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ALLOWAY, Rachel 57 Nun Cupative 1827 Aug. 29 1827 Sept. Term
Gives to Henry Bellord, an orphan boy, and to Nancy Alloway
Ex. David Blue

ADAMS, Joseph 76 1829 Aug. 26 1829 Aug. 24.
Wife, Jane Adams
Nephews, Stephen Johnston, son of James Johnston and my sister Mary Johnston; William McIntire, son of Joseph McIntire and my sister Ann McIntire.
Ex. Wife Jane and Stephen Johnston
Witnesses: John Johnston, William Morrow

ARMSTRONG, George 128 Verbal - Elizabeth Twp. 1834 Aug. 1 1834 Aug. 2
Called upon Daniel Collins and Adam Helvie to bear testimony of his will which he did then and there pronounce and declare - "My property to be sold and my money to be equally divided between my brothers and sisters and mother, share and share alike.  Youngest brother, Joseph Armstrong."
Ex. George Mitchell

BROWN, Thomas 41 1824 June Term.
Wife and children, not by name
Ex. Robert McConnell, William Davidson
Witnesses: Samuel Jones, Francis Jones, John Davis.

BLUE, Uriah, Sr. 72 1829 Feb. 11 1829 Mar. 23
Sons: Michael, Uriah, Barnabas, John; dau. Elizabeth Herrill, Sarah Lennon, Martha Loughy, Ruth Goble, Hannah Woodruff, g. sons, Gerard Blue, Blackford Blue, Lloyd and Abner Blue, sons of my son James dec'd; g. ch. Fanny, Betsy, Hetty, Ruth and William Sutton Blue, ch. of my son John.
Ex. sons Michael and Uriah Blue
Witnesses: Robert Young, John Furrow.

BROWN, Allen 107 1832 May 5 1832 Nov. 19
Sons, George, Daniel; dau. Catharine; sister Catharine Mathews; Catharine Brown dau. of George.
Ex. son John Brown
Witnesses: John Shindler, Daniel Grosvenor

BURGMAN, Frederick 155 Montgomery Co. 1836 Apr. 13 1836 Nov. 9
Wife, Christine; ch. Elizabeth Jacob F., John P., Susanna C.
Ex. Elias Matthews
Witnesses: Peter Slutman, Jacob Brenner

BRUCE, Garland 173 1838 Sept. 10 1838 Oct. 8
Wife: Mottina Bruce; property divided between wife and children.
Ex. Wife Mottina Bruce and son Garland Bruce
Witnesses: John C. Winans, David Furrow

BOOHER, John 224 1841 Sept. 27 1841 Oct. 28
Wife and son (not by name); names Horatio Jerome and David Starroff
Executor: Joshua E. Cottingham
Witnesses: Edward L. Crane, William Cromer

CHILDERS, Henry 74   1815 Dated Jan. 13 1815 Apr. 3
Depositions of James Blue and William Hendrix
Wife: Jane; two youngest sons, Henry and Elisha Childers.

CARSON, John 78 1814 Dec. 24 1817
Wife: Sally Carson; sons Benjamin, Samuel, John, William, James; dau. Sophia, Hannah
Executor: son, Benjamin
Witnesses: John Crawford, Robert Morrison

CRAWFORD, Robert 22 1817 May 19
Wife: Hannah Crawford
Sons: Robert C., James Lee, John H.
Daughters: Charlotte Morrison
Grand-son: Andrew Crawford
Executor: Elnathan Cory
Witnesses: William Gearhart, Lewis Gearhart

COATE, Marmaduke 31 1817 Oct. 22 1822 Apr. 8
Wife: Mary Coate:
Sons: Moses, Henry, Samuel, James, John, Jesse, William
Daughter: Sarah Hall
Executor: sons, Samuel and James
Witnesses: Samuel Teague, Isaac Embree, William Elleman

CHAPEZE, Henry 34 1823 Mar. 19 1823 Apr. 14
Wife: Elizabeth
Daughter: Rosetta
"my mother in Ky."
Executors: Robert Houston, John McClary, John McCorkle
Witnesses, John Johnston, Benjamin B. Cox, Hugh Scott.

CECIL, Thomas 36 1823 Aug. 25 1823 Sep.
Wife: Milly Cecil
Sons: William, John, James, Gordon;
Daughter: Eleanor, Letty, Rebecca, Polly Woggle, Barbara Wallace, Nancy Early
Son: James not to marry Catharine Carver, dau. of Benjamin Carver.
Executor: son, James Cecil, son-in-law, Reuben Wallace
Witnesses: Joseph R. John, Joseph Culbertson

CAVEN, George M. 63 1827 Dec. 8 1828 Mar. Term
Wife: Sarah
Sons: John, Samuel
Executors: Wife and Richard A. Denman
Witnesses: R. A. Denman, David Cavin

CUSTER, William 68 1828 Feb. 9 1828 Apr. 12
Wife: Ann
Son: William
Daughter: Susan Batteral, Mary Kite
G. Daughter: Elmina Custer
Executors: Sons, Arnold, Abraham, William
Witnesses: Adam Thomas, John Gregory

CALDWELL, Mary 112 1833 Apr. 6 1833 Aug. 5
Daughter: Mary Mitchell
Heirs of my son Joseph Caldwell
Heis of my daughter Sarah Kitchen
Sons: James C., Matthew, Davis, Samuel
Grand sons: Stephen Johnston, Pinkerton Caldwell
Grand daughter: Mary Jane Caldwell,
daughter of James C., Mary Jane Kitchen.
Executors: Matthew Caldwell, Henry Kitchen

CECIL, jAMES 114 1833 Mar. 19 1833 Aug. 7
Wife: Caty Cecil
Children: Nancy, Thomas, Barbara
Executor: John Enyart
Witnesses: John Personnet, Shelby Cecil

CREW, Benjamin 116 1833 Sept. 19 1833 Oct. 28
Wife: Nancy Crew
Sons: Casper W., Mnaleus S.; Elisha Jones, guardian of children.
Executor: Davis W. Thayer
Witnesses: Gardner Mendenhall, William Dulin.

CALVIN, James 121 1833 June 19 1834 Apr. 17
Wife and children: (names not given)
Brother: David
Executor: Wife
Witnesses: Joseph DeFrees, John A. Cavin

COPPOCK, Thomas 126 1826 Aug. 26 1834, June 4
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Joseph
Daughter: Sarah and all my daughters
Executors: Samuel Coate
Witnesses: Zadock Reagen, Jesse Coppock, Jesse Jones

CATON, John 126 1834 Aug. 1 1834 Aug. Term
Son: Israel E. Caton
Executor: Asa French
Witnesses: Jacob Mann, Joshua E. Cottingham

CLINGAN, James 129 1834 Sep. 9 1834 Oct. 20
Wife: Ruth
Son: William of Clark Co.
Sons: James Jesse, Edward, Joseph
Son-in-law: Daniel Ellis
Daughter: Jane, Mary, Nancy, Dorcas
Executors: John Young & William Mendenhall
Witnesses: Samuel Yantis, Eli Mendenhall

CARR, Elijah 144 1835 Nov. 20 1835 Dec. 12
Father and Mother Thomas and Ann Carr of Butler Co.;
Brother: Josiah Carr; Malinda Wilkinson, daughter of my sister Mary Wilkinson dec'd., wife of John Wilkinson; sister Jane Manson of Wain Co., Ind.; my four brothers, James of Ripley Co., Ind., William Carr of Butler Co., Samuel Carr of Butler Co., John of Miami Co.
Executors: Jacob G. Furrow, Martin Sampson
Witnesses: James M. DeFrees, A. Manning, John Tamplin.

