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     PREBLE county was well represented in the war of 1812, but as the records have been kept very loosely, it is impossible to give the names of all the Preble men who served "a tour of duty."  A portion of those given (Captain Sloane's company) were obtained from the adjutant general's office at Columbus, and the companies of James I. Nesbit and Lieutenant Fleming from an old record book in the possession of T. J. Larsh, esq.  Beside the roster given, there were full companies or companies made up in part of Preble men, under the command of John Fleming, Joseph C. Hawkins, David E. Hendricks, Lieutenant Black and Captains Recovery, 
Rex & Phillips
     The following is from the recollections of Col. Geo. I. Hendricks:
     "Captain James I. Nesbit, of New Lexington, built a stockade fort seven miles north of New Paris, and was stationed at that place with a small detachment of Preble drafted men, and upon the siege of Fort Meigs, was ordered to that locality.  This left the settlements at Eaton and about New Paris and Richmond, Indiana, exposed to Indian depredations from the northwest.  The settlers, as a means of safety, built block-houses in many places.  One of them was upon the Brookville road south of Robert Miller's residence, then owned by John Hopkins.
     "On Sunday, when many of the settlers had assembled for divine worship, and after the close of a very impressive service, one of the elders proposed to raise a volunteer corps (to be composed of men who were exempt from the draft because of their age), to guard the frontier against the mauranding bands of savages who had recently killed one man on Whitewater, and two men on Twin creek.
     "The proposition met with general approval, and about twenty men volunteered.  John Goldsmith was first on the list, and then came Silas Dooley, sr., Moses Dooley, sr., James Crawford, Elihu Hopkins, William Sellers, Elder George Shidler, John Garter.
     "Rev. George Shidler
was elected captain, and Moses Dooley, lieutenant.  They garrisoned Fort Nesbit until relieved by Captain Richard Sloan, of Israel township.  Lieutenant Black was stationed at Fort Black with one half of Captain Sloan's company


     List of officers and men called out of the Third regiment of the Fifth brigade of the First division of Ohio militia, agreeable to general orders bearing date the fourteenth of April, 1812, as returned by Samuel Ward, adjutant:


Captain James I. Nesbitt
Lieutenant Joseph Lower
Ensign Henry Johnston


First Sergeant Daniel Kensello
Second Sergeant Jesse Mitchell
Third Sergeant Bartley M. Burrows
Fourth Sergeant Isaac Harold
First Corporal Frederick Utt
Second Corporal James Taylor
Third Corporal Peter Shideler.


Banta, Henry
Beard, Paul
Bell, John
Bishop, William
Brett, Phillip
Brower, David
Case, Samuel
Charles, Smith
Clapp, Tobias
Davis, Elisha
Davis, Silas
Demoss, Charles
Dooley, Abner
Douglass, Robert
Fleming, Michel
Gamble, Robert
Gard, Levi
Goodner, Walter
Harshman, Elijah
Harter, Isaac
Hendricks, William
Kercheval, John
Kercheval, Samuel
Keslon, Jacob
Lease, Daniel
McDawee, James
McDonald, John
McNutt, Alexander
Moore, Jesse
Nelson, William
Penlon, Alexander
Porterfield, Thomas W.
Purse, Enos
Purviance, Parson
Reed, Adam
Reims, Jacob
Rhea, Stephen
Saylor, Christian
Shannon, James
Snyder, Baltzer
Spencer, Elijah
Stephens, David
Vance, George
Vanwinkle, Daniel
Wennock, Daniel
West, Jephta
Williams, Samuel



Lieutenant Silas Fleming
Ensign Isaac Sutton


Sergeant George Davis
Sergeant James Maxwell
Corporal William Bunch
Corporal Dennis Pottenger


Allen, John
Bishop, John
Bridge, John
Caster, Samuel
Childre, Thomas
Crowl, Michael
Douglas, John
Evans, Moses
Halderman, Christian
Hapner, Abraham
Hewit, Israel
Hold, William
Hudlon, John
Irwin, Abraham
Johnston, Charles
Kelley, George
Kinger, Jacob
Leadwell, John
Lewellen, Phillip
Lewellen, Thomas
Macey, Stephen
McCormack, Robert
Nolling, Daniel
Powell, Hezekiah
Purviance, Levi
Smith, Thomas
Somers, James
Somers, John
Swisher, William
Trollinger, William
Williams, Richard
York, Jephtha

     Upon the outbreak of the war of 1812 Governor Meigs called out the First division of Ohio Militia, the response from which, and from other volunteers, was prompt and decided.  Several companies in this command were from Preble county, wholly or in part.  We present below as many of their rolls as we have been able to procure from the office of the adjutant general of the State and from private sources.  The only roll of Preble county men found in the very meagre records of the State office relating to the war of 1812 is that of Captain Sloan's company of Ohio militia, attached to the - battalion, Third regiment, Fifth brigade, First division of Ohio, ordered into the service of the United States for the protection of their frontiers, Oct. 8, 1812, and stationed at Fort Nesbit, under command of Major General Adams."  The expiration of pay upon these rolls is noted at January 7, 1813, four months after the term of enlistment began.  The roster is as follows:


Captain Richard Sloane
Lieutenant John Hawkins
Ensign John Harter


First Sergeant William McCreary
Sergeant Charles Hold
Sergeant Simon Cassiday
Sergeant Michael Stow
Corporal John Mitchell
Corporal Andrew Spacht
Corporal Jetrach Fall
Corporal Willialm Davis
Fifer John Byers
Drummer Thomas Madill


Cloyd, Joshua
Cott, James
Farris, David
Farris, James
Foster, Thomas
Hallowill, Adam
Hamilton, Samuel
Harris, Benjamin
Harris, John
Hawkins, Joseph
Hendricks, William
Highland, William
Hill, Thomas
Hopkins, Lemuel
Huston, Samuel
Hutt, John
Hyre, William
Killough, James
Loy, Jacob, jr.
Lyons, David
McGaw, James
McNilt, John
Menix, John
Mings, William
Morton, Andrew
Moses, James
Murphy, James
Ozer, John
Payton, John
Phillips, William
Ramsey, Nathan
Reiley, John
Right, Levan
Right, William
Sanders, Robert
Shanks, Jacob
Shidler, Jacob
Shoemaker, Christian
Singer, Joseph
Small, James
Smith, Samuel
Sprawl, Robert
Stephens, David
Stone, Andrew
Strander, George
Surface, Andrew
Sutton, James
Swaney, James
Thompson, George
Wolfe, John
Woodward, Asabel
Woodward, Eli
Work, Joseph


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