberty
Vance, John, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon


Boling, E. L., Farmer, Milfordton P.O.
Bishop, B. C., Mt. Liberty, P.O.
Bottenfield, W. L., Farmer, Milfordton, P.O.
Grandle, M., Farmer, Lock P.O.
Higgens, J. M., Farmer, Milfordton P.O.
Kenard, L. S., Farmer, Milfordton P.O.
Litzenburg, G. N., Grain and Stock Raiser, Centerburg
Larimore, Jos. M., Farmer, Lock P.O.
Moreland, Alben, Dealer in Stock and Grain, Centerburg
Moreland, W., Farmer, Grain Raiser, Lock P. O.
Mitchell, T., Stock Raiser and Farmer, Mt. Liberty
Myers, W. W., Manufacturer of Myers Horse Poke. It has given excellent satisfaction wherever used. Lock P.O.
Myers, J. H., Farmer, Lock P.O.
Poland, C. O., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Milfordton, P.O.
Pitkin, T. S., Farmer, Milfordton P.O.
Weaver, C. R., Retired Farmer, Milforton P.O.
Spellman, D. H., Dealer in Stock and Grain, Lock P.O.


Anderson, T. M., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Allen, Henry A., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Abbott, J. S., Stock and Grain Raiser
Ash, R. J., Farmer and Dealer in Stock
Ash, J., Propr. Of Maple Grove Creamery. Two and one half miles east of Mt. Vernon, on the Neward Road
Blair, A., Farmer, Grain and Stock Dealer, Mt. Vernon
Coumley, W. H., Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Delano, C., Farmer and Dairy, with the finest Jersey herd in the county
Severns, I. D., Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Hays, Ural M., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Johnson, Mrs. B. C., Farmer, Granville Road, Mt. Vernon
Kaiser, James, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Kingsbury, C. M., Farmer, Mt. Vernon
McGibeny, James, Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Martin, M. P., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Martin, G. R., Retired Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Parrott, William L., Farmer and Dealer in Stock
LaFever, Samuel, Farmer, Mt. Vernon
LaFever, J. B., Stock Raiser and Dealer, Mt. Vernon
LaFever, C. A., Farmer and Grain Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Skeen, Orvill, Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Sperman, Charles, Farmer and Stock Dealer
Steinmetz, J. B., Stock and Grain Raiser, Bangs
Smith, Wiley, Farmer, Stock Raiser and Dealer in Stock, Mt. Vernon
Shinaberry, W. B., Farmer and Dealer in Stock, Mt. Vernon
Wolf, F. C., Farmer and Manufacturer of Brick of all kinds. Yard, SW of Mt. Vernon
Wing, W. R., Farmer, Stock Raiser and Dealer, Mt. Vernon
Welch, Zeph B., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Yauger, A. W., Farmer and Gardener on the Valley Farm, one mile west of Mt. Vernon


Brown, A. W., Farmer, Stock Dealer and Raiser, Brandon
Bone, M. C., Stock and Grain Raiser, Hunt P.O.
Bricker, D. B., Stock Dealer and Farmer, Brandon
Baughman, C. C., Farmer, Brandon
Chambers, James, Farmer and Stock Raisers, Hunt
Chambers, William, General Farmer and Raiser of Hogs, Hunt P.O.
Knox, Charles, Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser
Lhamon, G. B., Farmer and Grain Raiser
Miller, C. C., Farmer, Raiser and Dealer in Find Sheep. Farm and Residence, one mile east of Brandon
Marker, M. J., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Bangs
Miller, Dana, Farmer and Sheep Raiser, Bangs
McCuene, William, Farmer and Grain Raiser
Smith, Robert H., Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Smoots, J. W., Dealer and Raiser of Good Stock of all kinds, Hunt
Shuff, G. W., one of the good Farmers of Miller Township, Utica
Vannatta, F. A., Farmer
Weaver, Harvey, Farmer, Stock Raiser and Dealer, Utica
Ward, Joel, Farmer


Conaway, C. A., Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, etc.
Gates, L. W., Justice of the Peace for Miller Township 
Vigor, Dr. H., Physician and Surgeon
Harris, H. C., Retired Farmer
Willard, H. K., Propr. Of Brandon Hotel and Dealer in Groceries