COPPOCK, Aaron 158 1837 Feb. 8 1837 Apr.
Wife: Margaret;
Daughter: Elizabeth and other two daughters
Son Aaron in Tenn.
Grandson Aaron;
Sons, Elijah, Abraham and Josiah
Executors: Samuel Coate Jr., and Son Josiah Coppock
Witnesses: Nicholas Tucker, Richard Thompson, William Coppock

COATE, Jesse 162 1837 July 5 1837 Aug. 26
Wife: Mary
Sons: Josias, Benjamin, David, a minor;
Three youngest daughters and two married daughters.
Executors: Samuel Coate and son Benjamin
Witnesses: Samuel Miles, John Miles

CAMPBELL, John 172 1838 Apr. 23 1838 July 11

WIfe: Mary
Daughter: Sarah J., Elizabeth;
Niece: Esabell Rodgers
Executors: Wife, Mary and James McCullough
Witnesses: George Wood, M. G. Mitchell, David Mitchell

CROWL, Devolt 189 1839 June 18 1839 Aug. 15
Sons: Devolt, Henry, Jacob, Michael;
Daug. Nancy Frame, Susanna Bousman
Wife's dau. Sally Eagle;
Heirs of Polly Stutsman
Executor: son, Devolt Crowl
Witnesses: Joshua Souder, William Fahnestock, Peter Leighman

CLAP, Jacob 174 1838 Aug. 1 1838 Oct. 18
Wife: Magdelene and all my heirs
Witnesses: Joseph Crampton, George Snider

COX, John 211 1841 Mar. 26 1841 Apr. 22
Wife: Susanna
Sons: Henry, John, Jesse, George, William,
Three Children of my oldes son, Joseph;
Daughter Nancy Cartner, Sally Conoway, Elizabeth and Catharine Cox.
Executors: John D. Kepler
Witnesses: John D. Kepler, Eli Shearer, George Smith

CALDWELL, Samuel 198 1840 June 4 1840 Aug. 13
Wife: Jane
Son: Samuel N. Caldwell
Daughter: Mary J., Eliza Gray
Executor: William Scott of Piqua
Witnesses: Stephen Johnston, William Crozier, Matthew Caldwell

CARSON, John 217 1841 Apr. 13 1841 May 18
Sons: John R., James, Henry L., Albert, William
Daughters: Mary Greenham, Ann J. Marshall
Executors: Willialm Carson, James Marshall
Witnesses: Paul Conrad, Gordon W. Scott

CALDWELL, Mary Ann 220 1841 June 7 1841 Aug. 11
Daughter: Mary Jane Caldwell
Sons: Pink(erton), John W., Stephen J.
Executor: Daughter Mary J. Caldwell
Witnesses: Francis McGanahan, Wilson Widney

CRAWFORD, Robert C. 235 1841 AUg. 12 1842 Sept. 24
Wife: Polly Crawford
Sons: Robert C., Samuel, John B., Joseph, James, George W.,
Daughter: Eliza and her children; daughter Nancy Crawford
Executors: Joseph Crawford, James Crawford
Witnesses: Jacob Shroyer, E. H. Hopkins

DEETER, John 78 1826 May 6 1828 May
Sons: John, Jacob, Abraham
Executors: Samuel & Rudolph Ballinger
Witnesses: Joshua Sander, Abraham Deeter & John Deeter

DARST, Isaac 115 1832 July 1 1833 Aug. 7
Wife: Jane Darst
Daughters: Sarah, Mary, Jane, Rachel
Sons: Charles, Abraham, Isaac, Manuel
Executors: Wife, Jane and Henry Harshbarger
Witnesses: James Ward, Peter Jacobs

DUNKIN, Samuel 123 1830 Dec. 12 1834 May 10
Sons: Jesse, Isaac, Amos;
Daughters: Sarah A. Littlejohn, Mary Neale, Rachel Neale
Grand son: Levi Dunkin
Executors: Sons, Jesse & Isaac
Witnesses: Jonathan Ballinger, Lazarus Langston

DeJONCOURT, Robert 127 1824 Nov. 20 1834 Aug. 9
Wife: Rhoda
Executor: Wife, Rhoda
Witnesses: Joseph R. John, Benjamin Overfield
Memoranda: I have no relations but James Noble, son of my deceased sister Rachel, and Louisa, dau. of my sd. sister, residing in Great Britain.  To each of them I bequeath a Bible when they apply for it.  Nov. 29, 1827.

DENMAN, Abner 139 1835 May 17 1835 Aug. Term.
Wife: Hannah
Sons: Joseph, Benjamin, Abner, Oliver, Richard, David
Daughters: Rhoda Hudson, Cynthia Hughes, Ketursh Calvin, Mary Griffin, Susannah Denman
Witnesses: Squire L. Ayers, Jonathan R. Williams.

DYE, Andrew 142 1835 Mar. 26 1835 Oct. 20
Wife: Ann Dye
Sons: James, Stephen, John, Andrew, Benjamin
Heirs of Samuel Dye; Heirs of Vincent Dye, Heirs of William Dye;
Daughter: Jany Lewis
Executors: Wife Ann and William Perry
Witnesses: David Ross, William Perry

DYE, Simon 193 1838 June 20 1840 Feb. 17
Wife: Sidney Dye
My five sisters, Eleanor Statler, Sarah Statler, Elizabeth Dye, Ruth DeWeese, Priscilla Armstrong
Executor: Thomas Forker
Witnesses: William Suigley, Thomas Sayers, Thomas Forquer

DAVIS, Abiathar 209 1835 Apr. 13 1840 Oct. 29
Sons: Amos, Benjamin, Samuel, John
Daughter: Rachel Carter, provided she is still living; heis of Rhoda Gilbreath; daughter: Mary Iddings and Lydia Coate
Executors: son, Benjamin and Samuel Pierce
Witnesses: Daniel Jones, Jno. Carson, Oliver Benton

DYE, John M. 229 1842 Mar. 10 1842 Apr. 9
Wife: Elizabeth Dye
Sons: Andrew C., John C., Isaac C., Clyne Dye, youngest son;
Daughter: Priscilla Armstrong and all my daughters
Executors: sons, Andrew C. and John C. Dye
Witnesses: John Crampton & James Sims

EMBREE, Jacob 98 1831 Apr. 3 1831 Dec. 19
Wife: Mary
Son: Jesse
Daughters: Lydia, wife of Solomon Witson; Sarah, wife of David Arnold; Susanna, widow of Jesse Jones; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Fockler
Executor: David Arnold
Witnesses: David Patty & Mercer B. Patty.

EVANS, Joseph 169 1828 Aug. 27 1838 Apr. 2
Wife: Rachel Evans
Son: Robert Evans
Daughters: Rebecca Tate, Susan Potter, Nancy and Elizabeth
Executors: wife, Rachel and son-in-law Joseph Potter
Witnesses: Jonathan Randall, Samuel Davis Jr., Burrell Pickering

FAIR, Michael 5 1809 Feb. 18 (date not listed)
Wife: Elizabeth Fair;
Children: Susannah, George, John, Clark, Sophia and Catharine
Executors: Wife Elizabeth and Samuel Pearson
Witnesses: Richard Clegg, Samuel Freeman, Jacob Pearson

FOUTS, Henry 35 1822 Dec. 23 1834 Sept. 4
Wife: Susanna Fouts;
Only son John Fouts;
Daughters: Barbara Hoover, Mary Wheelock, Rebecca, Matilda and Elizabeth Fouts
Executor: Frederick Yount
Witnesses: Henry Hoover, John Hoover

FOUTS, Susannah 82 1830 Apr. 15 1830 Jul. 24
Daughters: Barbary Hoover, Mary Wheelock, Rebecca ore, Matilda Shearer, Elizabeth Smith
Executor: Frederick Yount
Witnesses: Henry Fouts, James Weaver

FOCKLER, Mary 93 1830 Oct. 6 1831 Mar. 10
Daughter: Mary
Sons: George, Abraham, Samuel, Joseph
Executors: George & Samuel Fockler
Witnesses: David Miles & William Miles

