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Name Location   Dated Recorded
AIKMAN, John Bk. 2 pg. 177   Dec. 8, 1829 Mar. 15, 1830
Sons Benjamin, Samuel, Alexander, James; daughter Elizabeth
Executor: son Benjamin Aikman
Witnesses: William Lear & Jacob Tilman
ALDICK, David Bk. 2 pg. 4   1816 Apr. 12 1816 Sep. 26
Wife Hannah and my five children;
brother-in-law Valentine Wysong.
Witnesses: James Crawford, Jacob Shewman, Christian Saylor
ALEXANDER, Daniel Bk. 2 pg. 250   1831 Nov. 4 1832 Mar. 21
Wife Sarah and minor children; son John dec'd; daug. Prudence Fare, her two children.
Executor: wife Sarah
Witnesses: John Paramore & John S. Fair
ALEXANDER, James Bk. 2 pg. 189 Wayne Co., Ind. 1820 Jul. 18 1827 Aug. 2
Wife Margaret; sons Joseph, Samuel, William; daughter Mertha Freemaicell, Polly wife of John Ireland, Ann wife of William Ireland, Sally, Peggy, Rachel, Nancy;
Grandson James Alexander, son of William Alexander
Executor: son William Alexander
Witnesses: David Pruviance, David J. P. Fleming
ATEN, Adrian Bk. 2 pg 225 Twin Twp. 1813 Mar. 23 1832 Sept. 17
Wife Elizabeth; son John; daughters Abigail, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sons Peter, Aaron, Adrian children of former wife Hannah
Executors: Elizabeth Aten, George Kessel, Isaac Pierson
Witnesses: John Reichard, Joseph Reichard, Jacob Wagner.
BANTA, Isaac        
BANTA, Peter, Sr.        
BEAN, Henry        
BEARD, George Bk. 2 pg. 5   1816 Jan. 12 (same date given)
Wife Catharine and all my children.
Executors: wife and Frederick Ott.
Witnesses: Daniel Woolf, Daniel Leas
BELL, Samuel        
BIERS, Sarah Bk. 1 pg. 25   1812 Mar. 12 1812 Mar. 20
Estate to be divided between Sarah Burford and Betsy Harris.
Witnesses: William Swisher, Abraham Williams, Jacob Mimmer
BISHOP, Robert        
BLACK, John        
BLACK, John        
BLACKFORD, Levi        
BLANSHER, David        
BRONSON, David        
BROWER, Jacob        
BROWN, John        
BROWN, Richard Bk. 2 pg. 16   1816 Mar. 1819 Feb. 9
Sons Mercer, Richard, John, William, Jonathan; daughters Sarah, Lydia, Rebecca, Peggy, Phebe, Rachel, Ann
Executors: wife and son John Brown
Witnesses: Thos. Talbert, Lazarus Langston
BURK, Isaac        
BURSON, Jonathan        
BUTTON, James        
CALDWELL, James, Jr.        
CAMPBELL, John        
CLOYD, James        
COOK, Eli        
CRAIG, Grizzell        
DAVIDSON, Josiah        
DAY, Jacob        
DAY, Robert        
DIVAN, Barney        
DOOLEY, Moses        


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