Bell, H. C., Farmer and Stock Dealer, Utica
Bricker, James T., Farmer, Stock Raiser and manager of the Bricker Homestead, two and one half miles east of Utica
Bell, E. V., Farm of 887 acres in Morgan Township, Martinburg
Campbell, C. E., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Morgan Centre
Cooksey, J. H., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Utica
DeBolt, C. C., Farmer and Stock Dealer, Utica
Hays, J., Farm of 125 acres, located two miles north of Utica, Dealer in Stock and Farming
Sellers, Mitchell, Farmer and Stock Dealer, Utica
Sellers, D. S., Farmer, Utica
Sperry, W. W., Dealer and Raiser of all kinds of stock, Utica
Tulloss, E. C., Farmer and Stock Dealer, Utica
Tulloss, J. J., Stock and Sheep Raiser, Utica
Tulloss, C. R., Farmer and Stock Dealer, Utica
Letts, F. L., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Hunt P.O.
Wilson, J., Banker, Utica


Alsdorf, O. B., Propr. of Hotel in Martinsburg. Only hotel in city
Ackley, John, Farmer and Stock Dealer. Farm of 210 acres in Sec. 24, Clay Township, Martinsburg
Baird, J. W., Farmer, Painter and Graining. Paper Hanging a specialty. Martinsburg
Baird, B. F., General Farmer and Stock Dealer. Farm of 220 acres, Martinsburg
Bell, James, Farmer and Stock Dealer. Farm of 217 acres in Clay Township, Martinsburg
Cooksey, U. T., Farmer, located on the Martinsburg and Bladensburg Road, of 100 acres of well-improved land and under a high state of cultivation, Bladensburg
Divan, S. C. Nursery of over 30,000 fruit trees and peach orchard of 3.500 trees. Largest nursery in county, east of Martinsburg.
Dudgeon, W. P., Farmer and Stock Dealer. Farm in Sec. 4, Clay Township, Martinsburg
Green, W. B., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser. Farm of sixty-acres, Martinsburg
O'Daniel, George, Stock Dealer and Raiser. Prairie farm of 160 acres.
Elliott, F. E., Stock and Grain Raiser, Martinsburg
Elliott, Charles, Farmer, Grain and Sheep Raiser. Farm of 227 acres, one mile west of Bladensburg
Francis, David, Farmer and Stock Dealer
Greiff, P. W., General Blacksmithing, Horse Shoeing and Ironer of Wagons, Shop in Martinsburg
Harris, J. O., Stock and Grain Raiser. Farm of 108 acres on Herrod Run, Bladensburg
Harris, R. H., the Valley farm, on Herrod Run, of 146 acres, Bladensburg
Horn, Eli, Farmer and Stock Dealer. Farm in Harrison and Clay townships, of 253 acres, Bladensburg
Hays, Leander, Stock Raiser and Farmer. Farm of 406 acres in Clay Township and ten acres in Harrison Township, Martinsburg
McKee, D. L., Farmer and Raiser of Fine Hogs, Martinsburg
Miller, Isaac, General Farmer. Farm of 156 acres in Clay Township, on the Mt. Vernon and Martinsburg Road, Martinsburg
McCullough, John, Farmer, with 160 acres to cultivate. Lived on this farm for twenty-eight years, Martinsburg
Hancock, J. R., Farmer and Sheep Raiser. Farm of 340 acres in Clay Township, has on hand 300 of finest sheep in the county, Bladensburg
Horn, Joseph, Farm of seventy-three acres in Sec. 4, Clay Township, Martinsburg
Purdy, R. D., Carpenter, Contractor, Builder and Farmer, Martinsburg
Pumphrey, Ross, Farmer, Martinsburg
Rice, Nelson, Farmer and Stock Raiser. Farm of 260 acres in Clay and Jackson townships, Bladensburg


