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Source: Daily Ohio Statesman - Ohio
Dated: Jul. 21, 1841
      For the Statesman.
     Jacob Gross, P. M.
at Zanesfield, Logan Co., Ohio, removed to make room for one Squire Barton, a special guardian over "female virtue."
     John Webb, P. M. at Quincy, Logan Co., O., removed to make room for a blue bellied fed, by the name of Osbourn.  Not a charge can be brought against either of these individuals, further than the mere preference of Mr. Van Buren over "Tip. and Ty."   Go it whiggery - hang out your 'coon skins.
(Transcribed from Genealogy Bank by Sharon Wick on 6/7/2009)
Source: Ohio State Journal - Ohio
Dated: May 9, 1848
     A small memorandum book bearing the name (as near as we can make it out, ) of W. M. S. Emory, of Zanesfield, Logan county, O.  The owner can have it by _ending to this office.
(Transcribed from Genealogy Bank by Sharon Wick on 6/7/2009)
Source: Ohio State Journal - Ohio
Dated: Apr. 3, 1860
     Amos Butler from Zanesfield, Logan county, jumped from the rear car of the Springfield train, on Monday, near Goe's station, and in the fall had his right arm so badly shattered that it will have to be amputated above the elbow.
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Source: Times Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Feb. 14, 1872
     A curious case of small-pox reported near Zanesfield, Ohio.  A man having been exposed to the small-pox vaccinated in the left arm.  He s__ broke out with the small-pox on his __t side, and now that side is literally covered with it, while the other, in which he was vaccinated, is as smooth as ____.
(Transcribed from Genealogy Bank by Sharon Wick on 6/7/2009)
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette - Ohio
Dated: Jan. 1, 1880
The planing mill and lumber yard of Hoge & Brown has been sold to Jonathan Thatcher, of DeGraff.

     Dr. J. S. Robb of Zanesfield, was stricken with paralysis Tuesday, and lies in a critical condition.  He is an old and highly respected citizen of the county, always ready to say a kind word and do a good turn for all who sought his advice and help.  He has been identified with many of the enterprises of the county; was an active Democratic politician, being the only man elected under a regular Democratic nomination in Logan County for many years.

BELLE CENTER - The following officers for Belle Center Lodge No. 558, I. O. O. F., will be installed on the evening of the 2d of January by D. D. G. M. Dushane: E. E. Nafus, N. G.; L. M. Ellis, V. G.; Seth Hinkle,R. S.; W. L. Sickles, P. S.; V. Baier, T.

BELLE CENTER - There has been a deep religious interest in several of our neighboring churches.  Rev. Jagger, of the M. E. Church, is laboring with great earnestness and success at Silver Creek, a country appointment near here.  Over one hundred have united with the church, and the good work still goes on.

Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette - Ohio
Dated Apr. 12, 1880
     The Board of Health, has quarantined the house where the smallpox is, and appointed guards to see that the inmates do not pass beyond the boundaries.  The yellow flag has been hung out, and the streets leading to the house fenced.  A physician attends regularly, and provisions having been supplied, the disease will unquestionably be confined, and the business of the town  not interrupted.
     The literary contest Friday night at the Court House was largely attended, the audience being composed of appreciative class of people from nearly all parts of the county.  Twenty contestants entered, and the majority of the efforts in recitation would have done credit to professionals.  Dr. Helwig, President of Wittenberg College, of Springfield; Prof. Hancock, Superintendent of the Dayton schools and Prof. Denel, Superintendent of the Urbana schools, were chosen judges, and awarded prizes in the five classes, as follows:  First class, John P. Brand, of Bellefontaine, fourth class, Mrs. Carrie McIlvaine, of Bellefontaine; fifth class, Solomon Day, of Pickereltown.

Source: WEEKLY BEACON Newspaper, North Baltimore, Ohio
Dated ca. 1901

Mrs. Sarah E. Todd..... A letter sent from Eckert, Colorado, on Dec. 22, 1901.  Her father Wm. Edgar moved the family from Logan Co., Ohio in 1837 to Hancock Co.  It gives an interesting account of the trip and early life in the area.  She is now 72.  (Jan. 3, 1901)
Article also mentions:  Case, Phillip Deter, Merriman Price, Moses Sheenbarger, Grandfather Travise, John Thomas.

Source: Idaho Statesman - Idaho
Dated: May 28, 1911
May 27 - Miss Hazel Vanhyning, who has been teaching school at Jordan Valley for the last six months, left today for her home in Zanesfield, O., to spend her vacation.  Miss Vanhyning will return this fall to teach another term in the same school.
(Transcribed from Genealogy Bank by Sharon Wick on 6/7/2009)
Source: Heraldo de Brownsville - Texas
Dated: March 3, 1937
     Earth Tremors Felt In East; No Damage
COLUMBUS, O., March 2. - Earth Tremors were felt in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana and Michigan between 9:45 and 9:50 a.m. (EST) Tuesday but reports indicated there was no damage.
     Accompanied by a slight rumbling in some districts, the quiver shook buildings and caused the movement of desks and chairs.  Dishes in the homes were knocked to the floor.
     The tremor was felt through the west, central and northern portions of Ohio.  There were no reports from the hilly, southeastern section.  Shocks lasted about two minutes.
     School children at Zanesfield in Logan county were dismissed.
(Transcribed from Genealogy Bank by Sharon Wick on 6/7/2009)


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