FADLER, George 27 1820 Aug. 7 1820 Aug. 14
Wife (not named)
the Wentel (Wendell) and the Catarina shall be equal heirs
Witnesses: David Deeter, Henry Born

FRAZER, Moses 118 1831 Mar. 20 1833 Apr. 30
Sally Frazer, wife of Grand-son Israel Grazer (now a lunatic), guardian of children Dean, Matilda, John, Moses, David & Nathan
Witnesses: J. Gilmore, Hulbert Murray

FARMER, Matthew 143 1834 Aug. 18 1835 Oct.
Wife: Margaret
Children: John, Nancy Mason, Mary Shurrum, Elizabeth Black, Jane Farmer, widow of William Farmer
Witnesses: George Williams, Daniel Prilleman, Isaac Shell

FRAZEE, Paul 191 1839 Sep. 21 1839 Sep. 23
Wife: Ann
Children (not named)
Witnesses: George Snider & John C. Dye

FREEMAN, Noah 145 1835 Nov. 12 1836 Apr. Term
Wife: Margaret
Children: Jaretta Clemens, Naomi, Mary Jane, David M., Everson S., Joseph Jones Esq., Guardian of minor children
Executor: Wife Margaret Freeman
Witnesses: David Jenkins, John Freeman

FRY, Isaac 231 1838 Apr. 27 1842 May Term
Wife: (not named)
Sons: Jonathan and Joseph
Sons-in-law: Samuel Hanes, Michael Heffner, Felix Hoover
Executors: son Jonathan and son-in-law Samuel Hanes
Witnesses: David W. Wittmer, Samuel Ferguson, Jacob Ritter

FRENCH, Ralph 243 1838 May 13 1842 Sep. 1
Wife: Margaret;
Son: Horatio G. Phillips French
Daughter: Mary
Executor: wife Margaret French
Witnesses: J. D. Kirkpatrick, Peter Stutt

GREEN, Thomas 13 1813 Jun. 17 1814 May 13
Wife: Abigail sole legatee as long as she remains my widow
Witnesses: George Green, Clementine Shepherd

GREISAMAN, Catharine 24 1813 Oct. 11 (date not listed)
Children: George, Catharine Shaffer, John W., Magdalena Bohn, Civilla Bellaman, Susanna Wertz, Anna Maria Greisaman
Executor: Anna Maria Greisaman
Witnesses:  John Folkerth, Addison Smith
Feb. 17, 1819: Anna Maria Greisaman, residing in Tukpehocken Twp., Berks Co., Pa. refuses to serve as executor.

GUMP, Jacob 133 1834 Nov. 27 1835 Jan. 21
Wife: Susanna
Daughter: Sarah Ann
Sons: Jeremiah, John, Henry, David, Eli, Andrew, Israel
Executors: wife and son Jeremiah
Witnesses: David Rench, Daniel Gump, David Jenkins

GIESSAMAN, George 192 1839 Sep. 21 1839 Oct. 24
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: George
Daughters: Susan, wife of George Singer, Catharine, wife of George Sharer
Executors: wife and son George
Witnesses: James Fergus, Oliver P. Lindsley, William Gisseman

GRIFFIN, William 215 1841 Feb. 21 1841 Apr. 22
Wife: Margaret
Daughter: Elizabeth, wife of Joseph van Horn;
Son-in-law: John McKnight
Executor: son William Griffin, Jr.
Witnesses: Joseph Burns, David McKnight

GREEN, Sylvester 222 1841 Aug. 9 1841 Aug. Term
Wife: Mary Green
Sons: Daniel & John; Elias Hatfield and William B. Johnson guardian of sons
Executors: Elias Hatfield & William B. Johnson

HAY, Francis 20   1811 Jul. 12 (date not listed)
Son: James Hay
Executor: James Hay
Witnesses: William Long, Robert Dickson, James Yourt

HILL, Thomas 29 1818 May 4 1821 Aug. 20
Wife: Sarah Hill;
Sons: Nathan & John
Daughters: Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Miller, Sally Hill
Executors: Sons Nathan & John
Witnesses: James Haworth, Noah Hanks, Elizabeth McCool

HARVEY, John - Bethel Twp 56 1827 Apr. 3 1827 Sept. Term
Wife: Nancy
Christine Fry guardian for son Felix
Executor: wife Nancy
Witnesses: David Puterbaugh, Isaac Darst, James Fergus

HANNA, James, Sr., late of Dayton Twp., Montgomery Co., now of Troy 58 1825 Apr. 18 1827 Dec. Term
Children have legacies from my two wives, Anna Thompson Hanna, and Harriet Newell Hanna; son Amos dec'd; my ten children: Martha, Elizabeth, James, Thomas, Samuel, Sally, Hugh, Nancy, Joseph, Harriet
Executors: sons James & Thomas Hanna
Witnesses: Joseph R. John, James Coe, Levi Hart

HAWORTH, James 81 Newton Twp. 1829 Nov. 18 1830 May 17
Wife: Ann
Daughters: Susanna, Phebe, Mary;
Sons: Wade, Joseph, Sampson, Samuel
Executor: wife Ann Haworth
Witnesses: Thomas McCool, Elijah Hunt

HOOVER, Solomon 83 1830 Jun. 30 1830 Jul. 24
Wife: Barbara;
Children: Harvey, Anna, Mary, Sarah, Susannah, Henry, Rachel
Executor: Henry Yount
Witnesses: Frederick Yount & Noah Hoover

HAMLET, Benjamin 96 1831 Apr. 27 1831 Sep. 15
Wife: Chloe;
Sons: Samuel, William, John;
Daughters: Martha, Isabell, Mary Chevelier, Sarah Hurley
Executors: Jacob Counts, Joseph Stewart
Witnesses: John Winans, Joseph Coe

HOOVER, John 100 1830 Jul. 13 1832 Mar. 26
Wife: Sarah Hoover;
Sons, Henry, Solomon, Noah, Abraham, Jesse, John, Joseph;
Daughters: Catharine Curtis, Susannah Jones, Elizabeth Yount
Executors: Henry Hoover, Henry Yount
Witnesses: David Hoover, Enos Hoover, Absolem Mast

HARTLESS, Richard 23 Verbal 1817 June 18 (date not listed)
Nephew George Clark, son of John Clark
Witnesses: Barnabas Blue, Sr. & Jr., and Bennett W. Longley

HENDERSHOTT, Charity 129 1830 Nov. 4 1834 Aug. Term
Son: Isaac
Executor: son Isaac Hendershott
Witnesses: Robert Young & James DeFrees

HUTCHINS, Moses 141 1835 Aug. 29 1835 Oct.
To Methodist Episcopal Church
Executor: David D. Dyke of Clark Co.
Witnesses: Thomas Cory & E. Wilson

HICKMAN, Joseph 165 1837 Aug. 14 1837 Nov. 27
Children: William, Benjamin, John, Jonathan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Oliver, Jeremiah
Executors: Jonathan Jones, Robert Finney, John Abbott
Witnesses: Jesse Hoover, Luke S. Mote, Zeno Mote

HELMICK, Michael 199 1840 May 9 1840 Aug. Term.
Wife: Mary Jane
Son: John H.
Brother: Jacob Helmick
Sister: Mary
To Jacob Helmick, Alexander H. & Elizabeth Younce
Executor: Walter D. Jay
Witnesses: Daniel Wagner, John Furnas

HIGHLANDS, William - Columbia Twp., Hamilton Co. 237 1827 Feb. 20 1842 Sep. 22
Wife: Elizabeth
Sons, William, Joseph, Anthony; heirs of dau. Mary dec'd; heirs of dau. Catharine
Executors: son William & Leonard A. Henrick of Clermont Co.
Witnesses: Samuel Hawn, Emanuel Hawn, Silas Smith

