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1803 - 1835

JAMES, William, Hamilton Co. 1 - 11 1803 Feb. 25 1804 Oct. 24
Wife: (name not given)
Sons: John, Richard, Jonathan, David;
Daughters: Rachel, Ann, Sarah, Jane
My aged mother.
All money due me from Virginia.
Executor: wife or such person or persons as she shall employ
Witnesses:  David Faulknor & Absolem Thomas

KAVE, John

4 - 449 1831 Oct. 6 1831 Oct. 15
Wife: Ann;
Sons: Clarkson, John, Daniel;
Daughter: Catharine Long, wife of Jacob Long
Executor: James McEwen
Witnesses, James T. Barkalow, & Edward T. Hendrickson

KEEVER, Henry 5 - 621 1834 Sep. 1 1834 Nov. 22
Wife: Margaret;
Children Benniah Bausman & Margaret, his wife, Joseph, Martin, Solomon, Mathias Turnpaw and Elizabeth his wife; Rachel McCurdy or her children, her husband Samuel McCurdy.
Executors: Daniel Crane, Solomon Keever
Witnesses: George Keever, Joel Carey

KEEVER, Martin 1 - 234 1823 Dec. 30- 1824 Aug. 23
Wife: Christena;
Children: Henry, Rachel Luders, Martin, John Peter, Christiana Lucas, George Adam.
Executors: son, George Keever & Henry King
Witnesses: Mathias Corwin, Samuel Nixon, & George Foglesong

KELSEY, Daniel 1 - 187 1822 Jan. 16 1822 Oct. 1
Wife: Phebe;
Brother: John Kelsey;
Sons: Daniel, Amos, Edward, Joel, & Israel
Daughters: Lavina, Rebecca, Cynthia, Elmina, Matilda Mullen wife of Samuel; Betsy Hays wife of John
Executors: sons, Amos & Edward Kelsey
Witnesses: John McLean, William Kelsey & T. E. Manville

KINDER, Abraham 1 - 25 1809 Aug. 2 1809 Oct. 14
Wife: Margaret;
Sons: John & George;
Daughters: Nancy & Polly
Witnesses: William C. Schenck, Jonathan Drake & John McCashen

KINDLE, Rholan 1 - 15 1804 Mar. 12 1805 Jan. 29
Wife: Agnes;
Son: William
Daughters: Amelia, Mary, Charity, Elinor & Susannah
Witnesses: David Fon, & Evan Stephans

KIRBY, Joseph 5 - 34 1832 Feb. 7 1832 Aug. 9
Sons: Joseph, James, heirs of son Benjamin;
Dau. Mary, Heirs of Dau. Sarah; Hepzibah, Jane, Ann
Executor: son, James Kirby
Witnesses: George W. Lafetra, John Curtis, William Carter

KIRBY, Mary 5 - 115 1829 Aug. 20 1833 Jan. 9
Dau: Ann Wolcott & her children Samuel, Mary and Henry; ch. Rebecca Beel, Anna Wolcott, Samuel Kirby; 2 children of Mary Scott, dec'd.
Executors: James Wills & Wyllys Pierson
Witnesses: John Pence, William Pence, Daniel Crane

KIRBY, Richard 1 - 61 1813 Jul. 31 1814 Apr. 2
Wife: Mary;
Son: Samuel;
Daughters: Mary, Rebecca & Anna; wife; guardian of Samuel and Anna
Executors: wife and Thomas Scott
Witnesses: William Lowry, Jesse Palmer & Robert Porter

KOOGLE, Adam 5 - 387 1833 Sep. 7 1833 Oct. 3
Wife: Mary
Children: Maria Stoddard, wife of Pomeroy; Elizabeth Koogle, John W., Jacob, Joseph, William, Matthew, Stephen, Lydia Ann
Executor: J. Milton Williams
Witnesses: A. H. Dunlevy & J. K. Wilar

LACKET, John M. of Lebanon

3 - 94 1827 Jun. 5 Jan. 23, 1828
Father: Edward Lackey, dec'd., late of Lehigh Co., Pa;
Grandparents: Mathias and Rosanna Rabb of Berks Co., Pa.
Children of my sister Rosanna, deceased, Milton H., Isabella W. Miller
Executor: brother in law Henry B. Miller
Witnesses: John Reeves & John M. Houston

