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History of Pickaway County
and Representative Citizens
Edited and Compiled by
Hon. Aaron R. Van Cleaf
Circleville, Ohio
Publ. 1906



WILLIAM JACOB SLAGER, one of Wayne township's representative men, township trustee, and for the past 14 years a successful farmer in Pickaway County, was born Oct. 12, 1864, and is a son of Jacob and Mary (Pendleton) Slager. 
     The parents of Mr. Slager were residents of Ross Count, Ohio.  They reared a family of three sons and four daughters, viz.: Milton, Schuyler, William Jacob, Alice, Nora, Florence Della and Jane.  The last named is deceased.
     Mr. Slager was reared to the life of a farmer and obtained his education in the country schools.  In Indiana, he married Sylvia Talbott, a daughter of Daniel Talbott, of Indiana, and they have these children: Ethel, Fred, Glen, Opal, Harold, Foreman and William, who is named for his father.  Mrs. Slager has two brothers - Oliver, who married Susan Bell and Willard, who married Anna Largent, and two sisters - Lillie, who married William Cottingham and Eva.
Source:  History of Pickaway County, Ohio and Representative Citizens, Edited and Compiled by Hon. Aaron R. Van Cleaf. Circleville, Ohio - Publ. 1906 - Page 728
WILLIAM H. SILBAUGH, M. D., who is engaged in the practice of medicine at Ashville, was born Oct. 21, 1867, at Lawrence Furnace, Lawrence County, Ohio, and is a son of William and Mary (Everly) Silbaugh.  William Silbaugh was born in the Duchy of Nassau, Germany, July 10, 1835, and came to this country in 1851, locating in Ohio, where he engaged in the manufacture of wagons and carriages.  He died Mar. 3, 188e.  Our subject's mother, who is of Pennsylvania Dutch extraction, was born in Morgantown, Virginia, (now West Virginia), June 7, 1839, and is still living, at the age of 67 years.
     William H. Silbaugh attended the Ironton (Ohio) High School, and then worked at carriage building in order to secure funds to complete his education.  In 1891 he entered Miami Medical College, from which institution he was graduated in the class of 1894-95.  After his graduation he first located at Royalton, Fairfield County, Ohio, where he had read medicine with his brother, Dr. John J. Silbaugh, and here practiced for two years.  On Apr. 7, 1897, he moved to Ashville where he has since been successfully engaged in the practice of his profession.  Dr. Silbaugh spent a portion of the years 1891 and 1892 in Philadelphia in the German Hospital under such eminent specialists as Dr. John Dever and Dr. Joseph Price's Hospital; and Dr. William H. Rodmon, professor of surgery in the Medico-Chirurgical College of Philadelphia.  Dr. Silbaugh, also took a post-graduate course at the College of Philadelphia.  Dr. Silbaugh also took a post-graduate course at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York and is excellently equipped for the practice of his profession.  His brother, Dr. John J. Silbaugh, is a leading physician and surgeon of Lancaster, Ohio, and another brother, Leroy G. Silbaugh, is a prominent attorney of Lancaster, of which city he was mayor in 1892-93.
     Dr. William H. Silbaugh was united in marriage on June 13, 1895, to Anna E. Creed, a daughter of George and Alice Creed, of Royalton, Fairfield County, Ohio.  Mrs. Silbaugh was a granddaughter of the late Andrew Peters.  She was a student at Delaware College for three years.  Dr. and Mrs. Silbaugh have had two children:  George Creed and William Harold.
     Fraternally, Dr. Silbaugh is a member of the Masonic lodge at Circleville and is also a member of the Knights of Pythias and the Odd Fellows lodges at Ashville.
Source:  History of Pickaway County, Ohio and Representative Citizens, Edited and Compiled by Hon. Aaron R. Van Cleaf. Circleville, Ohio - Publ. 1906 - Page 602
JOSEPH SMITH, a successful farmer of Scioto township, was born in Goodhope township, Hocking County, Ohio, July 24, 1853.  His father was a farmer, he was trained to agricultural pursuits, and his entire life has been devoted to the avocation whose results from the basis of the wealth of the United States.  Mr. Smith attended the district schools of his neighborhood and assisted on the family homestead until he was 20 years of age, after which he worked out as a farm hand until 1883.  In that year he began farming for himself near Pleasantville, Fairfield County, this State, continuing in that locality for the succeeding 10 years.
     In 1893 Mr. Smith removed to the Ford farm, in Scioto township, about a mile and a quarter from his present location, and remained there for five years, since which time he has been operating the well-known H. H. Seeds farm of 155 acres.  As a portion of the land is given up to crops of corn, wheat and oats and a portion to the raising of cattle, he is engaged in what may be called mixed farming.
     Mr. Smith's wife was before marriage Elizabeth Asbell, and by her he has become the father of the  following children: Arthur E. and William, living at home; Cora, wife of Prentiss Seeds, residing at Orient; Alma, wife of Curtiss Ryerson, of Columbus; Josie Lee, wife of Oscar Bethards, a resident of Orient; and Sadie and Grace, who live at home with their parents.
     Mr. Smith
is active and influential in the politics of the county, and a stanch supporter of Democracy.  He has served as township trustee for several terms - once by appointment and twice by election - and has been a member of the School Board for a period of six years.  He has once honored by election as a delegate to a county convention, but declined to serve on the ground that he had not been a resident of the county for a sufficient length of time to be entitled to such representation.
     The father of Mr. Smith, who was a native of Virginia, came to this State when a young man, and died about 35 years ago, at the age of 73 years.  His mother was born in Guernsey County, this State, and died in 1893, at the more advanced age of 82.
Source:  History of Pickaway County, Ohio and Representative Citizens, Edited and Compiled by Hon. Aaron R. Van Cleaf. Circleville, Ohio - Publ. 1906 - Page 517


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