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  Antrim Twp. Part of the Village of Nevada is located in the Northeastern part of Antrim Twp.
  Benton Twp.  
  Burlington About the year 1827 Garrett Fitzgerald located in the southwestern part of the county, and entered eighty acres of land.  He laid out a small town, which he called Burlington.
  Carey Village The village of Carey was founded in 1843 when William M. Buell and R. M. Shuler laid out the town on land that they owned.  The town was named after Judge John Carey.
The village of Carey is located in Western Crawford Twp.
  Crane Twp.  
  Crawford Twp.  
  Deunquat (also known as Petersburg) The community was named after Wyandot chief
  Eden Twp.  
  Harpster Village The Village of Harpster, originally known as Fowler, in honor of C. R. Fowler, was founded in 1876 by David Harpster and John Wood, who owned the land upon which the village was established.  It was finally named after David Harpster, who was long known as the "wool king."  The town plat was recorded in 1877, and the first house was erected by William H. Parkins.  Mr. Harpster himself established the first store, in conjunction with Cyrus Sears, in a brick building erected by him.  The firm of Harpster and Sears continued for a number of years.  A grist-mill was also erected by Mr. Harpster, which was a great convenience for the community, and he likewise organized the Harpster Bank with J. L. Lewis as cashier.
(Source: History of Northwest Ohio, Vol. I - Publ 1917)
  Kirby Village Kirby was laid out in 1854.  It was named after the proprietor, Moses H. Kirby.  It has never grown very greatly, but is prosperous and is surrounded by a fine agricultural and stock-raising district.
(Source: History of Northwest Ohio, Vol. I - Publ 1917)
Part of the Village of Kirby is located in Jackson Twp.
Part of the Village of Kirby is located in Northwestern Mifflin Twp.
  Little Sandusky  
  Lovell The Town of Lovell was platted by Lovell B. Harris, when the Hocking Valley Railroad was constructed.  A postoffice was established at the same time.
(Source: History of Northwest Ohio, Vol. I - Publ 1917)
  Marseilles Village In 1828 Josiah Robinson platted a rival town (to Burlington) on the adjoining section, which he named Marseilles.  The intervening strip of land was finally added to the plat by C. Merriman, and the entire village became known as Marseilles.  Mr. Fitzgerald erected the first log house, and the earliest store was opened by Merriman and Terry.  A railroad has never reached the village, so that it has not grown rapidly.
The Village of Marseilles is located in Southern Marseilles Twp.
  Mifflin Village  
  Nevada Village Part of the village of Nevada is located in southeastern Eden Twp.



Pitt Township

  Richland Twp.  
  Ridge Twp.  
  Sycamore Village The Village of Sycamore is located in Western Sycamore Twp.
  Tymochtee Twp The unincorporated community of McCutchenville is located in the Northern part of the twp.
  Upper Sandusky * The county seat of Upper Sandusky is located in central Crane Twp.
  Wharton Village The Village of Wharton is located in central Richland Twp.  (See Whartonsburg)
  Town of Whartonsburg The Town of Wartonsburg was laid out in 1848 by Samuel Rathbun.  The first house was built by N. DePew, and the first store by James E. JAmes, who was also the first postmaster.  It is now called Wharton.
(Source: History of Northwest Ohio, Vol. I - Publ 1917)


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