HAND, Benjamin 225 1841 Jul. 31 1841 Oct. Term.
Wife: (name not listed)
Children: Syrus, William, Nancy
Witnesses: Joshua A. Duer, John Bowen

IDDINGS, Benjamin 52 1826 Apr. 29 1826 Jun. 22
Wife: Ruth;
Sons: Joseph, Talbott, Benjamin;
Daughters: Ruth Green, Hannah Cothran, Mary Ballinger, Phebe Rooker, Milly Pierce;
Two grandsons, Benjamin & William Neale
Executors: son Talbott and son-in-law Samuel Pierce
Witnesses: Benjamin Pearson, Joseph Pearson

INSCO, Abel 91 1830 Aug. 21 1831 Mar. Term
Wife: Ann Insco;
To Insco Jay, son of Thomas Jay
Executors: Wife Ann and David Jenkins
Witnesses: Aaron Pearson, Moses Pearson, Isaac Crise

INSCO, Ann 227 1838 Mar. 3 1842 Mar. 8
Gives to Insco Jay, son of Thomas Jay dec'd; Rebecca Miles, Tamer Pearson (note on James Pearson); Ann Insco, wife of Obediah Jones
Executors: Augustus Fenner, John Furnas
Witnesses:  John Macy, John Hall, Frederick Yount

JENKINS, David 4 1806 Aug. 20 (date not listed)
Sons: William David, Thomas, Jesse, Amos, Enoch;
Daughters: Mary Jay, Elizabeth Russell
Executors: sons David & Jesse Jenkins
Witnesses: Jesse Gerrard, James Knight

JAY, Layton 10 1812 Oct. 3 1812 Oct. 23
Wife: Elizabeth Jay
Sons: William, John, James, David, Elijah
Dau: Patience, Lottie, Abigail, Mary, Anna
Executors: William Jay, Benjamin Coppock
Witnesses: William Jay, Benjamin Coppock, Robert Pemberton

JOHNSTON, Abner 11 1813 Nov. 25 Nov. 1813
Wife: Sarah
Three sons not named
Three daughters not named
Witnesses: John H. Crawford, Jonathan Johnston

JENKINS, Enoch 17 1815 Feb. 2 1815 Apr. 24
Brothers: David, Jesse, Amos
Nephews: Robert & Isaac sons of David Jenkins; Phineas, Joseph & William, sons of William Jenkins, deceased; David, son of Isaac Jenkins, deceased; Samuel, son of Amos Jenkins; Phineas, son of Jesse Jenkins
Executor: Brother, Jesse Jenkins
Witnesses: Jesse Jenkins, Amos Jenkins

JACOBS, Mark 25 1819 May 16 (date not listed)
Wife: Margaret Jacobs
Executors: Wife, Margaret & Lewis Gearheart
Witnesses: Andrew D. Brier, Cad. W. Jacobs

JENKINS, Jesse 46 1825 Feb. 28 1825 Nov. 26
Children: Elizabeth Pearson, Rosanna Jenkins, Phineas, Jesse, Mary, Hannah
Executors: Samuel Teague, Robert Jenkins, John F. Pearson
Witnesses: Benjamin Smally, Amos Jenkins

JAY, John -  Monroe Twp. 10 1812 Oct. 3 1812 Oct. 23
Wife: Elizabeth Jay
Sons: William, John, James, David, Elijah;
Daughters: Patience, Lottie, Abitail, Mary, Anna
Executors: William Jay, Benjamin Coppock
Witnesses: William Jay, Benjamin Coppock, Robert Pemberton

JONES, Abner 11 1813 Nov. 25 1813 Nov.
Wife: Sarah;
Three sons (names not listed)
Three daughters (names not listed)
Witnesses: John H. Crawford, Jonathan Johnston

JENKINS, Enoch 17 1815 Feb. 2 1815 Apr. 24
Brothers: David, Jesse, Amos;
Nephews: Robert and Isaac, sons of David Jenkins; Phineas, Joseph and William, sons of William Jenkins, dec'd; David son of Isaac Jenkins dec'd; Samuel, son of Amos Jenkins; Phineas, son of Jesse Jenkins
Executor: Brother Jesse Jenkins
Witnesses: Jesse Jenkins, Amos Jenkins

JACOB, Mark 25 1819 May 16 (date not listed)
Wife: Margaret Jacobs
Executors: wife Margaret & Lewis Gearheart
Witnesses: Andrew D. Brier, Cad. W. Jacobs

JENKINS, Jesse 46 1825 Feb. 28 1825 Nov. 26
Children: Elizabeth Pearson, Rosanna Jenkins, Phineas, Jesse, Mary, Hannah
Executors: Samuel Teague, Robert Jenkins, John F. Pearson
Witnesses: Benjamin Smally, Amos Jenkins

JAY, John - Monroe Twp. 75 1827 Jul. 30 1829 Apr. 30
Son: James Jay; children Jesse, Thomas, heirs of John Jay; Samuel Denny, heirs of Mary Dillon, dec'd; heirs of Ann Peason dec'd; also William Jan, James Jay, Lydia Coppock, Jane Macy or their heirs
Executors: Jesse & James Jay
Witnesses: Denny Jay, William Jay

JONES, Philemon 84 1830 Apr. 3 1830 Aug. 10
Wife: Naomi and all my children
Executors: wife Naomi and Jacob Tucker
Witnesses:  Robert McConnell, Joseph Tucker, John Jones

JEFFRIES, William 102 1832 Apr. 13 1832 Apr. 28
Wife: Rebecca;
Children: John, Mary, Isaac, Elizabeth, Alexander, Hannah, Sarah, Richard
Executors: wife and Henry Hoover
Witnesses: James Embree, Isaac Embree, Moses Embree

JALES, Sarah C. 120 1834 Jan. 12 1834 Apr. 15
Sons: William & James
Executor: Daniel Grosvenor
Witnesses: R. Sabin, James Brown

JENKINS, Amos 135 1834 Aug. 12 1835 Apr. 7
Wife: Elizabeth;
Daughters: Rosanna Pearson, Susannah Jenkins
Executors: son Samuel & nephew Isaac Russell
Witnesses: Jesse Jenkins & David Jenkins

JONES, Samuel 157 1832 Aug. 4 1837 Jan. 27
Wife: Mary;
Children: John, Jonathan, Dorcas Davis, Samuel, Francis, Thomas, Jesse, Asa, Rachel Mote;
Grand children: Mary & Samuel Abbott; Grandson Harvey Hoover
Executors: sons Jonathan, Samuel Francis
Witnesses: Noah Hanks, James Patty, Jos. McDonald

JOHNSTON, Henry F. 166 1837 Dec. 26 1838 Jan. 14
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: John
Executor: Aaron Morehouse
Witnesses: William E. Kurtz, Cad. W. Jacobs

JOHN, Elisha 200 1840 Aug. 22 1840 Sept. 26
Wife: Rebecca Jones;
Sons: David, Enoch;
Daughters: Sarah, Charity, Ann Mary, Esther, Susanna, Zilpa, Martha, Rebecca
Executors: Thomas Pearson, Davy Jan, Jr.
Witnesses: David Mote, Zeno Mote, Barnabas Knowles

JENKINS, David, Sr. 215 1838 Sep. 3 1841 Aug.
Wife: Martha
Daughters: Ann Pearson, Elizabeth Pettit, Rebecca Pearson;
Granddaughter: Rachel and Martha Furnas
Executors: son Robert and son-in-law Samuel Pearson
Witnesses: David Jenkins, Isaac Russell

JOHNSTON, Nathan 233 1841 Nov. 1 1843 May
Wife: Sarah
Sons: William, Robert, Matthew, James
Executors: wife and son, William
Witnesses: Levi J. Brandon & Thomas McClay

KYLE, Samuel 13 1814 Mar. 20 1814 June 21
Wife: Mary;
Son: Samuel
Daughter: Betsy Orr, Lucy, Ann Kirkley
Executors: Samuel Kyle, James Orr
Witnesses: Cornelius Westfall, Reuben Westfall, James Yount (Yourt)

