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List of
Pensioners on the Roll
January 1, 1883

giving The name of each Pensioner, The cause for which Pensioned,
The Post-Office Address,  The Rate of Pension Per Month,
and the Date of Original Allowance,
as called for by Senate Resolution of Dec. 8, 1882.
Vol. III.
Publ:  Washington:
Government Printing Office

     COSHOCTON COUNTY - For Lafayette, Coshocton County, read Lafayette, Madison County, (One name, page 60)
|     DARKE COUNTY - For New Reigle, read New Reagle, Seneca County.  (One name, page 78)
     FRANKLIN COUNTY - for New Trenton, Franklin County, read New Trenton, Jefferson County.  (One name, page 103)
     GREEN COUNTY - For Grand Junction, Greene County, Ohio, read Grand Junction, Greene County, Iowa. (Two names, page 114.)
     JEFFERSON COUNTY  - For Louisville, Jefferson County, Ohio, read Louisville, Jefferson county, Kentucky.  (Three names, page 170.)  For Oskaloosa, Jefferson county, Ohio, read Oskaloosa, Jefferson County, Kansas (One name, page 170.)
     MAHONING COUNTY - For New Lebanon, Mahoning County, read New Lebanon, Montgomery County
     MONTGOMERY COUNTY - For Independence, Montgomery County, read Independence, Cuyahoga County.  (One name, page 233.)  'For Red Oak, Montgomery County, read Red Oak, Brown County (One name, page 256)
     MORROW COUNTY - For Mt. Eaton, Morrow County, read Mt. Eaton, Wayne county.  One name, page 260.)  For Sardis, Morrow County, read Sardis, Monroe County.  (One name, page 269)
     NOBLE COUNTY - Folr Penrock, Noble County, read Renrock, Noble County.  (One name, page 269)
     TRUMBULL COUNTY. - For Talmadge, Trumbull County, read Tallmadge, Summit County.  (One name, page 328.)
     UNION COUNTY - For Moscow, Union County, read Moscow, Johnson County.  (Six names, page 616.)


PLEASE NOTE:  Some of the copies of pages for these records are cut off.  I apologize for that and will try to find the originals to correct the problem.  Thank you,   Sharon Wick.

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No. of certificate Name of Pensioner Post-office
Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of Original
95,444 Zartman, Simon P. Ashville w. rt. hand $8.00 Dec, 18__
55,741 Oyer, John do loss rt. arm 18.00 ----------
46,629 Yearhouse, Maria do widow 8.00 ----------
20,896 Douglass, Mary A. do widow 1812 8.00 Mar, 18__
183,856 Parsons, Sarah do do 8.00 Apr., 18__
26,465 Davis, Matilda do do 8.00 Oct., 18__
162,308 Ater, Geo. do scurvy, lameness lt. ankle & leg. 4.00 Sept., 18__
109,132 Tharp, Benj. do w. rt. leg 8.00 ----------
89,945 Sweetman, Michael A. Circleville dis. of eyes 2.00 ----------
91,464 Anthony, Miller do do 18.00 June, 18__
175,027 Hetenhouser, Fred'k do wd. rt. hand 1.00 Oct. 18__
171,375 Hinson, Henry do do 5.00 July, 18__
86,460 Heiry, Thos. do w. rt. arm 6.00 ----------
95,746 Jenkins, Philip do w. rt. sho 2.00 ----------
54,142 Hoffman, Wm. do w. rt. knee 4.00 ----------
122,460 Welsh, John C. do w. rt. forearm 18.00 ----------
65,277 Weakley, Harrison do w. lt. hip 8.00 ----------
122,693 Shipley, Camden B. do w. lt. thumb 4.00 Apr., 18__
221,928 Bowling, Nicholas do w. rt. hip & rt. wrist 6.00 Dec., 18__
163,353 Doney, James B. do w. rt. leg 4.00 Nov. 18__
144,648 Alexander, Stephen do w. rt. should 4.00 ----------
166,793 Altenberger, Philip do w. rt. thigh 2.00 Apr., 18__
175,043 Palm, John G. do w. of head 2.00 Oct., 18__
116,267 Osborn, Josiah do w. of face 8.00 ----------
179,033 Eaton, Marcus do w. rt. thigh 4.00 Nov. 18__
185,466 McMann, John do do 2.00 Mar., 18__
130,361 Mackey, Jos. W. do w. rt. should 6.00 ----------
180,707 Lucas, Isaac do w. lt. side 2.00 Jan. 18__
135,362 Fowler, Isaac do w. lt. arm 4.00 Aug. 18__
161,222 Chestnut, Daniel do gen. debility from prison life 4.00 June, 17__
208,171 Cook, Hiram do chr. diarr., spinal anaenia 10.00 May, 18__
65,989 Morgan, Geo. do ampt. lt. leg 18.00 June, 18__
1,886 Ellis, Mitchell do loss lt. eye 5.00 ----------
171,374 Dayton, James do wd. rt. foot 2.00 July, 18__
212,645 Brooks, Spencer do inj. rt. sho. & dis. eye, impared vision 8.00 June, 18__
95,526 Stanley, Nelson, alias Foster do inj. rt. sho., spine 2.00 ----------



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