1862 TO 1865

Compiled by
Robt. F. Bartlett


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Original Enlistments From Marion County, Ohio, and Captain E. B. Campbell
and Seventy-five Men From 42d Regiment O. V. I.,
Transferred November 18, 1864.

pg. 70

  Captain Samuel Coulter. Age 24; date of commission July 24, 1862.
Battles:  Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, Siege of Vicksburg, Jackson (absent, sick, on furlough from July 30, 1863, to Dec. 20, 1863), Sabine Cross Roads, where wounded in right knee by minnie ball, taken prisoner and right leg amputated; died in Rebel hospital at Mansfield, La., of said wounds, Apr. 28, 1864, and buried in section 29, grave 11, Alexandria, La.  Also served as First Sergeant in Company K, 4th Regiment O. V. I., from Apr. 18, 1861, to Aug. 24, 1861.
Widow remarried and lives at Columbus Grove, Ohio.
  Captain Edward B. Campbell. Age 25; enlisted Sept. 19, 1861, in Company G 42d Regiment; promoted to Second Lieutenant from First Sergeant, Mar. 20, 1862; to First Lieutenant June 6, 1862.
Battles:  Middle Creek, Ky., Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, Port Gibson (where wounded), Vicksburg, Jackson, Opelousa, La., Spanish Fort, Mobile, Fort Blakely and Whistler.
Transferred to Company E, 96th Regiment O. V. I., Nov. 8, 1864, and mustered out with Company and Regiment July 7, 1865.  Also served in English army in the Crimea, and gazetted for bravery; awarded a gold medal.  138 Lawrence St., Cleveland, Ohio.
pg 71. First Lieutenant Minard J. LeFever Age 32; date of commission July 25, 1862.
Battles:  Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, Vicksburg and Jackson.
Resigned July 28, 1863, for disability.
Also served as First Lieutenant in Company K, 4th O. V. I., first three months' service.  Died Aug. 29, 1894, at National Military Home, Dayton, Ohio, and buried in Home Cemetery.
  First Lieutenant Valentine Lapham. Age 20; enlisted July 26, 1862;
appointed First Sergeant and promoted to Second Lieutenant Aug. 19, 1863, and to First Lieutenant Sept. 1, 1863, and to Captain July 25, 1864, but not mustered as Captain.
Battles:  Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, Vicksburg, Jackson, Grand Coteau, Sabine Cross Roads (where wounded through the neck), Fort Gaines, Fort Morgan.
Discharged Nov. 23, 1853, as supernumerary on Consolidation.
Care of C. S. Burkholder, 232 Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago, Ill.
  First Lieutenant John W. Godman. See Company C
  Second Lieutenant Henry T. Van Fleet. Age 25; date of commission July 25, 1862.
Resigned Feb. 4, 1863.
Died at Marion, Ohio, Nov. 26, 1891.
Mrs. H. T. Van Fleet, widow, Marion, Ohio.
  Second Lieutenant James DeWolfe.  
  Second Lieutenant John E. Kirk  
pg. 72. First Sergeant William M. Coulter.  
  First Sergeant Simon Geisseman. See Second Lieutenant Company C.
  First Sergeant Adin W. Durkee.  
  Sergeant Benjamin Little. Age 24; enlisted July 31, 1862.
  Sergeant Josiah V. Stevenson  
pg. 73. Sergeant Bloomfield U. Martin  
  Sergeant Thomas H. Carter.  
  Sergeant William R. Whitmarsh.  
  Sergeant Abial D. Atkinson.  