KNIFE, Michael 44 1825 Sep. 12 1825 Sep. 28
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: Hannah, Nancy, John, Jonathan, Anny
Executors: Wife and son-in-law John Roderick
Witnesses: Robert Pearson, Enoch Pearson, Philip Youc

KEPPER, Samuel 113 1833 May 29 1833 Aug.
Wife: Jane
and all my children
Witnesses: Herman Kessler, John Ward, Henry Kessler

KNOOP, Michael 124 1833 Mar. 16 1834 May 21
Sons: Jacob, Michael, David
Daughters: Ann Easty, Thankful McKean, Deborah Duncan, Abigail Easty, Elizabeth Weatherhead, Francis Simmons
Executor: nephew Jacob Knoop
Witnesses: Jacob Knoop, John Webb, Philip Emminger

KYLE, Samuel 148 1836 Mar. 18 1836 Apr. 16
Wife: (name not listed) and minor children; niece Mary A. Keitty
Executor: son Thomas B. Kyle
Witnesses: Gordon Circle, John Enyeart, Ingraham Clyne

KRISE, Christian 207 1840 Mar. 7 1840 Oct. 29
Wife: Esther;
Sons: Isaac dec'd and Henry;
Daughters: Esther, Mary Rees, Catharine Freshour, Sophia Evans, Rebecca Evans, Sally Fair
Witnesses: Abraham Kern, David Jenkins

KELLER, William 192 1839 Sep. 8 1839 Oct. 15
Wife: Rebecca and daughter
Executors: wife and John W. Wells
Witnesses: Andrew J. Campbell, Samuel Hays, William Sterritt

LOUTHAIN, John 14 1813 Apr. 7 1813 Apr. 7
Daughters: Millly, Nancy, Gripey, Polly, Juley;
Sons: Samuel, John, George, Absolem;
Daughters Tabitha and Sally
Executors: Samuel Black
Witnesses: William Mitchell, George Louthain

LONG, William 16 1813 May 11 1814 Sep. 24
Wife: Rachel Long;
Sons: Robert, William, James, John, Stephen;
Daughters: Elizabeth, Polly, Rachel
Executors: sons, William and James
Witnesses: James Long, Robert Long

LAYTON, Joseph 64 (date not listed) 1828 Mar. Term
Wife: Catharine;
Daughters: Susanna & Jane
Executor: Jacob Mann
Witnesses: Willis Hance, William Batterall

LOY, Henry 149 1826 Mar. 24 1836 May 7
Nephew: George E. Loy
Executor: George Keifer
Witnesses: Samuel Jenkins, Samuel R. Jenkins, John McKean

LONG, George D. - Bethel Twp 155 (date not listed) (date not listed)
Wife: Elizabeth Long
Witnesses: Seth Thompson, James Brown, Abel Brotherton

LEFEVRE, Daniel 157 1837 Jan. 4 1837 Apr. 13
Wife (name not listed);
Daughter: Elizabeth Beck
Sons: Elias, Daniel
Witnesses:  Thomas Barrett, Christian Lefevre

LAWSON, Armistead 205 1835 May 26 1841 Feb. 11
Niece: Emeline
To Michael Fairfield and wife Hannah W. or their heirs, Edmund, Minor W., Saran and Ann
Executor: Joseph R. John
Witnesses: Charles Harding, Nancy G. More

LANGSTON, Lazarus 218 1841 Apr. 27 1841 May 18
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Leonard
Daughters: Charity, Mary, Rachel
Executor: son Leonard Langston
Witnesses: Solomon Byrkett, Benjamin Neale

LEE, Richard D. - Harford Co., Md. 241 1841 Oct. 31 1841 Nov. 30
Wife (name not listed)
Witnesses: John R. W. Dunbar, E. O. Bond, Wakeman Beyarly

MILES, William - Union Twp. 1 1807 Mar. 14 1807 Sep. 15
To Abner Barnett; sons, William Samuel, John, David, Jonathan; daughter Annie and Abigail Miles, Rhoda Hendricks, Catharine Coat, Elizabeth Coat, Sally Brown
Executors: wife Rachel and sons William and Jonathan
Witnesses: Henry Coat, Samuel Littlejohn, Samuel Coat

MOTE, David 21 1816 Sep. 26 (no date listed)
Wife: Dorcas Mote
Executor: James Patty
Witnesses: Isaac Hasket & Elisha Jones

MILES, David 42 1820 Mar. 28 1825 Apr. 4
Wife: Rebecca
Eldest Daughter Anna Cole, formerly wife of Elijah Jones; William Miles, David Miles and his wife Rebecca
Executors: Sons William & David Miles
Witnesses: James Haworth & Jonathan Miles

McCOOLE, Gabriel 48 1825 Aug. 14 1826 Jan. 23
Son: Elisha McCoole and his wife Sally;
Children Rachel Evans, James, Thomas, Gabriel, Willis, Martha Hanks; heirs of Nancy Wright, viz. Gabriel and John Wright; heirs of John McCoole dec'd, viz. Hester Pickering, Mack, Alexander and Thomas McCoole; Daughter Elizabeth M. Darman
Executor: Oliver Benton
Witnesses: James Haworth & Samuel Kelly

McCLURE, Robert 50 1826 Feb. 3 1826 Feb.23
Wife: Margaret:
Children: Mary, William and Elizabeth
Executors: Richard Morrow & David Clark
Witnesses: Henry Kitchen, J. Jenkinson, Hugh Scott

McCLINTOCK, Adam - Washington Twp. 62 1827 Oct. 11 1827 Dec. Term
Wife: MArgery;
Brother John;
Estate of Bro. dec'd to go to sister Mary Stanley
Executors: Wife and brother John.
Witnesses: David Clark, William McClintock, William Line

Mahurin, Isaac 65 1827 Mar. 6 1828 Mar. 21
Wife: Catharine
Executor: Wife, Catharine Mahurin
Witnesses: Caleb Mahurin, Levi Wells, Thomas Colby

McCORKLE, Joseph 76 1823 Oct. 26 1829 Jun. 19
Wife: Margaret McCorkle
Witnesses: Thomas McCorkle, Hugh McCorkle

McCLURE, James 79 1830 Jan. 26 1830 Feb. 23
Wife: Nancy;
Sons: Thomas, William, James;
Daughters: Eliza, Harriet, Margaret, Mary, Sarah
Executors: wife and William G. Serviss
Witnesses: J. T. Teller, T. H. Haines

MOTE, William 80 1829 Dec. 21 1830 Mar. 15
Wife: Elizabeth Mote; to David Woodhous
Executors: Elizabeth and Aaron Mote
Witnesses: David Mote, David M. Jones, Miriam Mote

MOFFITT, George 94 1831 Jul. 31 1831 Sep. 12

Wife: Mary
Son: John
Daughters: Margaret, Elizabeth, Laura, Catharine, Jane Brown
Executors: James D. Moffett And son John M. Moffet
Witnesses: Goerge Johnston, Stacy Taylor Caleb Major, Isaac Hearn

MACY, Paul 100 1823 Jan. 20 1932 Mar. 23
My ten children
Executors: sons, Paul & Thomas Macy
Witnesses: James Neal, & Jesse Jay

MAST, John 104 1832 Aug. 6 1832 Sept. 24
Daughter: Elizabeth Jones, a widow; Mary, wife of Frederick Young, Hannah, wife of Jacob Curtis; Catherine Friend, dec'd, her heirs, viz. Andrew, John, Rebecca, Daniel & William Friend
Executors: Davis W. Thayer & Henry Hoover
Witnesses: Obidiah Rinehart, Thomas Weaver, Mary Rinehart

MARSHALL, Henry 160 1832 Dec. 28 1837 Aug. 19
Wife: Mary
Executor: Wife, Mary Marshall
Witnesses: William McCampbell & Uriah Blue

