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(Source Ohio State University Monthly 1914)

The MONTHLY is indebted to George H. Cless, '14, for the following correct and complete list of Ohio State men in the second officers' training camp at Fort Ben Harrison, Indiana:

Armstrong, Walter Shelby, O., '15
Bancroft, Wm. Paul Columbus, O., ex -'18
Bare, Leslie T. Cleveland, O., '14
Basner, Alexander Detroit, Mich.
Baum, Earl F. Toledo, O., '16
Bowden, James J. Niles, O., '14
Brooks, Stanley G. Columbus, O., '01
Brown, Barret F. Warren, O.
Brown, Chas. F. Dayton, O.
Butler, J. Edgar Columbus., '08
Carr, Raymond R. Bellefontaine, O., '16
Cless, George H. Worthington, O., '14
Comstock, Jos. H. Athens, O., '12
Conrad, Donald R. Columbus, O., '12
Cranz, Carl F. Ira, O., '16
Crim, Floyd D. Uhrichsville, O.
Crooks, Clair S. Van Wert, O., '09
Davis, Wm. S. Cincinnati, O., '15
Denny, Mark E. Middletown, O.
Dorfmeier, Virgil Z. Dayton, O., '13
Druhot, Harley H. Mowrystown, O.
Durker, Ralph H. Conneaut, O.
Dyke, Clyde E. Akron, O., '15
Emsweiler, Herbert D. Kirkersville, O.
Field, Albert W. Columbus, O., '12
Finke, Emil H. St. Marys, O.
Floyd, H. S. Franklin, O., '15
Foster, R. W. Columbus, O., '12
Fox, Errol L. Akron, O.
Freidel, Kirk Medina, O.
Fridley, Guy V. Columbus, O.
Gatewood, Melvin E. Norwood, O.
Gehres, Lloyd F. Waverly, O.
Gerber, Albert G. Cleveland, O., '15
Gillespie, Maurice B. E. Palestine, O.
Good, Robet A. Miamisbug, O., '15
Hall, Fred M. Dayton, O., '15
Harsh, Robert S. Alliance, O., '11
Hauck, Chas. W. Middletown, O., '16
Havens, Wm. F. Columbus, O., '16
Hayes, Everett R. Guysville, O.
Hayes, Richard M. Malvern, O.
Henry, Arthur V. Canton, O., '14
Hershiser, Ralph C. Plymouth, O., '14
Huffman, Kenneth R. Canal Fulton, O.
Hough, Robt. Joyce Greenvlle, O., '14
Kemper, Ralph S. Marion, O., '17
Kempton, Ralph C. Columbus, O., '12
Kile, Elton M. Kilesville, O.
Kinney, LeRoy W. Bellevue, O.
Kirkpatrick, Robinson R. Columbus, O., '13
Knepper, Edwin G. Coldwater, O., '14
Knisely, Herbert P. New Philadelphia, O.
Landefelt, Alexander F. Cleveland, O., '16
Larson, John D. Columbus, O.
Lathem, Chester H. Columbus, O.
Lawrence, Wm. C. Columbus, O., '17
Lowe, John V. Kenton, O., '16
Markey, Paul Cleveland, O., '15
Marple, Jas. D. Columbus, O., '15
Meler, Harley E. Athens, O.
Miller, Chas. S. Dublin, O., '15
Miller, Edgar A. Cleveland, O.
Milne, Morgan C. Columbus, O., '07
Mulay, Wm. F. Columbus, O., '16
McCave, Mark L. Salem, O., '14
O'Neil, John Jr. Columbus, O., '14
Orthoefer, Henry J. Fairmont, O., '15
Parker, Chalmers Collumbus, O., '12
Pitcher, Ara D. Conneaut, O., '15
Rodgers, Nelson J. Cleveland, O., '16
Ridenour, Walter E. Lima, O., '12
Rupert, Howard S. Canton, O., '16
Schrider, Jas. P. Bryan, O., '14
Sellers, Jno. P. Marysville, O.
Schbanck, . L. Wellington, O., '14
Shinn, Leon P. Newark, O., '10
Simmons, Floyd D. L. Solumbus, O.
Skinner, Chas. E. Athens, O., '14
Smith, Harvey R. Cincinnati, O., '17
Taylor, Emerson L. Columbus, O., '13
Toole, Theodore T. Columbus, O., '12
Touvelle, Robert D. Celina, O., '17
Trump, Harry W. Canton, O., '16
Turkopp, John A. Columbus, O.
Turner, Jay L. Marysville, O.
Weisz, Bernard H. Columbus, O., '14
Wildman, Willard E. Wilmington, O., '14
Wing, Andrew S. Mechanicsburg, O., '15
Wright, Chas. H. Toledo, O., '17
Young, Carl H. Bowling Green, O.



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