  Sergeant Franklin R. Mantz.  
  Sergeant David R. Rathrock.  
pg. 74. Sergeant Cyrus A. Rickards.  
  Corporal John W. Fribley. Age 20; enlisted July 31, 1862;
died Dec. 27, 1862, in hospital, Memphis, Tenn.
Buried at Marion, Ohio.
  Corporal Samuel Terpany. Age 37; enlisted Aug. 9, 1862.
Battles: Chickasaw Bayou and Arkansas Post.
Died Jan. 23, 1863, at Young's Point, La., and buried at Vicksburg.
  Corporal John J. Ulsh. Age 35; enlisted Aug. 2, 1862.
Battles:  Chickasaw Bayou and Arkansas Post.
Died Feb. 12, 183, at St. Louis, Mo., and
buried at Jefferson Barracks.
  Corporal Henry Gildon. Age 31; enlisted Aug. 4, 1862.
  Corporal Lauren D. Bowen.  
  Corporal Joseph C. Arnold.  
  Corporal Andrew J. Knapp.  
pg. 75. Corporal George P. Young.  
  Corporal Theodore P. Sweet.  
  Corporal Amasa L. Clapp.  
  Corporal Collins Blakely.  
  Corporal Francis Mack.  
  Corporal Josiah Vorhees.  
  Corporal Joseph Ingman.  
pg. 76. Corporal Howard B. Newton.  
  Corporal Clark M. Wilson.  
  Henry Dwody, Musician. Age 21; enlisted Aug. 6, 1862.  Nebraska City, Neb.
  Joseph G. Burt, Musician.  
  Phillip Plummer, Musician.  
  John Love, Wagoner. Age __; enlisted Aug. 6, 1862.
Captured ____; and
died July 18, in Rebel prison at Andersonville, Ga.
pg. 77 - Achey, Nathan.  
  Aten, William L.  
  Baldwin, Charles  
  Ballentine, William H.  
  Ballinger, Isaac.  
  Barnard, James W.  
  Bauer, Valentine.  
pg. 78 - Baum, John C.  
  Betts, Nathan  
  Biggs, George W.  
  Black, Peter  
  Bratton, James.  
  Brinker, John.  
pg. 79. Brown, Absalom.  
  Brown, Franklin A.  
  Brown, Samuel G.  
  Buchanan, Isaac.  
  Bunker, Justin H.  
  Burt, John F.  
pg. 80. Burt, Matthew H.  
  Camm, Benjamin.  
  Chambers, John  
  Chester, Chas. E.  
  Clapp, Geo. T.  
  Coon, Matthew.  
  Corn, Marion F.  
pg. 81. Corwin, Nathan. Age 22; enlisted July 26, 1862.
Died Mar. 28, 1863, at St. Louis Mo., and
buried in section 65, grave 111, Jefferson Barracks Cemetery.
  Crial, Royce S.  
  Davis, Wm. Z.  
  Dickerson, John.  
  Dickerson, Silas. Age 20; enlisted Aug. 6, 1862.
Discharged Aug. 15, 1863, at Memphis, Tenn., for disability.  Agosta, Ohio.
  Dickerson, Wesley.  
  Dumble, Samuel R.  
  Durfee, Geo. B. Age 21; enlisted Aug. 5, 1862;
sent home on sick furlough and
died Feb. 13, 1863, at Marion, Ohio, and there buried.
  Etherton, Ingle B.  
pg. 82. Evans, Daniel W.  
  Finch, Cornelius  
  Fields, Charles W.  
  Fink, Samuel.  
  Finker, Henry.  
  Finley, Joseph (No. 1).  
  Fleming, Henry.  
pg. 83. Follett, David. Age 29; enlisted Aug. 4, 1862;
discharged Dec. 24, 1862, at Camp Dennison, Ohio, for disability.  Cleveland, Ohio.
  Foster, James H.  
  Fry, John W.  
  Garvin, Wm.  
  Gier, Edwin.  
  Glenn, Henry.  
  Gochenour, Amos.  
pg. 84. Goodrich, Henry S.  
  Grindle, Elzy W.  
  Harvey, Edgar O.  
  Hathaway, William F.  
  Hawk, Samuel.  
  Heckert, Daniel P.  
  Heffelbower, George M.  
  Heiser, Edmund I. Age 18; enlisted Aug. 14, 1862, in Company C, 42d O. V. I., and transferred to Company H; thence Nov. 18, 1864, to Company E, 96th O. V. I., and mustered out with Company July 7, 1865.
