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1875 Directory of
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


Aker, Mary Fair Haven
Allen, Hugh Fair Haven
Allen, Robert Fair Haven
Austin, John J. Fair Haven
Barradaile, A. A. Eaton
Barradaile, Arthur Camden
Barradaile, C. W. Eaton
Bell, Henry Fair Haven
Bennett, Lemuel Eaton
Bishop, John Fair Haven
Blackford, Ephraim Eaton
Blackford, Jeremiah Eaton
Blackford, John & Jane Eaton
Booker, F. A. Eaton
Bostick, Major Camden
Bowse, Wm. Eaton
Brower, John Fair Haven
Brown, Cal. T. Fair Haven
Brown, W. E. Fair Haven
Browner, Daniel Fair Haven
Bruce, Washington Eaton
Burson, John Eaton
Campbell, And. Fair Haven
Charles, Thomas Fair Haven
Charles, William Fair Haven
Cohee, Morris N. West Florence
Collins, Absalom G. Eaton
Collins, Charles West Florence
Collins, J. W. West Florence
Collins, John West Florence
Conger, A. R. Eaton
Conger, John W. Eaton
Conger, Moses Eaton
Conger, W. W. Eaton
Cook, Ephraim Eaton
Cook, J. W. & F. R. Eaton
Coons, Henry Eaton
Cooper, Benj. Fair Haven
Crothers, James V. Fair Haven
Crothers, Robert Fair Haven
Cunningham, Eliz. Fair Haven
Dougherty, John M. Eaton
Dove, W. C. West Florence
Duggins, W. N. Eaton
Earheart, Sam'l. Fair Haven
Earley, Martin Eaton
Eikenberry, Dan'l. Fair Haven
Elliott, James Fair Haven
Fleisch, Joseph West Florence
Fleisch, Mich'l West Florence
Flora, Edwin West Florence
Flora, John Fair Haven
French, John Fair Haven
Gans, Paul L. Eaton
Gard, John Fair Haven
Gard, Levi Fair Haven
Gard, Stephen Fair Haven
Gentle, James B. Eaton
Gentle, Wm. T. Eaton
Gibson, Webster Fair Haven
Giffin, Nancy A. Eaton
Gordon, Charles Camden
Gordon, Charles Fair Haven
Gordon, John Fair Haven
Graham, Abigail Eaton
Gray, Robert Eaton
Haines, Amos Eaton
Harris, David W. Eaton
Harris, Thos. West Florence
Hart, A. & D. Camden
Hart, A. & D. Camden
Hart, Jacob & J. B. Fair Haven
Hart, John Fair Haven
Hemp, W. H. Eaton
Hines, Margaret Eaton
Huffman, Alex West Florence
Huffman, Nathan West Florence
Hutchinson, Eliz. Eaton
Hutchinson, Jno. D. Eaton
Kelley, Jas. West Florence
Kirkpatrick, J. T. Fair Haven
Larsh, John R. Eaton
Larsh, Lewis Eaton


Larsh, Lydia Eaton
Lewellen, Harvey Eaton
Lewellen, Phillip Eaton
Lincoln, Jno. W. West Florence
Lohrer, Felix Fair Haven
Lybrook, Eliz Fair Haven
Lybrook, Huston W. Fair Haven
Lybrook, Ida C. Fair Haven
Lybrook, Martha E. Fair Haven
Marshal, Josias Eaton
McDivitt, Cor. West Florence
McDivitt, Eliza Fair Haven
McDivitt, Elizabeth Fair Haven
McDivitt, Geo. Fair Haven
McDivitt, John D. Fair Haven
McDivitt, Joseph Fair Haven
McQuiston, William Fair Haven
McWhinney, Step West Florence
Miller, Hezekiah Camden
Miller, Joseph H. Eaton
Miller, Sam'l. Camden
Morris, H. C. Fair Haven
Morrow, Richard Eaton
Niccum, Jacob Fair Haven
Overholser, Abram Eaton
Overholser, Henry Eaton
Overholser, John H. Eaton
Paris, Wm. H. West Florence
Parker, D. R. & Mary  West Florence
Parker, W. B. West Florence
Parks, C. & S. Fair Haven
Parks, E. & J. Eaton
Parks, Leander Eaton
Parks, Silas Eaton
Pearson, Joseph Eaton
Pearson, Leah Eaton
Pinkerton, J. R. Fair Haven
Pinkerton, W. A. Fair Haven
Pottenger, Mary Eaton
Railsback, David Fair Haven
Rhea, Alexander West Florence
Rhea, John West Florence
Rhea, John C. Eaton
Rhea, Rob't. M. West Florence
Rife, Abram Fair Haven
Roots, George T. Eaton
Rose, Vinc't & Ph'be Fair Haven
Scott, Abner S. Fair Haven
Shaffer Fred'k Eaton
Shaw, Amanda West Florence
Shaw, John S. West Florence
Shelyn, Jerry Eaton
Shoemaker, Mary R. Fair Haven
Simonson, Chas. B. Eaton
Simonson, Jesse Eaton
Simonson, Nancy Eaton
Skillman, Benj. Fair Haven
Smith, Samuel R. Fair Haven
Snear, J. W. Eaton
Somers, Christ Fair Haven
Somers, Thos. Fair Haven
Stack, G. W. & M. Fair Haven
Swisher, Martin West Florence
Swisher, W. D. West Florence
Taylor, John Fair Haven
Thompson, Lewis Fair Haven
Toney, Archibald West Florence
Toney, Carry West Florence
Toney, Harman West Florence
Toney, James West Florence
Toney, Jonathan West Florence
Toney, Jonathan, Jr. Fair Haven
toney, William West Florence
Tourney, Pat Fair Haven
Wayncoop, J. N. Eaton
Wiley, Isaac Fair Haven
Wilkinson, Alfred Eaton
Wilkinson, Clint. C. West Florence
Wilkinson, Elisha Eaton
Wilkinson, Thos., Jr. Eaton
Wilkinson, W. H. Eaton
Woolman, Uriah, Jr. Eaton
Wyatt, Levi West Florence
Zimmerman, J. H. Eaton



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