Clark, Allen, Farmer and Stock Raiser. Farm of 216 acres in Sec. 11, Jackson Township, and 115 acres in Butler Township, New Gilford
Darling, C. S., Farmer and Stock Raiser. Farm located on the valley of Wahatomaka. Farm of 114 acres. Bladensburg
Harris, J. C., Nursery Stock of the very finest variety apple, peach, and all nursery stock. 30,000 to 40,000 trees. Bladensburg
Hays, William, Farmer. Farm of 185 acres in Sec. 21, Butler Township and 155 in Sec. 1, Jackson Township, Bladensburg
Kerr, Scott D., Stock Raiser. Farm of 142 acres in Sec. 4, Township 5, Range 10, in Jackson Township, Bladensburg
Horn, S. C. and R. W., General Store, Bladensburg
Holtz, M. V., Farmer. Farm of 120 acres in Sec. 13 and 18, one and three quarter miles southeast of Bladensburg
Howell, John, Propr. Hotel Howell. Good livery in connection. Bladensburg
Mizer, A. L., Farmer and Stock Raiser. Farm of 160 acres in Secs. 2 and 9, Jackson Township 
McKee, George, Stock Raiser. Farm of 230 acres in Secs. 14 and 18, Township 5, Range 10, Blandensburg
Mercer, J. W., Farmer. Farm of ninety-seven acres in Sec. 18, Township 5, Range 10, Bladensburg
Scott, William B., Stock Raiser. Farm of 157 acres in Sec. 17, Jackson Township, Bladensburg
Stricker, W. M., Stock and Grain Raiser. Farm located in Sec. 1, Jackson Township, Bladensburg
Scott, Alexander, Stock Raiser. Farm of 122 acres, forty-two in Clay Township and eighty in Jackson Township, Bladensburg
Tish, John L., General Farmer. Farm of 155 acres in Secs. 14 and 15, on the banks of the Wahatomaka Creek, Bladensburg
Wolfe, John, Farmer. Farm of 157 acres in Sec. 17, Township 5, Range 10, Jackson Township, Bladensburg


Baldwin, Harvey, Farmer and Dealer in Stock, Fredericktown
Craft, A. L., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser, Fredericktown
Caywood, Leander, Justice of the Peace, Fredericktown
Groh, John, Farmer and Stockraiser, Fredericktown
Kirby, W. S., Farmer, Fredericktown
McDonald, Mrs. John, Fredericktown
Murphy, E., Stock and Grain Raiser, Fredericktown
McKinney, George E., Township Trustee, Fredericktown
McCluer, W., Farmer, Fredericktown
Miller, W. B., Fredericktown
Talmage, J. Burr, Farmer, Fredericktown
Wagner, W. H., Township Trustee and Farmer, Fredericktown


Body, John, Farmer, Danville
Beum, R. T., Blacksmith
Clark, Samuel, Mt. Vernon
Durbin, C. E., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Danville
Davis, David, Farmer, Zuck P.O.
Ferenbaugh, M. J., Buckeye City
Frey, Perry A., Farmer, Danville
Gaines, M. T., Dealer in Fresh and Salted Meats, Danville
Gann, John M., Farmer, Danville
Hammond, J. L., Farmer, Zuck P.O.
Miller, Wm., Grain Raiser, Millwood
McKee, C. H., Grain and Stock Raiser, Buckeye City
Nazor, S. L., Farmer, Danville
Platts, W. H., Mt. Vernon
Parsons, Dr. A., Druggist, Brinkhaven
Rice, Clinton M., Farmer, Danville
Swartz, E. A., Dealer in Flour and Grain, Buckeye City
Schosly, G. W., Farmer, Millwood
Temple, J. W., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Buckeye City
Vincent & Rees, Druggists, Howard
Walker, O. D., Farmer, Millwood
Westlake, George, Danville
Workman, John B.