MILLER, Michael, Sr. 121 1833 Mary 12 1834 Apr. 7
Wife Dorothy; sons, John, George, Michael, Henry; daughter Anna Snider; Eva, wife of George Blessinger, Catharine wife of John Halloway; Barbara
Executor: son  Michael Miller
Witnesses: Edward Wyatt & John Reed

MARSHALL, Elizabeth 123 1834 Feb. 18 1834 Apr. 17
Daughter Sarah; son-in-law William Barbee; grand-daughter Martha Vinamon and her heirs; grand daughter Elizabeth Dye and her heirs.
Executor: son-in-law Alexander McCullough
Witnesses: John Tullis & Hugh McCorkle

MARTIN, Levi 136 1833 Dec. 14 1835 Apr. 15
Wife Delilah;
Sons Corbley, Levi, William Joseph, John, Jesse, Andrew, Asa; daughter Nancy Statler, Elizabeth; grand-daughter Delilah Statler
Executors: Wife and sons, Corbly, Levi and William
Witnesses: Samuel Kyle, William Knopp, Thomas Knoop

MANSON, David 162 1827 Apr. 30 1836 Aug. 8
Wife: Jane;
Sons: Morton, John, James, David, heirs of son William;
Daughters: Mary Meen, Eleanor Miller, Jane Woods, Martha
Executor: son, Morton Manson
Witnesses: Leander Munsell, Hannah Munsell, Joel W. Lester

MANN, George 167 1838 Jan. 6 1838 Feb. 13
Wife: Hannah Mann;
Sons: Jacob and George Jr.;
Daughters: Christine Critz, wife of Job Critz (late the wife of Priestly More); Sevilla Logan, wife of Robert Logan, (late of the wife of James Miller); Catharine Funk, widow of Adam Funk dec'd; Polly Shank, wife of Henry Shank; Charlotte Grant, wife of Samuel Grant; Ann Arnold, wife of Gustavus Arnold;
Grand-children: Thomas and Elizabeth Berry, heirs of my daughter Elizabeth Berry, dec'd wife of Isaac Berry.
Executors: Henry Shank & Samuel T. Grant
Witnesses: Danile Licklider & Samuel Venman

MARTIN, William 175 1838 Jun. 30 1838 Oct.
Wife: Eleanor Martin
Sons: David G., George A.
Executor: Joseph M. Mitchell
Witnesses: J. R. Young & John M. Gagel

MARTIN, Delilah 180 1838 Feb. 23 1839 Jan. 16
Daughter: Nancy Statler
Executors: sons Corbly & William Martin
Witnesses: John Webb, John T. Ayers, Andrew D. Sayers

MOTE, Daniel 184 1838 Dec. 9 1839 Apr. 9
John Mote, Jr. guardian of my children, Rachel, Caroline, Hannah and John
Executor: John Mote, Jr.
Witnesses: John Jay, Noah Hoover

MORRISON, Robert 186 1838 Oct. 9 1839 Apr. 9
Wife: Hannah;
Sons: Robert, John, Samuel C., William F., Henry;
Daughters: Priscilla, Mary C., Eliza Taylor
Executors: Daniel Babb, David Stayley
Witnesses: William Woodward & James Fergus

MOTE, Jonathan 189 1838 ___ 17 1839 Apr. 10
Sons: Timothy, Jonathan, William, Jeremiah;
heirs of son David dec'd;
Daughters: Ann Jones, Dorcas Maddock, Elizabeth Quinan, Mary Hickman, dec'd; Sarah McDonald, dec'd.
Executors: David Mote & John Abbott
Witnesses: Benjamin Pearson, Elijah Coppock, Mary Coppock
MATHEWS, John 194 1839 Oct. 17 1840 Apr. 2
Wife: Charity
Sons: William, Henry, Washington
Daughters: Catharine, Mary, Sarah, Eliza
Executor: Daniel Maurer
Witnesses: Jacob Yingling, Philip Hartzell

MILLER, Joseph 202 1840 Jun. 24 1840 Sep. 26
Sons: Thomas, Joseph, Nathan, John, Daniel;
Daughters: Charlotte Fielding, dec'd, her heirs; Sarah Fielding, wife of Richard, Nancy Williams, Elizabeth, her heirs; grandchildren James & Rebecca Carson.
Executors: son John Miller & Jacob Knoop
Witnesses: Z. Riley, David Gibbs, Jr. M. W. Fairfield

MOODY, Joseph - Washington Twp. 219 1841 May 29 1841 Jun. 16
Sons, John and Robert
Daughters: Jane, Elizabeth, Nancy
Witnesses: Joshua Robinson, William Elliott.

MILES, Rebecca 221 1841 May 10 1841 Aug. 17
To Moses Miles, son of Jane Miles; other children of Jane Miles, Samuel, Jeremiah, Israel, Elizabeth and Anna; to Enoch Miles and Mary Miles; daughter-in-law, Jane Miles
Witnesses: David Miles, John Miles

MADDOX, Ignatius - Bethel Twp. 234 1830 Oct. 5 1842 Sep. 13

Niece: Sarah Wyatt
Executor: Sarah Wyatt
Witnesses: Robert Charles, Michael Wright, David McConnaughey

MEISINGER, George 245 1842 Sep. 21 1842 Sep. 24
Wife: Barbara;
Children in esse;
Daughters Maria and Sophia by first wife
Executor: wife and John G. Telford
Witnesses: W. B. Johnston, N. Eidemiller

NEALE, James 105 1832 Jun. 13 1832 Sep. 24
Wife: Anna
"my four children and their several heirs". 
Executors: wife Anna Neale & Paul Macy
Witnesses: Mahlon Neale, Thomas Neale, Paul Macy

NEWCOM, John 108 1832 Jul. 4 1833 Apr. 9
Wife: Eleanor;
Son: Matthew
My five children now living;
Daughter: Jane Bayless, dec'd, her four children.
Executors: son Samuel Newcom & Seth Thompson
Witnesses: James Channey, Casper Young, Seth Thompson

ORBISON, John 60 1827 Nov. 2 1827 Dec. Term
Wife: Elizabeth; Farm in Rochbridge Co., Va. to be sold;
To William McCampbell; grand daughter Eliza McCampbell; children of my son Thomas Orbison, viz. Casandra Mansfield, late Casandra Orbison, Samuel, William, Elizabeth and Jane.
Executors: sons Thomas and Henry Orbison
Witnesses: Robert Young, Israel Rollin, Jacob Julin.

PEIRCE, Gainer 31 1818 May 9 1822 Apr. 8
Wife: Ruth;
Sons: Samuel, John, James, George, Benjamin;
Daughters: Mary Parham, Ruth Embree
Executors: Wife and son Samuel
Witnesses: Benjamin Pickering, Joseph Iddings

PALMER, Robert 51 1826 Jul. 11 1826 Jul. 12
Wife: Martha
Executor: wife Martha Palmer
Witnesses: John W. Woolcut, David Knight, Thomas J. Gerard

PALMER, Jacob - Bethel Twp 88 1830 Jun. 21 1831 Jan. 6
Wife: Barbara
To Elizabeth Slagle a boy I raised:  To Ogle Butter a boy I raised; To Susan Snyder daughter of John; and Jacob Snyder son of John
Executors: Elias Matthews, John Maddux
Witnesses: Thomas Stockstill, Elias Stockstill

PALMER, Barbara 130 1833 Jun. 7 1834 Dec. 17
All property to be equally divided between Susanna Slagle, wife of Charles, and John Maddy
Executor: John Maddox
Witnesses:  James Anderson, John Reed, Elias Matthews

PIERCE, Thomas 139 1835 Jun. 18 1835 Jul. 7
To William R. Barrington of Piqua and his children Catharine, Mary, Thomas and Pierce Barrington
Witnesses:  Jacob Beck, Joseph Burns