LAMB, Joseph 3 - 188 1814 Oct. 22 1828 Aug. 20
Sons: Benjamin S., Isaac, Thompson, Joseph;
Daughters: Sally, Anna, Hannah, Betsy, Polly
Executors: Sons, Robert and William Lytle
Witnesses, Mathias Roosa, Jesse Simpson, David Sutton

LANDERS, George 1 - 23 1807 Aug. 1 1807 Oct. 9
To friend William R. Goodwin
Executors: William R. Goodwin & Ephriam Kibby
Witnesses: John A. Cook, R. J. Hutchinson

LATHROP, Martin of Springboro 1 - 226 1823 May 10 1823 Sep. 8
Wife: Rebecca;
Dau: Emily
Executor: Joshua Martin, Noah Hains
Witnesses: John Adams, Joseph B. Chapman & William Bell

LAW, William 2 - 199 1820 May 20 1826 Apr. 10
Wife: Nancy;
Sons: William and Jesse;
Dau: Elizabeth Allen; other children
Executors: Thomas Thomas & Robert Scott
Witnesses: James M. Austin, Andrwe Davis & Samuel Beam

LEAMAN, William B. 2 - 304 1826 Mar. 11 Oct. Term 1826
Wife: Nancy
Son: Thomas
Dau: Rebecca
Executors: wife, Nancy, Herman Aughee & William Lawyer
Witnesses: Christian Petefish, Zachariah Leaman

LEWIS, Paul of Waynesville 4 - 447 1832 Nov. 1 1831 Oct. 6
EigrZ: (no named);
Sons: Paul Jackson, William John;
Daughter: Matilda, Rebecca Dutrow
Executor: son Paul Lewis
Witnesses: Noah Haines, Ellis Stokes, John McGinnis

LINCOLN, John 6 - 158 1830 Dec. 29 1835 Aug. 31
Wife: Mary
Sons: Jesse, Isaac, John, Mordecai, his son John;
Daug. Nancy Williams, Phebe Miller, Juliana Hicks wife of Ezra Hicks;
Grand Children: Isaac, Jesse, Milton and Polly Carrier,
Children of Henry Carrier and Hannah his wife dec'd;
Grand-son Isaac Drake, son of Lewis Drake and Rachel his wife.
Executors sons: Isaac & John Lincoln, sons-in-law Lewis Drake & Ezra Hicks
Witnesses: Enos Williams, Hezekiah Davis, Richard Davis & William Pence.

LINTON, Daniel 1 - 80 1814 May 17 1814 Jun. 15
Bro: Samuel; to Keziah Linton;
Sisters, Jane Satterthwaite, Linia Finy (or Terry) and her husband Jasper Finy.
Executors: Nephews Nathan and David Linton
Witnesses: Mahlon Pearson, David Brown, Thomas Pugh

LINTON, Samuel 1 - 214 1818 Aug. 3 1823 May 19
Dau: Jane Arnold, Elizabeth Satterthwaite;
Son: Nathan, sons-in-law Jesse Arnold John Satterthwaite
Witnesses: Noah Hains, Mary Borden & David Brown

LOVE, William of Franklin 5 - 36 1832 Jun. 19 1832 Aug. 13
Wife (not named)
Children: in esse; son John; dau. Mary
Executor: Jonathan Mooney
Witnesses: James McEwen, Daniel Harper, Seth Crowell

LOWRY, Fleming 1 - 114 1817 Jul. 25 1817 Dec. 20
Wife: Anny;
Dau.: Margaret;
Sister: Martha
Executor: father-in-law: John Robinson
Witnesses: John Bigger, Robert Boal, Sr. & Joseph P. Robinson

LUDLUM, Smith 3 - 19 1827 Jul. 25 1827 Oct. 29
Wife: Ruth;
Sons: Hamilton, Eliakum, Benjamin;
Dau.: Phebe Conklin;
Grandson: Smith Ludlum Conklin
Executors:  Son, Benjamin Ludlum
Witnesses: John Hopkins, Jacob Tuttle, James McFerren

LYTLE, Andrew 4 - 119 1829 Oct. 31 1830 Aug. 13
Wife: Elizabeth;
Sons: Robert, William David
Executors: sons, Robert & William Lytle
Witnesses: Mathias Roosa, Jesse Simpson & David Sutton



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