Butler, G. W., Farmer, Zuck P.O.
Crise, G. W., Civil Engineer, Zuck P.O.
Doolittle, Wm. M., Farmer, Esto
Delong, B. F., Farmer, New Castle
Fry, Jos., Grain and Stock Raiser, Esto
Fry, Wilbur, Farmer, New Castle
Grant, Jos., Stock Raiser, Zuck P.O.
Lepley, Frank, Farmer, New Castle
Morningstar, Jacob, Stock Raiser and Farmer, Zuck P.O.
Parkhurst, E. P., Farmer, New Castle
Stamm, George, Farm of 100 acres in Sec. 16, Twp. 6, Range 10, Bladensburg
Smith, J. F., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Millwood P.O.
Wilson, G. B., Farmer, New Castle


Adams, D. F., Livery, Sale and Feed Stable
Blake, E. T., Propr. of Hotel. First-class Accommodations. Porters for all train.
Cassil, J. A., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser.
Coleman, D. S., Physician and Surgeon
Drake, J. B., Farmer and Stock Raiser
Hauger, M. C., Traveling Salesman
Heidy, John, Agent for the Jones Chain Mower, binders, mowers and headers.
Hull, N., Physician and Surgeon
Lillie, Byron, Drayman
Lybarger, J. M., Meat Market. Dealer in Fresh and Salt Meats.
Snyder, S., Farmer
Thompson, G. H.
Williamson, B. B., Democracy, Farmer
Wolfe, E. A., Post Master and Notary Public
Wolfe & Critchfield, Practical Undertakers and Embalmers
Wolfe & Eley, Dealers in Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes and everything that is kept in a General Store.
Workman, Silas, Farmer


Stitzline & Hyatt, General Store. Carries a full line of Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions, etc., and everything that is found in a General Store.
Hawkins, Z., Blacksmith
Hawkins, Philip, Blacksmithing and Repairing
Schwartz, H. A., Physician and Surgeon
Greggs & Price, Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. Cash paid for produce. Smith, W. H., Bangs
Barnes and Rice. First-class Hardware Store. Also keep a fine line of Whips, Robes, Horse Blankets, Farm Machinery, Implements, Buggies and Wagons. 


Body, W. R., Justice of the Peace and Farmer, Danville
Stout, John, Farm of 275 acres in Secs. 6, 7, and 4, Range 10, Township 5, Danville
Hess, M. J., Farm of eighty acres in Sec. 4, Greenville
Greer, James, Farmer and Stock Raiser. Farm of 200 acres in Secs. 3, 4 and 14, Greersville
Nyhart, Noah, Farmer. Farm of 217 acres in Secs. 3 and 7, Township 8, Range 10, Greersville


Parsons, A., Physician, Surgeon and Druggist.
Dudgeon, Marion, Farmer and Grain Raiser. Farm eighty-nine and one half acres, in Lots 28, 31, and 32.
Dudgeon, James M., Farm and Stock Dealer. Farm of 106 acres in Secs. 3 and 14. Pipesville
Horn, Martin J., Farmer, one of the early settlers of Harrison Township, moved from Washington county, Pa., forty-eight years ago, and is one of the older and most reliable Farmers, Bladensburg
Horn, George, Farmer. Farm of 174 acres, in lots 34 and 35, Harrison Township, Pipesville
Head, T. R., Farmer
Green, H. L., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser. Farm of 120 acres, located in Clay Township. Lives on the Daniel Green farm, in Harrison Township, Pipesville
Gaumer, Jefferson, Farm and Stock Raiser, Howard
McArter, J. O., Farmer. Farm of 124 acres, in the valley of the Kokosing river, Lot 3, Harrison Township, Gambier
Miller, G. W., Farmer and Stock Raiser. Farm of 100 acres in Sec. 23, Gambier
Lepley, Calvin, Farmer and Grain Raiser. Farm of ninety-eight acres in Lot 39, Township 6, Range 10, in Harrison Towship, Gambier
Purdy, Elijah, Carpenter, Contractor and Builder. Farm of fifty acres, located in Lots 17 and 22, Township 6, Range 11, in Harrison Township, Gambier
Ross, S. H., Farmer and Dealer in Stock. Farm of 455 acres, located in Sec. 24, in Harrison Township, and fifty-two acres in Clay Township, Martinsburg
King, Julius, Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser. Farm of 100 acres in Lot 24, Township 6, Range 11, Howard
Schooler, Eliott, Farmer, Grain and Stock Dealer, lives on the old farm which was entered by Simon Dudgeon in 1811. The house and barn, built in 1819, is still standing and in elegant condition. Gambier
Wolf, Hiram, Farmer, moved to Harrison Township forty two years ago. Farm of 144 acres, in Lots 26, 27 and 33 in Harrison Township. He is one of the early settlers of the township
Wolf, C. L. V., Farmer and Stock Raiser. Farm of 133 acres in Sec. 23, in Harrison Township, located at Union Grove Church, Harrison Township, Gambier
Watters, George, Farmer. One of the old veterans who was in many a hard fight on the Potomac, in Virginia, in 1864, Pipesville