Battles:  Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, Port Gibson, Raymond, Champion Hills, Black River, Vicksburg and Jackson, Miss.; Spanish Fort, Fort Blakely, Mobile and Whistler, Ala.  Haysville, Ohio.
pg. 85. Henderson, Frank S. Age 25; enlisted Aug. 2, 1862, in Company A, 42d O V. I., and transferred to Company G; thence Nov. 18, 1864, to Company E, 96th O. V. I.; discharged June 21, 1865, for disability.
  Hobbs, Richard B.  
  Hotchkiss, Henry C.  
  Howard, Edward  
  Howard, Oren I.  
  Hudson, Moses.  
  Huff, William K.  
  Huffman, Michael. Age 28; enlisted Aug. 6, 1882;
discharged May 2, 1863, at St. Louis, Mo., for disability;
died at Marion, Ohio.
  Humphrey, David J.  
  Irey, Harrison H.  
  Irey, Israel.  
  Irey, Leander.  
  James, Walter.  
  Jenkins, Matthew. Age 26; enlisted Aug. 4, 1862.
  Jeffrey, Edward.  
  Johnson, Sylvanus L.  
  Kelley, John A. Age 20; enlisted Aug. 6, 1862.
pg. 87. Kemper, Charles W.  
  Kent, William G.  
  Kibler, Daniel.  
  King, Charles A.  
  Knapp, James W.  
  Knowles, George W.  
  Loomis, Leander.  
  McMurray, Wm.  
  McWilliams, Robert  
pg. 88. Marlow, Isaac  
  Milligan, John.  
  Mills, Richard T.  
  Monroe, Andrew.  
  Mouser, Isaac N.  
  Naylor, Edmond.  
  Nion, Levi A.  
pg. 89. Northrup, Alvin N.  
  Oliver, Anderson. Age 23; enlisted Aug. 6, 1862.
  Payne, Henry H.  
  Phelps, Geo. L.  
  Pocock, Elijah J.  
  Prouty, Luther C.  
  Queen, Asa. Age 33; enlisted Aug. 4, 1862.  Discharged Dec. 24, 1862, at Memphis, for disability.
Died in 1863, at Columbus, Ohio, and there buried.
  Rapelje, George. Age 18; enlisted Jan. 5, 1864,
in Company F, 42d O. V. I.; transferred to Company E, 96th O. V. I., Nov. 18, 1864, and to Company D, 77th O. V. V. I., July 6, 1865.
Battles:  Spanish Fort, Fort Blakely, Mobile and Whistler.
pg. 90. Rathrock, William H.  
  Ray, Samuel D.  
  Rhoades, Benjamin F.  
  Rickard, Fletcher G.  
  Rogers, Jonathan.  
  Riley, Isaac J.  
  Rolph, Charles G.  
pg. 91. Scribner, Francis M.  
  Shepherd, Henry J.  
  Showers, Charles.  
  Shute, William G.  
  Sickman, Daniel.  
  Smith, James M.  
  Smith, Stokes. Age 35; enlisted Aug. 6, 1862.
  Snyder, Peter C.  
Pg. 92. Sower, Harrison S.  
  Sowers, Henry. Age 22; enlisted Aug. 1, 1862.
Died of disease Jan. 11, 1863, at Arkansas Post, and
buried at same place.
  Squib, George W.  
  Squib, William W.  
  Stephens, Nathan.  
  Styre, Samuel.  
  Sult, Joseph  
pg. 93. Swalley, John M.  
  Swineford, Curtis.  
  Switzer, John B.  
  Sykes, Ralph F.  
  Sypher, Wm. A.  
  Tranger, Paul.  
pg. 94. Tucker, Ira. Age 32; enlisted Aug. 6, 1862;
died May 2, 1863, at Millikens' Bend, La.
  Tucker, William H. Age 30; enlisted Aug. 6, 1862.
  Vannatta, George. Age 19; enlisted Aug. 4, 1862.
  Van Buskirk, Henry.  
  Wade, John. Age 21; enlisted Aug. 2, 1862;
died Mar. 1, 1863, at Young's Point, La., and
buried at Vicksburg.
  Wotring, Jacob A.  
  Wass, John H.  
  Watson, James A.  
  Welter, Joseph.  
  Werlenburgher, Isaac.  
pg. 95. West, James M.  
  Wilcox, Oscar.  
  Wilkins, Christopher B.  
  Wilson, Isaac F.  
  Wortman, Jacob G.  

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