PEDRICK, Isaac 154 1833 Jun. 4 (no date listed)
Daughters: Mary Streets, Martha Nutt, wife of Aaron;
Grandson: Isaac Craig
Executors: Richard Pedrick, Elisha Jones
Witnesses:  Isaac Fisher, Mahlon Brown, John James

PLATTER, Nicholas 195 1840 Feb. 7 1840 Mar. Term
Son: Jacob;
Daughters: Elizabeth Grant, Ann Messenger, Catharine Nelson
Executors: Hiram B. Webster, Daniel Lindley
Witnesses: James Clark, John Winans

PENCE, Reuben 210 1840 Aug. 6 1840 Oct. 31
Wife: Ann
Son: William L.;
Daughter: Rhoda Jane
Executors: wife and son William Pence
Witnesses:  M. M. Ward, Jabez Lucas

REES, David 26 1820 Feb. 1 1820 Jul. 12
Wife: Sophia;
Sons: Jeremiah, Samuel, Cyrus, David, John;
Daughters: Mira Steel, Polly Thomas, Elizabeth, Nancy, Sally, Catharine Leopold, and Harriet
Executors: sons Jeremiah and Samuel with Robert Morrison and David Jenkins
Witnesses:  John Snider, Isaac Russell, Alexander Ward

ROLLINS, Joseph 69 1828 Feb. 1 1828 Apr. 12
Wife: Mary;
Son: William F.;
Brother Isaac my right, title, etc. to estate of my father, Josiah Rollins of Staunton Twp.
Executors: Nezer S. Yates, William F. Rollins
Witnesses: Jacob Counts, James Brown, Jacob Julian

RODHAMEL, Jacob 134 1834 Dec. 29 1835 Apr. 6
Son: Peter
Executors: sons Samuel & Henry Rodhamel
Witnesses:  Robert McConnell, John McConnell, Isaiah Pemberton
Codicil (?) Apr. 6, 1835: Peter Rodhamel relinquishes for natural love and affection etc.  To Jacob, Henry and Samuel Rodhamel; to Catharine Lowry, Hannah Richeson and Elizabeth Staley, children of Henry Staley dec'd; to heirs of Polly Banning (dau. of testator) dec'd, to wit: Jacob, Elizabeth Nancy and Greenberry Banning.

ROBBINS, Richard 161 1837 Aug. 12 1837 Aug. 22
Wife: Lydia
Daughters: Mary Covault, Sarah Barber; Jacob Riddle and William Shell guardian for children under age.
Executors: sons Benjamin & John Robins
Witnesses: John Webb & Abner Jones

RUTTER, Mary 183 1838 Nov. 15 1839 Jan. 16
Children of my first husband, Chatharine Horn, David Horn; other children James Rutter, Susannah Rutter
Executor: James Rutter
Witnesses: John Enyeart & John Ward

RODGERS, Catharine 171 1837 Sep. 19 1838 Apr. 4
Wife of William K. Rodgers; my interest in estate of my father, George Moffitt; my interest in estate of Margaret McIntire, late Margaret Moffitt
Executor: husband William Rodgers
Witnesses: Joseph Bennett, James Marshall

SURFACE, John 2 1808 Oct. 16 (no date listed)
Sons: Andrew & John
Daughter: Elizabeth
Witnesses: John Williams, Christopher Stafford & George Richison

SHEETS, Andrew 6 1809 May 29 (no date listed)
Wife: Catharine
Two eldest sons, Jacob & Martin; other children
Executors: wife Catharine Sheets & son Jacob
Witnesses: David Hoover, Daniel Hoover, Jr., John Mote

SUMME, Michael 7 1809 Jul. 18 (no date listed)
Only son Peter Summe;
Daughters: Margaret Pirelan, Genny Pirelan, Thitren Summe
Executors: Michael Williams, Jr. & Thomas Hill
Witnesses: James Yort, Peter Carn & James Hays

SIMPSON, John - Union Twp 8 1811 Apr. 18 1811 Nov. 13
Wife: (name not listed);
Sons: James, David & John property in Bucks Co., Pa.;
Daughters: Hannah Shinn, Ruth Hilbun
Executors: wife & sons David & John
Witnesses: David Mote & Francis Jones

SUNDERLAND, Peter 9 1812 Dec. 2 1812 Dec. 22
Children: Christian, Edward, Catharine, Emaline, William
Executors: Samuel Black, Peters Sunderland, Sr. of Montgomery Co.
Witnesses: John Grayson Cecil & Thomas Stafford

SHAKELFORD, Reuben 4 1808 Aug. 26 (no date listed)
Wife: Rebecca
Daughter: Peggy;
William Barbee
Witnesses: James Orr, John Todd & James Marshall

SMITH, Agnes - of Scott Co., Ky. 19 1800 Sep. 3 (date not listed)
To the four children of John Henderson;
To Nancy Henderson
Executors: John A. Miller, William Berry
Witnesses: Robert Miller, William Berry

SMITH, Josiah 21 1817 Apr. 25 (date not listed)
Wife: Betsy;
Sons: John, Thomas C., Aaron, Elnathan;
Executor: Elnathan Cory
Witnesses: John H. Crawford, John A. Hay & David J. Cory

SMITH, Daniel A. - Concord Twp. 23 1817 Feb. 5 (date not listed)
Son: James Smith
Grandsons: Daniel, Abner, Jacob;
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Smith
Step granddaughter: Elizabeth Adams
Executors: David Jenkins, Jr., & Benjamin Pearson
Witnesses:  Isaac Pearson, Noah Pearson & Phineas Jenkins

SKINNER, Andrew - Monroe Twp. 23 1820 Jan. 23 1820 Aug. 14
Wife: Nancy & all my children
Executors:  brother Thomas Skinner
Witnesses: Isaac Mahurin, Thomas Skinner

SHIDAKER, John 28 (date not listed) 1821 Mar. 31
Wife: Eva;
Son: Michael
Daughter: Eva;
Son-in-law: Matthias Long
Grandsons: John & Valentine Shidaker & John Rouzer
Executors: Michael Shidaker
Witness: Samuel Kyle, John Pettit

STATLER, Chrisly 41 1824 Jan. 27 1824 Jan. 24
Wife: Christena;
Son: John
Daughter: Polly disinherited
Executor: son John Statler
Witnesses: George Statler & Christopher Statler

SIMPSON, Samuel 71 1828 Jul. 2 1828 Aug. 4
Wife: Lydia;
Son: Benjamin;
Daughters: Susan & Jane; and other children
Executor: William Brown
Witnesses: Levi Hart & James Brown

SURFICE, Martin 97 1820 Oct. 20 1831 Mar. 7
Wife: Catharine;
Daughter: Catharune Fisher dec'd; Susannah Fisher, Mary Rible, Sally Rible, Elizabeth Robinson, Anny Davis;
Granddaughter: Mary Davis, daugther of Peter Davis
Executors: William Mitchell
Witnesses: George Mitchell & Henry Shell

SAYRE, John 106 1833 Jan. 2 1833 Apr. 29
Wife: Matilda;
Children: Levi, James, David, Benjamin, Sarah Jane, Mary, Phebe, Caroline
Executor: William McCampbell
Witnesses: William McCampbell, Enos Hilliard, Ralph Peterson

STUDEBAKER, John - Bethel Twp. 109 1832 Apr. 23 1833 May 4
Wife: Hannah;
Sons: Samuel & Jacob
Daughter: Mary, wife of Eli Gump; all my other children share equally
Executors: sons John & David Studebaker
Witnesses: Seth Thompson & Matthew Newcom
Codicil: June 15, 1832, names daughter Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Groddle

STEWART, James 140 1835 Jun. 22 1835 Oct.
Wife: Mary;
Children: William, Elizabeth, David Hays, Jean, James
Executor: Joseph Skinner
Witnesses: Andrew Stewart & Phebe Stewart

SPENCER, William - Newton Twp. 144 1835 Nov. 24 1835 Dec. 12
Grandsons: Charles & William Spencer
Executors: William Spencer
Witnesses: Isaac Hollingsworth, Lewis Hammers, John Hollingsworth

STILLWELL, Benjamin 147 1835 Dec. 24 1836 Apr. 21
Wife: Margaret
Executors: wife and son Alexander Stillwell
Witnesses: M. G. Mitchell & Barton F. Burch

SHROYER, Thomas 163 1837 Oct. 4 1837 Oct. 30
Wife & children (names not listed)
Executors: sons, Jacob, Henry & John Shroyer
Witnesses: Edward Crain, Robert Crawford & Michael Doist.

