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  Baird Furnace also belongs to the class of "has beens"
Bearfield Township is so named because of the numerous bears found there at an early date. 
Buckingham was laid out in 1873.
Clayton Township
Rehoboth is an unincorporated community in southern Clayton Township
Coal Township
New Straitville (village) - New Straitsville was originally founded in 1870 as a coal mining town by the New Straitsville Mining Company. The town grew quickly and by 1880 the population was over 4000 people. The coal mining activity ended in 1884, when a labor dispute at the mine ended with a group of miners sending a burning coal car into the mine, igniting the coal. At one time the heat from the fire was so great that residents could draw hot water directly from wells to brew coffee. The fire in the New Straitsville mine burns to this day, making it the longest-duration conflagration in the world.  Located in western Coal Township.
Congo was the most recent of our mining towns.  It was built in 1891-92.  It is a model mining town.
Crooksville (village), the "clay city" of the country, was organized in 1874.  In recent years it has been of rapid growth, and is now one of the most important towns in the county.  It is known for potteries.
Crossenville - The community was named after William Crossen, who laid out the town
Damascus - George Wolf laid out on his farm a village and called it by the scriptural name Damascus.
Dicksonton was built in 1875 and is now a deserted village.
East Rushcreek
Ferrara - In 1871, a town with a distinctly Italian name, was laid out between the present locations of Rendville and Corning.  Upon the organization of the latter the name Ferrara disappeared.
Glenford (village), as a town existed for many years before the plat was made.  Its mill at the Ford of Jonathan's Creek had long ground the farmer's grain.  It was not till the railroads ran through it that it began to grow.
Harrison Township
Milligan an unincorporated town in Harrison Township.  Milligan's main significance lies in its being the location of the lowest recorded temperature in Ohio history, -39 Fahrenheit.  This temperature was recorded at a United States Weather Bureau station on Feb. 10, 1899, during the Great Blizzard of 1899, when the entire state experienced bitterly cold weather for over a week.  It is believed that Milligan is so cold because of its location within the valley of the Moxahala Creek, into which cold air flows from the surrounding hills.  Also known as "Milligan, Ohio's Icebox"
Hopewell Township
Jackson Township
Junction City (village) Located in northern Jackson Township.  Junction City Prison was the location of the filming of the 1980 movie drama Brubaker starring Robert Redford.
Madison Township - No municipalities located in Madison Township, although the unincorporated community of Mount Perry lies in the township's north.
Mount Perry an unincorporated community in northern Madison Township
Maxville - Named after William McCormick, founder.
McCuneville - really dates back to 1829 when the original salt works were erected.  From that time until its platting in 1873 by the McCunes it received the name of the "Salt Works."  When the McCunes built their extensive salt plant here, it was intended to name the town Salina, but there was already one town in the State by that name.  Then for a time it was known as Tallyho.  Tallyho is the huntsman's cry to urge on his hounds.  The fact that the old "salt lick" was a famous hunting ground, made the name quite appropriate.  But some man's name had to be perpetuated and the ubiquitous "ville," like Banquo's ghost showed itself and McCuneville was the unfortunate result.
Monday Creek Township

Monroe Township
Rendville (village) was platted in 1879 by Capt. T. J. Smith and W. P. Rend. Located in Monroe Township.
Corning (village) is our "oil city."  It was laid out in 1878 by Joseph Rogers.  Located in Monroe Township.

Pike Township - The city of New Lexington, the county seat of and only city in Perry County, is located in northern Pike Township, and the unincorporated community Bristol lies in the township's south.
New Lexington (village) is a city in Perry Co., OH
Bristol an unincorporated town in Pike Township

Pleasant Township - The unincorporated community of Moxahala lies in the township's north.
Moxahala, an unincorporated community on the South Fork of the Moxahola, was a furnace town, laid out in 1873.  Located in Pleasant Township's north.

Reading Township - The village of Somerset is located in northern Reading Township.
Somerset (village).  Civil War General Phil Sheridan was raised in Somerset.  He is memorialized by Ohio's only equestrian Civil War statue, which stands in the center square in a small park in the middle of the traffic circle.  St. Joseph Church, the oldest Catholic church in Ohio, is located just outside of Somerset on State Route 383.  Somerset is located in the northern Reading Township.   (taken from Wikipedia.com) 
Roseville (village), a much older town, is hardly to be considered a Perry County village.  The part lying on the Perry side is of recent growth.  The town was originally called Milford.  Part of the town is in Muskingum County.

Salt Lick Township- Two villages are located in Salt Lick Township:  Shawnee in its center and Hemlock in its southeast corner.
Hemlock (village), located in Salt Lick Township
Shawnee (village) - The metropolis of the county began its existence in 1872.  It was laid out by T. J. Davis.  Located in Salt Lick Township

Thorn Township - The village of Thornville is located in northeastern Thorn Township
Thornville (village) - Located in northeastern Thorn Township.
Trio City - Mr. Edmiston had an ambition to build a city and on an adjoining farm he began a town Trio City because it had three railroads.  These towns became rivals and the matter was finally settled by a compromise in 1872 and the present cognomen was received.  The place had been known as Wolfe's Station after the C. & M. V. R. R. was built. (ie. New Straitsville & Trio City)


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