Reickert, E. J., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Jelloway
Workman, E., Harness Manufacturer. Repairing done promptly, Jelloway
Sheriff, Fred
Hyatt & Fulmer, Physicians and Surgeons, Jelloway
Workman, B. B., Farmer and Fruit Raiser. Farm of 166 acres, in Sec. 4. Orchard of 300 peach and 200 apple trees, all in full bearing. Jelloway
Richert, George J., Farmer, Democracy P.O.


Armstong, Peter, Farmer and Grain Raiser, North Liberty
Allen, David, Farmer and Stock Raiser
Knerr, A., Farmer
Daniels, Silas, Farmer
Grubb, Daniel, Farmer
Reyman, R., Farmer
Cocanower, A. L., Farmer, Stock and Grain Raiser.
Leonard, Ziba, Farmer, Democracy P.O.
Grossman, R. N., Farmer and Grain Raiser
Leedy, David A. Farmer and Raiser of Fine Horses, North Liberty
Keller, Daniel, Farmer and Stock Raiser
Marshall, C. W., Farmer, North Liberty
McKown, W. D., Merchant. Dealer in Groceries and cash paid for produce, Nunda P.O.
McClelland, Farmer and Stock Raiser, North Liberty
Simmons, T. R., Farmer, Democracy P.O.
Smith, E. E., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Liberty
Swank, George, Farmer and Stock Raise, North Liberty
Swank, C. G., Farmer, Grain and Stock Dealer
Shira, Robert, Farmer, Grain and Stock Dealer, North Liberty


Fletcher & Barber, Dealer in Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes and Hardware. Cash paid for Butter, Eggs and all Country Produce
Wright, J. A., Retired Farmer
Fletcher, H. E., Merchant and Farmer


Grubb, Isaac, Dealer in Dry Goods, with all the latest styles of Dress Goods. Also Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes and Hardware.
Horn, R. D., M.D., Mt. Vernon
McMillen, M., Butler, Ohio
Stewart, A. M., Dealer in General Merchandise, Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Hardware, Queensware and a fine line of Dress Goods


Ash, Jacob, Farmer and Dairyman
Bell, Phoebe Jane, Farmer, Hunt
Beckholt, Wm., Farmer and Stock Raiser
Beane, Thomas, Farmer and Grain Grower
Barber, T. P., Farmer and Stock Raiser
Breece, A. L., Farmer and Stock Raiser
Colvill, Thomas, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
DeBolt, Alex, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Dial, James, Proprietor of Kenyon Mills, Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Gambier
Forry, J. W., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Hunt Station 
Fitzsimons, G. W., Farmer and Fruit Raiser
Gorsuch, J., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Hays, Ural, Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Hall, Thomas J., Farmer and Fruit Grower, Mt. Vernon
Kerr, D. B., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser
Kring, Henry, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
LaFever, Sprague, Farmer and Grain Raiser
Lahman, J. B., Farmer and Stock Raiser
Rhoads, J., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Severn, I. D., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Smith, Robert H., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Roberts, J. W., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Hunt's Station 
Vernon, Mary J., Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Workman, Angeline, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Wier, Noble, Farmer and Fruit Grower, Mt. Vernon


Berry, Clinton E., Stock and Grain Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Burris, George, Farmer and Stock Dealer, Monroe Mills
Bennett, George W., Farmer, Gambier
Craig, Stephen, Stock and Grain Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Colwill, S. A., Farmer, Gambier
Derry, P. E., lives in Monroe Township. Blacksmithing of all kinds done promptly
Dowds, Thompson, Farmer and Stock Dealer, Mt. Vernon
Davis, J. W., Farmer, Democracy
Grubb, A. C., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Gambier
Henwood, J. E., Stock and Grain Raiser, Howard
Hogue Brothers, Farmers and Stock Dealers. Farm of 123 acres in Monroe Township, Mt. Vernon
Metcalf, O. J., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Gambier
Magers, Calvin, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Johnson, C. A., Farmer, Mt. Vernon
Young, C. A., Farmer and County Commissioner, Mt. Vernon
Young, S., Farmer, Grain and Stock Raiser