SMELTSER, John 170 1838 Jan. 13 1838 Apr. 2
Wife: Mary;
Sons: Andrew & Reuben;
Daughters: Margaret Harter & Mary Cyne
Executors: wife and son Andrew Sneltser
Witnesses: John Enyeart, Robert Sprowl

SUTTON, Enoch 179 1838 Sep. 15 1838 Oct. 20
Wife: Elizabeth;
John C. Winans guardian for son Daniel;
Daughters: Mary Ann Brooks, wife of Freeman; Daughter Elizabeth Clark and her son Enoch S.
Executors: John C. Winans, Clark E. Stewart
Witnesses: Enos Hilliard, Abigail Hilliard

STAFFORD, Joseph 181 1838 Dec. 27 1839 Jan. 16
Wife: Mary;
Sons: James, George P., William;
Daughters: Margaret Fungess, Mary Carver, Elizabeth Mendaugh
Executor: son James Stafford
Witnesses:  William Mitchell & John Sailor

SHOAFF, Peter 197 1840 Apr. 9 1840 Aug. 5
Sons: James, John & other sons;
Daughters: Eliza, Fanny, wife of John Mendenhall;
Grandson: Peter
Step-daughter: Sally
Executor: son John Shoaff
Witnesses: Edward Crane & William Skinner

STATLER, Christian 204 1840 Aug. 27 1841 Oct. 22
Wife: Frances;
Sons: John, David, Thoams, Stephen, Walter;
Daughters: Elizabeth Johnson, Catharine Crozier, Hannah, Rebecca, Mary, Caroline, Sarah
Executor: son Stephen Statler
Witnesses: Robert Young & Elias Russall

STATLER, John 208 1840 Oct. 7 1840 Oct. 29
Wife: Ellen;
Son: William;
Daughter: Mary
Executor: John Lefevre
Witnesses: Joseph Crampton, John C. Dye

SHIDAKER, Michael 224 1841 Aug. 28 1841 Oct. 28
Wife: Margaret;
Children: John, Catharine Knoop, Mary Davis, Valentine
Executor: son John Shidaker
Witnesses: Henry Beals, & John Enyeart

SABINE, Charles W. 228 1842 Feb. 12 1842 Mar. 8
Wife and children (names not listed); John Winans guardian for two sons.
Witnesses: James W. Tullis, W. K. Newman

THOMPSON, Joseph 12 1813 Sep. 1 1813 Sep. 21
Son: Richard Thompson;
Daughters: Mary Jenkins and her husband William Jenkins; Jane Hhilbum and her husband Levi Hilbum; granddaughter Sarah Miles, formerly Sarah McKensey; children of Joseph Thompson, dec'd, Ann, Mary and Sarah Thompson
Executors: William and Mary Jenkins
Witnesses: Robert Pearson, Thomas Pearson, Jr.

TRACE, Andrew 19 1816 Jun. 1 (no date listed)
Sons: Adam & Andrew
Daughter: Christena Bowers
Grandaughter: Sarah Bowers
Executor: Robert McConnell, John Cox
Witnesses: Robert Finney, Thomas Brown, Thomas vernon

THERICK, Jacob 29 1820 Aug. 13 1821 Mar. 31
Wife: Elizabeth; and all my children
Executor: John Cable
Witnesses: Emanual Miller, ________

THOMPSON, Jonah 70 1828 Jul. 13 1828 Aug. 4
Wife: Rachel
Children: Nancy, Israel, Mary Ann, Elvy
Executor: John Penny, "my trusty friend adn relation".
Witnesses: Amos Alexander & Israel Thompson

WINANS, Hannah 117 1833 Mar. 1 1833 Nov. 5
Daughter: Mary Furrow, Fanny Statler; daughter-in-law, Sally R. Winans; Grandaughter Hannah Statler, Hannah W. Winans

WARFIELD, James 119 1834 Jan. 17 1834 Apr. 8
Wife: Rebecca; daughter Jane, Susanna, Rachel, Eliza, Mary, Malinda, Rebecca, Sarah; sons, John, Jeremiah, Sylvanus, James
Executor: wife Barbara
Witnesses: David Patty, John Hill, Jacob Deeter

WILLIAMS, John 131 1830 Oct. 27 1835 Jan. 6
Wife: Elizabeth;
Sons, John & Samuel;
Daughter: Catharine Mann
Executor: John Enyart, Samuel Kyle
Witnesses: Enoch McFarland, Eve Kessler, John Sharnin

WAGGONER, Jacob 137 1835 Apr. 12 1835 Apr. 16
Wife: Mary Ann;
Daughter: Elizabeth;
Sons John C., Thomas
Executor: Father John Waggoner
Witnesses: Henry Hoover, Moses Teague, Andrew Sinks.

WIDNEY, John, Sr. 150 1834 Aug. 21 1836 Aug. 8
Wife: Mary
Sons: Stephen and Wilson; daughter Mary Ann Caldwell, Elizabeth Keyt, Sarah Ross, Jane Widney
Executor: wife and sons, John & William Johnston, Jr.

WILLIAMS, George 153 1836 Sep. 10 1836 Oct. 31
Wife: Mary;
Sons, Michael, John, Robert, George; daughter Rachel, Elizabeth, Mary Ann.
Executor: Josias Westlake
Witnesses: John Williams, Isaac Williams

WALKUP, William 164 1837 Oct. 9 1837 Nov. 8
Wife: Sarah;
Sons: John, Franklin, Joseph;
Daughters: Juliann, Margaret, Jane
Executors: wife and son Franklin
Witness Rebecca Rodgers, John Winans, Samuel D. Lindsey

WELLS, Levi 169 1837 Nov. 14 1838 Apr. 2
Wife: Eleanor;
Children: Mary Ann Campbell, William P., Samuel W., Esther, Silas, Jane, Susan R., Kitty, Martha Gump, Rebecca Keller, Charlotte Demett
Executor: David Jenkins
Witnesses: Andrew J. Campbell, Jonathan R. Brandriff

WHITMER, David, Sr. 176 1838 Oct. 10 1838 Oct. 19
Executors: wife and Edward L. Craine
Witnesses: J. P. Donaldson, Jacob M. Stephenson, Samuel Brinkley

WALTERS, Andrew 180 1838 Jul. 20 1838 Nov. 14
Wife and children (names not listed)
Executor: Michael Miller
Witnesses: M. L. Wollery, & John C. Winans

WILLIAMS, Lewis - Spring Creek Twp. 196 1839 Dec. 12 1840 Apr. 1
Wife: Sarah
Children: Jonathan & Ann
Witnesses: Joseph McKnight, John D. Gilman & John Millhouse

WIDNER, William 230 1841 Nov. 12 1842 May 14
Wife, Catharine
Children: Ann Maria, John, Isaac, William, Abraham, Eliab, Elilzabeth M.
Executors: Wife and brother Abraham Widner
Witnesses: Thomas B. Kyle, ____ Enyart

WRIGHT, John 232 1842 Mar. 7 1842 Mar. 19
Wife: Elizabeth
Executors: David Miles & Moses Teague
Witnesses: Joseph Coppock & Gabriel Wright




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