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Source:  Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, Ohio) Page: 2
Dated: Mar. 12, 1866
- The Independent says:  At Berwick on Monday evening last, two boys aged about eleven years, went out on the ice on the Scioto river, at that place, broke through and were both drowned.  One of the boys was the son of Mr. David Moore, and the other a son of Mrs. Wilson, of Indiana, who was there on a visit.  Their bodies were recovered by Mr. Courts, of Berwick.
- The subjoined items are copied from the Democrat:
- Some thirty-five persons, we understand have become members of the M. E. Church of this place, during the revival now in progress.
- The man, Wm. Perder of Berwick, who had his legs to severely frozen some weeks since, has had them both amputated, the right one three inches below the knee, and the other disarticulated at the knee.
Source: Grand Forks Herald - North Dakota
Date: Aug. 12, 1921

Dr. Harding and His Wife Arrive at Marion, Ohio. Father of President of United States Admits that He is Married. Marion, August 11. - Dr. Geo. T. Harding, father of President Harding, on his arrival here tonight from Toledo, admitted he and Miss Alice Severns, his stenographer and office attendant, had been married at Monroe, Michigan, today.  Dr. and Mrs. Harding alighted from the train and were hurrying to a street car when two friends accosted them, and offered congratulations. Both the doctor and his bride smilingly accepted the good wishes.   Entering the automobile of one of the friends, Dr. Harding took his bride to her home and then was driven to his own home, four squares away.  Before leaving his bride, Dr. Harding said: "Good night, Alice, I'll see you tomorrow."  Commenting on his marriage, Dr. Harding said: "I was lonesome, simply unbearably lonesome."

Married at Parsonage.
Monroe, Mich., August 11. - Dr. George T. Harding, 74, father of President Warren C. Harding, came to Monroe today, married Miss Alice Severns, 52, for many years a nurse in his office at Marion, Ohio, and left the city before more than a score of Monroe citizens had guessed his identity.  Accompanied by a younger Marion couple who refused to divulge their names Dr. Harding and Miss Severns drove here in an automobile, arriving about noon. They went immediately to the court house, obtained a marriage license, and asked to be directed to a Baptist parsonage. As there is no resident Baptist pastor here, the couple went to the home of the Rev. Frank T. Knowles, pastor of the Monroe Presbyterian church, who performed the ceremony at two o'clock.
Following the wedding Dr. Harding and his bride left in their automobile, driving toward Toledo.
"Not for Publication."
Dr. Harding made an attempt to withhold announcement of his marriage. The marriage license obtained from Miss Beryl Snyder, a deputy county clerk, was marked
"not for publication."  Dr. Harding appeared in the best of spirits while in Monroe and talked with newspaper men and attaches of the county clerk's office on a variety of subjects.  Whenever he was asked concerning his relation to President Harding, however, he ignored the questions. The physician distributed cigars among men with whom he talked while at the county building and sent a box of them to the office of the local daily newspaper.  Monroe long has been known as the marriage place of Ohio couples who desire to marry in secret, as it is located but a few miles from the border.
Toledo, Ohio, August 11. - Dr. Geo. T. Harding of Marion, Ohio, just before he boarded the Hocking Valley train at Walbridge, Ohio, tonight curtly denied reports from Monroe, Michigan, that he had been married there this afternoon to Miss Alice Severns.  He would neither admit nor deny to the newspaper men that he was the father of President Harding. "An effort is being made to make a joke of the entire affair. I was not married this afternoon." was all that Dr. Harding would say.  Mr. Harding, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sanborn, of Detroit, and a middle-aged woman supposed to be his wife but who refused to disclose her name, arrived here late today and after a brief rest and dinner at a hotel, left in an automobile for Walbridge, 10 miles south of Toledo where Dr. Harding boarded a train for Marion, Ohio. The remainder of the party returned toward Toledo by automobile after announcing they would leave immediately for Detroit.
Washington, August 11 - Too all appearances the marriage of Dr. Geo. T. Harding, the president's father, took the White House completely by surprise. Those close to the president received their first news through press reports from Michigan and after Mr. Harding himself had been informed, the only comment available was that no private word of the event had been received here.
Source: The Lima Daily News
Date: June 2, 1920
Body found dead sitting against a tree in cemetery here is identified as that of John C. Thompson, 50 who went to the Cemetery to place flowers on the grave of a daughter.

Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Date: Nov. 17, 1874
Death of Mrs. Drake, of Marion, Ohio.
Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.
     Mrs. D. L. Drake, wife of one of theoldest and most popular citizens of this county, died this morning after a protracted illness of typhoid fever.





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