Derry, P. E., Blacksmith, Ironer of Buggies and Wagons
Head, T. R., 
Farmer and Dealer in Stock
Oliver, Wm., 
Farmer and Dealer in Groceries and Provisions. The highest price paid for produce
Smith, F. H., 
Dealer in Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos, Cigarettes and Smoking Articles. Choice Confectionery, Fruits, Coal Oil and Gasoline. Largest livery in town, Chase Ave.
Fish, Alfred, Farmer
Wing, William S., 
Farmer and Miller
Dial, James, Propr. Of Kenyon Roller Flour Mills, one mile east of Gambier, on the Kokosing River. All Milling Work done, and the very best Flour made


Biggs, James, Stock Raiser and Farmer, Gambier
Baker, Frank, Farmer, Gambier
Cosford, David, Farmer, Gambier
Cunningham, John, Farm of 118 acres, on the valley of the Kokosing River, one mile east of Gambier
Fish, Alfred, Farmer
Lybarger, U. S., School Teacher, Gambier
Lhaman, J. A., Stock and Grain Raiser, Gambier
Lauderbaugh, J. K. P., Farmer and Stock Dealer and Raiser
Rowley, O. G., Farmer, Gambier
Parrott, A. J., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Mt. Vernon
Wright, Albert, Farmer and Raiser of Fine Hogs and Cattle, Gambier


Anten, W. A., Farmer, Fredericktown
Burger, A. P., Postmaster and Merchant. Dealer in Hats, Caps and Hardware. Cash paid for produce. Ankeneytown
Foot, W. D., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Fredericktown
Foot, G. W., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Fredericktown
Hess, J. S., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Fredericktown
Leedy, Eugene R., Nurseryman and Fruit Raiser, Ankeneytown
Hall, J. K., Farmer and Stock Dealer, Ankeneytown
Phillips, T. S., Farmer, Green Valley
Woodward, W. H., Farmer, Ankeneytown
Willits, D. P., Farmer. Raiser of Jersey Cattle a specialty, Fredericktown


Ackerman, L. B., Insurance Agent and business office in Fredericktown. Insurance on life, accident and fire. Office over Struble's Block
Cassell, Henry, Dealer in Hardware
Dever, Edw.
Stillwell, L. C., Attorney-at-Law. Practices in all the courts of Ohio
Harry & Miller, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, located on East College St., Fredericktown
Hildreth, C. M., Wool Dealer
Hall, J. E., Livery and Dealer in Horses
Pennell, W. W., Physician and Surgeon 
Potter, S. B., Physician and Surgeon
Taylor, H. S., Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, in the old stand of J. E. Hall
Smoots, J. S., Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fine Tobacco and Cigars, and all kinds of Produce, Fresh and Cured Meats. Cash paid for Hides and Tallow
Ralston, George
Rinehart, George, Farmer
Lewis, E. W., Editor of Fredericktown Free Press
Wagner, John, Propr. Of Hotel Wagner
Simons, M. J., Farmer and Grain Dealer
Moffet, J. A., Dealer in Oil and Gasoline
Johnson, Walter B.


Beers, A. D.
Boner, F. P., Farmer, Fredericktown
Ebersole, D., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Fredericktown
Dean, W. H., Farmer and Grain Raiser, Fredericktown
Dean, B. F., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Fredericktown
Darling, R. D., Farmer and Proprietor of Darling Grove, a farm of 148 acres, on the south bank of Owl Creek, in the finest valley in the county
Jones, E. O., Farmer, Fredericktown
Owen, W. A., Farmer and Dealer in Stock
Potter, M. K., Raiser and Dealer in Stock
Phillips, R. W., Green Valley Farm, Fredericktown
Phillips, T. S., Farmer, Green Valley P.O.
Rood, B. W., Farmer, Fredericktown
Swetland, C. D., is one of Knox County's practical farmers and potato raisers. Three miles southwest of Fredericktown





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